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Tozik Leonid Afanasievich

The foreman of the construction management team integrated number 25 building trust number 5, Minsk, Hero of Socialist Labor

Tozik Leonid Afanasievich When I asked the Secretary of the Party organization of building control number 25, building a poultry broiler Dzerzhinsky, Anatoly Vasilievich Korsak, as if he identified the leading trait in the character of the team leader Leonid Afanasievich Tozik, he squeezed some time in the hands of a cigarette, then said:

- What do ... Leonid Afanasievich all to see. The main thing, in my opinion ... likes to work with the young. And so they cling to it. Take a closer look. But I think I'm not mistaken.

- He himself is still young. Magpie does not.

- That's just it. He understands them, they-it ...

We talked in the control room, situated in a small trailer, which on every major construction site is abysmal. Anatoly, the section chief Su-25 association "Minskpromstroy" listened to the dispatcher negotiation, sometimes he get involved in them, throwing short, abrupt, understandable only to him and to whom they were intended, the phrase:

- Pass, lets let the bulldozer. As he pulls? Tell me, personally, he is responsible.


- Where have they gone? This is an outrage shaped, right? Tell me, I soon podedu.

Those were the days just before the 61th anniversary of Great October. The obligations of the collective-hand for the holiday first factory. The upcoming launch and is now living building, that were dedicated to all the aspirations of everyone who was included in the starting complex.

Construction-47 acres of heavy clay land, after a rainy summer and fall has become no small obstacle in the way and not very easy work of builders. 44 objects lifted, "brought up" in this bristling impassable mud patch of land. Stuck in the mud machines, people with difficulty getting to facilities. But the people stood up and gave the floor to block the planned deadline of the first stage, kept it.

And somewhere in this whirl of pre-start, was now a team of LA Tozik. Date, time ... Nearer the time starting the first six blocks of poultry houses, each at 320 000 broiler chickens (and the whole plant is designed for 3.2 million broilers a year).

The team is widely known for its labor affairs in Minsk region, Belarus, and now too, and throughout the Union,-A. A. Tozik for outstanding production achievements awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. The brigade, wherein its cohesion, friendship, mutual assistance, where the real demands, sensitivity, professionalism and sincerity of communication are intertwined tightly ...

Anatoly smiled good-naturedly, though shouts into the phone, but knows nothing can hurt the team to fulfill its obligation, shrugs apologetically:

- Distract.

- Nothing ... Business is business.

- Where were we?

- What is important to brigadier Tozik?

- Well, as you say ... In short, a good man he is. You know, good. It's all. Immediately likable, the prettiest and flows out of him. There are people, meet, talk, and it seems to you that you have with him a long time ago mark. From word to him, and he you. Leonid was. But we have many years of working side by side. He is a member of our party and the Bureau of the Party Committee and a member of the association and member of the Minsk City Council, and ... And what an expert! The quality of what! For his other team stretch. But it is difficult to catch up, at least until you can. That's how much you ponaskazal ...

- Anatoly, his attitude towards the young, from what we actually started ...

- Oh, do not hurry. All I said to you before, will be saying. Essential, of course. The character is not divided into several parts. The man is one, and one complements the other feature of his, or, conversely, grows out of it. So, in my opinion, Leonid Afanasievich Tozik-born educator. In the race he must have written it. Honored teacher of young workers of the Byelorussian SSR, so what was the title.

The title not only honorable, but also binding.

Again the manager shouted into the phone:

- When finished installation? When? Chance of Rain. Well done.

- What is it?-Startled Korsak.

- It's okay. Succeed.

- Do not say ho ...

His thoughts were there, the cold wind, a tedious, a rain drizzling autumn. A conversation produces a ragged, steep, loose.


Mentor-high, a good old Russian word.

Each of us has our own teachers, mentors, leaders. Running time, everything changes, and we are changing. Rush train beats in nuclear reactors, the heart, the rocket fly to other worlds, and once to stop ... But look around! At the beginning of the road you will see a familiar face. This person is a teacher.

And yesterday, "gepeteushnikov" (and the brigade LA Tozik mainly come GPTU graduates of Minsk number 55, which is finished and the team leader himself) Leonid Afanasievich-teacher living in the deepest meaning of these words.

Each mentor their methods of persuasion, education, exposure. In Tozik-responsiveness of the heart, a personal example.

When we talked about this with Leonid Afanasievich it last, by example, asked to put in the first place.

- It all starts with a personal example, a mentor, he says. - The student repeats the teacher. Let their own way, on the other foundation of knowledge, experience, but it still repeats. If you want others to do better, faster, show yourself an example.

