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Sadovnikova Galina

The operator of the Goose-rystal plant fiber, Hero of Socialist Labor

Sadovnikova Galina The most famous of steklograde

For the first time in the Goose-crystal I arrived on Sunday afternoon. Nestled in the hotel "Meshchersky dawns," immediately went to look for her character. Did not know her address.

- Today the Information Office also has a rest, said, red-bearded man, to whom I turned next to the cinema "Diamond."-And who are looking for, if not secret?

- Galina Sadovnikov. It ...

- Stop, said the red-bearded and with a happy amazement, shook plechami. Why reference? Apparently, we are talking about the operator of the plant fiber? She knows we have one. The most famous man in steklograde. Go further along our lakes, over there, where the body of the plant on the shore, is the street of the Old Bolsheviks. Turn to the left. Will soon see a new five-story house with a basement painted on the side of the sun. There lives Sadovnikova. And if I do not believe that all have heard about it, talk to any stranger. Do you want to go next to lose a bet, and if ...

I refused to bet on, but the advice of gambling young man listened. Indeed, four out of five surveyed by me on the way city residents not only know Sadovnikov ("How-awarded three Orders of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor", "Clearly, you need a member of the Regional Party Committee"), but also correctly pointed out about her address.

And here I sit in a cozy three-room apartment Sadovnikova. Daughters of Faith and the Luba-bride of marriageable age, going about their business, and we talked. Galina, thin, slim, blonde, after hearing the results of "case study", flashed a mischievous blue eyes:

- What do you say? But I do godkov that way seven years ago it was tried to change the profession. You know, had heard from the young that nezhenskoe, they say it in the fiery furnace stand. Moved to another town to study tabulating machine operator for. And in the dream I see your shop, his friends Gus. In general, the running back a week later. The work is beautiful, better, seems to be no. Come and see. I now shift starts at six in the evening.

Partgruporg required ...

At the Goose-rystal Glass Factory (the same body, near the lake), I came two hours before the agreed deadline. He looked into the dash, where the control unit 144 of all furnaces of the second workshop. And it so happened that has seen most of the Communist Party group here, which is headed by the thirteenth consecutive year, Galina. On duty in the instrument stood up instructor-mentor LI Petukhov. Then came the shift Zyakin SA, in turn, went to check the voltage on the furnace, to give a short order, consult Assistant wizard N. Rakov, engineer AF Belousov, LV razmotchitsy Spirin and F. I. Abanina. They asked each other: "Well, ready to report?" "How to be prepared, posted Zyakin Belousov. - Galina still make the report on the situation." Sadovnikova preparing to speak at the report-election party conference and asked the factory to brief colleagues ('how many times a year! ", Said Rakov), as they carry out public duties. Abanina and Spirin reminded of a recent emergency meeting of the Party group. Reason is one of the brands of fiberglass for some reason went to the marriage.

- How so?-Asks-you pop., say, razmotchitsy, taking products and need to know what the reason, says Faina Ivanovna Abanina.-Excuse me, Galina, answer, but it is not our responsibility. Angry awful. "Communist responsible for everything that is, empty words? A Party member is obliged to know why next to him unjust thing. " Well, we went to the processing chain, found that the glass beads, of which the threads are doing, there were undercooked. They put a barrier to marriage ... Yes, when we shamed Galina, the act has resulted in a sample of Jura Rakov. He's really well done ...

There was a time in their shift. Due to the breakdown of electric equipment has stopped. Elektrootdel not cope with the repair of units, delays dragged on. Sadovnikova-Party group has gathered what shall we do? Rakov, at one time worked in the Feeding elektrootdele, volunteered to help the young lineman. Worked without a backward glance at his watch. Repair was soon over, and the team quickly made up for lost time.

The next day, when Galina rested after the change, and we met again and told her about Heard in the instrument.

- All right, 'she said. - Good people slumped in the Party group. I remember once I was at the meeting expressed the idea that a personal five-year plan could not be implemented in four or three and a half years, as originally promised, but for three. However, this requires engineering support. Then entered into an agreement with our specialists Communists: head of production II Lukashkin with AF Belousov, SA Zyakinym. They pledged to establish a powerful new vessels, upgraded winding machines. They kept their word, and I did not disappoint. Five-Year Plan in December 1978 ended.

- Galina, you said, people in the Party group well matched. Well, just send these or someone in your team have raised?

- Not someone else, and the majority. In every batch of one - two of the advanced workers accept. And meanwhile Party group is not growing, we are constantly eleven or twelve people. The fact that our factory-branch and the firstborn of all because a half dozen related companies in the country supplying frames. Well, we grow people to other parts of its own plant. Communists end up correspondence institutes, technical schools, are on the rise. Recently, for example, triumphantly, "dedicated" to the Bezborodova mechanics shop. People grow. That and I am pleased: partgruporg must take care to not working next to go limping through life.

