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Mityaev Ivan M.

Brigadier integrated team of construction and assembly department number 4 of the trust "Kurskrudstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Mityaev Ivan M. In Zheleznogorsk the building of trust "Kurskrudstroy" is a large paint booth. He posters, slogans, text of the socialist obligations that have undertaken the second phase construction teams concentrator Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant. But employees of the trust about the stand does not stop often. This is understandable. Booth hangs from the beginning of the year, and all the good builders are melting, what kind of object, and when they decided to pass under the steel erection on the production lines of which have come to the end of the third year of the tenth five-year period.

But the board performance, next to the booth, people can be seen frequently. Especially in the beginning of each month. It was in those days, the board recorded the outcome of the collective construction of individual departments and teams of the trust for the previous month. And in honor of the winner of the competition over the board lights up with bright light red five-pointed star. On that day, when I first arrived in Zheleznogorsk, is exactly what was written here: "The Star of labor glory lit in honor of the team of SMU-4-II Mitiaeva Tsenkova Ts." So was my first acquaintance with the correspondence Ivan Mikhailovich Mityaev.

Second, again, distance meeting took place on a street in Zheleznogorsk. Under the banner with the words "Best of innovators" were a few portraits. One of them, I. Mityaev: friendly face, sharp dark eyes. On his lapel, the Order of Lenin. However, now, Ivan Mikhailovich Mityaev could withdraw from the star of Hero of Socialist Labor ...

From the height of the existing housing concentrator construction site at a glance. In a huge pit bristling steel reinforcement elaborate concrete structures. Floating above them boom cranes. With the noise of pile driven into the ground copra. Crack hammers. And everywhere the flash welding. Here, in the most negative mark for thirteen and a half meters below the sex of the flotation plant, the enlarged scope of work integrated brigade of Ivan Mitiaeva and Evaluation of the Tsenkova. But the two leaders because international team. Half-Bulgarian team builders.

At the far edge of the pit stuck a small "village" of cottages, cabins, 'brigadier', restrooms and showers Brigade. There I was going to meet Mitiaeva.

- What you said to me, one of stroiteley. Mikhailovich, there in the midst of change will never happen. It is true that we have and such foremen, and that only sit in the wagons, on the phone. But he never. Look for it on the site, including, of workers.

I was lucky. Search for Ivan Mikhailovich did not have to. I recognized him from a photograph, although now it has been working jacket and red on the head of construction helmet. Mityaev with his hands behind his back, stood on a steep descent into the pit and squinting in the sun, carefully and calmly surveyed the top in his place.

- Why worry when all goes well, he smiled-on.-Always have fared so well, as it is today. But day to day does not have to ... On the construction of the Mikhailovsky GOK, many of those who worked there from day one. Speaking of such a man can be called and, when he came here, and object factories, in the construction of which he participated, and much more, not less interesting and important. But when they want to highlight a special respect for the veteran, the builders say briefly: "He is here with the first peg." So say about Mitiaeva. He came to Zheleznogorsk ten years ago.

- All around were sown rye-remembers-Mihaylovich. Ivan brought us here on the bus. They landed at the edge of the field. Watch as farmers harvested the rye. When the rye is removed, left in the field and we are builders. Steel pegs mark excavations for the foundations of industrial buildings complex.

On the way the labor of each man has a milestone meaning that the most important event for him, which begins with a new, even more significant.

There are milestones in the life of Ivan Mikhailovich, which he considers to be important, because every set him up for a new life and the working height. First, studies in Bolohovskom apprenticeship Tula region. And immediately, the application for a serious attitude to the chosen path. For excellent knowledge and high skills the youth has been assigned to the school fifth qualification level carpenter. I recall that when released from the vocational schools to the fourth (now second) discharge. And only for very capable of making an exception.

After several years of experience in trust "Kalininugol" Ivan Mityaev wearing a black jacket navy. A new important chapter in his life. The sailor, Petty Officer, a specialist first class, the secretary of the Komsomol organization of the ... In the Northern Fleet, he not only got a hardened marine, but also made a major step in life, became a Communist.

