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Kulev Eugene A.

Senior operator of the production association "Angarsknefteorgsintez" Hero of Socialist Labor

Kulev Eugene A. From the entrance to the mill, a kilometer and a half stop, but today Kulev did not wait for a ride, and went quietly past his endless intricacies | rub. Time he had in stock, or maybe just wanted to once again look over the giant economy is in such weather here, the first snow fall nebolno and gently tickles the face, prickly, bright night lights along the lines go into the far distance and it seems that even up rarely meet a person will fall, it is also someone decided to go with the change of foot but to reflect.

- Hi-submit a counter-voice.

- Hi-responds almost mechanically Evgeny, though, of course, know a colleague, a colleague of the current and former ward of Nicholas Innokentievich Suvorov.

Suvorov-long senior operator shifts, famous at the refinery, in the union "Angarsknefteorgsintez", and all over the city of Angarsk people. But like yesterday, it seems, he studied with him the basics of operator business, taught at a glance include readings on the remote, with one ear grasp the slightest change in the sound systems, to produce an instant reaction and make lightning-quick decisions. Do you think a Suvorov with it comprehended all this science to perfection? Dozens of them now at the plant, a first-class professionals, seniors, the leading operators of petrochemical production. passed through the school in the change Kuleva, now a Hero of Socialist Labor.

And he, this lean, swarthy man with a large attentive eyes and an unusually quiet friendly person, he himself was so long ago that just learned the basics?

But you could not tell because the "recent" when came into the forest on the bank of the Angara River in 1959, almost two decades ago, and everything that you see now appeared and grew in his eyes, and the town grew, and the plant, and people have grown and children grow out-grow. Angarsk city itself was not yet thirty, and the union "Angarsknefteorgsintez" now celebrating its silver jubilee ...

Jack arrived in Angarsk Kulev projectionist. It so happened that a boy at home in the village of Upper Vereya Gorky region, he vowed to become a magician and a sorcerer, that is, a projectionist, because it seemed to him the profession of the most beautiful of all and most inaccessible. He and a small something years old, says her mother, Claudia M., did not like to delay their decisions on the back burner, and therefore insisted, went to Saratov, where he learned to the projectionist. But the home, not left his native village, he returned and gave himself with enthusiasm to his work. The villagers are very loved boy for his honesty, commitment, punctuality. Nothing seemed to be no longer interested in Eugene. Prior to the army.

Serve as happened in Moscow itself. He had seen the young man out there, learned a lot. However Kulev and after the army returned to his home and worked as a projectionist with the same diligence and interest. Something, however, took place in his mind what he himself did not realize. Newspapers, radio, television, day after day, talked about the grand construction projects on the banks of the Yenisei and Angara, the Lena and Amur. And the films - documentary and fiction, which he watched from his embrasure kinobudki, spoke about the events even more impressive and penetrating.

Eugene's mother noticed a disturbing:

- Well, where are you with your specialty in a certain Siberia - from a distance she began. - What heroes out there, and you have puny, but the equipment on the banks of the films frost shabby, after all nadorveshsya. The son said nothing, smiled and no one explained that no matter how beautiful was the projectionist occupation, miracles for him personally, there is already exhausted. Miracles are happening out there, far to the east. There tempered characters, people become heroes and these wizards of the business. He chooses the Angara, leaves, promising to take the time to his family ...

And Kulev appeared before the head of personnel training points petrochemical plant.

- Bunk in a dormitory, 51 ruble scholarship seven months of study and a great-Special Assistant to the operator-minted HR, considering the paper, which provided a brief biography of Kuleva. - Suitable?

- No, it does not fit, calmly retorted Eugene, I would look first to where it is, what it will work.

The personnel manager down to his nose little old glasses, long look askance at the guy, clears his throat.

- Why, look, and run away forever, 'he says with a sigh, and then reluctantly draws up a pass and give a guide.

Pits, trenches, earthen mess, which swarmed bulldozers, excavators and dump trucks - all this is a far cry from motion pictures that Kulevi wanted a second home to her Upper Vereya in warm kinobudku. But some sixth sense, he caught the harmony to be established here, that beautiful harmonious system, which he Kulev, is designed to manage. Unless, of course, will be the science of management. Science is a long, painstaking, and, but essentially infinite.

- Now fit, personnel officer, he said, returning to the site. He took off his glasses at all, was a long time cough and suddenly smiled very well:

- Well, my friend Jack, you have a horse.

