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Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov

Stope miner mine "North" named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union Production Association "Vorkutaugol" Hero of Socialist Labor

Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov Prologue

Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov after a trip back to his home in Vorkuta. In the morning he was awakened by sharp whistles and the roar of quivering electric cars. He went out into the corridor compartment surge. Outside the window, slowly swam away plain, near the flashed Pointed firs. The train rolled on the ground of Komi.

The other windows were two guys in the army, not by statute a relaxed manner. "We see demobilized", thought Yuri Petrovich. Conductor with a crash pushed the hatch in the floor, opened a hole. She began to type in a bucket of coal.

- Here it is the "bread of industry," and his soon we will add a fun, said one of the guys.

- Where to go, guys - asked with interest Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov.

- Not to Ukhta, not in Inta and Vorkuta in the far city, 'said a cheerful guy and added: And then you can see, the mother of coal is not enough ...

Yuri Petrovich glanced at the pieces of coal. They were gray, the bucket fell deaf as stones.

- That, folks, do not Vorkuta coal. Our piece of coal into the furnace does not quit, Yuri Petrovich explained, and asked:-Come, "miners" in my compartment, we learn ...

And got into a long conversation. Do not yet know the guys with whom he was fortunate to meet along the way to their chosen work ...

Remembering the first

Yura Bronnikov ... somehow uncomfortable lived in Nalchik. He did not find work in the soul, he had no real friends. And in twenty years it is felt acutely. But in a distant and somehow frightening Vorkuta friend Volodya Rubtsov worked. Occasionally he wrote. What do you write? That is the Tundra: nezakatnoe summer sun and northern lights in winter. I wrote about the earnings, which, of course, surprised, wrote that needs workers. And Jura decided. In Nalchik, he said goodbye in early spring. Already bursting buds, and arrived in Vorkuta, this was the height of ski season. The March sun has generously flooded ravine slopes, tundra. After a long polar night and the children, and adults emerged from their homes. And it was unusual and new.

Bronnikov identified on the seventh shaft. Now, after reconstruction, it is called the "North" named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union. And so he quickly looked around and found out better than mine, sent it to the workers in the surveying department. A few months dragged on, Yuri slaughter and lavas heavy box with the devices. And watched how people work. And soon he moved into the lava, where "take" coal.

And take it, oh, it was not easy. Then, "in honor" of the miners were and maul, and a spade, and saying that she lived like this: a shovel, a little wider, take - a little more, throw - away. And it was not safe to mine coal, because the lava roof propped unreliable wooden racks, and are often gaps in the heavy pieces of rock fell out.

After the change of fatigue poured down, Yuri did not see even a dream.

"Here it is, the heavy mining bread, and thought the young miner. - Work clothes wringing with sweat, wear gloves so fast, like zhzhesh them on fire ..."

But fatigue took place, were given new gloves, there was a new technique to mine, and most importantly, was born a new feeling, a feeling of respect for themselves, to their profession. Of course, for them it was a difficult time becoming, and she passed every miner in his own way. Bronnikov fortunate that he was surrounded by the same, as he peers.

Then in the Arctic regions of personnel mines were filled with soldiers' coats, pea jackets and sailor. Thousands of guys came in the fifties after demobilization in Vorkuta started working lives, and earn his feet. Incidentally, many have said, "That's priodenus, buy a car and let's go to warmer climes."

But it took ten years and continues to meet familiar faces, not left, left, got families, live in comfortable homes.

Bronnikov often thought: "What's the matter?" Of course, the important role played by the material side. Ratio, northern allowance, extended leave and any other benefits, it attracts, but is it? The main thing still is that the North offers a special room for human activities, for the growth of his personality.

Take a biography of Ivan Sorochinsky miner from the mine, "October", a good friend of George Bronnikov. More than twenty years ago in a sailor's coat Ivan crossed the country from the Black Sea to Vorkuta. Got here miner profession, began working in the mine. A strong desire to work, honest and direct nature, all this has not gone unnoticed in the boy. Soon he was appointed brigadier mining team. He joined the party of Lenin. Step by step growing prestige Sorochinsky.

Now Solomin Hero of Socialist Labor, the Communists Komi regional organization sent him as his representative at the XXV Congress of the CPSU.

Yuri Petrovich likes to see his countrymen, when they come to the solemn assembly. Shiny medals. Friendly conversations, business exchanges. Yes, they are masters of their lives, the owners of Polar, who became his family and friends. Vorkuta is a modern industrial city of almost 200-thousand population. Dozens of community centers, swimming pools, stadiums, schools and bright children's institutions, the beautiful Palace of Culture Palace of miners and pioneers, a drama theater ... But not all are listed?

