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Tokumtaev Smagul Kusainovich

Mine stope miner named Gorbachev's industrial association "Karagandaugol" Hero of Socialist Labor

Tokumtaev Smagul Kusainovich The longwall lived normal tension. The usual, of course, only for the miners, or rather, the usual stress of attention, regardless of when the consciousness of your entire being sensitively captures the state of the gigantic forces of the subsoil.

Do not get used in the longwall to such careless state, when a rattle of chains, combine harvester crashing hissing and crackling deaf carriers it would be impossible not to hear the barely perceptible sound of the menacing forces of underground caves.

Nature, conquered the comprehension of its laws, shares with the man part of his treasures. But her formidable forces are always ready to punish penetrated into the interior for the slightest mistake.

Under the ground no one feels the winner of nature, at best it is an ally with whom to be treated with respect.

Love this difficult living standard horizon, the limiting voltage equipment when. The strain tear chain cracking steel and cast iron breaks.

Needless to say, starting this horizon without enthusiasm, aware of his foul for the extraction of geological structure. Harvester places for up to thirty meters to go to the rock, standing raskoski now and then stop, forcing the unit to return, strip wellbore space ...

Swiftly and softly falling crate. A matter of minutes, and we are deep underground. But the deputy chief of the first section of Vladimir Tarasovich Katchalov in time to briefly describe the mining environment:.

- The lack of security. Dirty seam hypsometry for extraction. Breed, like sandpaper. Chains wear out, break. Combine works on the limit strain. But what formation should be taken ...

Right at the stem-tram. No fuss miners sit in the carriages, a tram moves off, and immediately disappears into the underground labyrinths. Delay no time to get to their teams a lot of miles of lava.

- This section of the seventh working somewhere around a drama theater, if present on the surface, - says Vladimir Tarasovich-but we peshochkom, not far from here to our lava.

In the twilight fireflies zamelteshili batteries. Through the maze of slopes and lava Prosekov moved to the first section, where the chip removes the breast brigade slaughter Smagulov Tokumtaeva.

My companions can easily orient themselves in the narrow tunnels. Windy places, ventilation systems are working, these horizons are full of explosive methane gas, we have to thoroughly ventilate the miners underground. Mostly squelching under our feet, irrigation, apparently gave too abundant, suppressing dust. Along the narrow aisle to penetrate stratum, as I explained, "K-3." A little more effort, make our way to transport a clearing. And here it is-lava, the front line of the mining front. It is from here and swing out to the surface "solar stone." This is where the disperse across the country pressed until the black lumps of energy.

Just a few minutes is taking shifts. Smagul inspects, touches the teeth cutting auger combine, gently, carefully As to the motor. Includes irrigation. Sam checks bolted connections. On the outgoing air stream determines the concentration of methane. It's all right. Brigadier clicks on the control knob assembly. Go! Humming, gnashed lava coal conveyor belt suffered a roadway.

The height of the reservoir is about two meters, but still close to the lava. Make our way between the posts on all fours. In this position, working mainly peredvizhchiki lining. Propolzayem nearby. Under the light bulb attached to a helmet, shining teeth, but only the whites of the eyes, but it is clear that the guy is laughing. Screams verse: "I work as a nobleman, I only work lying down!".

Smagul at the combine. Complex process that requires utmost attention. Lava is equipped with a complex of CM-81E. The brigade itself Tokumtaeva mount this powerful, complex set. Each rack of steel frame, every pig, every time a link is not verified by their own hands. The powerful, high-performance processor ZM-CABG was studied in detail in the courses for the installation and operation. Almost half of the column passed. "Column" section of the miners call, sliced tunneller for. coal mining ...

In the lava-not talking too loudly. So just seeing how the combiner. Smagul feels layer. It is not given to anyone.

Only the great masters of the miners say, feels plastic. Adjusts speed. Under ideal conditions, with very beautiful bed, this unit can go three meters per minute. And was then coal, then rock, then it raskoski. With a dull gukanem falls off right on the cover combines a huge piece of rock. The unit stops combiner takes a hammer, breaks the block. Forward again. Clogged after another raskoski conveyor. Back! Chado clean bottomhole line forward. Back. Forward again. And tons of stress-back, back, the entire length of the lava.

