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Liholat Vladimir F.

Turner Dnepropetrovsk Combine Plant named after Voroshilov, Hero of Socialist Labor

Liholat Vladimir F. Fleeting, accidentally overheard a conversation in the original passage:

- Desperado, this man-Liholat.

- So it is with a small homeless. And what happened?

- The beet refused to go. Just as well, said.

- Well, yes?

- So much for the yes.

- Well recently, the Hero of him, was given.

- I wonder ...

Once upon a time, long ago, that's what we know only from books, called Sugar, is now becoming commonplace, "the master's food." Hungry military Winter forty-second year, eleven orphan Volodka Liholat, dispensable hanging out at the Germans occupied the villages, I had noticed in one hut a piece of sugar. And so he wanted this sugar, which was ready for him at all. Porushennoy hiding behind a stable, looked for a half day, waited until the Germans leave the yard. When the last had disappeared behind the gate, Volodya, without hesitation, rushed into the house. He grabbed the sugar, and only then noticed lying on the bed, a soldier who was staring at him dumbfounded. Thrusting the sugar in your pocket, Volodya took to their heels. He was sure he would be killed, so far from running away, hiding under the porch of the house next door. When all was quiet, stiffening his fingers, he began fumbling in his pocket. Sugar was not. He fell into a loophole. Volodya did not cry. He just lay there, clasped his teeth ...

Vladimir F. Liholat remembered this incident briefly. It was at the Voroshilov plant. He then served in the Army and worked as a turner in the tool shop. He was a wagon-turners: all the details of the spec, as it said in jest. He liked the work. Very much so. I asked what did the secret of his success? Five-year plan far ahead, been ahead of the norm, and generally a master excellent. Liholat for a moment:

- Let's say there are people for whom car-vehicle and nothing more. As the bus, elevator in the house. And the other, he loves to drive. He enjoys when traveling. For it is a joy. I'm in the wrong. I look like under the knife smoothly flowing chips as part born right before our eyes, right from your hands. Oh, it's a great feeling. About forget lunch. Especially if on different machines, but a variety of items ... So the young turner Liholat worked, honed skills, and all were pleased. But again came the master Nikolai Skidan and said:

- Volodya, the important thing you throw: a demanding job.

- Since it is necessary.

- It is necessary.

The plant was about to produce sugar beet harvester. In the design office has long struggled with the new machine. A hundred times the same piece altered. Liholat looked and looked, to the master:

- Nikolai Ivanovich, I've zasohnu: work something monotonous.

- But you have to f.

- So I'll make more elsewhere.

- You're here with your skills, then needed.

Again Liholat to the machine. The soul does not lie. But look, look at those poor designers of that day and night at the combine pounded (and the car was born in the throes of the real), and think: "He's the bitter fact ..." And after all, for what? For the sake of a piece of sugar. And then he remembered how huddled under the porch, clasped teeth, listened to the gunshots in a nearby yard ...

Perhaps no one was given no sugar beet harvester designers and production workers Dnepropetrovsk plant Voroshilov with such difficulties as SKEM-3.

Perhaps because it laid all the basic principles of Soviet-type terebilnogo beet harvesters. Two experimental machines come in aggregates with tractors CDP-35 machine-station in Kursk region. They are a step would not leave the designers, workers in the factory assembly line. A few days spent on the regulation of workers' bodies. Gradually the car belonged to the normal rhythm of work. At 2.4-2.6 hectares of beet collected for a ten-day unit of light.

Compared with manual cleaning labor costs for each hectare decreased by 20-25 man-days. The State Commission decided to recommend to combine SKEM-3 for series production. In the early 60's the company became a leading enterprise specialized in producing the country's sugar beet harvesters. Was an experimental laboratory, outside the city allocated a plot of land. There was established experimental-field base for testing new machines.

Factory designers have started to develop the mechanisms needed to turn sugar beet harvest in a continuous stream. Back in 1955 a group of designers created a project sveklopogruzchika SNT-2, 1. Here and there, the "origins", and worked as a young then-turner Vladimir Liholat.

Liholat remembers how it was then-dispute calls. Say, why beets all manually reloaded? And what if the harvester just for transport? Thus, a new processor COP-3. It was the qualitatively higher-type sugar beet harvesting machine.

In 1961 at the World Exhibition in Brussels, the jury awarded the diploma of a new harvester and a prize "Grand Prix". Sugar beet harvester, crafted in Dnepropetrovsk, in their operating characteristics was better than a machine known British and American firms.

Yes, it's nice: medals, glory and pride. A second plant as they drank until the car drove "to the mind." Sometimes one of the workers joked for the show, they say, worked, did not drop the honor of the country. And it will be with us. It is not like these conversations Vladimir Liholat. One day he asked for one of the designers to go see how she's there, the car in the show itself. In the farm and went straight into the field. I looked. Nothing machine helps man. But I saw something else: the car is one for the whole farm, and beets, it is not an eye out okinesh. And all by hand. "And if all over the country take-Liholat thought, 'this is how many people bend his back to the bad weather this autumn: digging, sitting in a dirty-gray Turner, calloused hands cut off tops ..."