And so it happened.

By the time the course ended, a platform that Kulev saw a few months ago, has acquired a completely different look. But before the harmony and perfection was still so far away that operator knowledge gained with such zeal, yet seemed completely inapplicable.

And in the meantime the country is needed, and kerosene oil, petrol and diesel, and fuel oil nigrol. There was oil, she was straining to Siberia when the famous pipeline Angarsk-Tuymazy, she was already at the door, only to run into a system and process. The country needs oil were not at all and not simply, they are especially needed to Siberia, where more and more widely unfolded industrial advance. Quite often on diesel switched river vessels of the Amur, Lena and Angara, Yenisei more new aircraft received Yakutia, Magadan region, the entire Far East, Irkutsk region. Dozens, hundreds of thousands of mighty machinery of fuel required for development of gold, diamonds, construction sites Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk. Try to provide this armada of imported fuel and combustive-lubricating materials. For the petrochemical industry and created a giant on the banks of the Angara, as soon as possible to meet the needs of other industrial giants.

There was not enough fuel, but there was not enough builders. This was evident even to the uninitiated. Especially when it started installation of technological equipment, which was to work graduate courses.

- What if we can help? Timidly suggested that the then head of the installation Kulev Aleksandr I. Levin.

- You're shining head, 'answered Levin and nahmurilsya.-Damn you, where have you had with your suggestion be? While you are there chewed science, it was necessary for half a day on the assembly you use. By the same benefit would go. Well, nothing to fix that.

He immediately ordered aides to arrange future operators to installers to help. It was really invaluable support, and most importantly, the benefits for those who are soon to serve the oil system.

After all, young guys with their own hands sounded out each pipe and each valve. We worked together on the conscience, "mothballed" until then the knowledge of operators.

And yet, when the system started when Kulev the first time and really got a remote control, a feeling he had that in a blind kitten. The other guys, too, went hushed and confused. What a transformation took place there in the belly of the installation, where and why oil was spreading across thousands of pipes, as well restless hands and signal lights on the consoles, why it's so ominous hissing hot steam valves in-all this, and they seem to be "held" recently but in practice it seemed strange, unfamiliar, frightening.

Eugene lucky. Senior operator was changing Viktor Demidov.

- No fuss, my son, we have a lot of time, 'he said, whenever the system something went wrong.

- Come here, we'll see-pokumekaem, and he began to think out loud, why change the settings as it is formed this analysis, not the one you need to do to "drive a gin" into place.

Kulev Eugene A. A time-then this is not dispensed more than one - two minutes, or go hawking the whole system, and if a little more, and close to the disaster. During these moments, and then a second time to Demidov not only to take the only right decision, but also to show the young how this solution matures. Then, when I began to notice that Eugene sensitively captures the course of his reflections, Victor P. Demidovich suddenly began to sprinkle his remarks "provocative" strokes.

Not long Kulev wondered and wondered. Guessed that the artist is a student at the debate, waiting for an objection. And when the opposition started, Demidov already jumped for joy.

But luck is not only to him. Here it is, guard, which now boasts a staff: Viktor Druzenko, Mikhail Y. Filimonov, Nicholas Matveyevich Skrypnikov-all graduates of those years, all of them are now senior operators shifts noble masters and mentors. And those who instructed them to themselves, did not remain in the shadows: A. Levin, director of the refinery, VP Demidov, head of the shop, the former head of the installation, after Levin, AP Talov-State Prize Laureate, a scientist .

Time hurries. And in those years: the guys did not have time to blink, as steel production are simply necessary. At the Angarsk Petrochemical entered into a new system, many times more powerful than the old unit CDU + ABT. Now they needed the master, experienced, reliable, shift supervisor, the leading operators. Among those first was Eugene Kulev. In just two years, with a little he was able to improve their skills up to the sixth, the highest level, but the main thing was not a formal assignment of the discharge, but the fact that all around in one voice asserted that any change Kulevi can trust without fear.

Not knowing your character and habits, automaticity in the performance of teams sought mainly senior operator, or rather, not only that. In the team everyone has to be a creator, that is the ideal, which he decided to reach, come what may. But if you head, set himself such a challenge, learn first of all, himself. And much to learn from the mill there is anyone. The first person who met with the Kulev for new plant, was her chief Vasily Shemetov. Creator! At the start debugging and he spent his days and nights. Ambulance took away one Shemetova. Diagnosis-fatigue.

