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Shamil Aliyev Rustamovich

Milling of the Kishli Machine-Building Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Shamil Aliyev Rustamovich So, it finally happened. Asphalt angrily burned her bare feet holidaymakers, coming down the steep streets to the sea, as he walked across the path, laid-back and thoughtful, not feeling the heat in their ceremonial dress, which glistened, reflecting the sun. Gold Star. Shamil Aliyev thought that when he comes home the news of his award will spread through the city already, and will not rebound on the congratulations, and his wife and daughter stray down, hold down the ears and the son of a textbook, annoyed that the lessons have still to do ...

Everything came true, and wrong. Blank front met the owner a long phone call.

- Comrade Aliyev? Shamil Rustamovich? Congratulations to ... This is from the colony say. Strict regime. Tell me you could not have come? When? Yes, tomorrow. Skipping already harvested, the car, we will send to you ...

Aliyev said dryly, "Yes" and hung up. Not so this was an invitation to stay up all night with excitement, but he did not want to refuse. It is now that had to listen to a lot of congratulations and good wishes, Shamil Aliyev wanted to see young people who will look at it without too much kindness, cold biased. At the appointed hour he easily slammed the door and the car, passing a turn or two, quickly jumped out of the city.

Flashed a piece of the sea, then, delighting evening cool, run along the field, and finally rested in the hollow road gates, which parted with severe slowness. He was taken down a long corridor, said: "This here," and suddenly he was on the scene and saw those eyes. Downstairs there were people gathered in this room is not his hunting.

The officer, who came with him, loudly, with a head, said:

- Comrades, now before you speak Shamil Aliyev Kishlinskogo milling machine works. He, as you can see, the Hero of Labor, twice awarded the Order of Lenin, and in general a man of great authority. So that everyone has a reason to listen to him, and if the mind enough to take an example. The conversation is designed for a half hour, please be careful ...

They listened attentively. No one is turned back on him, do not yawn, do not laugh. This etiquette is limited. A short, thin man, standing on the stage, once the ice felt numb, which bound these individuals. This ice had to be broken. He stepped to the hall and said:

- No, I have morals you will not read, why? .. But all men are a little similar, it means that anyone can suggest something else. Here's my story in a nutshell. His father, oilman all my life on the rigs worked Surakhani. And here I am thirty five years at a factory that makes equipment for exploration drilling. I have a student. There are inventions. There is a problem. But I do not like idle talk, so now go down down and I will be glad to know what you are looking for ...

So he did. Began to move the chairs, the people gathered around the guest. A guy with a cap of black hair, slow, look askance, asked the first question:

- Do you really want to become a milling machine? Or is it a coincidence?

Does he really wanted to become a milling machine?

Communicating with Shamil Rustamovich not know what more surprising: that is the fact that in his forty-eight he retained the youthful lightness and a sharp glint in his eyes, or the fact that long ago, in 1944, when he was only fourteen, He calmly and reasonably, as a mature man, chose his profession.

First offered him work in the jewelry factory. I tried, did not like. Said this in the committee on employment. "Okay, send you to the glass." I went, worked, no, not to their liking. The man who was in charge of the distribution of adolescents, even got up from his chair, when Shamil appeared in his office again. Jabbing a pen into the air, which froze bright drop of diluted ink, it is in their hearts said, "Listen, you're not behaving in the conservatory! Than one plant differs from the other? "

But Shamil probably heard enough old people, who said that for every human destiny in store a happy place, the whole trick is to find it. He was like a traveler who traveling to distant wandering, at first not in a hurry, trying to find out more about the road. He was given another direction - to the machine operators. On the mechanical plant, waiting for a couple of weeks, this gnarly guy appears again. But he has not appeared.

Aliyev was immediately fascinated by the milling machine. He watched with pleasure as the stretches delicate shavings as fine for different voices singing cutter. I guess this one machine operator must have a double vision: that is to be able to tough schedule shifts and the size of the job to see the exact scope for the application of creative thought. No sooner were the early months of apprenticeship, as Shamil showed that this ability he has. They milled grooves in the pistons to the tractor. At regular time intervals had to turn off the machine - chip stuck to the cutting part. If someone put his hand on his shoulder a violinist, crushing music - so took it Shamil, suffering from a broken rhythm. Then other thoughts were born, and here, the courage, he approached his teacher Teymur Ali. Master did not take to the front of the disease, and so he was always sullen with shame for his misfortune.

