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Suzdaltsev Alexander

The operator of oil and gas refinery management "Nizhnevartovskneft" Lenin Glavtyumenneftegaz, Hero of Socialist Labor

Suzdaltsev Alexander They were waiting for ice drift, the third for the miners Megion. Piers were prepared: just take out the river management plan. Seemed to have provided it. But as soon darkened, swollen, cracked ice field, and moved muddy red water rushed over, threw the unprecedented pressure of flood flows on the ownership of foam, hard-won from the marshes. Flowing into the rivers Ob reversed, completely clogged in the mouths of honeycombed ice with a crowbar. Even innocuous duct (local hunters called it dry), suddenly, like a trough with sloppy housewife, ran away from river bed close, rushing to the rotational poselochek, which soon disappeared, and not having time to get to the maps of the Tyumen region.

But he was, this poselochek, and was called Bagras.

- Bagras! Bagras!, Shouted into the phone radio zavpromyslom Rynkovoy. Ruffled his hair straw-hard, approving her elbow on the edge of the makeshift table.

Ether seems to broadcast flood. He could hear the crackle of ice, the noise, similar to the sound absorbing frozen ground flow. Crowded around the gloomy people. In the window could see the mast boat "Coral". Himself hidden krutoyarom boat.


- Bagras! Bagras! Hard-Rynkovoy called out.

- Come suffered them in the Ob 'said someone.

- It is necessary to wander along the river ...

Brief nod hands Ivan stopped him. - Suzdaltsev, Sanya!, His powerful voice to wade through the inconsistency of the ether. - I order you, hold on. I order you, hold on! We go out! How do you understand? Welcome! Everyone froze, trying to hear what answer Suzdaltsev repeated twice on the radio by the rules of the spell. "Hold": in a word crammed everything you need to tell a young guy, who became the commander of the distress site. "Hold on" meant and did not lose heart, and above all, act! Rynkovoy could not parse the response.


How is it that the first senior operator for the extraction of named most of the muzzle of Bashkir oil companies, came to Megion? The settlement gave the Seraphim in Bashkiria oil virgin Tyumen their best shots. North off friends Rudolf and Vladimir Yakovlevich James A. Martin. In Rudolph, eight children, and have now decided, raised a semischu. Specializes in repair of wells. Both friends Rynkovoy sent, as they say in the oil fields in the "subway."

In Suzdaltseva in the workbook are not heavily: he graduated from vocational school, some worked in the Seraphim, served in the Army, he returned to fishing. He too was eager to podzemschiki. Rynkovoy guessed: he wants to come alongside with Rudolph. However, there is no place in the specialty. Well at that time there were so many "old men" ruled. But it is very necessary for the extraction of fishery operators, like this young, easy going, insatiable walkers. Like Suzdaltseva. Just can you? One must live right in the taiga, to do everything myself, carpentry, cooking, washing. In any weather, keep watch, not knowing of another controller, except himself.

I decided to Rynkovoy "inquire." So it is called. He spoke nearly an hour. And blizzard of boring and abrasive cold, caustic midge and mosquito said. About the unsettled life. About the fact that the operator will need remarkable courage and excellent agility to perch on the walk through the duct or in the boat, the oars, rising rivers, wading in the same tenacious peat bogs.

Alexander listened in silence. In the brown eyes - surprise, then - the offense.

- What are you frighten me? You want the right to go? Podzemschiku, among other things, and in Bashkortostan is not sweet to get it!

So Suzdaltsev was on Bagrase. With him sent Ivan Mikhail Lazarev, a serious, thorough beginner communist. But a senior guy named Seraphim of-record a little more. Rynkovoy to come back to them somehow. Demonstratively threw shoes at the door, although the floors in the house have not meteny, dirty. Walked around the area. Everything is not okay. Pedestals are not well painted, seals occur in some places, after the repairs are not removed. Otherwise, no complaints. Keep an eye on oil. The operators complained about the lack of key unions. Rynkovoy recorded, and then away he added, ax, plane, radio promised to the curtains on batteries. Submitted all required. Two weeks later, came unexpectedly. Boots has already removed safely.

