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Chudenkov Nikolai

Sverdlovsk tool grinder plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Chudenkov Nikolai Members of the household was asleep. Nikolai Petrovich went to the kitchen. Covered with a towel on the table stood a hot kettle and a frying pan. He lifted the lid, and hit the aroma of fried carp. "Here it is Sunday, catch!" Nikolai Petrovich quickly ate carefully and began to sharpen pencils, he has always loved working with pencil, not really trusting the ballpoint pen, then paste it hardens, then the ball is not provernesh, and at other times a second machine it solves. As always, the pencils sharpened a dozen, not to stop if the lead breaks.

Sat down at the secretary's son, as soon as all was forgotten. Of course, it's hard to relearn forty years. But the pace of life is more useless, if the entire plant goes on machines with electronic equipment that can he hold on to their native shlitseshlifovalny. It should be on a par with the youth.

The light from a desk lamp flat strip flooded the room.

Sasha slept, throwing a blanket. Nikolai Petrovich put butt photo album to the lamp does not interfere with your baby to sleep ...

- Baby!, Nicholas smiled Petrovich.-Growth I caught up, and I'm a volleyball and basketball team is not called again, I have noticeable growth ... A Sashko has to grow up and grow up ... Three days ago intimidated the parents: "I do not want the institute to learn!" He said as a cut. "We tried for your sake, 'cried mat.-You are one of our zabotushka. We could not finish institutions, dreamed-son becomes an engineer ... " Sasha hugged her mother and said tone that brooked no opposition: "It is better secondary consideration than upper education ... And if no joke-what out of me a mining engineer? So I turner working-man feel. We are all professionals Chudenkovy metal. Their talent is their hands ... A mining engineer Chudenkov can bring the country is less good than the mechanic Chudenkov. What do you think, Dad? "

Nikolai Petrovich did not answer immediately. Crumpled cigarette in his hand, squeezed-smoking did not.

- I like that you're not looking for a life of convenience and ease, while looking for voltage. This is commendable. Perhaps you will find eventually that the work which will capture you. Only then can you feel the fullness of life ... But try to make less errors: why did the institute, if the soul of mining is not lying?

- Check yourself like how much I know compared to other graduate schools, smiled Sasha.-It was found that the school has sufficient knowledge ... But here's what I say is my most cherished dream is to become a military ... Take in the army, I will ask to be part of the landing. Do you think I accidentally learn Sambo and Judo? No, if I became a paratrooper, I want to be the best, strong, resilient ...

Sleeping now, this "commando", the third sees a dream, and do not realize how hard his father advanced mathematics to comprehend ...

Today after work, went to his teacher-Kolokolova. Grigory had long retired, but the deeds of the plant continues to live. They talked about the machines with electronic equipment which, because of the border go to Sverdlovsk toolmaker. Bells confessed to his disciple:

- Soul of the plant, the heart-in the shop, and here at home, what a life - the flowers watered, with their grandchildren for a walk? .. My advice, Kolya, do not fall behind, do not show a weakness. Grab a science-and gnawed. Bring your electronics, but you first get up to the machine, so that no doubt was not. What is your electronics? You are a worker of the Urals! Tell me honestly, who is now better than you know shlitseshlifovalny machine? No such ...

- Wrong, you Grigory, 'said Chudenkov,' your son, Nicholas G. in anything I do not give way. '

- My son is obliged to keep the family brand!-Old man laughed, And your Kolokolov. Sashka I bet he will grinders?

- No, he hit on the plumbing, 'replied Chudenkov, but in general, wants the army paratrooper ...

- We were at the bench, no one can tear, - said the Bells, a fourteen-years with him ... I have a workbook, two records Moscow Tool Plant Sverdlovsk yes ...

- And I only have one, 'said Chudenkov,' come to you as a student in the sixteen years since to the present day in the same shop ...

- I've been here recently, Boris Gorbatov read, "Donbass", went on-Kolokolov. Right now fetch a book, read aloud ... Chudenkov found the right page, found the line otcherknutye pencil and began to read ...

"Andrew and Victor would be horrified to learn that they are condemned to live, grow old and die in Chibiryaki, the native street-read-Chudenkov. At seventeen still do not know how to love his native city, is not remarkable by anything except the fact that you are in it were born. This comes as a love of old, good and illiterate mother in a shabby linen spare wheel ... "

- It's true, huh?-Repeated Bells.

- As though to me, confirmed Chudenkov.-six people have been the mother and the life we had here in the Sverdlovsk region of the tool ... Just so remarkable, and that we were born here, Nikolai smiled.

- Well, not just jokingly said, Bells, PPE, our world-famous-in 23 countries deliver a tool. Without our broaches, cutters and dolbezhek no one tractor in the country will not move, no car will not start ...

Bells of thought and added: "You, Nick, even though the gentleman of many awards, but remember, yesterday will not hold as much or pyatsya, no matter how zachalivay anchor a very strong talent. So take the book and learn. Not the gods have come up with electronics to machine tools, will deal, and not so learned the wisdom of Russian artisans people ... "

Chudenkov went from teacher to her on the street Belinsky. The city seems to be asleep. There was even a casual passer-by. Street lights were burning, and their dimensional rocking reflected in the black pools, flickered and died out.

