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Vovk Love Yosifovna

The foreman packers Lviv Chemical-Pharmaceutical Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Vovk Love Yosifovna Early in the morning Luba was at the plant. Early November weather did not spoil. In western Ukraine, then quickly dropped the flying snow and melt as quickly, the fog creeps from the not-so-distant Carpathian mountains, the rain drizzling boring. Although Lions with its ancient streets, palaces, cathedrals and new neighborhoods belostennyh homes beautiful and peculiar in any weather, but this morning when the sun is lit, it was just charming. Glistening wet with the fog of night paving the roadway. Gilded maples on the mountain High Castle, where Prince Daniel of Galicia once laid the first stones of the city. On the facades of houses the Renaissance clearly pictured figures of knights. But the thing that created the face of the city, is a moving string of busy people, mostly young. Modern Lviv-city workers, whose ranks over the last few years, especially in the tenth five-year period, significantly rejuvenated, a city of students and pupils. Somewhere in these threads is living in his medical school Lubin's daughter, a freshman, Marika eyed rosy-cheeked, and noisy flock of ninth-graders, on the whole head towering over his peers, is the son of Oleg. Her husband, Ivan Mikhailovich, had all gone to his factory, which produces the famous color TVs. He, deputy head of production.

And though in the morning in the house is always rushing, today was a special mood. Luba at the beginning and did not realize what was going on, but when over morning coffee father gave the children a sign, they say, let's Luba happy: and they remember! The factory began a long conversation about this anniversary. Twenty years ago the chemical-pharmaceutical plant first appeared in the Lviv region drummer communist labor. That was it, Love Yosifovna Krushelnytska, now by marriage Vovk. Luba knew that the plant is going to celebrate this anniversary, but what is remembered about her husband and children, it was especially nice. So Luba-so its all in the shop-name was on this day at the plant in a special, elevated mood. But, however, in the sense of the mood that morning was not exceptional. In bad weather there, the weather is good, she could not remember the case where there was to the factory without the excitement. She always wanted to work.

Ask her husband Ivan Mikhailovich. He would say to her: "Let's go away to another city?" Used to say. And she replied: "Well, what are you? As I have no girls? I ran to the plant, hurry to see them on each to find out what and how to have it. "

Someone touched her shoulder, she looked round: a policeman! What is it? What is wrong? A person familiar smiling. Oh, it's Mike hamster! His wife, Albina had once worked in Lyuba's team. The policeman asked:-How is life?-And he otvetil.-flowers all! And I have good vspominayu.-For what? - How surprised Lyuba.-for what?, In turn, was surprised militsioner. Albina then persuade my study, and I followed her. And now extramural student of the university. In life I was taken ... Luba remembered how Mike and his wife finished school, went to school police, became a district. Now, University of ...

Yes, for these twenty years have repeatedly changed the composition of its team. They are veterans, have only three. Many managed to graduate from university by correspondence or evening Polytechnic Institute ... Luba and Galya Musyanovich Forest became an engineer, shift supervisor, Anna Kulikovskaya-foreman, Mary-Lysenkova accountant. Each had a dream, and they achieved that aspired to.

And it was a dream of hers, Luba Vovk? What she wanted? Yes, and it was a dream. Even at school she graduated from the training of nurses and, of course, wanted to become a doctor. But in medical school did not pass the entrance exams. And how close was her youthful ideals, this humane profession! Luba's father, Joseph M., the character of a good man, always inspired her to think that people should do good. He himself, Ternopil farmer stitch amazing boots, his mother sang in a folk choir, and now loves to sing Ukrainian folk songs, skillfully embroidering. In general, the genus Lyuba talented. My aunt Salome Krushelnytska-famous actress, an epoch in the history of the Ukrainian opera-singing with Fyodor Chaliapin, with the best soloists of La Scala. Uncle Eugene, works as a model and suggested: "I will teach the subtle modeling of the case. I believe in you. Remember, a person should dress is beautiful! "I have to, it's true. Luba and she gazed at the beautiful city clothes. But ... went to work at the plant, which makes drugs much needed fasovschitsy. It was still closer to her dream.

Yesterday, returning from work. Luba wrapped in Lychakiv Cemetery, where normally come before the expectation of some great events in her life. In the massive iron gates sold flowers. Last autumn flowers-asters.

Red, blue and white, harsh. Bought. Passed by ancient monuments, tombs to the great black slab with the inscription "Salome Krushelnytska." Bowed and laid flowers. On the right, at gorushke, the tomb of Ivan Franko. Miner statue figures in violent movement to remake the world. Returned home, repeating verses Franco, remembering Zahar Berkut, strong and handsome hero of his novel. "Learn to be a man" - repeated to her father at one time. She did know then what does that mean? There was and thought out in what times people dreamed of a beautiful man. Noisy wedding ... distracted her from thoughts. Dressed with ribbons and colorful balls rolling down the machine gently on the pavement, and Lyuba could not help thinking: Maria Dorosh soon married. Marie three years ago came to the team after school. Closed in nature, she sat down in silence to the machine, let him timidly, and kept trembling. Luba sat next to her: "Well, what are you? Go ahead! Packaging take-all fingers, as if the compress in the palm of something soft. The liner wear on the cartridge. Well, begin! Tablets butadiona run away to the brook from the hopper, cutter knows his business, just let go a dozen, and you take off, that's done! See how easy it is? "" Yes "" Well, so what? And act! "" And what does not work? What will happen? '"Not going to happen!"

