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Strelchenko Ivan

Foreman of the mine "Trudovskaya" Production Association "Donetskugol" Hero of Socialist Labor

Strelchenko Ivan Famous Gorlovsky miner Nikita Izotov used to say:

"Everyone must go through a roadblock. Then pave the highway. " Broad miner now path to the heights of productivity. So that was it so, many, many people were worthy of his place. Contribution of Ivan Strelchenko to speed approval of coal mining in particular weight.

His team gave a ticket to the production uzkozahvatnomu harvester. She stood at the origins of the movement "thousanders." This initiative was born: "Technical and safety of a socialist."

Everyone knows that is not easy to overcome height. To be on it constantly, even more difficult. Headed II Strelchenko team has been fifteen years of right-flank guard labor. The feat of Donetsk miner Homeland noted second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle."


The figure he is not Hero. And he was always noticeable. Even at the first appearance of Ivan "Trudovskaya" veteran and now depict in detail.

He came to the mine with the family immediately after the pals in the Navy. Clearly, the vest, restless ribbons beskozyrok in the mining town called attention not only to boys. And the head of "fighting crew," the sergeant Strelchenko.

However, no one looks stood out Ivan. It so happened that since childhood his life is defined as capital. Were children in the war years. Prosperous Kherson, where they lived Strelchenko, a fiery whirlwind turned into ashes. And still they Fishing front gave the bread. In the village were women, the elderly but the kids. So small and had to help an adult. Day after day, can remember Ivan that stern time. And one crashed into the memory of the special markings.

On the way home from school, he met a postman. He silently handed a letter. Overjoyed, the boy ran in all haste to his mother in the field. Even from a distance saw Yefrosinya V., the son of waving a white sheet. Rushed to meet him. Only the outstretched hand of the envelope, as if referring to the heat, drew back.

Mother went into tears. Wail and ran by women. Vanya mother brought bitter news that her husband, releasing Sebastopol, died a heroic death.

Of the four children Euphrosyne Vasil'yevna Vanya senior. In the parent for twelve years he had not even move to second place - far away - and take personal interest in the immature shoulders of family care. How long, oh, how long could hardly extracted the most necessary. It is only later, in the Kherson factory training, Ivan began to think, as with the first pay day to buy a beautiful mother's handkerchief, and his brother Theodore, at least a kilo of the finest chocolates.

Once again, at the end of the marine life, Ivan pushed the dream aside. He always wanted to tie the fate of the sea. And because he grew up on the bank of the Dnieper, a steamer whistles, and because it was a strong memory of the deceased father of the sea. And for years of service at all affinity with the boundless element. That's got in mind to ask in the whaling fleet. Already, a letter sent to Odessa. Yes, there is a ship arrived delegation of miners. They were told about his work, new mines, about how to fuel factories and cities. Guests were asked candidly:

- Come, please, guys, for help.

That's why "fighting crew" turned on "Trudovskaya." We met a friendly Black Sea. The director of "high command reserve" magnify. Just not all of the "reserve" have taken root in the mine. Well, at least Service marine and harsh, and at depths of donors abruptly. It was the case, went to the director's office, a statement on the calculation and Strelchenko. The conversation, however, so turned out that Ivan tore up that statement.

- If it persisted, would have done, perhaps, a fatal folly, - he repeated several times after.

Almost always followed by this recognition was to thank those who have good sense taught. First, the instructor mining business grandfather nemudreny Kravchenko for instruction, as in the slaughter of close to wield a shovel handy, commensurate saw off the rack.

Nicholas Alymova foreman, skilled miner Gregory Prokopenko, was director for many years to "Trudovskaya" Vladislav Andreevich Antipov ...

Vital universities, of course, began long before the arrival of the mine.