'Wow,' flashed through my head, - factory district has its own face. The workers get up early, so the fall immediately after the program "Vremya". Only occasionally football or hockey some delay ... But waking up in the area together for six hours. Almost all the windows in the village are lit. After breakfast, factory workers and mortal river flows to pass ... "

Sverdlovsk tool factory was established during the war. The core of the workers were evacuated from Moscow to the capital master of instrumental works. He was among mizovtsev and Gregory Bells. Muscovites gathered disciples and began to send them your experience.

Were the most capable two-Chudenkov Nicholas and his own son. Maybe for some people saw a length of five meters was full of mysteries, but for Kolokolova and Chudenkova-book, he revealed. They wake up at night, ask about any node, the normal-tick, they will give you a quiet consultation. Come used to the disciples to Grigory home: "Problems will say, help me out." Bells - Senior ask them proimitirovat knock on the machine. Listen and, if the doctor will retsept7, explain why the machine knocks. And how many times it turned out: singing machine, everything is fine. And the bell fit, stop, something podladit. He has a car, as his heart felt. Many knew the machine is theoretically better, institutes, technical finishing, and Kolokolov Chudenkovu and not have to. These universities work at the bench with a fourteen or sixteen years old ... Bells - Senior sometimes stop at someone else's machine, look, nod his head: "Nedozhimaesh!" "Yes, really?"-Frankly surprised student. "I do not believe the old man? Let's dig together again, "and both slopes of the product.

Master suit: "Well, soon you get there? You can improve indefinitely. A plan of who will be doing? "

- Why boil?-Bells ask, 'is now debugged, earn a nice little - promises Grigory his boss, and then turns to the young shlitseshlifovschiku and advises: "If you have a thought about the machine, quickly find the problem. And do not ever hurry, do not boast about a half hour-established, they say ... Sometimes five minutes is enough, and maybe change is not enough. The machine, being silent, do not say where the sick ... "

Chudenkov Nikolai All my life learned Chudenkov main precept of the old masters, with one machine shop to see all the machines, and then add on all the departments of the factory, and then multiplied by all the factories of the Soviet Union ... And so to get used to thinking not only narrow the technology of the process, and the whole category of tool industry. And comprehend the entire production as a whole, without losing their place in it. And then that of you will say, here it is well-thinking worker.

In the eyes of Chudenkova plant has passed all the stages of scientific and technological progress, and Nikolai for a single day is not behind the query time. Now, at the age of onset of complicated technology, mass occupations were "grow wiser" in the eyes, and some people thought that the worker requires less manual skills that set the standard for a machine will perform. But Nikolai very clearly grasped: "No, the manual skills necessary to be always. Of course, the person gets more and more about the solution of engineering problems, but ... Who here would dispense with Lefty! Lefty will always remain a model of excellence. And in our life unless there is an acute need for Lefty? Meeting with the art of working thrill to cause a lot of shades of feeling. And everything will be all of these feelings, both joy and admiration, even envy, "Here's how a man can work!"

Years passed, decades passed and the day came when the work of Nicholas Chudenkova compared with the mastery of the G. Gregory.

Twenty years ago, Nikolai Petrovich was appointed foreman. The team shlitseshlifovschikov decided to fight for the title of the collective of communist labor. All went well surpassed plan, every worker went somewhere, captured many related professions, sports, planting trees and short, toolmakers have learned to measure their actions and feelings of the word "our."

No one over 27 years, have not heard from Chudenkova sharp tone: "Do-command!". Nikolai has always found the subjunctive: "Is not there a little bit better? Let's think together ... "

He was a member of the factory party committee, when the whole country started talking about the famous "Ural hour." Maria I. Kulikov, editor of the newspaper plant "Instrumentalshchik," said the party committee at the meeting:

- The best workers can change the job instead of seven hours to carry out six. And all products released in the seventh hour, seven-year plan to contribute to the fund!

- Above this proposal is to think of a Communist-backed Chudenkov, only a need to accurately calculate, take into account all aspects of the question. It's been a time when talking about numbers and percentages of the plan, and the man recalled in passing, hurry, hurry, somehow ... I am a simple worker. Difficult for me the main thing. I want to work at full strength. And so do labor. But I'm not a prude. I need a good salary, and for himself and family, housing, interesting leisure. Know about all of this is baked my factory, my party committee, my CC, our "very correct," as Mayakovsky, Soviet power ... In life there are no trifles. It is necessary to make the best workers in an experiment conducted a rigorous timing of his day's work. Winning an hour for an hour is very important. But we can not admit the thought that our old standards anyone deemed too low. We must find sixty minutes and we will find them ...

They found that above-plan "Ural hour." It was all in their search, sometimes self-doubt, and doubt the reality of the problem, and just the physical tiredness. But the workers lived in Sverdlovsk creative audacity, persistence, openness of the soul. In the struggle for "Ural hour," they have felt themselves stronger team assistants. Urals kindled a spark of enthusiasm, they found a hijacking case, to define its place in the ranks.

