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Gorban Gregory

Steelmaker Zhdanov Metallurgical Plant "Azovstal" Sergo Ordzhonikidze, twice Hero of Socialist Labor

Gorban Gregory Like any seaside town, Zhdanov crowded in the summer. The sun bakes so that the melted asphalt on the pavement, and trolley buses and buses run with open doors. It seems, from the lips of the people has been on only one word:

"Hot" ...

- It's hot?-Worker asked an elderly couple razomlevshuyu oblachenii. holidaymakers at the beach, And you to us in the blast furnace shop please. Or in the hearth.

Said it was a playful, good-natured tone, and young people are not offended. In contrast, in the bus became somehow more cheerful and relaxed, the conversation moved on to different instances of life that occurred on the "Azovstal" or factory Ilyich, "Tyazhmash" or sinter, and out of each case followed by a conclusion that the hot sun, the sand on the shore Sea of Azov is not the hottest place in the city.

And I thought that the indigenous zhdanovtsam-blast furnace, steel-maker, sailors, machine builders, much prefer the old, inherited from the pre-revolutionary Mariupol and hardened repeatedly in subsequent years, the reputation, "working city".

Two opposing elements come together in this city, fire and water. Two courageous profession is dominated by the public - metallurgists and seafarers.

Both of these professions came together in the biography of Grigory Yakovlevich Gorban. Before we turn out to be Marty, Gregory worked as a diver for several years.

- To get to the divers know what you want? Asked Gregory Yakovlevich.-First of all, a strong heart, healthy lungs, a large amount of chest ... However, it is necessary and steelmaker ...

The point, of course, not only in physical endurance. But if you have a rather weak health, in the blast and open-hearth shops you do nothing. However, it is still much needed by steelmaker, in addition to excellent health.

Gorban, too, got himself to Martin immediately. Seventeen years old he came from a vocational school for "Iron and Steel Works." And the specialty he initially had a different locksmith. Years of military schools and service in the Navy came as a test of his attachment to the illustrious plant. And after serving in the Soviet Army Gregory Gorban again came to the personnel department of the plant.

But he went not to the mechanics, and by Martin. Ascended to the very bottom rung of the ladder-stalevarskoy was appointed third assistant, "a cabin boy." Such is the position of a third improvised all over you heads, and you yourself, "the elder, to be sent."

However, the fourth furnace steelmaker Fyodor Ulyanov once said hard work and ingenuity third assistant. "The course of the young sailor," as he Gorban, did not last long, only six months. Gregory then moved to the furnace number 1. "Young" became a full-fledged sailor and since then has never changed his "ship." Gorban Becoming a metallurgist, the growth of his experience and skills associated with the name of Nikolai Pereverzeva steelmaker. He worked with the first furnace Gorbanev for life became his friend and teacher. However, by age Nikolay not quite fit in the teacher-the difference in age is small, but the subtleties and peculiarities of the steelmaking process, and knew perfectly well versed in the organization works great.

Pereverzev and knew a lot about people. "Three of them came in a sailor's striped vests then, 'he recalled first meeting with Gorban. - Summer heat is the same as now, to work hard in the shop. When talking about this, one of the sailor, even offended, saying that we have served in the Navy, Drailly deck, heated boilers, now we all uneasy ... I can only say that he is the sailor, he returned again to the Navy radio operator, and the other was our burner. Martha Gregory was left alone.

The brigade was an honor to work Pereverzev, but not easy. Demanding of himself and others, Nikolai strictly asked to each apprentice, sought to clear them of their duties, the observance of all rules of the process. Joining the competition for the title of communist labor collective (brigade received its first in open-hearth shop), all five of them began to study: who in the school masters, who in general who are in college. Gregory then went Gorban Metallurgical College, the evening division.

- What set him apart? Went on with his story Nikolay Pereverzev.-First of all, the greatest ability to work. In our case this is perhaps the most important thing.

There is a burly guys, but, as we call them, Philo: Do not remind, will not do. Gorban undertook everything with no reminders. Aspired to become a good specialist, to learn all the details and subtleties. Sometimes, wanting to get ahead, something missed. Sometimes too fussed, was wound around the furnace, not noticing important details. But it was young. As the years passed ...