Most importantly the richness of this area is coal. Coke is produced from it with the sign of quality, and he goes to the production of pig iron in Cherepovets and Novolipetsk metallurgical plants is exported abroad.

Love is a plant with a complex technique, with a powerful hydraulic system. Miners are under the armor of powerful sections. They are not afraid of any rock pressure, lava pours the light of day. Only a wall of coal and sparkling reminder that you're under the ground. Combine cutting into the reservoir, it crumbles, and coal pipe flows uninterrupted flow. At night the brigade Bronnikov cuts up to 3,000 tons of fuel. And this is the average production of the mine, even though the team of 90 people. Not uncommon for complex-mechanized lava is mined a year more than 500,000 tons of fuel, and some are already very close to the million mark.

Get his brigade. In 1976 the miners cut down 705,000 tons of coal, 1977-760 thousand tons in 1978, about 800,000 tons.

At saturation technique highly mechanized mines Vorkutaugol Association takes a leading place in the Ministry of Coal Industry of the USSR.

At the beginning of the tenth five-year plan was put into operation the mine "Vorgashorskaja." It is fully mechanized and automated plant where there is no manual labor. In the year it will give the country of 4.5 million tons of coal, which is 14,000 tons per day. Young Miners mine decided a year earlier master planned capacity and are confident that goal ...

That's what told me in the coupe car demobilized soldiers, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov.

Remembering second

Meanwhile, outside the windows of passenger trains to meet the heavy trains going to Vorkuta coal. Go during the day and night. Under the wheels well think ... How are you today, dear children? Lights in the Night is a light at the Charpy mine? What a joke the next section describes our boss? ..

Ivan A. Seifert. This is a unique and rare in their inventions people. In the mines it operates more than thirty years, remembers vrubovki hand. Ivan Andreevich. is a mine of mining jokes, jokes, anecdotes. When things on the site set up and it turned up one day and a half or more of thousands of tons of coal, they were frequent correspondents of television, radio, newspapers. And Ivan Andreevich a sign of its own: if visited by outsiders, the land area will "let the bubbles." A television reporter meticulous demands: "Give me the best workers to speak in a shot!"

Ivan Andreyevich conducted at this time outfit. He briefly ran his eyes over the faces of miners and stopped at Levichenke:

- Here is the take up of hot and in the pocket of the word does not enter ... And on the second day of the dress in the same section chief miners took this speech:

- And what are you, Peter Ivanovich, yesterday on TV all the time blinking and stuttering?

- Peretruhnul a little ...

- Do not say that, well, we have 20,000 tons of "plus" that the annual plan a month earlier finish, that discipline is strong, about what an example of application in person ... its pulled-Ivan Andreevich.

- Yes, a loss-no place to remove his fists - Levichenok hesitated.

In the elegant heard laughter. Everyone knew what a hard worker, and Peter Ivanovich as he situation with discipline ... Incidentally, since Levichenka if substituted, and soon his portrait was on the board of Honour of the mine.

Here's a he, Ivan A. Seifert, head of the ninth section. Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov, too, got it from him, regardless of the merits and efforts. But it does not hurt. School Seifert gave a really harsh miner hardening, after which no underground elements are not terrible.

Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov As if to balance the nature of the area commander for several years elected communist party organizer site miner Anatoly Noskov. This soft natural handyman people on hydraulics. This is all recognized in the lava when first mounted a mechanized cleansing complex. The point that was new, and it went tight. It became immediately clear, the new technique requires a lot of knowledge. It is necessary to grasp the basics of mechanics and hydraulics. Indeed, the complex is a whole underground shop, constantly moving. There is nothing on the power of hope to all be treated with the mind, and then it will, as they say the miners, all spinning in the lava. Here, at this stage of development of the complex and showed himself to Sox. He once rapidly throughout the

understood, moreover, was to make one after the other innovative proposals. Bronnikov-Sox remember the clock did not go out of the mine.

And it just so happened that they often worked together. Bronnikov liked his ingenuity in Noskov, Noskov Bronnikov-in intelligence and diligence.

When the complex earned in full force, when the site went into "thousanders", and then became a day to produce and more than a thousand tons, Bronnikov Sox once asked to go with him on the street, "smoke." They sat on a bench in the square. It was rare for the Polar summer warm day. I silently shook Honour boards with white corollas daisies.

- Look, Jura, without further ado - join the party. I know you well and as a miner and as a person. I'll give you a recommendation, the second will give the Young Communist League, I've talked to, well, third, third, take a look ...

It was in 1964. That day on the way home Bronnikov plucked a whole bunch of daisies and was extremely generous with his' attention to all he met.