- What if we try to flush the water chip? 'Said Shamil. - Then do not have to turn off the machine, but it will be necessary to reduce the speed.

- A splash in the face, thought about it?

- Yes. Shield pose. All remarks against his plan, the idea of Shamil skirted so swiftly and easily as trout slips between stones in a mountain stream. And a column of numbers written on a piece of greasy paper, recorded: if you had the most experienced craftsmen are not treated more than 110 pigs per shift, it is now the norm production did not fall below 135, and accordingly increased the salary of comrades and the amount of output. He achieved this. He is a beginner, the plant was not a week. And then for the first time Shamil finally found his happy place. In this workshop, this milling machine. The young miller with a barely perceptible thread of his mustache was able to show that he knows how to make unexpected discoveries.

After the war, the plant appeared subspecialty-making equipment for exploration drilling. One day at lunch in a circle of workers, solidly talking '' <> something with the engineer, Shamil and squeezed, showing the sleeve to the mud pump, asked:

- Why is copper? Puzzled glances turned towards him, and someone with authority to instruct:

- And what else would she be?

- Iron. That's a lot cheaper, and design, in my opinion, makes it possible.

- In your opinion! What are you, consider yourself smarter than CB? If you want to know these units not only in the Soviet Union abroad can not be found!

- I'm not talking about the entire unit. I was just about the bush ... Shamil ruled patiently helping of ridicule, which accrue to those who are too far from poking his nose, and the next day calmly repeated his question: "Why is copper?" Engineers met with the designers, ischertili paper calculations, smoked cigarettes, darkness, and in a cloud of tobacco did not see was the one who said in surprise: "Really, why? .." bush replaced. Nobody, of course, not bow and scrape before Shamil, not spread his arms, recognizing his vision, but he noticed that the plant is now looking at him differently. The change was scheduled strokes: a smile casually, cotton on the shoulder, the board of the place, it all made sense Shamil, the fate of the plant and its fate, as if the two lines on the palm, merge into one.

The sun was hidden in the mountains, illuminating the room with pink light, which, coalescing window bars, went on the wall vivid highlights. Each of the listeners seemed upset with the master of the beginning of his journey. Then someone, not because of the prominent goals (and perhaps deliberately not shown), at full length he said:

- And yet this confusion, the whole life of the machine ... The world does not see!

Can a machine operator to see the world?

In a remote way station somewhere where breathing damp forest or taiga buzzing in wires to dandruff, dry desert wind in my throat, lyazgnuv buffers, stop a freight train. And the hooks of the crane carried out of the darkness of the container a powerful all-terrain vehicle with a hump mobile rig. Short rustling overhead, and now in his cabin, schischaya lubrication and checking seals, geologists are busy. It will take a little time, and at this point will only have a wide footprint. Drillers go in search of oil.

Shamil Aliyev Rustamovich This pattern existed not only in the imagination of Aliyev. Production of plant toured on the road in different parts of the world, from Tyumen to Armenia, from the Danube to Orenburg. Naturally, they were interested in the perfection of each node, the reliability of the unit. That is why at the slightest complaint of the customer the best masters at once went to investigate the problem. So it was at this time. The cockpit section chief bell rang, and energetic voice of the secretary said, "Aliyev to the director. Urgent. " A few minutes later he opened the heavy door.

- What is it, Sanan Ganifaevich?

- Big trouble, Shamil. In Surakhani out of order as many as five of our units. We want you to be figured out.

My wife is already used to collect it in the road. In cases Aliyev visited the factory in Poland, GDR, Libya, Bulgaria, traveled half the Union.

Chief of Party of the drilling was gloomy and full of indignation.

- Defects?, He blew up after it. First sentence Alieva.-Your entire unit, a continuous defect. Winch does not pull, hydraulics do not work, because of this and can not raise the tower. And we also have a plan, dear comrades, and no desire to take the rap for someone else's negligence ...

The master said nothing. He opened the door and started to warm up the engine. Geologist walked the crisp snow, now and then throwing a hand to the clock, and almost regretted that he did not leave fights.