However, such stops are not considered to be idle, it's normal rhythm of work on a difficult seam. Otherwise, it is impossible. And then it affects the experience, skill combiner, coordination of work crews.

Outages, breakage, and they are inevitable in these particular circumstances. And provided a brigade in advance, therefore, be liquidated in the shortest possible time. And yet, for reasons beyond the control of the team: lack of empties. So it was in this shift. It was. And the chain is broken, "download", as the miners. Repairs took place quickly and clearly, without any help. Though no one would have blamed the brigade if they called repairmen, and rested themselves at this time in the niches.

All is calm, without any fuss. Gently and tactfully, if necessary, make comments Smagul. The power of a huge underground foreman, is indisputable. But orders Tokumtaeva delicate, and feel on each team, each indication, although not pronounced, - "please" ... Only in the end niche noise cassettes: no empty cars! Since cassettes annoyance stops the conveyor, coal is nowhere to download.

- Call, Smagul, the operator again polsmeny downtime, cassettes, shouts, even though he knows what to call the foreman, will not be useless. Operator and so will not miss the opportunity to immediately apply empties as soon as the free path.

Kenzhibaev cassettes, a former brigadier. Twenty years old miners led this team. When it was time to retire, bluntly told the authorities, will suffice, they say, given orders, let Smagul brigadirstvuet. Even gave a peculiar characteristic: "Will!" It is not easy to earn the old miner a flattering review. Noisy and hot temper, cassettes are not randomly chosen as his successor a peaceful, gentle Smagulov. Understand the eminent miner that came another time. The people completely competent, conscientious, hard technique, there will not get a shout, but you will offend people. Gone is the old story of the miners' habits, like many other professions. There are miners in the mine, haulers. Yes, and the cassettes poshumlival rather than from necessity, but out of habit when it was fashionable to show off mine strong language.

Not long pootdyhal idle old miner, was drawn into the mine, missed no lava. Case decided to "bow" of the young heir. Understanding how needed his experience and knowledge Smagul came to visit. We sat and talked about things that are beginning the difficult formation, and take the position of leader-oh, they do not want to. Saying goodbye, he asked: "Come, master, help me, have time to even sit for a long time in retirement. Asks the team. "

Cassettes returned to the mine and was really the right hand of the foreman, his assistant, his wise mentor ...

This change delays robbed miners nearly two hours. But in the summary of the competition still significant daily production was 1,300 tons of lava. Production in thousand tonnes in the lava, the phenomenon itself is exceptional, and in these conditions at all remarkable. Only the great masters, the people, confident in their abilities, to advance a counter-plan to provide 1,000 tons per day. Not the obligation, and the plan is extremely tight plan.

When the crew climbed out to the surface, I have had many a talk about the Tokumtaeve.

- Modest, a modest-spoken about it Party secretary of the mine Ileubay Mazhitovich-but not mumbler, for it is able to stand up and into his pocket for a word does not enter, thinks in public.

Tokumtaev Smagul Kusainovich Mazhitov got reports of a party-sobraniy. Here, read his statement. It's just as it was when the site started to work on this layer. The meeting took place relatively peacefully. Results of two years, five-year period were victorious, says Secretary-partkoma.-six of the seven sites provided tysyachetonnuyu daily load on the lava. A seventh section provided a grant of lava 500 000 tons of coal. Such success in the country have one. And for the team Tokumtaeva production of a thousand tons a day was normal rhythm ...

- I thought so, 'says Ileubay Mazhitovich-that Smagul mostly in the tone of meeting says that in the difficult conditions of his heroic guys are making almost impossible. And he ...

- Everyone knows our lava-said at the time the meeting Smagul, standing on the podium, she-equipped complex, taken at the mine, "Michael." There already issued 500 thousand tons of coal. It is easy to imagine what is left of it. Half of the sections did not meet safety requirements, the old hoses, flow, peaks are omitted. It was not easy to mount this pile of metal. Leaders of mine knew that lava complicated by geological conditions. Did they know in what conditions, and are now working. And the parts do not. For whatever appealed to the department chief mechanic-an answer that is not, and what are not.