When he returned, he said party organizer shop:

- I would in your place, Kharitonych, all of our workers were brought to the beets. But just watch. Got it? Penetrate. And the beet harvest you have not vozi. Me personally, too. Oh, I'm better then two shifts sucks, but it will benefit from it will be more than those in the field of beets by hand takes away. To understand this it is necessary, that it is here we will give more benefits.

It can be seen ..., an echo from a conversation with a party organizer was overheard dialogue in the original entrance ...

From the mind worked Liholat. Creatively. Long could not learn fast boring drum. Puzzled all the Shop Floor. Finally, Liholat suggested, and if you do a through bore, with two sides. And it went. One was out of town, on the site. The water in the barrel poorly received. Invented gimmick. A neighbor said:

- Hunting you mess: works fine.

And Liholata different philosophy. He is a master, and he wants to be around. He once said that today's business - it's Lefty Leskov, only with higher education. I do not have to stand still, pondering Liholat. Here is a drum-in. thinking. But how much can you do to make faster, easier and better. Liholat completed ninth five-year period for two years and nine months.

He was praised and rewarded. And he thought, be better. Year after year, consistently increasing the pace of work, endlessly honing techniques work, rationally arrange a place at the bench, building work so that throughout the changes did not lose a single second. That's really not the first year in a row every shift, he is two to three times been ahead of the job. I asked him:

- Well, if you really really tired? Liholat simply replied:

- Sit and rest. Rest is not a sin. I just do not like latsyug. It bums in our opinion, in Ukrainian. And such is the ... In general, once the rest. Designers have such that stagnate will not let ... The same processor, whatever it was perfect, can not be used wherever beets are grown. Various conditions, without irrigation beets, beet on irrigation, on the wetlands ... For each of these fields must have its own type of harvesting machine. Is it possible to combine designing, do not take into account the varieties of beet, its economic purpose, types of foliage and soil types, and so was born a new harvester PKC-6. Unlike the cars that trailed harvester increases maneuverability, reduces the number of staff. The machine does not require special maintenance and creation of databases. In a food processor can run any mechanic.

In the seventieth Liholatu awarded the title of Honored Engineer. A year later, was awarded the Order of Lenin. His reputation was deserved unsurpassed master and

indisputable. He could work on planing, but better yet, on the drill, and better yet, a milling. And absolutely brilliantly on the lathe. And used to be served is not blank, others announce a long-predolgy smoke, except Liholata (though he, too, a man smoking).

Liholat goes and gets to the machine where there is a blank: he knows how. And besides teaching the youth beside him.

He often recalled that distant day when they, hungry post-war orphans, brought from a vocational school for the first time in the factory shop. Master Nikolai Naumovich rink (which is after all - remember how many years) led them to the shop, machine tools showed himself included, let the kids stand at the bench.

It smelled of fresh chips, oils, and something else that will long be remembered. Foreman said:

- The main thing is that? Job to love. This is your bread and salt, and happiness ...

Just when you were working on a new combine COP-6 "Slavutych", youth around the Liholata sgurtovalas. Good lads. Sasha Bereznyak, Volodya Gitlets gained experience. The new harvester produced coupling. Head of department Veniamin Foresters came, shouting, to hurry:

- Come on, guys, then! Look what the eagles!

Liholat Vladimir F. Liholat quietly on the sidelines he suggested:

- You, F., more serious with them. They need to understand the importance, to make it clear that the case, they say, is not mechanical: tochi all. The case public. People out in the field of relief which, as everything depends on us. From them, from the children of those too ... Foresters, tired of turnover, carefully looking at the moment Liholata, then said:

- And it's you right.

Say what you like, but it is so important, how to begin a working life of a young man: a Tralee-Wali, from running around on the first payday, or a serious relationship to serious business ...

Later, when the machine is left on the field and the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

Many of the glorious one of the first initiative was taken to realize a member of the party committee Liholat

invited all those who worked on this machine, and then published their story about this young Liholat gathered, read together. This was important, because they had a bearing on them to the car, have been waiting for sugar-beet growers across the country.

Transcript of these remarks is here to bring, because it is the assessment of labor and of Vladimir Fedorovich Liholata. A. Voroshilov, team leader farm "Iskra" Timashevsk region of Krasnodar region. Hero of Socialist Labor:

- I've been working on combines ten years. But, perhaps, only this year have experienced true happiness of their labor. "Slavutych" worked without breakage. Imagine, removed sugar beets on 307 acres and 50 acres of forage. And not a moment to breakdown. Hey, this is great because ... Tractor third class could manage it. But the tractor business today take place in all rural schools. I think the guys will be able to master this machine, not to mention the vocational school graduates.