-What do you vozishsya? He shouted nakonets. Send-new, and the whole conversation!

At this point, the tower began to crawl upward. Aliev lifted her gently and slowly. Finished. Got out. He went on to the next car. Finally, all five towers stood a peak in the sky, showing a willingness to work. Then the master jumped from the steps.

- You are, in fact, had breakfast - asked a geologist.

- Actually, not yet.

And now they sit in a warm van. One look at his plate, and the other on the floor.

- Well, what's the secret?-Could not stand the owner.

- The cold butter is bad moves, then you need to give time to warmed up. And the tower is better to raise the fine pitching, and not a jerk. Again, because of the frost.

- Look how! I thought this unit with the latest technology, the button pressed and ready.

- Well, what about the last word ... This year I was at the Leipzig Fair, where all the Romanian unit is touted. He can lift a weight set at 25 tons. And our car pulls 50. Twice as powerful, but never, perhaps, do not be so easy and took on the button. Each engine is a trace of someone else's thoughts. And you have to spend a lot of effort to read it right ...

- Some fantasy.

- Well, you are all very real. Towers are in fact.

Then, in a conversation, he happened to find the right words. The contours of machines, even installed a number of passage of the bay, bar parts, with each closely follows the previous one, anyone can convince that the primary duty of a machine operator is to observe precisely defined size, and no more. But Aliyev was led another way. Every morning he came to the machine with the same feeling with which GM begins a complicated game. Memory, persistence, attention, everything was in motion, and he considered himself the winner if someone else could continue the idea to add her own discovery. No one knows how much time he racked their brains over how to extend the cutter shaft handling winch.

Fans of the standard after two or three rolls mill changed and interpreted in a break that would be good to shake things up on Friday at the football. Aliyev and he loved to "cheer", but damn the shaft took all thoughts into captivity, and every day he came to the plant with a sense of duty uncredited, until, finally, the light does not appear the original device, "the groove."

That shift, when Aliyev wanted to experience it, the voice of the machine was no different from others. Only his comrades had now and then off, and saw all the time Aliev was like a miracle-artist, who decided the way to keep the selected note. Shamil Rustamovich thought to attract attention, but in the end everyone who was in the shop, he was surrounded by a dense circle.

- As it happened, master?, Could not resist one of his disciples.

- Have patience ...

Aliyev is now a device used by all his comrades. The fact that yesterday was a revelation, now has become the standard, and, seeing this, you begin to understand, both from people like Shamil Rustamovich depends on the level of technical culture of the plant, the reliability of its products. Aliev, an influential man, and this influence is not limited to modest scope of his office, it is distributed so far as his wit and creative energy. This is what he is now trying to tell people crowded around and suddenly stopped, as if a traveler who waits, as the gorge echoes back to him. And then one of them asked:

- And their children too, you will send you to the plant?

Whether he would send his children to the plant?

More than twenty years had passed since then, as he, the sergeant air forces, to be replaced with a duty, and watched as the girl from back in the teacher's college dorm. Among them was one with which he most wanted to meet you. Finally, familiarity, and place has become so strong that he took her to him in Baku. Now their daughter, Lily, a short, soft-featured, delight of my father's eyes, she graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages. My father found her a job at the factory. Translator. The prestige of their products is growing every year, drilling machines are exported to dozens of countries, so that it is necessary to translate and a sheet, and explained to the guests, which is why every day, Lily goes to work with his father through the factory gates. With Vadik father was difficult. Nervous, sensitive, with a desire to just touch yourself, it is vaguely reminiscent of the boy Aliyev, who, going from factory to factory looking for his happy place. Remembering how many times he burned himself, Shamil Rustamovich wanted to send his son's life for some reliable path, say, "School Institute." But here he had to fight as if to himself, so the idea of a mighty ruler of the complex mechanisms, which once formed the kid about his father and now affect the choice of its path. Vadim once said:

- I want to see how you work.

- You see, we are having an urgent order, and I can not do a lot of you.

- Dad, I do not have to deal with. I will stand by and watch.

