Shekhovtsov Seraphim G.

Anatoly Yakoventsev

Antipova Ekaterina

Abdrakhmanov Nina Lukichna

Vladimir Shmelev

Sitkarev Ivan

Chumak Paul A.

Pryhoda Yuri Ivanovich

Kulmatova Satina

Aripov Ismail Halmatovich


Each time his memorable milestone, its heroes. Many significant events we remember the fourth year of the eleventh five-year period. Almost a year ahead of schedule packed the main road link. The Baikal-Amur Railway, and in the last days of October opened the labor movement of trains along its entire length.

On the assembly line production association "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant named after VI Lenin" - came millionth tractor.

Jubilee said iron smelting fiftieth anniversary team Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant named after Yuri Andropov ...

Each of these achievements, as well as for many other famous cases - hard work and dedication of thousands and thousands of Soviet people, showing daily life in the real labor valor and heroism.

That is about people, our comrades at work, those who work alongside us, and told in the pages of this book. Here, haunting portraits of the heroes of our time, seething, the fate of the best sons and daughters of the Soviet people, the Communists possessed creative work: Construction Ismail Aripov Tashkent, Frunze motalschitsa of aa Kulmatova, Kiev notable excavator, Paul Chumak, the famous Yaroslavl Shinnik Vladimir Shmelev, known in the Leningrad region Brigadier Michael builders Gunya, Lipetsk pilot Anatoly Yakoventsev Squadron, the capital chauffeur, Nikolai Sharapov, a seamstress from Birobidzhan Jewish Autonomous Region, Elena Arnapolina ...

Small in terms of essays, and so the authors have often only talk about the most important. But the point, perhaps, and the attractiveness of such books is that in its pages the reader is immediately met many interesting people, whose names have now become a symbol of valor and heroism.

Such as they are, they say: Working Guard. One representative of this famous cohort, Valentina Golubeva.

An acknowledged master of his craft, a member of the CPSU Central Committee, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, member of the Bureau of Ivanovo Oblast Party Committee, the famous weaver, using innovative hardware capabilities, relying on the help and support of engineering and technical services enterprise, has developed over twenty five years tenth annual norms. She managed to reach peak production on equipment of this type, several times exceeded all industry standards. Just the beginning of Golubev and eleventh five-year period. And the completion of twenty annual report jobs after three and a half years. By the end of 1985 it expects to do at least another seven annual plans. "We have talented writers, actors, composers and scholars.

Valentina Nikolaevna, in my opinion, the author essay - the bright talent of the working man. Do not be afraid to say that today it is one of the most prominent figures among the country's working, talented people of our time. "

Leafing through the pages of the book, getting acquainted with her characters, we have inadvertently come to think that permeates and unites all the essays: foremost achievements, their success, a good indication of what the richest reserves lurk in every team, which is still untapped potential of each one of us, whether a welder or a weaver, installer or engineer excavator, turner or builder, miner, or petroleum. Indeed, what distinguishes the work of militants, why in the same conditions, on the same hardware, for the same time they are able to achieve significant results? After all, no special secrets in their work there. So, what made those who are the subject of this book is available for each of us, if you be willing, good working self-esteem, desire to improve professional skills.

Today the party has put forward the task of the software is truly values: provide a way out of the country to the highest world level of labor productivity. To solve it means to solve a range of critical issues: the international and domestic, including a high quality of living standards of workers. The possibilities and reserves for that. Chief among them is enclosed in a person. And the best evidence-life example of heroism and labor representatives of the workers' guard, of which this book tells. To be like them, to achieve what they achieved - this is a sure guide towards the accomplishment of the planned, to meet the challenges posed by the party.

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