- "Ural hour" was not born to command, he now recalls, Chudenkov.-founder of The Order may require, but not convincing. We are also harbored in their hearts a sense of responsibility, raised him in his years, until it has penetrated "into the flesh and blood." In the struggle for "Ural hour" toolmakers have a better understanding of their capabilities. There was no word unspoken, has emerged as a common plant advice. We have learned to feel themselves masters of the shop, the factory!

"Man is like a master ..." - working not just a change of work out in the shop, he would reflect on the fact that doing is looking for better options. But in the end comes a flood of new products, offers, finds.

Talking to one of the best grinders instrumental Sverdlovsk factory Nikolai Petrovich Chudenkovym and feel: a group of close friends of your added another very good man, a true master of the new, socialist sense of the word, the owner of the most interesting-and a major figure of our time.

Good eyes, intelligent eyes. Gray hair, though Chudenkovu of 43 years.

Chudenkov says slowly, as if weighing every word:

- Village feeling of the public is no longer a single quality, it has become a common standard in terms of which people judge the people and solve the large and small questions of life. In terms of deeply personal experiences intertwined human social motives, because one of the traits of a great man, never lose the scale phenomena, and, plunging into the details, a sensitive eye to see clearly the whole picture, all together.

I was roomy as a hangar for aircraft instrument shop, listening to the singing and grinding lathes, milling and grinding machines.

I knew that Nikolai Petrovich Chudenkov made in the tenth Five-Year-wide effort to do preventive maintenance of machines without the unique mechanics, to fight for an increase in time between repairs of the machines. And this initiative ensures smooth implementation of the plan and socialist commitments.

- I do not understand why I believe the initiator of initiative, says Chudenkov.-I just invited to compete for part of high culture, for the excellent content of the machine tools of the workplace. Things-it-simple, for granted. I have served in the Arctic when the driver realized, "Man loves to caress, and machine-to-clean and lubricated." I have my truck in the morning before proshpritsuyu, check, blow an engine poobstuchu, in short, do not be lazy and not zabuksuyu of the blue ... Since I joined the Army in mind: the machine is working for all, it's his heart, soul and hands. And as a man it should be fine, and in the workplace, all neatly ... At the meeting of the joint efforts of the factory my suggestion edited as follows: "Effective use of equipment, provision of production."

- The initiative linked to your name, because you first said that it was in the minds of many - ask Nicholas Petrovich.

- You know, what we plant? - Chudenkov responded briskly. - Every toolmaker-thinking person. We do not have a heartless. A source of pride for every-consciousness that we are working on a remarkable plant, equipped with the latest technology. Source excitement, the struggle for improving labor productivity, creativity, growth, understanding the secrets of mastery.

Once the great educator Makarenko urged the teachers' design personality. " Today the call for every Soviet citizen. We live under communism.

So today, we must seriously think about packing your own personal free time to design and build a better human traits. We say: increase mechanization and automation of human recreation, and only the man himself will make your leisure time not only recreation, but a free creation.

It is said that the day when the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Nikolai Petrovich Chudenkovu was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, was for the workers of the Sverdlovsk instrumental works a real treat.

- You know, no reward is probably not met in the company of such a general and sincere joy for his friend, 'said Secretary of the Party Committee of the plant B. Mineev.-Oh, it was a very accurate choice. Chudenkov without any exaggeration, discounts and charming man of principle. And the character he holds two seemingly incompatible extremes, tranquility and anxiety. Peace of mind with respect to the people and their weaknesses, and concerns about the case, the subject of his life ...

Worry! Member of the Bureau of the District Party Committee at a meeting of Mykola Chudenkov Office statement said once: "You say, leading article! And how do you know this word? "He said, leading article is a pioneer, a drummer, rasprekrasny employee ... "But my life experience and other prompts, said the Chudenkov, leading article, is the man who is ahead is not just for the sake of its own" I "for the sake of the portrait on the board of Honour (although it is also a good incentive), but the one who helps pull the whole front, rear trims ... "

More than a quarter century Chudenkov remains one of the best in the profession at the factory. How is it possible? - But how, 'explains Nicholas Petrovich. Twardowski, in the last verse very accurately expressed this thought: "And your work closely loving, all-on the basis of fundamentals - hard to ask yourself, with others not so severe."

On weekends, Nikolai and his family is selected on the "Lada" in the forest: find a river or lake, cheat rubber boat, and meets the dawn ... Slowly, as if reluctantly, wadded up blanket of fog.

From his first whitish haze with difficulty, and then more and more clearly emerges a small boat, rocking on the waves of light. As the float rod abandoned by someone.

Draw feet wide water track, hard to clap its wings rising ducks. Loudly slapped its tail for a moment, jumped out of the water some big fish. Then more ... More ... Morning ...

- You know, Sasha, I think the days and nights of broaching to KamAZ, says Nikolai synu., I entrust her to master-scary, but interesting ... If you only knew what this thing is?

- Well, fishing and talking about work, throws up his hands, son. - When going to rest?

- When going to retire, I will take care of grandchildren, Chudenkov-jokes ...

Everything else, you probably already know ...

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