The principle which professes Tozik,-above all, by his own example to influence the young mind, of course, not his personal discovery. But armed with this old wisdom of teaching, he has made to her temperament and conviction, uncompromising. Tozik an innovator by nature. Just as he can not half-heartedly working on a construction site, so he can not from now and still be given and the cause, which became his second profession - mentoring.

It examines the experience of others, a lot of reading. He loves books, people experienced workers, engineers, scientists, military ... Thoughts and memories. On the same page, the neighborhood, past and present. The severity of the document and the author's spontaneity, emotion. I've seen in LA Tozik book S. Antonova, "The world is not in the window," this record hereditary worker, toolmaker Moscow factory Vladimir Ilyich, Hero of Socialist Labor. As it has attracted workers from other professions, a young man, also widely known for his labor activities?

He opened the book, where were laid the white strips of paper. There were a few favorites. I will not talk about each one, that's just the one that opened the first one.

"I'm a locksmith. Forty-odd years of doing stamps, more than forty years they have cut down parts for electric motors ... Sometimes people ask me not bored? ..

Later I realized that it alarmed my companions, and other frightening, and just the monotony of work! Collect, day after day, year after year occupation of the stamps they seemed boring and futile.

... I am sixty three years. Age, to be sure, serious enough to try to make sense of his life ... My main task is to tell, based on half a century of experience in their own working lives, their professions, about how difficult any difficulties can become if you treat him respectfully and seriously, not only to secure the support of human destiny, but also its never-ending joy, great joy in this. "

Through the "School Tozik," as it is now often referred to his team, has already passed twenty. This is quite a lot. Twenty people have adopted his work acumen, his high principles of life, his trust in people ... Among them was a native of the brigade, now section chief Vladimir short. While working in a team, he finished the evening department of Construction College. The same can be said about Mary Zhudrik. While working in a team while studying at an evening college. Now she normirovschitsa SU-18. There among the students and the foreman. He was Eugene Kotselapov.

Tozik Leonid Afanasievich The team Tozik-not only a great manufacturing cell, she's the school of social work. Among its members, deputies, active members of the Komsomol, public inspectors, the inspectors on quality, participants of amateur ...


We're going to Minsk Tozik evening. The streets are full of people. At Victory Square is particularly crowded. The beams of blue spotlights illuminate the twilight majestic monument. Rustle trolley buses. She passed a group of young guys with guitars over their shoulders.

- And my here in such a company may be, 'he says thoughtfully Tozik.

- And is it bad?

- No. I just want to say that my same ... Love songs, do not tolerate hypocrisy, uncompromising in his judgments. Is not it could be bad? But, I tell you, work with them, as if to speak more precisely ... responsibly.

- And here by example ...

- Full trust. A young man should be trusted. This is first and foremost. No it does not arouse a response of trust, there will be feedback, empathy, compassion ...

It is also important incentives. Here's a guy came on the scene ... What does the-fuss, clang of machinery, it is difficult to understand. Naturally, not all at once obtained, and here and there "well-wishers": run and, boy, to the store. Once failed, the second, third. And the hands went down. Now, close to the application:

"I ask on their own ..." Here is a just and important support for the older, experienced companion, his account of advice. That support, trust, and not cry, not a traditional study, they say, what and how you were taught ...

Tozik does not just talk, he says. Talks about the experience, which has accumulated in him as a mentor, about life, about his profession, the duty and responsibility.

- Do you like our city?, Suddenly he asks.

- A beautiful city.

- Yes, yes ... You know, the city itself with its appearance, way of life, the nature of existing relationships, too, brings people. I, for instance, a villager. Born in a village on the Gomelyschine. A conscious person, in fact, was in town.

He tells me about his home, about his village, about his childhood. I felt that it is well to remember that this had been true. Especially nice to think of this asphalt, tall stone houses, granite embankments and bustle of the streets, that somewhere out there in the morning crying hysterically drunk fresh air sparrows. They lived under the roof of the house next door and the window were visible clumps of gray with black spots on the chest. Before you get up, he spent some time watching the sparrows. To do this, lifted above the pillow, and he moves closer to the wall: then the whole roof is easily visible. Sparrows were shouting excitedly, and then in unison, then suddenly slackened, and then we could hear the monotonous, annoying buzzing bee, plunging into a glass. She flew into the room the evening before, spent the night somewhere, and now she wanted the fresh air, which roam the smells of herbs and flowers. In those early morning hours of dawn, when the day had not yet approached the complexity of care and, well enjoy the ease and ability of all and believe that the coming day will bring new joy. A Leonid Afanasievich again about his team:

- Recently, that is, when we moved to this building site, to build broiler poultry farm, the team once again was a kind of validation. I admit, thought, and not leave anyone? Thirty kilometers from Minsk. Terms of heavy. Every day ride. The road exhausts. And the guys in the main city or town is accustomed to, and the buildings all around a lot, not get on the same pebble in this rural, far. Prior to that, because we are engaged in industrial construction, the word can go. But nobody left.