A bit of biography

Even before I saw Galina at work in the hot shop, was convinced: stands firmly on his feet, and people engaged in certain business, which he had a vocation.

Parents Sadovnikova Vasily's father and mother, Elizabeth Antonov, I., taught in the school chemistry, zoology. They wanted to become a teacher and a daughter. It was her dream. She studied hard Galya, successfully graduated from the seven classes. And then Elizabeth I. died. Even before his father became seriously ill. Gale had to get a job, was the closest factory fiberglass. At first, she was offered a light clerical work, and eighteen-did not want to mess with papers, she asked the shop. Became the operator of electric, trusted Glass-vessels. In 1955 the largest of them had a total of 80 nozzles (openings through which flows the silver thread of glass). Affectionately called them "boat."

With Galina mentor luck, Anna Ivanovna Bolshakov was reputed to be the very first-class skilled worker, was able to explain and wards as quickly master the skills. Two weeks later, on equal Sadovnikova was to compete with Bolshakova. Its apparent ability of an unusually fast as no one before.

She married, had two daughters. Grown, both following in the footsteps of the mother. As for the dreams of childhood, and she, in general, true. Now, since Galina chemist. And teaches. Let no one in the classroom. But her audience more. The best operator of the country giving lectures to his colleagues at meetings and seminars.


It is time, however, to look inside the hot shop, where he works Sadovnikova. Imagine flying a great height, and fifty feet in length. From the platinum heater radiates heat, the temperature inside the kiln 1200-1250 degrees. Glass green balls the size of a large cherry or grape quickly melted into them, and the liquid mass flows rapidly through the spinneret. But no matter how strained, a running thread, you will not see it many times thinner than a human hair. And just in case of breakage, as if from nowhere in the air begins to pick out light gossamer. It, like miniature parachutes, hang tiny glass beads that slowly swell. Galina makes subtle movement of his hand, and suddenly you notice a whole bunch of very thin strings. To him the operator attaches a special wand and drop-fugitives.

Spectacle for the uninitiated, a beautiful, but Galina is not happy. While vozishsya with "parashyutikami" furnace humming idle 36 seconds. However, as quickly cope with the liquidation of the cliff until only Sadovnikova. Other operators of the Goose-rystal plant is required full minute, industry-standard 73 seconds. Therefore, the struggle for reducing breakages is constant. And it is fight for good quality raw materials for the exact observance of all technology.

When Galina appropriated the title of best work in the profession of chemical industry operator and was given permission to the personal stamp of quality came from Moscow commission to perform its job prohronometrirovala techniques. Here they are saved by a second, of which also accrue additional annual Sadovnikova done the job: full-filling yarn is given 51 seconds, and it conducts operations in 29; laying fiber in the tray-five seconds, and it is managed in 2.6 seconds, taking the thread reel-to five seconds, it does it in 4 seconds, flushing, thread guides 70 seconds it saves from them for 5 seconds.

Sadovnikova Galina The team is famous for Goose-rystal plant that he first mastered all the technical and technological innovations. A "Zapevalov" always appears Sadovnikova. That's what was the first step ... Remember, came to the morning shift as usual, half an hour before beginning to question smenschitsu of the oven, check the thickness (tex) fiber, to make a stock reels. Looked up and gasped at her workplace a huge crowd gathered almost all the finished watch. "Look, V., what you" accordion "-set as much as two hundred dies, 'she whispered with fear Zoya Ivanovna, the operator of the neighboring pechi.-it really handle?"

Replied cheerfully: "The very consented, required. Are we to you, friend, summed ever? "Joked, smiled, and the soul of the cat scratched:" What if dishonored, does not justify the trust Lukashka 's, investing in new plant, it seemed, all his wit? Podvedesh himself and his ... "'"

Now remember those ridiculous fears i.somneniya. Indeed, later mastered the first and 400-Glass-spinneret vessel, and 600-spinneret, and, finally, a giant 800-spinneret. Now serves just three furnaces in 1600 dies-zone, which in 1958, when the factory began to develop new technological equipment, looked fantastic.

- Sadovnikova general miracle-worker, told me the director of the Goose-rystal plant Vasily Danilov.-By the way, she met and ninth five-year period in three years and two months. And now? Look. Galina produces two types of glass yarns, BS6-52 and BS 10-82. Norma first generation of these brands on a single electric 36 kilograms, the Sadovnikova get to 43. The second mark goes to 55.7 kilograms in the job 52. And in the whole area instead of 124 pounds of produce 141.7. And at the same time saves precious metals used in the heaters.