When Eugene came to Vasily Petrovich in the hospital, he moved, he said:

- I ran away, Eugene, away from here if it were not for such assistants, as your replacement. Wait, we'll turn the mountains.

And the next day he actually escaped from the house, appeared at the facility, as if nothing had happened. And work has begun to boil with a bang. Kulev listened to every word Shemetova, each board, absorbed the creative passion of an engineer who was winning the others. Of course, refined to the "fast", it is worthless, but the goal is to man-what: to customize the entire team seemingly impossible task, with access to the full capacity immediately set to exceed this power!

And they are exceeded. And Siberia could get from installing thousands and thousands of tons of production in excess of that provided for the plan.

Run-in. Flowed, like, have a quiet, good life. Just the time, I thought the senior operator to find out who's out of my (what a barter to whom you can rely on indefinitely, and who else but teaching to teach. After all, to keep the level of production, and even more so if the dream of an even higher, s experiences, skills may simply not be enough.'s namesake, Eugene Romanchenko,-fast, hot, but at the same time extremely assembled, somewhere deep inside the focus. Very soon he became the right hand of the elder, was the sixth rank, position it so and is called, a leading operator. Once he caught himself a key principle of Kuleva. This principle lay in the fact that his own change of senior operator, it seemed, did not pay any attention. It seemed as if his whole concern is that as can better prepare your system for the transfer of the next shift, to reduce all modes, all the parameters to changers did not know no worries at least three to four hours. However, for this to be installed Kulev come an hour early, every single zakoulochki examine. Somewhere the middle will change again, his famous first traversal is literally hands touched each node.

Less intelligent perplexed: what he supposedly cares about others, more to think about themselves. But the days passed, months, watch for the watch, and never, never, under any circumstances change Kuleva not break the rhythm. Products, it is always received more than planned, and production of, say, for comparison, would be enough to fill dozens of modern aircraft. The quality is even stopped to say, if the regime leads the team Kuleva quality-assured.

What, then, is seeking a senior operator? It seeks to change the other did not allow the slightest misstep. Gradually, silently, he seemed to show: Here, look, we'll debug mode, and you just debug the next shift, and it follows, that, to us. And that hard work not for themselves, for others, he will return, but qualitatively different. Now the entire diurnal cycle works perfectly well, without disruption, confusion, month after month, year after year. So, not dozens, but hundreds of planes can be refilled only overdelivery fuel!

So understand Eugene Kulev communist attitude to work, because his team understands the principles of socialist competition. A precious experience of this, of course, is not passed by the attention of engineers and colleagues. On the taciturn Kulevi talking. Stirred again Vasily Shemetov. Human sympathy for his shift was confirmed by rigorous calculations, and, if universally achieve the planned, gentle treatment, if so tirelessly to take care of the equipment, after the reconstruction of the CDU + AVT can dramatically improve performance. In this idea a long time and, in general, reasonably doubted Guide: joke-stop such a machine and did not get! Yes this is the whole country will feel. We decided as follows: wait until the planned repairs and reconstruction to coincide with it.

And here again, the combat team Kuleva Eugene turned into builders. But it was an entirely different stage. For the reconstruction of all the carefully prepared, each come with their suggestions and was willing to make to become a mechanic, fitter, welder. By this time the team had already achieved full interchangeability.

But what was especially important, to participate in the reconstruction of the following: for kulevtsami voluntarily expressed a desire to change, without exception! That is the real victory was the team of communist labor, who not only achieved tremendous industrial and moral elevation, but also led the other. During scheduled maintenance, as usual, the operators can take time off, vacation or just come on duty. But no, everyone was just a desire to work and help.

And the timing coincided with the completion of repair of reconstruction. And it was also absolutely unprecedented achievement in such settings. Once the updated CDU + AUTO mode is entered, she gave a half times more product! As operators become more complicated work, how much attention and literally breaking required equipment-this is very well known by those who had to work here. Change Kuleva entire ninth five-year plan to honor held in the tight rhythm. As before, production was very high quality and continue to watch each brought more interest in surplus. Their successes have been noted: each of the shift was awarded a medal in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. But Yevgeny up to five-year plan has received the highest award of the country, the Order of Lenin.

