Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna

Theodore L. Kurylo

Dougal Vladimir Nikitovich

Yanchevskii Stanislav M.

Razykov Ulmas Kagarovich

Balgenzhiev Zinel

Lomidze Otari A.

Isababaeva Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy

Markyavichene Helena Tsezarevna

Roslova Alexander Yegorovna

Boris Vorobyov

Shcheblykin Paul Y.


The massive case, approximating the communist tomorrow, heard by the Soviet people, will realize the historic decisions of the XXV Congress of the CPSU. All the strength of the people sought to implement his intended creative programs.

The adoption of the new Constitution of the USSR was a powerful stimulus of a new upsurge of creative activity of the masses in this great work.

Inspirational enthusiasm of the Soviet people, their irresistible desire to make richer and more beautiful socialist country, the fate of organic connection with the fate of every country, the communist consciousness of the people, their ideological conviction, political maturity - an outstanding achievement of the motherland six decades, the most important wealth of it.

The Tenth Five-Year Plan, Five-Year Plan of efficiency and quality. Quality is not just machines or cars, but all our work, relationships between people, the communist traits of Soviet man. It is precisely these fine qualities have helped people very dissimilar occupations, living in different cities across the country, achieved outstanding success in their field, enter a new line in the annals of labor glory of the tenth five-year period.

trace the career of any of the famous workers of the country - the Norilsk smelter Nikolai Mikhailov and turner KamAZ Mudarisov Islamgaleeva, Kuzbass coal miner George Cherepova or Voroshilovgrad blacksmith Theodore Kurylo, Orenburg pressovschitsy Galina Kanakinoy docker or Leningrad Ivan Romanov ... The fate of each of them clearly confirms that a person is red hard work and makes the man!

Beautiful work, and involves a great result of human activity: a high quality product, solidly built and comfortable home, tasty cooked dish, the perfect instrument or mechanism. Concern about the quality goes far beyond the production problems, it is an integral part of Soviet morality.

"Labour's conscience - the best controller" - these words became the motto of millions of workers.

Socialism and labor are inseparable! All that is strong and rich in our socialist country, created with his hands, mind and talent of the Soviet people.

Every day the country is marked by new successes on our giant construction site. Everywhere unfolds socialist competition for early fulfillment of the plans. communist construction gives rise to genuine heroes of labor, people who embody our Soviet way of life.

Completed the second year of tenth five-year period.

Enormous creative work in full swing throughout the country. Inexhaustible talent and hard work of the Soviet people. Each of these handsome honest, conscientious work, effort, and each red, our great motherland.

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