We have a sector of the party committee, called the production, and production is not involved. No issue with it is impossible to solve. Here is an example. Out of order Lavna drive sprocket. Substitutions at the mine was not. While looking for, the site stood two shifts. Blown motor. They put a reserve. During the day, replaced, in a hurry. Half of the lava passed, and it burned down. No motor on mine! While found elsewhere but brought as old-fashioned way was taken to the lava, the site has stood for three days. The chief engineer was asleep and dreams he saw that a section of the mountain is coal, but this time with our sweat going.

I knew about this director of the mine, he knew the Secretary of the Party Committee. A rapid action is not taken. It's time to ask the responsible officials of the: who is responsible for what, for the money it receives, where the conscience of the party.

- What?-Mazhitov smiles. - But, think, and made everything? Not at all. Every day, went to the party committee, asked what measures are taken, until he was sure that the office of chief mechanic is always ready to continue to eliminate possible breakdowns in the lava. Of course, he then curdled paint. But we are so in the team has traditionally happened: say all right, frankly. At the mine a rich history. Could not otherwise grow up here and Tokumtaev ...

At this time, the office of the Secretary Smagul included with the chairman of the Committee Albievym mine. Time to wash up after mine, and change. Another wet hair after a shower Smagulov regularly arranged. Clever, agate eyes, friendly smile at the corners of his thin lips did the person not only enjoyable, but also beautiful.

- I've Tulegenov Amrenovichu the "petals", and he gave me tickets to the theater offers,-laughs-Smagul. descend to the theater, and the "petals" even gets it on the union side. It should also start production of these napkins!

"Petals" is a cloth that tie a person to protect against dust. Good thing is, but somehow missed them. And miners come to the union leader's call for a solution.

Sharp says the miners to the site and empty, on the jacks, on the jackhammer. It is also urgent needs of production.

The space between the pans and the slaughter clamped jacks. The number of jacks at a rate calculated on a happy face, but in difficult geological conditions of the place must often, if required to do less cleaning wellbore area.

- Breakers, oddly enough, now of the deficit. We need them to break up lumps in raskoskah, yet nothing else came up, although in recent years, the technology is improving rapidly. But still, my father worked in the mine with a hammer as this most basic mechanism. Such a face, like ours, while it was impossible to take. And we have even in very difficult conditions, productivity per worker of nearly 300 tons per month. And the cost of coal below the routine.

Smagul explained and the reasons for shortages empty. In general, this is probably a problem of growth. Hauling coal wagons passed stage, mainly coal conveyors swing Now. And on behalf of the Gorbachev-mine all the lava is completely transferred to the new technology. Only their first section runs from empty. And here he is living out his life. But as long as necessary to be reconciled. Pit road is mainly engaged in delivering people to the lavas, and if we consider that in more than a hundred kilometers of the mine workings, it becomes clear just how loaded vehicles. It acts very compressed, calculated to the minute schedule. The slightest hitch somewhere and broken rhythm, and this leads to downtime.

- This is our question, domestic, and we will decide with conviction Smagul said,-as, say, solve most of these "petals," and jacks. Life, work practice has always put forward issue, and it's good-will to think, to seek, to improve ...

There are more important problems at the mine, their resolution depends on the rate of growth of output and productivity, not only now but in the future. Mine gives the steam coal, which should be enriched in the factories. With the current growth of neighboring plant performance is no longer cope with the load. We must build from the main trunk where seams are processed K-2 and K-3 concentrator. But this is beyond the power of mine, it must address the union "Karagandaugol."

- It is clear, says Tokumtaev, factory-built, it is not trifling, requires costly and time, but we must quickly build at least a sorting plant. And then we carry for many miles along with the coal rock, overloading the plant. The calculation of a simple-sorting facility will cost 500-600 thousand rubles, but it will not be dragged from one place to breed, and it will reduce the volume of rail traffic on the sixty to seventy percent.

The director of the mine Edward M. Rusak calculations confirmed the accuracy of the miner.

Right-thinking Tokumtaev. Unfortunately, the management association of this issue until 'does not resolve. Although the usefulness is clear. In debt to the miners yet, and research institutes. The design capacity of the new harvester, 400 tons of coal per hour, and the conveyor chain, serving the lava, the load can not accept. Smagul Tokumtaev and his team will achieve the development of design capacity of the combine. And where will swing coal? Technology lags in the sinking, and that tomorrow is mine. It is also concerned about the miners. Much is being done on their own. And Tokumtaev as innovator, has made many valuable suggestions, but the level of mining requires capital decision science.