Another page Kachkanar city of Sverdlovsk region, construction of mining and processing plant. For six years he worked here Mityaev. He headed the team of the complex, which is constructed housing crushing. And passed it a year ahead of schedule. Among the best was this team and the construction of the pelletizing plant.

Work in trust "Kachkanarrudstroy" gave Mitiaeva much. Significantly enriched by his professional experience, leadership skills team. He learned quickly locate close contact with people carrying with them by personal example, to light the collective good works. Ivan M. acquired a taste for the construction of large and complex industrial facilities, which can be widely spread out, with the greatest effect to apply new forms of work organization, advanced technology, better to give the cause of their abilities.

One of the newspapers, Ivan Mikhailovich learned that the famous Kursk magnetic anomaly, but rather in Zheleznogorsk, then a tiny town, the construction of a powerful Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant. The decision to go to the new building came at once. Fast and the fees were in the road. Soon, Ivan Mikhailovich with his wife Alexandra and their sons Vladimir and Victor arrived at the Kursk land.

Here remembers his first meeting with the deputy manager of the trust Mityaev "Kurskrudstroy" Nikolai Ushakov:

- Construction began with the construction of the city. And this is natural. It was necessary to prepare the metallurgists normal conditions for work and for life. Then I headed the construction and assembly management. Constructed the hospital basement. I give the job Mitiaeva. As usual start to tell you what to do. Setting forth in detail, I try not to miss a single detail. That's supposedly necessary to place people who use such and such mechanisms. Inform other details. Mityaev twenty minutes listening to me attentively. And then suddenly began to smile. He looks at me and smiles. I'm a little confused. "What's the matter?" - I ask. And he told me: "How to organize on-site work crews is the case. You better help us as the head of government. " And he asked the conveyor belt, which is similar to the work no one had ever applied. I was surprised at the request, but the mechanism of the brigade was given. In general, the norm instead of the two months Mityaev coped with the task in one. Since that time, I advise the foreman would give more ... Moreover, he repeatedly turned to him for advice. Even today, without him no cost, no big deal. Organizational skills Mitiaeva especially evident in the construction of the plant. Here he came across a team, just to say, useless. Discipline is low, the majority of skills are weak, a sense of community, mutual aid were absent. Ivan Mikhailovich surprised the following facts: on-site fitter, for example, barely cope with their work, and carpenters due to lack of boards sit idly by. But it even does not occur to help his comrades!

- Industrial Construction-second front-Mihaylovich. Ivan likes to say, No wonder we have the phrase "scope of work." At the site, as in battle, everyone should be able to replace a comrade at the right moment to help him. Only then will the success of the entire team. Having a team, Mityaev immediately took it, as they say, the "rod of iron." Slope did not allow careless. Diligent encouraged by word and deed. On his initiative was developed by Brigadier-learning method. For every rookie coach-builder fixed the qualifications to help young workers soon learn the business, handed him the best, proven methods of work practices.

And while newcomers had their own "individual" mentors for all the main mentor was Mityaev. He taught master-read the entire scope of work crews with their personal workspace, quickly find their place in the construction thread, to be able to give as a team. He did this without much edification, sometimes ingenious, and not without humor.

Many of us remember, for example, such a case. At the construction site, it is known - loud, people are working from one another at a distance. Sometimes it will dump the concrete one by one. Only have time to pack it. Here a concrete worker did not handle. As long as the foreman of one suit, say, that he switched to the concrete, to the second, third-time miss. One day before the change of Ivan Mikhailovich warned some of his comrades: "Work, as before, but I do not lose sight of. And then guess what I am saying. "

Mityaev Ivan M. The builders are working at times are looking at brigadier. But nothing special to notice. And then they see the foreman vibrator rams concrete, and with him out of the earth sticks out a square of plywood. In this kind of index in large letters: "Do as I do!".