Smelela Mary confidently moved her hands. Expired a month, and she first met the norm. And the study was given to her for three months. But one day something happened to Mary: boring sitting at the machine, all falls from her hand. "Well, what's with you!" - Luba sits down and hears a muffled: "Nothing!" "Oh, Marika, we, girls, all byvaet. Lyuba purposely said to himself, 'little girl'. She, too, happened vsyakoe.-Love or ...? "" Woe "- she heard. "Woe? Gone. If at all, it is so small. " I guess it was hard to keep quiet girl, and she said: "My sister was born. And us, and without it a lot. " Luba did not keep a smile. "What is it? Like you? "" I did not look at it. " "Boycott, then? What do you grow? Sisters help you? '"So what we are." Luba told Marijke convey congratulations mom and be sure to look closely at whom all the same like sister. The next day, Maria said that like her sister. "Well, just for you, then she should smile at you first. Do you look closely. "

Now married Marika Dorosh. Sorry, Lyuba will not be able to go to her at the wedding feast. As a member of the regional party committee, it must be that evening at the meeting. But the girls from the team certainly will.

At the wedding of their team from the start of luck. Lyuba found herself for her boyfriend, or he her, when she was just beginning his working life. Not received, lived in the factory "dorm." And he was a third-year student of the Polytechnic, with forty rubles scholarships and also the institute's "dorm." When some time later, they gathered in the first-double-room, in the hands of each one had to lean case. But the ideas. Plans were boxes. Helped each other. Her husband was an engineer, and she dropped the family honor. Eighteen months ago, Luba has become a Hero of Socialist Labor. She remembers well the number of gold medal "Hammer and Sickle" - 18 846 and the Order of Lenin ... But before that there were still "Honor" and the Red Banner of Labor. And all this is to work in a factory.

Luba smiled, seeing a look festive motorcade vehicles.

And at the wedding, they still lucky. Vaughn and Stephen Vinarchuk all surprised. She is one of three veterans of the brigade. She came into the shop, as well as Lyuba, after the ten-year, was an excellent packer, willingly engaged in social work, now it is the deputy district Council. A marriage is not sought. Like all used to it. And suddenly, a wedding.

Joy was all! My husband is also a worker. When we returned to the sea from the honeymoon, the stories, of course, was not the end. And Irina Pinchuk, shy, blue-eyed beauty, too, are not acquired early in his family. When my daughter went to the fourth grade, Irina was born yet and son Andreika. With her husband live in harmony. Recently received a two-bedroom apartment. What is interesting:

wife and husband, embroidery, and an apartment for them, the museum of folk art. Yesterday, the board performance against the name of Irina Pinchuk standing: 11 500. Almost a half day rate!

And in those days, when Luba started working in the shop, the rate was six thousand packages. And it was considered high yield. How it all started when Lyuba? First she worked on the machine, and then she was appointed uchetchitsey. But it turned out that by their nature, Lyuba could not remain indifferent to the affairs of the organization, neatness and cleanliness of workplaces to ensure fasovschits work .. at all interfered.

Vovk Love Yosifovna A year later, when the shop moved to brigade organization of labor. Luba at the meeting elected foreman. Streptocid packed up, phenylbutazone, aminopyrine. Highly salient, as many people employed in this operation. Why not? Manual, manual labor ... It should look like at other plants. Luba asked to Moscow. Resembled the workshops sister company, looked closely. When he left, taking with them the description of the new technology, circuit equipment.

Factory engineers have upgraded machines. In the semi-tsellofanirovanny set. And then the team has taken the initiative to review the rules-making: a framework for this has been prepared. Management of the plant Party committee, factory trade union committee supported the initiative komsomolskomolodezhnoy team.

In the team competition Luba won first place in the factory. She brought to the Regional Honor book, and Trade Unions and the Komsomol Central Committee awarded the Certificate of Merit. And then the team has decided to fight for communist labor strike. High emotions were all, the high gusts. And the friendship. Similarly, a family and all

home. Respect to each other, did not leave in the lurch, happy happy one. Scoring, limb and spirit of the team was not. Injustice and the threshold is not allowed. All solved together. And the teams have got a diary. They wrote it collectively, without coercion. So it turned out that the authors have always been. And all went to study in-absentia institutions, technical schools, but most of the factory school of communist labor. Now the plant are twenty-two such schools.

