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Each stage of the struggle and the creation of the Soviet people marked a decisive fight of the working class. His characters are formed environment, filled with the spiritual, moral qualities, which have a decisive influence on their whole society.

The whole history of our society's greatest confirms the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist theory of the working class as the leading revolutionary and creative force. The Soviet working class, brilliantly demonstrated his ability to lead society to build socialism and communism. This is primarily created by his hands industrial and defensive might of the country, the material basis for the transformation of agriculture and other sectors of the economy. He advanced from their midst thousands of government and community leaders, commanders of production, scientists and military leaders, writers and artists.

Absorbing the best that society develops in the course of its development, the working class on the path, the drawn V. I.Leninym, finds an increasing influence on the translational motion of the whole society.

When creating the material-technical base-base life of the people, the working class in the process of creating shapes public morals, resulting from a socialist, a creative attitude to work, is a revolutionary renewal of life, achieving great goals for the good of all people. The higher these goals, the more powerful designated the creative power of the working class to achieve these goals. That is why at the time Lenin said that the first productive force of humanity is a worker, the worker.

The brilliant singer-man worker Gorky very aptly that no other force does not make you a great and wise, as does the strength of the collective, friendly and free labor.

Attitude to work is the category, of course, and worldview, a moral category, moral. Socialist society is the only society that does not alienate people from the benefits created by it, and returns them to him-enriched returns, appears as a property of all. Attitude toward labor, which is characteristic for the working class in the socialist state has become a standard of public morality. And living and working conditions we have are that the professional worker and the skillfulness of every worker gets a real social value only when it is combined with high moral character, with the need to think and live the interests of the collective, broad public interest.

0B clearly said that Leonid Brezhnev, speaking to the workers ZIL: "Such is our socialist system that, for good, really good little worker just be diligent and disciplined, it is required to have an active, lively interest in and concern for the general case, the desire to make this thing was going better and the team, and in the shop, and the enterprise as a whole. "

Modern Soviet reality gives gratifying material to the working theme appeared in our books as a philosophical synthesis time, as a profound study of the personality of the Soviet people, the greatest achievements of active participants in the century. The scale of these achievements we all felt in the days of the XXV Congress of our party, listening to the historical report of Leonid Brezhnev.

CPSU General Secretary expressed the sincere gratitude to all the Congress, whose work has made our Motherland is even more beautiful, more powerful. About commonplace labor of tens of millions of Soviet people, Comrade LI Brezhnev said at the hot applause: they are, these people, "probably are not thinking about the greatness of their deeds. But they, they, fulfilling the designs of the party, raising the Soviet country to new heights and new progress. And, referring to our time a time of great accomplishments, we pay tribute to those who made it such, we pay tribute to working people. "

Socialism is a society of real humanism. Its main value is the working man, noted in the CPSU Central Committee decree "On the 60th anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution." We are proud to talk about how increased cultural and technical level of the working class, because the mastery of modern technology, born of scientific and technological revolution, a force of only an educated, well-trained workers.

The Soviet government from the beginning has paid great attention to education, development workers. And in these days for a worker employed, for example, setup automatic production lines, more than three-fourths of the labor-mental work associated with the regulation and critical comprehension of the production process.

As rightly noted sociologists, is born a new type of social workers and intellectuals. This is the most important phenomenon, the influence of qualitative growth of the working class for the social progress of society as a whole. The new Constitution of the USSR stated no wonder: has changed beyond recognition the social aspect of man Land of the Soviets, our entire society-the society of developed socialism.

Long since we are used to measure the time of steel produced, released machines or modern vehicles. But the measure working smart, sincere burning desire to do bigger and better plans for the master's attitude to his team and the whole country? Do not these qualities of Soviet citizens to help get over the plan, and steel, machinery, computers and smart? All this, for ourselves, for the people. For the happiness of man, the whole purpose of the native policy of the Communist Party. Concern about this built in our country, into law. So it is written in the Constitution of the USSR.

Happiness is working in our conditions, in the Soviet Union is happy working for the good of society, of all people. This work raises a person, and the farther we go on the road to communism, the more open opportunities for the manifestation of the best spiritual qualities of the Soviet worker.

In 1975 we celebrated the anniversary of the Stakhanovite movement. The movement was like an explosion in people's minds. Today, the labor enthusiasm embodied not only in making records of production, and continuous improvement of processes, in the struggle for the high culture of the organization of production and labor, for efficiency and quality. For the fact that the conditions of socialist competition, the conditions of all the work contributed to the spiritual growth of each member of the team. The traditions of the Stakhanovite movement and still live, like other revolutionary, combat and labor traditions of the Soviet people-live in the creative work burning hearts.

We have earned a lot of talk about the scientific and technological revolution and its impact on modern life, for the inner face of the person. It is important to remember that scientific and technological revolution is not an isolated process, and a comprehensive process of entering into the everyday life of working and, ultimately, controlled by them. The party emphasizes that only under socialism, the scientific and technological revolution has received a direction corresponding to the interests of man, and only when the accelerated development of science and technology can be constructed in a communist society.

The hero of the technological revolution, I mean the hero in the truest sense of the word positive, I think, is similar in appearance to Nikolai Zlobin, Anatoly Rybakov, and related them to the workers. In these people already have the quality of the harmonic personality development which is the task of communist education. These people are truly worthy of the inspired word. Today the topic of the working class must be understood broadly as a theme throughout the life of Soviet society, and this situation is becoming a reaffirmation in the course of life itself. Take science, which in our time, firmly established in everyday industrial groups, and we often can no longer draw the line between work design and work of an educated worker who embodies the engineering design. Yes, the work of our best workers and innovators in content, to inflame the mind, inspiration is close to the creativity of the scientist, architect, artist.

The Soviet working-man with the state approach to business. Think for the worker, this means not only think about yourself, your machine, but also about the team, shop, factory and the country in general. Think for the worker, it means to experience walking alongside the workers of the socialist countries, all class-conscious proletarians of the world.

All the way our Soviet Motherland, its greatest creation vyzvezdeny names of the heroic workers of the working class, the initiators of the glorious nation-wide initiative, the great innovators that their exploits labor multiply and multiply the power and wealth of our country. And naturally, that the advanced workers now, together with scientists and engineers receive the title of Hero of Socialist Labor and USSR State Prize winner.

We know and believe that the new generation of Soviet people will live better than us. But that bright future is won today's heroic effort. Heroes of our time, people who have made a great contribution to the good and useful things that can tell much that is instructive and give a lot of original judgment, devoted to these pages. Each line in the biographies of these people shows valor, inexhaustible creativity of the great army of workers of the Soviet Union.

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