I already knew before, that the team Tozik nobody goes. That is gone, for example, to serve in the army, but, having served as a rule, come back to the brigade. What keeps these boys and girls in the team? What they value, what they think about it yourself? Nina Vasilyeva:

- Kindness of relationships in the team. We are all equal, all are responsible together.

Ivan Evdokimov:

- Brigadier our attentive. Peter Peel:

- A sensitive, understanding. Basil Boreyko:

- Demanding, when you need ... I do not think that these reviews should be passing to attach too much importance, but do not underestimate them. They once again characterize the atmosphere that prevailed in the brigade. ... Suddenly Tozik leaned over and around the edge of the asphalt tore a piece of plantain.

- Know-handed it to me. - Plain plant. Trample him under pressure, and he know his rise. On dry trails, breaks in the asphalt. Arrow throws the seeds. Boy, he loved to chew on them. And mugs, fleshy, green, broad as a sombrero. Combat shields children. We were hiding in them. A Well go and forgot how they smell. Sometimes the wind suddenly on the scene will bring the smell of bitter cherry, a second zamresh, remember that even in May, and it explodes with white. And somewhere in the clearing after a rain head hatch sticky oil ...

So we went with him this time and talked about the various things, and I always wanted to ask about any case, difficult, troubled, because the same can not be the work of a mentor even without stress or nervous, as they say, without a knot and hitch. But all does not go to ask, because you will not be here such as the lyrical memories translate into prose the harsh setbacks, sleepless nights. But Leonid Afanasievich himself, as suddenly as it started, broke lyrical memories.

- Our entire team is engaged in education. Young workers are attached to the experienced. We meet with parents when necessary. It was such a case. I will not name call, already wrote about it in a newspaper ...

A few years ago from GPTU number 55 came to a team guy. He started to work. Everything seemed on the case proceeded. All of a sudden became a truant. Leave the village for the weekend, a day or two later returned. It turned out, accordion player, he plays with his father at village weddings. In the team talked to the guy. Tozik patiently explained to him that such a brigade discipline that he brings his own comrades. Given an opportunity to work absenteeism on Saturday, and the report card did not put a dash. But the changes did not, do not build trust contacts. Wedding Music gripped people. Tozik father wrote a guy asked me to come. They have long said the old peasant, a rustic musician, and team leader, also a native of the village, the famous builder. Then the father and son met the entire team. The conversation went a serious, businesslike. - In favor of the matter,-says-brigadir. All statements and said that they think about it. But not angry, not irritated, it is important, and with interest, as if each person is concerned. However, it was so. This is the principle of life of our team.

By the way, meeting Leonid Afanasievich with future members of their team starts long before they get them. Start on a training bench. Tozik often comes at the school, which once finished he tells the students about the profession of a builder, tells about himself and his comrades at work, attends ceremonial rulers, it happens at parent meetings. So what about the team Tozik guys know firsthand ...


Whatever happens, no matter how difficult day turned out, no matter what worries assailed, on the first Wednesday of each month after work, he is in his district on the street Angarsk receive voters. And they know their MP-man of his word. If we come from, be sure to help. Solve problems have the most unexpected. Most people turn to their MP to personal-

nym questions are asked to help in one way or another everyday reality. Once a voter complained that it had floors in poor condition, appealed to the house manager's office, and there, say something pull. Tozik had to intervene. Everything connected with the parliamentary work, he divides into large and small. After all, any so-called little things, shortcomings, official callousness people suffer nervous. Integrity, commitment as well characterized Leonid Afanasievich as sensitivity and care, generosity and kindness. And his public activity, consuming a lot of time and effort is the same personal example, which by its very existence better than any preaching and teachings helped him to educate the young.

- You can be withdrawn, sullen, or you can have easy, cheerful character, says Leonid Afanasievich, is nobody's business but you. But in any case, a mentor must be a mature and politically active, morally brought up to always be an example to those who teach, who are you to be ...

Be an example of good faith to fulfill their duty ... In this unassuming, quiet, even more. Perhaps grounded words the whole Leonid Afanasievich Tozik: origins of his actions, his, if you want a formula of life.

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