- The wells have just made a dike. The paint on the fence has not yet faded.

- Now you're the real owner Bagrasa, 'said approvingly Rynkovoy. Suzdaltsev waved his hand, laughing:

- Michael gave no quarter, net commissioner!

- Place the specialty came, 'said zavpromyslom. - Only you need me here! Again, a cheerful wave of:

- To persuade, Ivan Ivanovich. Leave on Bagrase.


There were random. Horny black poplars tossed on the heaving waters of the black twigs. All turns of the river to straighten the unprecedented flooding. Suddenly, the captain could see sticking out like a periscope, a chimney. The rest is under water. Ivan could hardly realize, Bath. Cut it with Lazarev Suzdaltsev, under the old pipe adapted pyatidyuymovku. Bath and washed incurred by Obi, has not yet sunk. Where is the house of the operators to look for?

Cottage Rynkovoy first spotted. Dry, log, he swung at the same place, only settling, like an overloaded boat. Ropes tied to trees, decided to stay. It can be seen, Alexander realized even before the talk on the radio. The only chance for a quick escape: could carry home, and they look for it in vast floodplain. The boat guys strapped on the roof is also true. Remove the four operators could only with difficulty. Mikhail Lazarev Khakimov loaded into the boat blocks the radio. Suzdaltsev rescued fishing transistor radio and a samovar, a first prize Bagrasa operators.

- Tea drinking-water close-joking Sanya, calming Rynkovogo.

- Everything is normal, Ivan! We managed to close the valves on all wells. Buoys exposed. Tires on the ropes. Right?

- ZILok dispossessed?-Guessed Market st.

- All one can not escape him - judged Suzdaltsev.-You do not worry, now all behind us.

- No, Sanya, said the zavpromyslom, overcoming a sleepy stupor, - all are just beginning!


After a few days in the area of the missing boat Bagrasa came easy. He could go on the flooded areas, without risking to be grounded. Otgorala northern spring, through prosvechennaya not touching the sun.

But people on the boat in a stuffy sheepskin coats were businesslike and sullen. According to the forecasts turned out that for many more weeks will be hidden under the water pedestals wells. Gates cut oil from the depths of the way to the water inlet jetty.

- Neither the bottom nor the tires, grimly joked Suzdaltsev.

He did the right thing by closing the valve before the flooding. And guess well-marked. Even going to the Ob tank barges and tankers, hurry to the docks to take into compartments Megion oil. While there is stock in the tanks. But for how long?

Open the valve to failure! Otherwise, for the short navigation is not to pull out the plan. The chief engineer of George Samuilovich Arnopolsky an emergency meeting recalled Oil Rocks, spoke of the lungs of diving suits. Suzdaltsev heard Rynkovoy chuckled. Diving suits do not get it, and divers more so.

- Oil companies, rose-Rynkovoy.-orders have no right. Please, stay, who knows how to dive.

It remains to six people, among them Ivan Bykovsky and Sanya Suzdaltsev.

- Not in the subway or in a submarine?-Rynkovoy glad to see him.

Suzdaltsev Alexander The first saw the tire Bykovsky. Approached at the low speed. Anchored. Rynkovoy brought from the cockpit a long rope. Jump-not run upon the armature. Time and a half minutes. More in cold water to survive. Will pull back even without a signal. Ivan took off his coat, silently took out the blue bathing cap. Hair is clean good idea. I just did not have it first. Sanya also silent hand stretched out over the blue cap. Rynkovoy was pulled back, then quickly looked into the eyes and filed. Suzdaltsev its valves faster than others will find. When the rope around his waist bag hung, Rynkovoy said quietly:

- A turn of events. One! Alexander slipped into the water almost silently. Ozhglo cold. Can be tolerated. Then stumbled on the right hand iron. Led by slimy pipe. I was looking for a vertical riser. The eye is not opened. Down, down, holding his pipe. Rather. Here are eight valve. Using both hands, leaned sharply to the left-. Water is pushed. He gave the signal. On deck, a red clay from the water, sheltered by three coats. He explained how best to search for the bolt. Cap was removed from his head. Splash out in the cold. This is Ivan Bykovsky. Rynkovoy insures. Bykovsky-surfaced one more revolution is! Sanya was holding the rope when diving Rynkovoy. Then Suzdaltsev dived again. So they traveled all the wells. Came back late, but still anxious blazed paint. Rynkovomu admitted that his eyes did not open. He laughed:

- Properly done. The water is dirty ...


In matte headlights drifts seemed gray, as if from a dirty, stale cement. The second truck was attached behind to the layering pattern of tracks new strokes. This winter more than I do not remember Suzdaltsev ...

In no wind chill crushed and pressed, and swamp, still sheltered by snow from November, do not freeze. Zhivuny not allowed heavy machinery to mine. Now they are going with the calculation: crush, demolish feather bed early snow, winter road promorozit route by which goods will be used to Samotlor.

Samotlor. This word is found, after Suzdaltsev Bagrasa, Megion, Vata. Geologists, however, long been rumored: found mine. He will be scouting for eight years. So, will not soon operate?

At the general meeting Megion oil made Arnopolsky. Given the enormous importance of Samotlor, the first time in practice, decided to refer it to the end of the Plant Operator exploration and refining stocks. Already the scheme is made up of development "'blocks'. And operators need to Samotlor, of course, right now.

Alexander came to a meeting with the Valley (since they opened, families gathered). My wife realized all at once. - The Samotlor also become a dive?-Asked quietly. Valya has worked in a pharmacy where he bought the pills, hoarse after bathing.

He said nothing. Found Rynkovogo eyes. Already got up Lazarev. A rope tied them all fast, invisible to others ... ... The driver of all time Zhamilya turn your eyes to the deliberating Suzdaltseva. Suddenly Suzdaltsev signaled to stop. Something did not like him in the flat plain. A small snow mound to the left. Not a tree in front.

- Prior to my character does not move!

Taking a long stick, he got out of the all-terrain vehicle and walked over the snow, barely tearing out of the snow boots. On the other side of treeless land gestures ordered to go only in the tracks, keep to the right, trucks sealed!

Tractors, burying blunt noses into the deep snow, dominates its body. At the sound of running engines, clanging and gnashing of iron-men could not hear the splash of a nasty swamp water, the sudden in the midst of prolonged frosts.

- Small Forward! Encouraged Suzdaltsev-signs. When passed through a dangerous place, he showed Zhamilya on snow mound to the left.

- Over there, sunk last week's tractor.

He felt that he had acted correctly. Do not upset the children ahead of time. When you do not know what to fear, no fear. I wonder if it would be Rynkovoy approved?

A huge ball of sun-like eyes shifted from the sem-yellow-red cranberry has become. Twilight thickens. By the morning frost, of course, completely "zabetoniruet" their way.


Samotlor - University of the working oil. Ideas shape the pace of development and preservation of the rate requires new ideas. The whole country raises unique field, the latest developments of scientists, engineers implemented the move.

The operators are also solid news. In the morning, go to the guardhouse drillers, vyshkomontazhniki the operators.

They got into a bus along with the Lazarev. Michael Averyanovich now a senior operator at a nearby site. Behind the drillers asleep while away a long road. They go further to friends plank road. Suzdaltsev with Lazarev said quietly. People are not enough. Sorely lacking. All eager for the drilling. This is true: hundreds of wells needed Samotlor. Hundreds. But you bore them for the sake of fishing. In Megion served five wells are taken twelve. Is the limit?