The numbers may seem tedious matter, but that they are not afraid of the high word is visible labor heroism, 'said the director. - Sadovnikova first appeared in a wide effort for the revision of working rules to increase. First, some people seemed to venture far-fetched, even illogical. There were just such that they were afraid. But there was salt in the solution of voluntarism each. In the big moral and material encouragement of those who managed to master new heights. And for beginners, and workers with less talent are the old standards with its system of remuneration. As pace-makers go further, their application becomes part of a busy counter-plan, so that their efforts are rewarded with more solid.

But do not forget the company and that the main contribution to the five-year job makes the bulk of the so-called serednyachkov ", which is not as fast as, say, Sadovnikova, acquire great skill, but also work in good faith, with full return of forces. To mark each diligent worker, developed a harmonious system. Everyone is sure to contribute their share to the overall success, you will not be overlooked. For example, the team won ten times in a daily contest, prize for the month increased by ten percent. Second consecutive month of such performance-seeking premium is increased by twenty percent. All different-quarter increase to thirty percent premium.

And the star with star said ...

Once the plant party committee secretary Nikolai G. Kuznetsov came after a change to the Sadovnikova and got stuck. Around it gathered a lot of people, all of it carefully listened to. Galina told me about what they saw at the Astrakhan plant fiber.

- In general, they have a lot of good. But the remark he made dirty in the shop, slipped twice on the floor and lots of wax of the population, different oils.

- And when you visited in Astrakhan? - Amazed Party secretary. - It seems not sent there.

- I only leave, went to a cousin on a visit. I learned that there is a related company, could not resist, went - explained Sadovnikova.

It features all of her curiosity, and sociability. Wherever visited, always noticed valuable, which will share with his comrades in the shop. But at the same time proud to emphasize that in general they have at Goose-rystal, it is better put, that's why they plant a flagship industry. And proud of it must be, to increase the glory of their native companies ... In short, an agitator and propagandist Sadovnikova was intrinsically not waiting to be special order.

Friends and acquaintances she has a lot in all parts of the country. Rewritten and is often found at various graces of the Berdyansk krutilschitsey Galina Pashchenko, which intends to two five-year period in one run. Water, they are not razolesh other Galina Doroninoj-operated Sudogodskoye neighboring plant. But closer friends with all weaver Vyazniki Rimma Alexandrovna Gavrilova, also a member of Vladimir Oblast Party Committee, a Hero of Socialist Labor. When Sadovnikova assigned a high rank, was awarded third in Moscow Order of Lenin and the Gold Star, then, before reaching the house, looked at first to Rimma. Noted a great event, all night, talked about the affairs of public and private.

Ahead of time, so, as they say, too, the time required. Galina every hour, every minute values. But it will call the school to speak at the session of excellence anywhere in the Union, will not give up.

"Please instruct me ..."

I happened to be present at her meeting with students of his native city. Haired boy asked her:

- Tell us about fiberglass and glass details. We all know our master crystal and why it is needed, understand, and on production of your plant are different rumors. It is true that fiberglass canopies do?

Galina smiled and thought, apparently, "parashyutiki" from the oven.

- No parachutes, and even in airplanes have done a lot of fiberglass. As well as on ships, on artificial earth satellites, in railway carriages. Yes, and in your homes are the same basins. Sometimes the glass is compared with steel. This guys are incomparable material. Without steel, of course, we generally can not do, but glass, and from it something different in a favorable direction. In combination with resins, it is not afraid of acid, heat resistance, impact resistance its great. Beautiful it optical, electrical, thermal and sound insulating properties. And because it comes more and more applications in various fields of engineering. Students have learned and what the staff's work uses Shchekinsky method. Over the past five years the volume of production increased by 1.7 times, while completely freed five hundred men.

- As it is, surprise-girl-vosmiklassnitsa.-firing people, leave their jobs?

Of course not. But it takes a man to retire, but its too early to give us, for women 45 years of age, men in 50-well to their new place do not take. Work in enough graduates to have a place to settle. But we will soon need a lot of young workers. Seen, built on the outskirts of the new plant fiber? There will be the newest technology.

- And who will teach beginners?

- I wish you much. I also asked the leadership to entrust such a thing to me ...

"Please instruct me ... 'How often heard in Vladimir and Gus Crystal these words of Galina!

One is strongly behind a textile mill. Galina after one of the regional committee meetings, which once again criticized its leaders, asked:

"Charge me to understand." Of course, no one involved with the Commission. Suggested that the need to do to fix the frame, raised the question of re-equipment of production. Now plant is stable. And in 1978 he was again adjusted the plan .. but not downward, as before, but increased by 300 thousand rubles. Well, perhaps the principal about the life of Hero of Socialist Labor Sadovnikova, the most famous woman of Gus-Crystal, said ... And she likes to say Galina local poems of the poet Nikolai Rakov:

We give all new hard

But I like restlessness.

Wonderful yarns, like strings,

Ringing in my hand.

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