Ivan learned to respect the discipline of the case. First, he has worked at a factory in Kherson, when B happened P. Prior to that, was going all right. In the Young Communist League had to accept it. And on the very day on which the meeting was appointed, he ... slept. Rushed to the entrance, and the change is already underway. First, he chastised the watchman, then head of the shop, came to dinner "Lightning" with a caricature. The main thing has happened in the evening, at a meeting of members of the Komsomol. They unanimously declared that the unconscious in their ranks is not the place. How Strelchenko no assurances that life will not be late, the guys were adamant. And then sixteen year old boy burst into tears. Meeting hushed. Word of the Communist took Nazarov. Assured that vouches for him:

- Vanya, a man of conscience, - urged members of the Komsomol Nazarov.

From these words are always strict Uncle Sasha (the youth calling Nazarova) Ivan even more excited and ill-remembered as the meeting went on. In the Young Communist League adopted it. Uncle Alex was explaining on the way home:

- You are a slew: honest working man begins to discipline. And the guys do not take offense.

Bad they were friends, if your first misstep left unattended.

Strelchenko discipline is no longer broken once. He became a foreman, perhaps, only obeying her. When offered him the post, Ivan protested all but laughed it off. And he weighed his opportunities very seriously. "Before we demand from others, it is necessary to ask ourselves to the highest account. People must believe in your knowledge of mining, the ability to organize work, finally, in your personal skills. Need to work together with everyone, but the best and hardest. " In contrast to self-esteem were laid, "I am the same on mine-free by week. Look how many guys are working longer and better, and me. " The conclusion seemed logical to Ivan: too early, not pull.

The director of mines, VA Antipov on this account there were other considerations. The most specific of the mine, he believed, put forward a condition: to put at the head of the team miners special person in many ways. For it can not be the fate of others and others' affairs. Indifference, arrogance, and should not be a grain. Antipov carefully watched how the Strelchenko in a variety of situations. And finally "discovered" it brigadier. Rather, the makings for what would make him a brigadier. The opinion of the director was firm. Because Strelchenko was summoned to the party committee and said:

- To lead an integrated team. And what would you have less doubt it, consider this your first party request.

Communist Strelchenko said Navy "is"!

The first assignment was the meaning of the life of Ivan Ivanovich. The director was right in a guy in a sailor's shirt. Noted by his character traits crystallized over the years, gained volume. Along with them were discovered and developed some that did Strelchenko famous all over the country as a miner.

Take the ratio of the technique. How it should be the workers? Master, of course. The answer is extremely beads: use, say, one that is, with the greatest effect. That's right, of course. Only Strelchenko is not limited.

- What else could the foreman - then the question is heard (rather rhetorically: after all, asking and the answer is ready.)-Is that beg are not particularly common novelty.

New products to "Trudovskaya" actually have visited a lot. They got into a brigade Strelchenko mainly in the stage when their circulation was calculated with one single instance. That is, the design team was taken to bring the idea to practice. Need I remind you that this is at least troublesome. Imagine the complexity of introducing everyone can. Strelchenko convinced of this complexity on their own experience. And still the days of failure for a new thrust is not weakened.

Strelchenko Ivan He was still a novice team leader, when the designers created uzkozahvatny harvester 1K-52M. For technical characteristics, it is significantly superior when applied units. However, when tested in another basin, combine "did not go." That reputation has appeared with such a machine to "Trudovskaya." Miracles, it is known in the world does not happen. "Do not go" first processor and the team Strelchenko. In the meter reservoir it was simply too tight. Even so one would desist from further testing and to give beskhlopotno plan for run-in technique. But Ivan had seen promising uzkozahvatnogo unit and persistently rejected offers to return to peaceful life. Forced to persist and even pique: it offers something expressed not only in a friendly manner. Held, for example, on mine retreat specialists Donetsk National Economic Council, and it plainly said:

- It seems that the processor assigned team, which is unlikely to cope with it. What is to hear such accusations, when Ivan, along with machine operators dnyuet and spends the night in the mine? Willy-nilly, into the soul of doubt creep, "Maybe, indeed knowledge, experience you have enough for the job?"

But the director kept Strelchenko VA Antipov, never tired of repeating:

- The team is good and cope with its task.

Support has acquired a special price because of the mood in the team fell to the test every day.

After several minutes, the motion processor froze for hours. Who would like this work? And the earnings of miners fell three times. A team was formed only after the people in it, and crept in various skills, and moral qualities. Not everyone on the shoulder was the introduction of the test capricious novelty. Some have resigned.

