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Lyamkina Valentina

Weaver Montenegrin industrial worsted cloth association, Hero of Socialist Labor

Lyamkina Valentina In the office of the Chief of Staff of the Montenegrin worsted woolen mill was all. In front stood huddled in a circle, young little girls. According to what they were talking excitedly, joyously, just something to laugh, she thought it was - yesterday schoolgirls. And can not help their mood passed on to her. It took away the stress-and how it will be a new place? Light and joy was in his soul, like these, just entering into life.

Chief of Staff, without raising his eyes, quickly leafed through her work record. Then, leaning back in his chair, rubbed, eyes closed, his left hand and then buried his nose in the pages covered with writing, getting a grasp of each record.

Vague anxiety to return home. Originating somewhere in a cold lump of anxiety grew, enveloping it with a thick viscous fog, crushed by relaxing the arms and legs ... But she still hoped, could not believe that its already-experienced weaver, will not be accepted at the plant. And in the long view Chief of Staff she tried to, wanted to read, and what are you alarmed, everything is fine, go-kept.

No, Lyamkina, er, 'head of personnel, stumbling, quickly opened a workbook on the first page, Valentina, flyers we do not need. Factory-new, technology-the most perfect, and the footage should be the best. Otherwise, what happens? And you, excuse me, like a butterfly, from place to place ...

- You see, dared, finally, insert the word Lyamkina, but the head of personnel impatient gesture stopped her

- I understand everything, and I only get-people-he nodded toward the door, waiting. So go on, uh, banging on a typewriter ...

How out of the cabinet, does not remember. Somewhere to go, there was no power. Sat on a bench opposite the entrance in the square. Past the go, talking loudly, laughing. And she looked at the people at the checkpoint, but not seen, not heard anything. At the head of hammers pounding, "Le-tun, tun le ..." And so wanted to cry with pain, not deserved, but because triple hitter. After all, not everything, so ... It would be time, Chief of Staff, he would have understood it, could not understand.

Born in a small village Valentine Hill of the Red, lost among the wooded hills in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Who it was easy, the post-war childhood. And when there is no father (killed in action) and the mother at the hands of three-and even more difficulty. Vale eager to quickly get to his feet, making the most of life seen as the mother toiling. Had heard that on the Kansk weavers teach for free, and even fed, designer shoes and clothing, and decided to wave back. But one or scary.

Persuaded girlfriend Zina Mukhin. After eighth grade, decided to go together.

Mother, are not allowed. Initially wanted to persuade the good:

- Yes, I tell you, Valya, sew a dress staple. Well, if you want, buy wool for the holiday ...

Then he threatened:

Go away, do not come back, the threshold will not let ...

A cry in the end. So with tears and a bus escorted his daughter-in patched jacket, with a wooden suitcase.

- Well, who you are so annoyingly ... Valentina is now understood the mother-right by the two. I wanted to save children's widow beside him, it was quieter than on the maternal side of the eye, the heart of all izbolitsya. But this, of course, for the time being it is not clear to young. Only when the children themselves appear.

The school got Valia FZO the group to the instructor Galina Ivanovna Zanin. Though young, was Galina, but the experience was a good weaver, but most importantly, teaching gift. Strong was, but fair, discipline held. For this and loved it fezeushnitsy. Especially hard Galina accustomed their pupils to look after themselves. Never tired of repeating:

- Learn how to keep themselves in the manner and on the work order will be. And that, girls, the main one. Without this work, and not be happy.

Yes, remember the years of study ... Story is: neatly pressed blue satin dress with white collar, short sleeves, the girls are smiling all over his face, 'because they were engaged in ohotku. Even the knots to tie, when the thread breaks (very laborious matter what), and then all turned out quickly.

His first business day in the cotton mill Cannes vaguely remembered. Everything was afraid of something: the one to approach the roaring machines and strict grim uncle Ovsyannikov-pommastera ... Of course, in practice, the girls often visited the shop. But then only the weavers under his feet confused: they themselves were doing all the same plan. And then, have the most ... All waiting for: here anything happen. Broken, broken ... But, had passed.

At first, she was given eight machine-polnormy. A small, thin, she seemed fluttered along its route.

But for a change because "uparhivalas", which was called a girlfriend to a dance, but she could not lift their heads from the pillow.

However, the first shyness was gone. Remembered the calm and confidence. There is a good impact and training. Now she does not fuss, do not lurch from machine to machine, and did everything clearly and obduvshie. A month later it set for 16 machines.

Fortunate enough to smenschitsey. Rima fencing, though not much older, but it was already an experienced weaver. And his girlfriend was present. All shows will tell. Surrender, used to shift, but she did not hurry home, is valine route. And Val eye for detail, her manner of working to fit in. And things went smoothly.

Kansk, a small town. Cotton Mill is still there the largest enterprise. Here, Valentine met her future husband. For her sake, the guy changed his home in Siberia, Vladimir region.