Edward M., an old experienced climber, was pleased to say that, as in recent years, people have changed.

Usually, nothing special is remarkable biography Tokumtaeva. Born in a miner's family. Father Kusainov Tokumtaev was one of those who came. third years of the birth of the coal boiler room of a nomadic tent in the mine. He was one of the pioneers of the Stakhanovite movement in the pool, and later worked with Stakhanov. Naturally, the family lived miner matters and concerns. And there was no Smagulov question: who to be? As a matter of implication, to be a miner. He graduated ten classes, and came to the mine. He worked in the area of transport vnutrishahtnogo conductor. After serving in the army, he returned to the mine. Demobilized soldiers assigned to lead the Komsomol youth brigade of drivers of electric locomotives. When it was in the mines conveyors, Smagul went on courses gornovyemochnyh machines. Drawn into the lava, to coal, and the father admonished, any work in the mine is good, but coal is cut is better, my soul rejoices.

Got the right combiner, and so ended up in the lava. Updated technique, had to constantly learn. He did it with desire, determination and interest. He mastered a profession electrician, got the right driver mechanized roof supports.

Not one area where he worked Smagul, set records for coal mining, including the world.

The heroic tradition of miners formed a character. It was someone to learn from someone to take an example.

The mine has brought hundreds of famous miners. The museum, established at the mine with the active participation Smagulov Tokumtaeva, reflect the glorious history of this team. Back in 1948 the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred the mine miner Mustafa Aytkulovu. Later, the highest awards of the Motherland have been awarded the miners Kidraly Lobster, Ivan Suslyakov.

The name of my mine is in honor of the famous miner, the founder of the pool Korney Osipovich Gorbachev. During World War II worked here Alexei Stakhanov, then do not interrupt communication with the team until the last days of his life.

- It is difficult to convey how excited and proud we knew Stakhanov from textbooks, met him, a man of history, 'says Smagul.

In 1972 Alexey Stakhanov mine gave the team the name of Gorbachev, "The Banner of the eternal brotherhood" as a winner in socialist competition with the miners of the mine "Torezskaya."

For many years, competing team of mine named Gorbachev and miners of the mine named after the Czechoslovak Army, Ostrava-Karvinna pool and mine named Martin Goopa in the German Democratic Republic. The mutual visits, exchange of best practices and mutual associate international brotherhood of miners.

Family Smagulov Tokumtaeva supports personal friendship with many of the families of miners of the fraternal countries. The former Komsomol leader, communist Smagul Tokumtaev for several years headed the party organization of the site, was elected a member of the Party Committee of the mine, was twice elected member of City Council. The experience of the party leader tells Smagulov that necessarily every miner section must know not only their problem, but that without his personal contribution will not be the complete success of the industry, the success of the country. So he, the man who thinks in the state, teaches, and his friends cheer for the country's affairs, fight, fight for the fulfillment of its tasks, tasks of the Party at its front.

- We, the miners of the country, 'said Tokumtaev meeting at work when discussing the obligations of the fourth year of the five-, five-year plan to increase production of fuel in 1980 to 805 million tons, 100 million above the 1975 level. We, the miners of Karaganda, in the final year of Five-Year Plan must give 52 million tons of coal, and that 6 million more than in 1975.

The increase is scheduled to receive this by increasing productivity.

"We" is the sum of the "I". Everyone should know their line that I will make, what share.

And gifted with great zest for life manages to do many people.

There is a pioneer in the collection, participate in debates Komsomol. He is a frequent, or rather, a regular guest at their sponsored children from the school gornoprofessionalnogo number 2.

As expressed Smagul Kusainovich, "walks into the future mine that it was better today." Three children in the family Tokumtaevyh. In-Zukhra its way, mine is not for girls, but Tahir and Talgat father sure will continue the dynasty Tokumtaevyh miner.

When the banners have made Karaganda regional Komsomol organization at a solemn plenary session dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Young Communist League, was among the bearers of a miner Smagul Tokumtaev, simple and noble ordinary Soviet worker.

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