It has, of course, by itself, but with the help of elders, with the participation of Nikolay Pereverzev friendly. He produced the first Gregory henchmen, and in March 1962 when he became a master (now Nikolay Pereverzev, deputy head of the open-hearth shop), handed over the reins Gregory Gorban oven. Thus was completed all the stages of the ladder, began a difficult and responsible work steelworker.

Not that chetyrehsottonnye rocking furnace considered the last word in metallurgical engineering. Azovstaltsy only sigh with envy when they have to visit a nearby plant of Mariupol, where there are heavy duty units. But the oven "Azovstal" unique in its kind, there are none in any metallurgical enterprise of the country. And nowhere, except for "Azovstal", not the metal smelted iron with such a high content of phosphorus. The reason for this phosphorous-Kerch ore arriving at the plant.

Phosphorus is one of the main enemies of the metal. He was in the cast iron up to 1.5 percent. To remove the impurities in the open-hearth, must skillfully direct slag: prudent to add the lime, scale, bauxite.

In short, there is something to smash his head steelmaker. Charge materials and slag regime is not just technical terms, and each time a new task, the raw data for creation. Ore, limestone, scrap metal and other "seasoning" can be likened to the figures in the chess game: they are constant, but the probability of an exact repetition of the game is virtually eliminated. Therefore, no two batches, and each of them is the result of a creative approach to business, based on experience and skill.

Of course, this does not mean that in the steel business is not common, mandatory for all principles. On the contrary: the best heat Gregory Gorban (and before him Nikolay Pereverzev) show how important it is to observe the principles of technology, to take into account the achievements and failures of others. Struggle with phosphorus team begins even during filling of the charge. A good warm-ore and limestone, a uniform distribution of bulk materials contribute to the rapid slag formation after casting of cast iron, and the result-

move the greatest number of phosphorus from the metal in the slag at the beginning of melting. It is necessary to remove as much phosphorus to the primary slags. Then will be largely facilitated by the further process of purification of the metal. In no case can not leave this task to the end of melting, for the period of so-called "pure boiling." Overly dense, sedentary steel slag fills with gases, inevitably reduces its quality.

There are many other surprises fraught process of steelmaking. And the issue of subcooled, the "cold" metal, which complicates the job of filling the passage generates Nedolivko going to marry, and losses in the form of scrap. in the ladle. The other extreme, overheating of the metal from which the bars are welded to the casting mold, are formed on the shell cracks and products. And, of course, a violation of the slag melting mode, increasing the duration of the period of reduction, associated with butchering stalevypusknogo hole ... In all, perhaps, and not count, but to provide, to prevent, avoid, is absolutely necessary ...

About a quarter of a century every day comes steelmaker Gregory Gorban in his shop. The term of more than enough to gain confidence in their abilities, so calm gravity. But "such a work is a steelmaker, what does not and will not rest him until the bubbles Martin steel. He gazes intently into the furnace, where the seething, whirling in the vortex of the molten metal. What is missing him at this moment? Close Is the moment when it will be possible to wave a hand crew, which means "ready"?

Gorban Gregory Fire-friend and servant steelmaker. But he, having escaped to freedom, might do a lot of trouble. It is necessary to keep it firmly in check, direct its magical powers. The degree of heating of the metal Gorban can determine not only with the help of thermocouples, but as the bath, the color of the bubbles were boiling on the type and strength of metal with the sink on the stove and shape of the resulting "cake" of melted "ramrod" taken out of Furnace ...

So, the final melting and moment of highest tension-steel production from open-hearth furnace. Every second counts, the forces of the brigade assembled together, the movement of beads, sparkling stream of steel, like fireworks in honor of the winners. But no time to celebrate the victory, we must prepare for a new furnace smelting. At this point the work so much that five members of the team is not enough and with neighboring third furnace in a hurry at hand to help. Such is the custom of the steelworkers: to rescue each other in difficult times. If any fault or make a hole stalevypusknoe, everyone who is free in the shop will close.

- Two family with me-Gregory joked, is one in the shop, another at home. And two of five.