And here they come under the echoing arches of the shop, and his taut, vibrant, full of noisy life of iron riveted the attention of the boy, fascinated, overwhelmed and forced to stay closer to his father. Aliyev's son appeared before in all the grandeur of their working skills. His job was suddenly surround: Shamil Rustamovich simultaneously served shlitsefrezerny automatic lathe, sharpening slots in the gears and beginning on a long, vertical milling. In this case it was time to throw a short student instruction or answer to the question of a comrade. Vadim could not tear my eyes away from the person his father, a strict, nedomashnee, it struck some kind of hard concentration, rapid movement of thought, made him hasten sluggish iron. My father did not bending your back to the machine. He ruled. And his son, too, wanted to be involved in this power yourself feel like a person obeys the power contained in a powerful body of the machine. Father of something conferred with the master, and then just worked semi-automatic, and one of the machines stopped. Vadim came up to him and pressed the start button. There was a crash, and flew up the pieces. Shamil Rustamovich barely managed to squeeze his head to his son.

Do not just let him go and he said, trying to voice without trembling:

- Go home and wait for me.

- I am better at the entrance ...

- As you wish.

And so it goes with the children from the factory to the house. When Lily did not want to explain, but, fortunately, ran to the store. Vadim began:

- Dad, I thought I should just turn on the machine ...

- Do you all just! And in fact, it was necessary first to broach the pull, and then readjust already running. This is your perpetual levity ... Here's what: ask-do not ask, but more I will not take it to the shop. Got it?

- It seems to be. Of course, for modern machines without knowledge is off limits.

- That's it.

- Dad, what I think, can I go after the eighth in a vocational school?

By this turn of Shamil Rustamovich was not ready. Not very confident, he began to explain that the rush to anything, not better to first get a diploma, and in general education should come first ... The son interrupted:

- Well, how did you go to a factory in his fourteen?

- The time was different. War!

- Well, then, when you're out of eighth grade, he moved to the fifth? Is this a logical do you think?

Among the other advantages of Shamil Aliyev struck him a rare naturalness. The last thing he cares, he looks solid, as far as the tone respectful of others, it is enough to estimate its merits. And perhaps it is this indifference to external attributes may explain why it is so clearly hear the voice of his own heart. Examples of this darkness, and for one's son rushed to grab. During the war ended an eight-year Aliyev, and then decided that the teachers listened carefully enough, and after the army came to night school to take him ... in the fifth grade. He enrolled in college and then not to increase its prestige and pinned to the lapel badge of the technical secondary, so that highly skilled machine operators need to know the early strength of materials. So Shamil Rustamovich already in middle age began to re-learn in spite of the social stress and family troubles, despite the fact that at the time he was a member of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR ...

In the inevitable conflict and strange father and son, where one wants to protect, while the other seeks to emulate, victory usually goes to the young. The son insisted on their right to choose the plant to begin life's journey. He is now studying at vocational schools, and it seems that soon they will be with his father to go to work, too, with a single checkpoint.

The officer ... who was sitting in the corner on a chair, coughed politely:

- Comrades, the time ... But the conversation could not stop. Aliyev touched the sleeve of thick-set man of indeterminate age. His eyes were not stupid, but he assigned them all the time. Raised and assigned.

- Hear, O master, tell me now, as you people to understand. Because not all angels ... If they are to you the hard way, what then? Aliev smiled: "Do you want to tell you how quarreled with a plant?"

As he quarreled with the whole plant.

Shamil Aliyev sought because of the hectic nature of the push cart, time: now he began to work on account of the future five-year period. However, modern production is not only a complex machine, but people with all their flaws, are harder to fix than most embarrassing technical defect. Therefore, despite the outward prosperity, life was filled with Shamil Rustamovich sharp dialogue, a clash of opinions and characters.

