Zenaida V. Bondarenko

Mahmoud Muydinov

Adam-Yusupov Tyulegen Dyusembaevich

Alanya Lamar Estatovna

Gasimov Allman Farman oglu

Visotskis Eugenijus Kazevich

Buga Vera

Berzins Rita Mikelevna

Sydykova Muken

Abdullaeva Siporat

Markarian Grisha Sarkisovich

Eset Khamraev

Liiv Valery Rihardovich


November 17th, 1935 at the Grand Kremlin Palace finished first All-Union Conference Stakhanovite. The next day, the People's Commissar Ordzhonikidze invited journalists to major newspapers. It was not a press conference in this sense is simply a business meeting.

The legendary Commissar, 'says one of the old Pravdists-was in high spirits. - I know the pre-revolutionary workers - said Ordzhonikidze., but such as now, the story did not know. Have you noticed Stakhanov, Busygin, Evdokia and Maria Vinogradova, they stunned all that had happened. Just working, just listened to conscience. It's simple! - Abruptly stood up, walked around the room. - And where did these people? From the sky, perhaps, have fallen? Descended like angels on our sinful earth? Yes, whether the god are angels, I would believe in the creation of the world!

Only a revolution could give rise to such people ... Only she could shake up the roots and turn the work inside, change the entire look of the working man, instill in him a national approach to business ... These children are in October! ..

You can not guess where I'm going? It is necessary to release the book Stakhanovite. Yes, the book! Let each innovator will tell about their lives. It will be interesting human documents. If you want, the tale of the era of socialism ... After all, what is socialism? Some people think: it's iron and steel, of which we dream, do not tell you how much effort are now Cast iron and steel, coal and oil! But socialism is people! ..

"Communism begins there, wrote Lenin - where there is dedication, overcoming the hard work, care for ordinary workers to increase the productivity of labor, husband every pood of grain, coal, iron and other products that do not accrue to the workers personally and not their "near" and "distant", ie, society as a whole, tens and hundreds of millions of people united in a single first socialist state, then the Union of Soviet Republics. " Hero of Socialist Labor, meaning the prisoner in the compound of the words, deeper than the sum of their individual values. In this capacious concept of heroism and wind, the flames which inspired us in the war years, and the heroism of labor, a long, hard, everyday, life, and selfless heroism of the socialist attitude to society, to the time to yourself. With each landmark, traversed the path outlined by the genius of Lenin, all the stronger fusion of these three great principles, on which rests the historic advantage of our system, its highest spiritual truth.

Heroism, heroism, and a component indispensable part of everyday work quenchers of forest fires and oil, test pilots, astronauts. For the machine in the field, on-site heroics are not as noticeable, but no less majestic and noble. She is in a constant perseverance and constant dedication, constant striving for creativity and creativity, which is painted work, its very concept, the perception of the Soviet people. This awareness of the intrinsic value of labor and its role not only in the creation of material wealth, but also in the formation of man, his personality is one of the greatest socialist achievements. Completed the second year of the eleventh five-year period of employment. "The economic policy that puts the party at the eleventh five-year period and 80 years reflects a fundamental and vital interests of the Soviet people, 'said Comrade LI Brezhnev in the Report of the XXVI Congress of KPSS.-combined, merged with creativity, initiative, energy, mass It provides a steady progress of our society towards the growth of living standards, creating the material-technical base of communism! "

With this slogan the Soviet people began to meet the new gigantic tasks set by the party. In the white spaces of the BAM, on the green slopes of Colchis, in the sunny valleys of Central Asia, the Tyumen meridian, for the harsh Arctic Circle, in each country, region, every province, city, workplace written a new chapter of the chronicle of labor glory.

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