Antipov then advised to call a meeting. The miners went on it with no usual jokes. Did you see Mr. Smith: tired of the guys from the failures, lost faith, because angry. Still said no discount on the mood:

- To persuade to stay I will not. I do not want to blame anyone, and of cowardice. I just want to remind you that explorers and test pilot and a geologist and scientist, is always more difficult than those who go after them. We are also trusted to be the first. Most of the load now, the responsibility is enormous. And the joy of victory will be even greater. Do not go until the combine ... But we've learned a lot. Just do not we still be done. So, we need to look for ways to solve the problem. We find after all.

- Will have to wait long - derisively shouted in the hall.

- It depends on us, 'retorted Ivan.

- How so?

- Provisions should be fully used, tapping his forehead, explained Brigadier Strelchenko.


Swept through the ranks chuckle. The atmosphere is dead, and the conversation went to how to deal with substance-


Combine taught to walk like a baby. With the help of engineers set up one after the other improvements. Basil Kalashnik offered a control panel to adjust the side.

- Then become redundant protective shields and machine "lose weight", he justified his idea. Most were torn conveyor chain. Strelchenko came up with a special trap, and the number of accidents decreased. The share-another weak link in the design of the combine. Cumbersome and inconvenient, it is good

brought little or four miners barely had time to smooth out the remainder of the car coal.

- It seems to me, 'said Basil Kalashnik, share-in form should be like an ordinary village plow.

- The concept is simple - ironically met a friend thinking Basil Ryzhenkov, but immediately began to plot a sketch plowshares:

- And that, perhaps, go! With the application of this enhancement for the combine managed only one way to strip a worker.

Then he stepped lugs of the upper bowl, put an extra cutter, manufactured relay which

Technical Library in charge of the mine Lidiya Strelchenko, the wife of Ivan. My husband is convinced that many of his honorary diploma was added not too long ago, and graduated with honors, testifying to the birth of a mining engineer

Strelchenko, he owes much to the care of his wife. However, she Lidiya this point of view

does not share. To help, of course, helped, but the "bite granite of science" should be still a student, even one on the jacket of which adorn the Gold Star medal and the deputy of the Soviet Parliament


Roy is damaged hose disconnected electricity. More than 80 innovations have machine operators and engineers. Is it any wonder that the designers have found their offspring badly changed? On mine they came with the intention to refute the amendments. And going down in the face, convinced that the grain was much better. I had to adjust the figures. So initially doomed car went into production.

Once the mines, machinery uzkozahvatnaya made a really revolutionized the technology of coal mining, miners' labor organization. With the help of more and more teams began to produce a thousand tons of fuel per day. A movement began, "thousanders" again with the team Strelchenko. When in March 1964 the team produced 40,230 tons of coal, the miners decided, at a pace we work constantly. Communist Party of Ukraine has approved their initiative. Experience "Trudovskaya" were carefully studied. Miners team Strelchenko neighbors contributed to the success not only by example. For example, on mine, "October" harvester was not moving all day long, it complained that he could not pick up the key to its secrets. Some of the miners who had doubts in the capabilities of the new machine.

Then the combiner teams from Strelchenko Shpigotsky Ivan Petrovich went to the "October". Prior to that he had visited other mines. And not a day went there. Together with a group of his friends

worked there for a week or two, maybe more, until it passed there the miners all the secrets, solve the "Trudovskaya." On "October" Ivan Petrovich had lived almost a month. And if, frankly, at first kept looking at him is not very friendly, then saw off a best friend. A few weeks later it became known that the mine "October" set a new all-union record. The brigade Strelchenko to Shpigotsky for the fact that he helped block the achievement of their own, of course, no complaints there. On the other hand, congratulated him as the co-author of the record.

Scores greater than strelchenkovskie were born more often. And on "Trudovskaya" by sending a message of greetings to winners, immediately began preparations for another assault on the height.