At one time he had a level of wrestling and boxing. Perhaps it contributed to the production Aliev preferred to solve conflicts in an attacking style. Once this feature is apparent at a meeting of leaders of manufacture. He played representative foundry name Sardarova. He said that this year they have worked well, and in the future want to have to increase output. It flowed smoothly in the paper almost did not have to look, and the right words, which he said caused no objections from the audience. Then he announced a break, and speaker, along with the others hurried to the cupboard. But he was detained Shamil Rustamovich. Very gently and respectfully, he said:

- I have a personal request to you: do not hurry, please, with an increase in output. We have on your production increases are falling. I have long wondered why your plant to us as defective parts are. Well, come to you like a tour. It turned out that the wicked balances, where a lot of dross, too, in the form of pouring. Hence, crack the shell ... You do not care, you have a ton of casting pat on the head. And we have the details on your plan, and flies, and wages. In order to process them, it is necessary to reduce speed to a minimum. Not frezeruesh, but literally are fighting chips. Think about how many people have a bad word commemorate: turners, millers, and we gorizontalyschiki, which are vertical milling. So I have all these people to you mandate: first enjoy a quality ...

The speaker does not know what to answer, it is still vital in a pink mist of his speech, and Shamil Rustamovich sprinkled with facts and figures, and journalist, who was nearby, hastily jotted them in a notebook.

First, an article in the newspaper. Then, in the entrance of the plant appeared "Community" with the cast: Head of Technical Department, Head of Quality Department and other officials. Indignant, they led the siege of Directors:

- Why do you allow a simple milling to discuss the work of all our plant?

- I think you're wrong. Aliyev is not a simple milling.

People in this profession at the plant a lot. But Aliyev among them is the skill of their hands, the scale of thinking, from year to year, growing its need to participate in the management of production, without leaving their desks. Aliyev can not imagine life without the plant. But the plant is difficult to do without Aliyev, because without these people did not converge production surplus, because they are reliable, covers mistakes of others. Long, full of inner meditation break. Then he asked:

- Do you have students? The best and the most difficult student Sabir Aliyev Hasanov loved, as a pensioner, tinker in the garden. But it was only a lull before he got back to the shop, where sought at any price to achieve superiority. Short period of apprenticeship, when Shamil Rustamovich told, and listened to Sabir, was passed to a miracle quickly. Now in their relationships clearly glimpses rivalry, respectful but insistent, like a father with a senior sooner taken the foot son. Sabir seemed rather to learn from Aliyev's last secret, and he, with his devilish pressure, will be the first. And in that day, slipped on the master machine jealous eye, he saw that Shamil Rustamovich preparing to handle just three parts. The Master was waiting for questions, but Sabir decided that the main thing is under control and now it is up to speed. It was almost over for the guy trouble: a sharp cutter tore a sheet workpiece mounting. Aliyev has jumped to the machine:

- What are you doing? I had to start with 80 turns, and you're 140 kerf. Do you love to imitate, do not be lazy to ask! ..

Sabir was very unpleasant to declare himself a student again. That's why he cheered up when he was invited to participate in a national contest for the best in the profession. Here he is holding a piece of the task. Nothing like this at the factory do not have it. Man broke out in a cold sweat. He suddenly felt as helpless as if everything was done the first time. Among the fans face flashed his friend, and Sabir shouted to him:

- Run to Shamil!

Fortunately, the competition was held near their factory. The world brightened, and the wall above the shop seemed to have become, when the passage seemed to Shamil, yeah. He took Sabir drawing, reading, grunted:

- Will do on a turntable. Take poustoychivey cutter, millimeters and imprisoned for eight oval. Do as I say, the first place is yours.

And Aliyev moved towards the exit. He considered it beneath their dignity "sick" and to question the skills of the student. Everything happened as he ordered:

Sabir has taken on the day the first place. He kept his hands on the details without any burrs, like carved stamp, I do not believe that it came out of his hands. Approached him one of the participants:

- Listen, you've got an amazing cutter. Give it to me for good luck ...

This "happy," Shamil cutter Rustamovich gave many of his disciples. He rewarded them with skills to not only craft, but also the ability to penetrate into the essence of complex mechanisms, unraveling more each day, one of their secret.

Outside, poured black. The officer rose from his chair: "Comrades, now thank Shamil Rustamovich ..." But he thanked no reminders. Shake hands. They asked how to contact them. Aliyev stood in the doorway:

- Yes, I have one more thing to say ... If anyone would come to our factory, help required. That's it. Firmly and clearly on the bus lane rustled. Each village rushed out of the darkness with garlands of lights, and then the lights loomed on all sides: they entered the city. Machine tools and parts, friends and students were waiting for him, and he was bored in a hurry, as a soldier in the ranks, to take its usual place.

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