It has long been this "pointer" gathering dust somewhere in one of the trailers. But it has since become the rule for every-ever to know what is happening in any part of the brigade, and in time to be where we need people.

About the team Mitiaeva said: "The people in the area seems to be no, but it comes." In the socialist competition for the right to put the first concrete for the new objects of his team repeatedly came out the winner. The first cubic meter of concrete laid in the foundation mityaevtsy concentrator shell limestone crushing and storage of concentrates second stage pelletizing plant, housing the second stage of enrichment plants, and some others.

But not all groups, unfortunately, things went so well as a team Mitiaeva. Then, in 1974, labor productivity in the construction of the plant significantly lagged behind the routine. The Party Committee, the leaders appealed to all Trust staff, and above all to the best foremen, with the question: "How to increase productivity?"

Offered different ideas. Made a proposal on behalf of his team and Mitya. It is as-introduced at a construction site team contract. In other words, the first time in the industrial construction of the Ministry of Construction of Heavy Industry to apply the method of Nikolai Zlobin. Although the idea was unexpected for its novelty, Ivan Mikhailovich support advanced foremen Eustace Safronov and Ustinov.

However, there were those who objected.

- Zlobin easier-said-he oni. shelter building. Take a contract for the house and after a few months of his passes, "turnkey". That's the whole self-supporting. And we have to shell-kilometer, construction lasts for years. Yes, and perhaps to compare the complexity of residential buildings to industrial facilities. Try it, cheated here in a row.

The argument seems to be strong. But here Mityaev found a way out. He suggested that large objects smash into pieces and give teams contracts to complete the so-called constructive. And another innovation, merging three small group in one section of the enlarged team. All proposals were adopted by leading workers.

The leaders of the trust, given the importance of the experiment, then went on to create some proponents of better conditions than other teams. And it was justified. Looking ahead, I would say that pretty soon self-supporting groups grew stronger and began to work in the same conditions with the rest. One year later, seventeen teams, who first moved to a row, increased return on the third. A team of Mitiaeva in terms of 640 rubles a month, has raised output per person up to 960 rubles. Exactly at half time!

In such a success can not believe all at once. But the fact was that. With the new labor organization of builders, skillful use of mechanisms that establish close contacts with suppliers of materials deposited mityaevtsy installers grinding limestone foundations of the case for four months ahead of schedule.

But this was only the beginning ...

Today in trust "Kurskrudstroy" enlarged self-supporting integrated teams over eighty. Just two years ago there were almost half as much. But it's not so much in the quantitative growth, but in the transition to an even higher level of organization of the brigade contract.

- Previously, 'says Mityaev, team-work was given the contract for the duration of a month and a half. This is about-he looked around the area and waved his hand - from the wall to where we stand. Piglet, and not ground. Do not be served to us in time concrete, rebar, and even if the formwork boards what to do? Some people will occupy the work somehow, and most-sitting. Of course, things went better than before the economic calculus. But on the whole it was evident that not even opened great possibilities. In the past year have gone to increase the volume of contract work: with a performance period of up to one - two quarters. Immediately, another matter. Now the site of an eye, it can not grasp. Disruption, even in the concrete-shuttle and they our main brake-and not afraid. Along the way, constantly maneuvered by people, technology, create a reserve for the future.

Maneuvered ... How it looks in practice, I watched a little bit later. We finished by concreting the foundation no one was sitting and waiting for machines with concrete. All on-site doing business. Some of welded steel bars reinforcement. Other valves were trimmed formwork. A Mityaev with his lineup a carpenter, concrete worker, Anatoly Tokarski did a very responsible in the construction operation, the installation of anchor bolts. "And now, suddenly, the concrete will bring? Who is going to unload? ", I thought. But here on the ground rolled up truck. Immediately, the car was Mityaev. Commanded crane operator. While he unwrapped the arrow, quickly reached three other workers (remember the sign "Do as I do!"), Hooked sling bucket and concrete poured into the formwork. A few minutes and it was done. All returned to their former jobs.