The height of the heating business is never the limit. What seemed to be still "squeeze" of the installation? Engineers and designers have pondered the technical improvements, and Kulev deeper thought about the mental reserves, which are fraught with everyone. It was not a change of staff turnover in the literal sense. But people are constantly updated. A good wizard to quickly ripen students. The sooner someone becomes independent, the more sad every time Eugene A.: Of course, you would have to hold yourself, reliable, because such people to work, but honestly it if you need a very sturdy frame and other places? And he went to the manual, briefly said so and so has grown ... Gone are the separate swimming Eugene Romanchenko namesake, Vladimir Rudykh, Nikolai Suvorov, and dozens and dozens of others.

But it came new, and it started all over again. Now here is Kulev openly proud of its leading operator Anatoly Kimovich Votinov, Tatiana Konovalova operators, Arkadi Berezovsky. With them, then he began to search for new production in the Tenth Five Year Plan.

Smooth ... the noise of moving fluids through the pipes is in the shop, even the light on the control panel are lit from Kuleva. Only a rare instinct, intuition might suggest: the noise, this is now a little change, and that this will move the arrow to the right, and this goes up, there is the flashing light in the center.

Kulev Votinov beckons.

- Do you hear?

- No, what?

- Then look, says Evgeny quietly. And, indeed, began to move Devices that way, as suggested by a senior operator.

Votinov reaches for the button, pressing which will give the system more steam.

- No fuss-all as calmly said Eugene A. - think about it.

Votinov thinks, and suddenly strikes his palm against his forehead:

- It is possible because instead of a couple's subtract this component.

- Yeah. What else?

A few seconds of thought.

- And a little pressure drop.

- Well, look, the arrow has to go places.

When the mode is restored, Eugene A., talking as if to himself, trying to prove that the very first decision in these circumstances, almost any situation, not necessarily be the best. If you have time to think. And even if there is no time to think, too. Intuition is, of course, well. But then, intuition is a vast amount of knowledge, multiplied by the experience. We must quickly go through hundreds of options in mind, one is bound to be optimal. Just what exactly is and has been found together. What if just a park planted? Also, of course, the output, but let's count, what would it cost the plant.

After some calculations Kulev have asked everyone who had come to the panel:

- Effectively?

- No, firmly meets Tanya Konovalov.

- A high quality?

- Not that either, says Berezovsky, who is considered the most zealous change and lean (no wonder it for many years was elected chairman of the committee of the union shop.)

- A five-year plan which we have: efficiency and quality, concludes with a smile Kulev.

How many of them for a change happens, such episodes, and each becomes an object lesson of the struggle for economy and quality. Kulev always on the alert.

Suppose that a gram of raw materials will continue, even if only one heat calories, watts of electricity, because all of us, all for the shop, factory, city, for the country. But the sense of the economy in still another way: do not disturb mode, and therefore does not reduce the quality of the product.

Here on this are all six of the change Kuleva, winners in socialist competition, shock of communist labor, pace-makers. Recently, a senior union operator "Angarsknefteorgsintez" Evgeny Kulev was awarded the second Order of Lenin and the Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

From Moscow, where awards were given, he came home in the same quiet and silent, as usual, nothing much said, but his eyes shone in a special way. Pavlik hung around his neck, Jr., fifth-grader, did not know which side to embrace her husband Galina, and bustled about, wiping away tears, his mother. (While the production was done all what is told in the essay, all native Eugene A., as he had promised them, gathered in Angarsk.) A little to one side was the eldest daughter, Lena, tenth grade, an excellent student, a girl is very serious. This is after the noisy greetings strictly said.

- At school I was already agreed, you have a first act will be realized?

- Roger, the father, rashly agreed.

He only knew of someone else's experience how popular our heroes, with what reverence meet them in schools and colleges, at workplace and in institutions in kindergarten and just in the family. And now he has learned this from their own tight budget times. From now on, Eugene A. has two schedules:

shifts and meetings by invitation. Began to be offended friends: can not be found at home! And he became their rare visitor. He jokes:

- Nothing, that's going on vacation-churchyard.

Leave it really likes to spend at home. How nice to meet two or three families in full but to wander in a suburban taiga, stumble upon the settlement of fragrant mushrooms, sit by the brook ringing.

- No we do not have cars or cottages, - as if a spouse complains, but suddenly a flash of a mischievous young eyes, and we are just to your liking. Even without that everything around us, look, admire, have a rest.

- And for rebyatnya keep an eye - adds Yevgeny, love-to labor, and labor, he is always on in the world will bring.

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