Lazarev said. It comes with a proposal by one third to increase the "Fund" service with the same number of operators. He looked at his former senior questioningly. Suzdaltsev understood, through which extends the Michael Averyanovich their possessions. He, like Alexander, assistant to the young guys, and he himself a tireless Lazarev. After examining each well to learn its features can be managed with great economy.

Courage has been defined in the risk of even. If a pipe burst, the poor will be five times more than the normal field. Debits huge! In addition, the nature of the wells is changing day by day, a second control is not weakened. Lazarev called to the courage of the action! Support should be decided to Suzdaltsev. At the same time to seek his own! Invented vyshagat and feel!


Suzdaltsev saw Lebedev is not where expected. Assistant to the operator, according to his calculations, had to be at a small lake in the bush.

Went together to the operator at the fourth station. The bright honey, without dark markings, the torch hummed smoothly. A good sign. Lebedev absentmindedly sat on the bench.

- Are you tired? Short-Ivanovich. asked Alexander, of course, so no run-down is not enough. Tell us what you think to do after dinner ...

He listened without interrupting. Only then pulled out of the tables "bluing" of the plan area. .

- The route will have to change. Too many blank runs. Is not it better down here first? The tip of the pencil rested a point on the map.

- From these wells is a path through a cedar bush to the eighth. Since the program was compiled for the whole watch. He promised:

- Tomorrow we split round on weekdays. I'm here this evening will think how to connect all the stitches polovchey track.

I wanted to add "bluing" has turned it for convenience. Clearly visible on the diagram "tree harvest" branch sewers and branches extending from each well pipes. Near the same tree-neighboring site. Perhaps the unusual position of cards and prompted: two crowns can be combined into a single, sprawling, full-blooded. Before chasing Lebedev the paper, we need to understand yourself.

Clearly, the engineers thought about it and without it. Looking for similar models. But there were other areas no such huge "bush", or such an absolute lack of roads. Samotlor like only Samotlor.

And then came the technology of production and became the operator Suzdaltsev express the idea that they have long dared not lay in the calculation. And are not they to him, and he proved it. Operators Samotlor withstand maximum load ... Up to fifty wells in each!


In Nizhnevartovsk Party Committee to decide who to give the right of first honorary membership card to obtain a new sample. Several times the party organization has grown area. Among the specialties of the Communists had their own leaders. Drilling crews Samotlor thundered across the country. It is difficult to choose. The first secretary of the city, Hero of Socialist Labor Vasily Gaiters - twenty years in these parts. Saw all the fountains of the Middle Ob region. He suggested, we find, say, getter. The one who first tons of oil Nizhnevartovsk region deduced from the bowels, and passed the high water, and that terrible winter. And this was not an unprecedented pace scared. That's when all views come together: Suzdaltsev. Awarded him the Order of Red Banner of Labor in 1971. His watch is kept Youth Championship in the oil and gas management Lenin. They were among the first to serve forty wells for each operator. The utilization factor for the triple-load is the highest in Samotlor.

First Secretary of the party presents a ticket with a picture of the veteran leader of the Siberian oil Suzdaltseva. Veteran of thirty-five years.

He was visibly shaken. Feels is expected of him some special words.

Suzdaltsev said very briefly. This year, undertakes to produce 100,000 tons of oil in excess of the job. Tons of surplus to gravity will not rise from the depths. They should be just as hard to extract as much water in that Megion, with the same boldness of thought, that in Bashkiria, Baku, anywhere in the country. No wonder the word "operator" and "efficiency" - the same root.


Alexander led his son Alyosha on the tree to the club. Samotlor is the same age-schoolboy. She stopped next to a car. Number of Tomsk-Strezhevoy.

The man with the familiar voice of the front seat, with an ineradicable southern accent asked:

- Comrade, we get lost in you. How to unite to drive?

- For a long time to explain Samuilovich George, 'said uverenno.-best show of the heir.

- Alexander!, Looked at him priezzhiy.-Suzdaltsev!