- And if, for example, the welder does not want to perform carpentry work?-Asking. Mityaev slyly smiled, saying, dear friend, we all thought, and replied:

- It does not happen. The allocation of earnings take into account the contribution of each. Gang-I am not a direct, and ten-man board of the brigade. And these people see who is working with what impact. They're common and distribute income. After all, the team is often not as important in its place a person has done, and how quickly it came at the right time to help another.

The right moment ... I saw it on some sites, when the right time at the dump with concrete is not subjected to the people. Then the driver turned around and went to another area where the strain is not detained. After all, his salary depends on the number of flights. The drivers say:

- I like mityaevtsev concrete into the bottomless maw leaves. So working with them is always with pleasure. I know, I appreciate working here a minute. And his and partner.

Indeed, the work is able to appreciate the moment Mityaev. Moreover, the team contract taught to count every ruble to extract savings where, apparently, and it is hard to find. Once both team leaders, and Mitiaeva Tsenkova-I have met together. Regarding helmets each other, they bent over the drawing and something on the paper were counted. It turned out, decided not secondary to the brigade question: how to "clean up" the site to quickly put a tower crane rails.

- But it is worth crawler crane? Why do not they want to continue to work with?-I was surprised.

- Because it costs to replace the team of 98 rubles, and the other half the price. The difference, then the team pays. We're on the self-financing, - explained to me.

Foremen and the lineup is well aware of what it costs the team operating the excavator of any crane, compressor station. Know what to preserve cubic meter of concrete means to save 23 rubles, 46-cubic meter boards rubles per ton of metal formwork, 296 rubles. What cubic yards and tons! Here a nail and accidentally tossed, will pick up, straighten and re-start up in business. Mityaev often to the site comes with a claw hammer. The workers already know that today things are going well for the team, like clockwork. That is why the team leader and began searching for "saving provision". The joke is, up to 360 pounds of nails mityaevtsy save. But their actions not only extracts the foreman material benefit as a reminder of the thrift, the need for rational use of materials. Although one does not interfere. That team is trying to "rent" the mechanisms and machinery more cheaply, and upload them to more fully use the second valve trim, concrete piles, sheet metal from the casing.

By the way, the team on some types of work proposed by the extensive use of metal formwork Mityaev. It is cheaper by reusing wood. Since it is more convenient to work with.

- Yes, and get a ring even, smooth, without streaks. Nice to see the show, Ivan M. on a concrete ring foundation weighing six hundred tons, which, after construction, and no one will ever see. His zasyplyut at the very top soil.

In the words of the foreman disclosed, in my opinion, another important trait: to do everything neat and nice, even if this beauty and then will be hidden from human eyes. But he saw it betonschitsy Tsybina Maria and Anna Yudina, a carpenter-opalubschik Anatoly Popov, fitter-welder Basil Kuzyakov, Bulgarian builders Atonas Hristov, Ivan Slavov. In general, the whole crew, sixty people. And this is important. By the way, Ivan M. makes the conscience everything they undertake. With pride, you would have appreciated every motorist, he said:

- The motor of "Moskvich" personally went through twice. It works like a clock. Would you like to see?

The news ... that team won Mitiaeva in socialist competition, to the construction site, "brought the" second shift. Immediately cabins have soared two flags, the Soviet and Bulgarian. All congratulated each other, happy success.

- And what prize will be divided? For twenty for each?-A trick I asked the foreman. He smiled again, a familiar smile, and say everything is taken into account.

- Why divide? It is always a team with someone important event: birthday, the increase in the family, moving to a new apartment. And then off to the army. Here and give "culprit" TV, camera, radio, and to whom, and table service. Let him know that his comrades appreciated his contribution to the cause. Tomorrow the council team and decide who and what to present. Such is the tradition of a team.

I think ... that it was thanks to her and flashed on the board performance in honor of the team working Mitiaeva star fame.

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