Anatoly Arefevich Sox was a good party mentor. He taught Bronnikov, how to carry out party orders, how to evaluate the case in the shop party organizations, to speak from the podium. A lack of cases. Be irreconcilable to the shortcomings, seek to address them, it has become important in the life of a Communist.

I remember that from the mine with coal began to give out to the surface of the board and the metal support, scraps of cables and hoses. All this fell on the concentrator. The result - a failure mechanisms. Gathered Party meeting mine. Sharp was a conversation, called the specific culprits. Delivered and Yuri Bronnikov. The situation righted.

As his fingers on the hand warm each other and are compressed into a solid fist, so it is possible to characterize and miners. The work, which requires risk and courage, mutual assistance, combines them into one family. And he cometh the holy rule of life: you need people, people-you.

Bronnikov is felt particularly acute when he became a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. On that memorable morning, hundreds of pairs of eyes stared at him in that memorable morning of it has been said many kind words, but all the speakers finished their speeches like this: "We hope that our miners, our comrade in a single case will justify the trust ..."

That night, Yuri did not sleep. He went to the kitchen, looking into the nursery, leaning over the bed a little son, Yuri. I thought: if I, my father, do something wrong, somewhere will do if his conscience, if Tear off the people, their worries, it'll be worthy to give his name to this little man.

That was the night before the oath of his future, before tomorrow's son ...

The next morning Yuri Petrovich walked to the Party Committee of the mine, and then went to town on a conversation with the First Secretary of Party Committee VI Chernov. MP needed to know the needs and concerns of the city and its inhabitants.

... For the second convocation of P. Bronnikov represents the polar city in the country's highest authority. Over the years, filled and put in the archives of more than one folder, used up more than one notebook. I remember that it was difficult with the construction of the mine "Vorgashorskaja" is not enough money, fever inconsistencies with the designers, frustrated delivery. All this is told the deputy at the Ministry of Coal Industry. And soon, the case went to the amendment.

On another occasion, had to plead for the construction of schools in the enlarged town Komsomolsk. Of course, the plan of its construction were provided, but at a later time, and the kids have had to deal with in the old building in three shifts. With Bronnikov to building new schools identified earlier. Was accelerated and the construction of a sports complex in a remote village Tsementnozavodskom, and he went to the deputy of his discovery.

How many personal meetings with voters! People are turning to Bronnikov. There delayed consideration of the request for a transfer to a new job somewhere in the veteran Labour have not given a ticket to the resort, in a different place with a bad housing someone not like a child in kindergarten. Cares of this life, human destiny, they require immediate attention. In addition, there are plenary sessions of the city committee, meeting with the pioneers, the voters, their production meeting.

When Yuri Petrovich returned from Moscow after the next session, he wants you to send it to the night shift. Usually, however, goes to the first-one preparation, and the brigadier's eyes are needed most. From this shift depends on coal a day.

- Again in the night?-Home wife asks.

- Yes, at night, says she Bronnikov and asks:-'ll sleep in the morning and afternoon, with the parliamentary affairs, so it will be longer.

His wife had grown accustomed to it and the phone moves into the hallway, hears calls recording. "Works" before dinner as secretary of her husband, a deputy ...

Bronnikov-member municipal party committee. Here he compares his thoughts, his observations to the magnitude of problems solved in the city. Here, in recent years less than the North attracts people, while conditions in the mines have improved significantly. But it scares the lack of residential amenities. So, first we need to maintain the advanced construction of decent housing and cultural and community institutions to provide the city with necessary goods and products. The only way to create permanent staff. And to solve these social problems is where to put his hands and he, the deputy. Yuri Petrovich knows that it does not dry out, life itself, will not disappear and problems. In this paper we address them hardened miners civic engagement, crystallized state approach and the belief that people request are combined with those of the country.

No wonder the miners believed his nominee, he justified their hopes. As in the lava, it had, in the foreground. And when it is seen, is always visible, and people. And in the life of confidence in him, and among the people in his honor and respect.

And Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov test of fame has passed, and passed all the "tests" with flying colors. "Exams" were many. The first one in 1966, was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner, two years later, the Order of the October Revolution. A major event was in 1977. Homeland awarded him the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star of Hero. It was the year of his fortieth birthday and two decades of his own mine "North" named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union.


The train was approaching the Vorkuta. The city brought the glow of electric lights. In December the polar night, the lights were arguing with the northern lights blazing. Here are twenty-odd years ago, Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov made the first steps under the Polar Star for his good fortune.

Here are today descended with him to train two boy began the first day of his new life in their new arctic region ...

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