Then, twenty-odd years ago, a newspaper journalism department of the Lviv State University named after Ivan Franko "Radyansky journalist" almost the entire issue dedicated team Luba. Report called "One Day at a factory." When the number came out. Luba was in the nursing home. Just been born the daughter Marika long time slept, number of newspapers, brought her friends, was a joyous gift for Luba. And Marika has completed ten years of how time flies! Not by chance the daughter went into medicine. But can those who think that the mother told her: his own dream come true does not let her daughter pick up? No, it came out wrong. The younger brother, first-grader became ill, appendicitis. The gap. Peritonitis. It seemed that nothing could save the boy. Underwent surgery. Three months Marika was sitting at his bedside, she bandaged the open wound. Formed a fistula. The doctors said, are not overgrown, have more time to operate. But to their surprise, the fistula was closed. The surgeon who treated Oleg, said Marijke: "Be you a doctor. You have already saved one life. "

There are places ... on the ground that Lyuba is more expensive all the other in the world. This is her village where she was born, grew up and where she received her first lessons in life. It was called once Mogilnitsa, apparently due to the ancient burial mounds in the fields. Under Soviet rule, farmers, finding that the former name does not fit into a new life, they decided: to be the village of Labour, as it became the masters of the people, grow grain. Labor and cherished dream of Luba. "You have the name of Luba. Love the people who do good to them, "repeated her mother, Anna Dmitrievna. With these parting words, and went into the life of Luba from their

native village. The memory of the village's bright and clean.

And yet there is room on the ground, which gave wings to her is the city of Lviv. Here she works, her team, her friends. The city has not changed its attitude, it has remained the same, clear, trusting and kind. And she likes to Kiev. It is not often the case in the capital of the republic, but always comes back out with a new vivacity. She was there for the gathering of communist labor strikers, was a delegate to the twenty third and twenty-fifth congress of the Communist Party of Ukraine. It was a very important event in her life. Before it opened the state-Zabo


you are the party. And back home, even more significant Luba saw his work, his team, his factory at the foot of the mountain High Castle. And then there's the city of Moscow ... Last year her team for their efficient work has been awarded by a free trip to the capital of the country. The streets and avenues. The Kremlin, Red Square and the subway, the mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. Just four days, and many unforgettable experiences for her, had been in Moscow, and for young workers? Mary M. Tarasyuk, one of those who work with the first day of the brigade, said: "Girls, nozhenki hoot, and the feast of the soul ... Lenin saw. Though in the fontanelle looked. " Team members went on a tour of the plant and free flights to Sevastopol.

During trips Luba trying to remember the fun to tell and then at home, at the factory. She and Technology at ENEA-stared like something "taken away" from him. Once the plant together with a delegation traveled to Odessa. In the hemp plant, far from the production of medicines, studied intensively the way of modernization of workshops and came back and everything what he saw, too, spoke at the company.

"What a joy to see when a person is beautiful in good works!" Luba-thinking, seeing how far 'from its mother plant on road construction workers laid asphalt. The black, hard-packed belt spreads after moving machinery. Sometimes she admires the work of their girlfriends, especially Olga Vandrachek, which is tsellofaniruet semiautomatic packaging. A small, thin, with delicate features, Olga works with both hands, without looking at them, though enthusiastically plays the piano. Recently, the experience of Olga works committee has included in the program schools of communist labor. And how beautifully and works quickly Katseruba Matrona, and do not think that she has retired.

"With such people can be mountains

minimize, think Luba-heat. - already six months ahead of plan, and the second anniversary of the Constitution, that's for sure, run the five-year period. "

That passage. Much has changed in recent years ... The new shop. The new equipment. And Lubin team will soon have a spacious room. It automatically set the line ... Four people will do as much as now the whole team.

Luba came up the stairs leading to the shop. And here is something nice to stab the heart. She recalled:

summed up the competition for the past month. Her team is competing with his team-smenschitsami Valentina Petrovna Vusatyuk. The team she has coordinated a lot of young people. Val is able to conduct business. Twice this year, her team won. But this time Lubin team ahead.

The shop is out wall newspaper Maria Dorosh had time to prepare the release.

The girls shook hands Luba, congratulations. It was nice to see them nice and good person.

Buzzing machines. Luba thought they were singing some glorious harmonious song. The phone rang. Luba picked it up. Recognized the voice of the factory director Roman Alekseevich Beryaka. Luba responded to compliments. "Something can not hear the voice of celebration," - said the director. A little pause, Luba said that the head is torn from the thoughts and memories.

- What cares? What are you thinking?

- Oh, nothing special, dela.-Suddenly, unexpectedly opened:-There was a job and thought that's ever dreamed of becoming a doctor ...

- Clear. Not now? But that would not have to do with you medicine?

- It verno. Lyuba was silent, listening to the familiar and much loved soul hum of machines.

- And we congratulate all of you to prepare the plant. As a first in the Lviv region, and for twenty years, never dropping his brand of communist labor drummer. Do not remember?

- Well, thank you! How can we forget ... Thank you very much!

- And the industry's first working-

Hero of Socialist Labor. Do you remember what the factory was a holiday when we found out about this? Yes, she remembered, remembered everything. She wanted to say now some special words that would express her love for people, for life to his work, but something squeezed his throat. Holding the phone in her hand, she looked back at the shop on their girlfriends, and her heart throbbed with gratitude to him, what it would do without them? How to live?

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