And everything seems to be gone right: Sergei came with Svetlana, her husband Kan textile finishing college, but my problem has happened ... Sasha drove it on a fishing trip and never came back: do not let him out of his grip of a fast and wily Khan.

What could I do the same with small children? She returned to the village to his mother. Grieved, mourned, and the need to live somehow. Worked: zavklubom first, and then, after graduating from training, the secretary-typist.

At work, she was happy, except that she was not pleased. All done carefully, but then she had another, a favorite specialty.

In Chernogorsk, a young mining town of Khakass steppes, Valentine was because her brothers lived there. I wanted to, so that the family was together. Settled on mine, got an apartment. Transported to his mother, children. At this time in Chernogorsk indulged worsted woolen mill. And then once she met her friends Tamara ican Loginov and Lyuba Sherbinin. After the usual how are you where you work but it turned out, the new plant either. Valentine began to question them. Machines, judging from the conversations were quite different here than in Kansk. Scarecrow, can you?

- And no doubt, right, - to persuade a friend Valentina. - We do in fact work! Yes, with a lot here Kansk our ...

That's how Lyamkina and was in the personnel department. And here she was met with rejection! Perhaps now would be working at the mine hardworking and humble secretary-typist, and 'would enjoy, of course, there is honor and respect, though, sitting in the park, she did not remember that conversation with Tamara Any mention of Eugene N. Kruglov, which operated head of production at the plant. It is something to remember her ... Kruglov remembered and without another word he took to his shop. It was in 1968.

Not knowing the past, it is difficult to understand the present. Grand Master is not only a skill, attained perfection, beyond which, as in art, "does not feel the sweat," but also character. Children of her stubbornness, determination grew into a credo, to achieve this goal. Internal discipline, bound-in principle: "I do not like to do anyhow." These qualities are crucial. And Valentine Lyamkina is one of the best weavers industry mnogostanochnitsa, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. However, all in order.

In Chernogorsk Lyamkin probation set to Nina Dranichnikovoy-slim blonde girl with big expressive eyes. Between the two held a short conversation.

- Where?

- From Kansk.

- Ah, hebeka ... Well, work.

Every beginning is difficult. Machines are acted unusually quickly, and work on them had to be completely different: as a string of "plant" knew to look for the foundation, too, but, say, what to do with the weft thread, had no idea.

Lyamkina Valentina But not for long, Nina indulged her with his attention. Once taken from her neighbor talking. On Valya is no longer looking. And when Val asked why, Nina shrugged

- Why did I tell you? And without me cope. At a separate time to ...

And they did not know then that fate brought them together is no coincidence that a year later breaks out between labor competition that they walked up the stairs mnogostanochnichestva.

Soon after Lyamkina began working independently, came near her machine normirovschitsa. Silk but silk stopwatch, it's all in the note-book records. And Lyamkin as a mechanism which operates within: the eye sees more acute problem, and even faster hands to remove.

A week later, causing Valentine to the head shop.

- You would not have agreed with the young weavers to work?

- Yes, I own something in the shop was not a week, 'said Valentine.

But the normirovschitsa with a notebook proved that Lyamkina each technological operation spends time no more than a skilled weaver. Look after all cares! And she did not know. Notes normirovschitsy helped her to discover something in their work. Since Lyamkina different start to look at the Department of valuation, started a friendship with him.

But the youth had to tinker. "Raw", in her opinion, let them out of school. Many even properly tie a weaver's knot did not know how. Rather, they could, but not as fast as it required a modern production. Yes, many times Valentina recalls a good word for his first mentor, who taught the future weavers order throughout.

Then he and his-earned experience, methods of labor showed a Valentine's wards. For example, as it eliminates the main thread breakage. If this happened in the area of the unit all season, then she came back to the machine, quickly passes his hand on the sipes to find the location of the cliff. Using both hands, pushes the base, is fallen on the rail slat. Then the left hand finds the end of the thread cut short, and the right pulls the thread of the Garter, and connects them weaving unit. Hold the end of the thread tied up, raises the slat, the right hand enters the eye in the hook slot slats down, left, brings the same thread here and drags her toward the hook navoyu. Having followed the thread of his left hand, pulls it and the machine starts right ...

Note that only read the description of this method, it takes time twice Lyamkina it spends. It needs only 22.5 seconds at a rate of 40 seconds. Saves time weaver and other operations. Thus, breakage of weft eliminates 13.5 seconds instead of 20.5, removal of tissue produces up to 56 seconds instead of 135, reel changes in 10.2 seconds instead of 35.5 and so on.

They say penny saves the ruble. But such savings seconds per shift accumulates more than an hour. And this time, you can use to care for the equipment, the basics, to focus more on quality. "School" Lyamkin quickly gained popularity not only in the shop, but at the combine. Her experience began

generalize. Issued a special placard describing the techniques work best weavers. Chereshkevich Galya, Nadya Spirin, Olga Vlasova. Passed her training, is now known in Chernogorsk weavers. A very close Lyamkin has four machines, took eight. But even with them seems to be easy to manage. But what if you take more? While the country boomed example of Krasnoyarsk weavers Zoe Feodorovna Safonova, which has broken the usual understanding of the norms. Go to the increased service area is not only to cope with the technical and technological difficulties. Mainly to overcome the psychological barrier that always arises in the way of the familiar to the new.

