Gustoev Vasily Mikhailovich

Ovsyannikov Vasily

Mullakaeva Nuria Kamaletdinovna

Stetsenko Nikolai

Smirnov Viktor P.

Demchenko Lydia Avgustinovna

Pirmatov Ergash

Yermolovich Vasily Mikhailovich

Aliyev Mashadi Ali oglu

Leshinskene Ioannina Pranovna

Ostanov Vladimir Nikitovich


No matter how many come into the world of new generations, people will always think about those in which they live Irem, what is the meaning of their work and struggle, what are the true values of life. These eternal questions of concern to us today is not the abstract abstract form, but from the standpoint of practical orientation in the real world events, specific tasks of communist construction. Each historical period is particularly striking and impressive appears as a contemporary, in aspiration of their thoughts and actions in the rules of conduct, ethics and morality. What is the Soviet man of the seventies and eighties of the century? Book series "The Chronicles of Labor Glory", the fifth of which you open, introduce the characters and contemporaries-makers tenth five-year plan, tell us about the creative, revolutionary-transforming activities of the people. People of different professions, ages, nationalities, labor-biographies of heroes of essays with a passion and enthusiasm of those involved in the most important affairs of the tenth Five-Year Plan, which gave reason to call her five-year period of production efficiency and quality. Hence, on the one hand, the dissimilarity of the character, the proposed life circumstances, and on the other hand, the similarity of destiny, the ways of the human and social growth. They are united in their determination to make a full and share of labor in the total flow of historical creativity of the people who are building communism. They have in common a deep sense of responsibility to the country, active life, constantly encouraging going forward, to lead others. That is what is especially valuable example of the advanced workers of the country! The decision of the CC CPSU "On further improvement of ideological and political education," notes that the record levels of innovators is not an end in itself, and the most important means of mobilizing the labor power of the masses.

We will tell you how to make full use of modern conditions a rich practice, how to make best practice the wonderful workers, innovators, discoverers of the phenomenon become a single and unique in the public domain. The country has completed the tenth five-year period. In its solid foundation began to climb the "forest" eleventh five-year period. "The fundamental basis of it, - said in a speech at the November (1979) Plenum of the CPSU, Comrade LI Brezhnev, is clear: to consistently improve the welfare of the people, you need to double, triple the energy to implement the Party's policy to increase the efficiency and quality. "

In essence, the party aims of the Soviet people to make in the next five years a major step forward towards the full achievement of developed socialism. In this, the pathos of our day. It also determines the degree of responsibility entrusted to us by history.

With each step along the Leninist path increasingly revealed the advantages and inexhaustible energy source of great creativity inherent in the nature of socialism. They clearly saw Lenin at the beginning of the socialist transformation. Life is fully confirmed, and confirmed his word that the fast forward, so that the country has become a powerful and plentiful, we "have the material and natural wealth, and the stock of human forces, and in a great sweep, which gave the national creativity of a great revolution. " Hard work, high ideological and moral qualities and citizenship are essential features of appearance of the Soviet people. Will be decades, centuries, new generations will be evaluated with admiration the feat of those who first built on the ground real socialism, transformed the taiga region and the desert, raised the virgin land, built Magnitogorsk and Dnieper, automobile giants in the Volga and Kama rivers, paved trails BAM, the way to other planets. Golden line fit into this heroic annals of the names of the heroes of our day.

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