Terekhov Viktor Nikitovich

Borovikov Gennady

Peter Tarasenko

Zorichenko Tamara Fedorovna

Dondua Sergei Levanovich

Arkady S. Kozlov

Kovalev Petr Kupriyanovich

Khabibov Ismail Nurovich

Murzahmetov Balgabay

Arutyunyan Amalia Gaykovna


All for the good of man, for the happiness of man ... Let's look at this familiar phrase of every Soviet citizen. It concluded a tremendous sense of familiarity, reflecting the fact that the historical importance of "all for the people" - is an immutable principle of foreign and domestic policies of the Communist Party of the Soviet government. But this principle is realized not by itself.

"Talking about future plans, said in a speech at a meeting with the voters of the Kuibyshev Moscow constituency general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Comrade KU Chernenko, - never forget one simple truth: in order to live better, we must work better. In order to successfully move forward in implementing our social programs, you need a steady, fast economic growth and, above all, of its effectiveness. " These words concluded a clear and profound meaning: the search for reserves for increasing productivity and improving the quality of work in addition to pursuing the objectives of industrial and economic and social goals of high-continued improvement in the lives of Soviet people. Increased production efficiency, quality of work, the growth of production, all of which ultimately transformed into the desired quality, a better life. However, it does not come by itself. "To live better, have better work!" That's the key to success is the surest way to achieve the target.

For this high and noble purpose work today, millions of Soviet people-turners and steel workers, miners and construction workers, geologists, and textile workers, railroad workers, and aviators. And this book is devoted to them-those skills and his ability drags the friends of labor, who is looking more and more reserves for the speedy solution of tasks set by the party. This book is about our contemporaries, the heroes of the labor of those who are truly passionate about the work, gives her the strength, time and abilities, in return for the satisfaction and joy of creativity. Those who know, for what he lives and works, who has a purpose, "such a goal - in the words of Karl Marx - which is, at least to himself, it seems great and that really is, if it recognizes the great deepest conviction, soulful voice of the heart ... "

This Cable-spayschik G. Winnick, the Moscow Signal Corps, and the helicopter pilot Tyumen V. Ivanov, and Captain SL Dondua, and Brigadier P. K. Kovalev with the Belarusian plant "Gomselmash", and Uzbek construction I. N. Habibi, and other heroes of the essays.

One of them illustrious Rostov-miner, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Mikhail Pavlovich Chih. About the team led by him stories, but the results of this group are sometimes even more amazing than the legend itself. On mine, "May", where nearly three decades working MP Chih, decided to set up an experiment: the brigade was transferred to the backward lava. And just three days, coal production in this lava has more than quadrupled. However, it is not surprising, because the productivity per worker of each is four times higher than the industry average. And such as MP Chih, is no exception. Yegor Ivanovich Drozdetsky is also a miner, too, and twice Hero of Socialist Labor. His name is known throughout the country, he sees in his work is nothing heroic, because the work for him, is above all the joy of creativity and a high duty of a Communist. That's about people telling essays included in the collection. Because they are so concerned, why it is so happy meeting with them in the pages of the book. Does not resemble any of their duties, nor the nature of the work or the conditions of her, and at the same time as they are the same, these people, in its relation to the chosen cause of life, in an effort to make our lives happier and more beautiful. Their work, their life as an example once again reveal to us with you, dear reader, the sense of the great work we all do together and we always do, clearly aware of the importance of simple and wise words: "To live better, be better to work".

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