She did not create a greenhouse environment, but helps a lot. A young assistant master Aleksandr Bubnov followed closely the work equipment, Catherine End of the Department of valuation weaving made the necessary calculations, Nina smenschitsy Dranichnikova Spirin and Vera agreed to support it. Since the service area has grown to 14 machines at a rate of 6. In the days of preparation for the XXV Congress of the All-Union Party rally textile workers Valentine Lyamkina pledged by 16 machines to perform tasks for the congress of the two five-year plans.

She returned with a rally at the plant and immediately to the Department of valuation. End was on vacation, had to sit down with the other calculations, brand new, how many meters of fabric, should give every shift. Figured-16 machine does not come out. Well, the word is given, should be done. Valentine decided to: take 20 machines. And what to do with four more machine? They put no one, thrown like how sirotinushki, useless. Okay, let it be 24.

Four times more than the! From other departments came to see, could not believe that this is possible. And it never occurred to disbelieving that she took so many machines, not because fast and hardy, although it is important, but because they have the skill allows. And Valentine earlier than one month pre-Congress fulfilled its obligation (it turned out that they made a mistake in the calculations). '(In an effort to respond to business solutions XXV Congress of our Party, Lyamkina first at the plant had called: "Two-five-year period in one!" It was supported by twelve weavers, and all successfully cope with their obligations.

The route is a weaver, thirty kilometers per shift, once it comes from the paintings, two of the bases. That neatly clipped mustache scissors, long the tied knot, removed a piece of fluff, cut out the defective place in the thread ... And all this without stopping the machine. Such careful care of the basics allow it to reduce by half the thread breaks the norm and, therefore, prevent the formation of defects in the fabric. From afar, it is clear that there has one of the best weavers of the country. It is not torn on the machine to the machine, and strictly adheres to the route. This allows her to economize forces, and the equipment used with the greatest efficiency.

Lyamkina ahead of time begins to prepare for the delivery of change. Also, it is carefully and take it. Comes into the shop in advance. Be sure to check with smenschitsy what was the problem, whether they are eliminated, checks the status of the foundations, canvas, edges.

When people talk about the famous weaver, it is often noticed that they have woven cloth can circle the globe. Lyamkin energized enough footage even at the equator, although at the meridian. But the main merit is not in personal terms, but the fact that for many of them may follow.

In Lyamkin we asked whether it catch up with friends?

- And why not? There's at least Dranichnikova Nina, comes on the heels, with a smile, she replied.


The plant (with the union in 1977, because its members joined primary wool processing factory)-young. He was still only ten years, but the size-impressive: more than 11,000 employees. Widespread increased service areas to some extent, helps to solve the shortage of skilled workers.

But not always use all the features. I recently hopped into the shop, Lena Khardikova. She married, now with the baby sitting. In Lyamkin her special types. "My hope," says Valentina,.

Lena went over to his mentor, happy, excited. About his family life, told me about the news in the workshop learned. At the end of a conversation once smiled apologetically:

You know, aunts Val, as the hunt for a job. If the nursery will, be sure to come out.

The staff at the plant is young. (The average age of twenty-three years. Of course, getting married, of course, there are children. A nursery, kindergarten is not enough. Lyamkina And spare no effort without fear of spoiling the relationship with someone, is seeking to remedy the situation . As a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, it puts these issues at the highest level. In recent years the situation has improved with housing, day care centers, built a palace of culture, adapted to temporarily open a dispensary room, sports facilities and create a recreation center at the nearby Black Lake .. . In this, much of the credit Lyamkin people's choice.

But not only the large scale of the problem must be solved deputy. To her people go with her, sore. They know that here they will listen, help you.

One Saturday evening in the apartment Lyamkin the phone rang. Calls from the small-town Ninth mining-town neighborhood.

- We did not bring a day of water, and do not know when brought. It is your hope, take action.

Well said, take action ... And where you can find someone at this hour? On the other hand, the question of urgency, people can not remain without water! But this question is resolved Valentina. Many responsible people raised, including the chairman of the executive committee. Delivered water.

Things big and small, industrial and public. And there's a house, have a daughter Svetlana and son Sergei, who also need attention. Of course, they are adults, Sergey teacher's college-student Abakan, Svetlana graduated from high school, wants to enter the Textile Institute, and has chosen to work with her mother. But not immediately, they become so. That's why Valentina, once returned home after receiving the gold medal "Hammer and Sickle", embraced his mother's shoulders:

- A tip of the stars thy mother. A mother just cried, leaning against a subsidiary of the breast. His eyes sparkled and Valentina. Happy tears, tears of joy.

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