On his comrades, he says rather than about himself. For each had laid up a good word, even though their merits in the various notices. For example, the first assistant: "This is the main figure of a blast furnace, it all works and the organization responsible for the most important operations. If you take the practical side of things, it may be more steelworker than the steelmaker. Do you think that exaggerating? Not at all. After steelmaker is increasingly becoming a technologist, so to speak, theoretical melting, and practical actions for smelting metal leads first assistant ... "

The second assistant, according to Gorban, too, can be replaced steelmaker. He has a sturdy knowledge-finished steel College. However, the technician-metallurgist, not uncommon among the assistants. "We have crossed the line when the rescue anybody put steelmaker, says Gregory Yakovlevich.-Even the guys do not live

one day, try to look into the future, and then to keep pace with technological progress ... "in the full House to come harder. When the rest Gorban, his wife Lola at work (it is in the lab central laboratory), when the wife returned to Gregory in a hurry to plant. So it was for many years, and all-cause my daughter Victoria, and twin sons Vladimir and Gennady. If you work in one shift, who will remain with the children, gathered them in the school, meet, see to the preparation of lessons? That had to arrange duty at a time ... Now the kids have grown, but the worries of parents do not really diminished ...

- Yes, we're all about me and the crew, suddenly interrupts the story-Gregory-Yakovlevich. You write about the plant. Ever been used to "Azovstal"?

Well, I visited the factory many times and gladly accepted the offer steelmaker to talk about his company. Especially since Gorban and "Iron and Steel Works" are inseparable from each other.

- Our factory, says the company's director, Hero of Socialist Labor Vladimir Leporskaya,-now occupies a leading position in the ranks of the country's steel mills. Its products are in great demand both in our Union and abroad. It comes in 65 countries, including 20 European countries. I

We have already mentioned the difficulties faced by the plant, phosphorous Kerch ore processing. However, as is often the case, it is difficult, persistent desire to get a good mixture of the metal complex concentrated collective creative thinking, experience and energy.

- We need not just a metal, a metal with a specific purpose - Gorban steelmaker said. - The quality of work, efficiency measurement, today, not only economic but moral. We feel it every day.

"Five-Year-steel high quality!"-The motto of Metallurgists "Azovstal" in the competition today. And it involves not only steelworkers. Numerous innovations proposed and implemented by innovators, have led to the highest in the domestic practice of blast temperature in blast furnaces. As a result, iron azovstalsky superior to many foreign designs. "Every-melting under orders!" - This is yet another slogan that launched blast furnace and steel workers. They were followed by distributors:

now almost all the variety of metal girders, rails, angles, shaft pillars and so on-is available only in accordance with the applications. This required the strictest discipline, perfect organization of work teams.

An example of the master's relation to the case can serve as an organization to "Azovstal" waste production, and the first blast-furnace slag, which is converted into a variety of building materials. In this sense, azovstaltsy were pioneers in the domestic steel industry. Today the plant is not only working without new lining material, but also leads to the onset of old. Hundreds of thousands of tons and cubic meters of annual output is measured by the granulated slag, slag gravel, slag pumice, rockwool slabs. To expand the range of manufactured consumer goods, azovstaltsy mastered the production of assorted glassware made of crystal and glass. "Steel and Crystal", a wide range of creative research metallurgists!

The author of this ... had the opportunity to participate in a small sociological survey, when the questions wording "Truth," answered one hundred metallurgists "Azovstal". One of the questions was: "What you have learned over the past five years? Tell us about the upgrading of skills, its learning, technical creativity. "

The answers were different, because differently in different people replenished stock of knowledge, skills and experience. But none of the questionnaire we did not encounter a negative response properties: it is said, has learned nothing and have nothing to tell. By the beginning of the tenth five-year period it employed 4529 graduates, nearly two thousand more than ten years before.

Hundreds of workers who have completed higher

and secondary schools on the job, promoted to senior positions.

And Grigory Yakovlevich Gorban for many years the position of same-steelworker. And there is no work above and honorable, there is no office to which he would have bartered his stalevarskoe case. The worker is crowned with two Gold Stars of Hero, XXV Congress of the CPSU delegates elected him a member of the Central Committee. To this we must add all the duties of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the number of party and public orders at the factory and in the city. In general, the lack of cases. But Gorban enough for a lot. On health is not complaining. In all the years that Martha, had never been sick before retirement there is still time to work, profession, and very pleased with your friends ...

What else should be a working man?

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