Took a month or two, sometimes more, and always record them coming back. Back in 1971 the team over the last month I. Strelchenko issued out to the surface 170 230 tonnes of fuel. The world practice of coal mining did not know such a performance. Ancient Wisdom: It is better to see once than hear a hundred times, led in those days to "Trudovskaya" especially a lot of messengers from rivals in the competition. We watched those men did marvel. The conclusion was almost unanimous: this result even once come close. A norm to him and not to be had. But Mr. Smith assured: there will come a time in every business day on-mountain will go as much coal as they are now in the record. The words he supported calculations about the possibilities of technology, advanced technology, work organization. When the arguments are exhausted, Strelchenko summed suspicious to the window and offered:

- See also this. In contrast, on the facade of residential housing, yardstick letters ran the inscription: "We each are responsible for the operation of their mines."

- You see, paying attention to Ivan Ivanovich, in the end is not an exclamation point and the point. Because it does not appeal, a statement of fact. "Responsible"-the notion of a capacious. One of its major components, we believe the search. Seek and

workers and engineers. Otherwise, would not allow the coal mine is 2.5 times greater than its design capacity. Look for and find out how to make a record rate!

Words have come true team leader. However, not to "Trudovskaya" first came to this milestone. Painfully difficult is mining and geological conditions, with the mounts they can not win. But when the team Smirnova, V. Murzenko, M. sneezed, A. Kolesnikov, accustomed to the workload of one million tons of coal per year, each one of them pointed out that up to a new level and experience has helped them to Ivan Strelchenko.

On the "Trudovskaya", however, their goal is not to refuse.

Had to prepare thoroughly. "Frontal" were good solutions are not always the case. To increase coal production, it is necessary, above all else, and tunneling to speed up development workings. Therefore, to carry on the roadway, raise to the surface more of the breed. A possible throughput barrel is limited. So, will not be able to increase production (a reason, by the way, was on the way "in the millionaires' for many teams). Well, why not try to leave the rock underground in mined-out space? By the way, the designers' Dongiprouglemash "porodozakladochnuyu created such a car. However, the first test ended in

failure. And then decided to bring her to "Trudovskaya." And she "went." Well, when no longer required to raise the rock surface, increased carbon flow, and increased rates of penetration.

This is just one of many examples of "nelobovogo" problem-solving. The mine, in fact, completely reconstructed surface complex. In the treatment of tunnel faces and a new technique. But no matter how perfect it was, without a car people are dead.

Competing for the increased performance of mechanisms to "Trudovskaya" do not forget about the savings of public funds. Several years ago, the initiative was born here, "Technical and safety of a socialist!". All arrangements for experienced machine operators have consolidated shifts. On engines, starters, even the conveyor plate attached, which indicated the names of those responsible for the serviceability of the miners. And this is bound to affect their performance. At a rate of 220,000 tons of coal shearer without major repairs are to produce a million and then to two million tons. On the "Trudovskaya" learned to subordinate operational need many reserves. Including, say, a good mood. Going to change mine miner meets music. The halls and rooms of an office plant pleasing to the eye finishing grace, light, purity.

- As in the theater, expressing his admiration for the guests.

- Production necessity-grounded enthusiasm owners.

By the beginning of last year, the entire process chain, conditions were created for use in the rhythm of "Millionaire." By the time Mr. Smith defended his degree in mining engineering. (Learn by combining the duties of the deputy of Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the brigadier, of course, is not easy. But strelchenkovskaya perseverance and attention to his wife Lydia Nikolaevna, she manages the technical library, and the eldest daughter, Tatiana, university students, have helped to "perfectly well" to defeat the program of the Institute.) Now Strelchenko Head of section, which worked for many years. A team passed to his Anatoly Polishchuk.

The third decade, day after day in the mine flashed a ray of light bulbs miner Ivan Strelchenko. Highlighting the way to the layers of his team, he is paving and the total line. Perhaps not count all those who helped him set foot on her experience. Over five hundred teams have learned to take the country from the face of a thousand tons of fuel per day.

- Many passed, Ivan Ivanovich, agrees. And then with a perky smile, adds: Only first-party order remains in force. So the front work more. Annual production in million tons and we have become the norm.

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