In the car, looked at each other. In Arnopolskogo eyes are the same, chernuschie. But in the antennae tog - sedinka.

A strange feeling was both. Five years ago there were almost at the same location in the center of an imaginary time. And get lost in the George Samuilovich oil capital, which has risen in the swamps.

- The Samotlor zabluzhus too - laughed Arnopolsky. - A paradox: he controls all the numbers called, five-year period claimed, was that it should be. Suddenly he said:

- So you're all five-year period, these figures are carried out?

Suzdaltsev embarrassed. Only the electronic machine to lay down under the force of tons of oil that passed through the hands of his watch for the ninth five-year period. An impressive, frightening his significant outcome: 65,230,380 tons. Since 1974, only to plan additional production exceeded one hundred thousand tons, as promised on the day of delivery of the party ticket with a portrait of Lenin.

Soon Arnopolsky came to him in the fourth pumping station. Graphically, well, silver with black mane could be seen for cedar poles power lines. Like a giant checkers crowded tanks. The orange, blue, bright red car rolled a dense flow is no longer on the ice, and on the concrete road. With only five years old! Suzdaltsev laugh. Then you come back from vacation, the first day you feel like a novice. What is the total unknown, an experimental ...

Arnopolsky headed the department of mining association Nizhnevartovskneftegaz. Again, cared about the prospect. He studied documents, reports, research institutes.

In Suzdaltseva new concern: mineral salts deposited on the walls of the oil vessel, where the enemy is more dangerous than it seems. While on the site, only the first symptoms. But the disease can develop. Treat! So, look for the correct mode, to study the hydrodynamics, to know all the features of oil-bearing system ...

At the ends off the ground set of separation vessels withdrawn, "We are to-rim-os, Samoth-lor!". At each end of the syllable. It occurred to me is too early to paint the slogan five years ago!


Ordinance: "AI Suzdaltseva the title of Hero of Socialist Labor." It was a joy and ... awkward. Why am I such an honor? What is special made? Simply, he worked in a conspicuous place! Rynkovoy (now deputy chief engineer of the association) short cut, "Do not paint the place of man."

"Old people", even friends of Megion, congratulated the first. Vladimir Yakovlevich Rudolph (three order of two five-year period) Seraphim recalled. "Still got me." He smiled slyly, "Hold on, Sanya, my boys will overtake you!"

Six of the huge family Rudolf went on fishing. Oil dynasty!

A new generation of already Tyumen schools Samotlor training, announced themselves more insistently.

A few months later a senior operator, part-time students fisheries department Vladimir Sindyukov called Alexander I. to the competition. Backward area, after he led a young Communist, began to correct the matter.

Suzdaltsev wait was not long. Soon, along with its operator, Anatoly Tridubom arrived at the "fifth". Anatoly was the oldest team in all-renewing Suzdaltseva. Brought with them a commitment. It is written, constantly exchanging links, expertise, internal technical information.

In the suitcase in Anatolia "to represent" quick-change fittings to its construction, some calculations. Engineers calculated the small things, all pulled to the twenty-eight thousand rubles notional savings.

Sindyukov realized long ago it was necessary to amass a such a "contender". On that day, got jealous, demanding friend. Signed an agreement on competition.

Anatoly Tridub long been working with Suzdaltseva, and all the wonders the unexpected nature of his elder. Time does not want to give, for forty years already, and watch all the long-standing lean and dry. Learn to oblige, and he kept for benefits on the oil business. Got this book on gas lift. Coming soon a mass transfer Samotlor wells in the modern way of operating. Associated gas compressor is pumped into the reservoir, and he was really like an elevator, directs oil to the mouth. Suzdal is preparing for another now.

Anatoly Tridub said more than once newcomers:

- Hold on, boys! With our older it will go quickly.

Have experienced: the Suzdaltseva can learn over the years, and every day will not be repetition, and comprehension of the new.

Maybe the secret is that Samotlor heroes learn not only the courage of action, but also the courage of thought?

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