T. Boyko, chairman of the kolkhoz "Victory" Rivne region, Hero of Socialist Labor:

- Our farm specializes in growing sugar beets. Year after year, expanding plantations, have a good harvest. Even last year when such adverse climatic conditions were still, with each hectare of 401 centners of beets. Do not open big secret when I say that most of the beets harvested by women. So, for every woman in our farm has 5.5 hectares. And when it comes time to harvest sugar beets, of course, we do everything that depends on us. Simply put, dnyuem and spend the night in the field. But what can I say about RCC-6? This is an amazing machine. And it is curious that the higher the yield, so it feels great.

And one more thing: this machine can be removed and carrots. In short, we have removed from 510 acres of beets faster than ever. But in the first year of the tenth five-year plan to a plantation of 1,200 hectares. A plan-it is already taking into account the "Slavutych". Without these machines, we would, of course, could not dream of such a large scale ... B. Borzisty, chairman of the kolkhoz Gorky Krasnodar region:

- I'll start with numbers. PKC-6 we have one in the whole area. Got it in the middle of the season. The maximum production of 21 hectares and an average of 15-18 acres for 18 hours. Sows we have 500 hectares annually. On the production of sugar beets are two managers. When I came here, we have made some economic calculations. What happened? In the link of the labor of machine operators for two thousand man-hours were lower. Just because we have removed the beets in the optimal vegetation period, the farm has received an additional 1,200 tons of sugar beets.

And, of course, very sad to realize that the "Slavutych" in 1976 will be released just one thousand pieces. This is a drop of only one of our sugar Kuban Sea.

B. lad, team leader kolkhoz Zhashkov Suvorov district of Cherkasy Region, USSR State Prize, the winner of the Lenin Komsomol Prize, member of Supreme Soviet of the USSR:

- I've seen like all farm machinery and foreign, and ours. So saying that PKC-6 is better there is nothing else. I understand that the fate of the machine depends on the designer, and from the worker and the mechanic. We are all equally responsible for it. What is the most joyous for me the bottom line? Ten years ago, when we created the Komsomol youth brigade, the field on which we worked hard, treated 420 women, but today we are working with 80 women. But I think it was the last time. After all, if you will give us more Dnepropetrovsk and its sveklopogruzchik, we did give up manual labor on their sugar plantations. It will be a new step forward. O. Diptan, sectional farm Ilyich, Kyiv region, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Council of USSR:

- What can I say in conclusion? It brought together both scientists and engineers, and specialists and machine operators. I am a simple ring sealed and work on sugar beet in the first five-year period. In general, 45 years old. Will not depart from their beets, because it's the sugar for the country. I remember when we went out at dawn at six o'clock in the morning on their plots, and leave them at ten o'clock in the evening. How many health beets took our women! But we knew that the country, our children need the sugar, and worked tirelessly. Worked and lived the dream of the day when the earth will stop hitting the bow, each Buriak. And when we got this same "Slavutych" understand-dream come true.

When the mechanization, all new appliances were tested in this link. And with each new machine a little easier to handle. The heart of a farmer is that it can not but rejoice in mechanization.

But if this mechanization cuts the beets, then surely the heart also bleeds. In short, I've seen a lot of harvesters. And while the arms, back, legs became easier, but his heart was hard when I saw how many beets spoil these heartless rail cars. All of a sudden heart machine. I mean the "Slavutych", it does not spoil anything. We, when we got this car, entrust it Komsomolets, Alexander Tishchenko, savvy and hard-working boy. September 20 last year at 12 o'clock, he went to the plantation. Worked with a lunch break. But by seven in the evening on eight acres of beets dug. I come on the field and do not believe my eyes, what is going on, that way his whole beets in five days rather than take away a month!

And so it happened. The neighbors came and asked: give loan processor, and we all like a dream still, do not believe that the crop is removed. And so he became our native PKC-6, which was a pity to give it away to neighbors. They were afraid something would have happened to him there. And the neighbors are assured that, well, if it would undermine the health of which, the parts of the Dnepropetrovsk walk will bring. Worked grain and its neighbors.

I will not repeat itself, as we worked last fall. Yes, it was hard. "Four months of rain have not seen, and yet in our link harvest 515 kilograms per hectare. And on the farm 405 cwt. We figured that only through a new combine, we have collected an additional 100 quintals per hectare. Is not it a miracle?

He, Mr Liholat also involved in the creation of this miracle. He thought about this assessment of work of the plant when he was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. Many of his sincere congratulations to the award. But one man, he was happy twice, although it would seem, to him who he is?

Somewhere ... turned from a flat-track student Liholata Gitlets Volodya. The one with which they urged the new machine, which he readily even than the others, passed on his experience and skill. With his father and mother Volodya Liholat once started working at the factory. Those years are not forgotten. Now Paul Gitlets, Volodya's father, dolbezhnikom at the factory. Parents in good standing, but with Volodka bad. Twice my father came to Liholatu, complained:

- I can not cope, F.. Well, the youth went to ...

- You young people do not sin.

- For stealing, you know.

- I, too, stealing, Liholat-admitted.

- So what else ... You'd chat with him. He respects you.

It was everything: the intimate talk one on one, and dismantled at the meeting, and met with Liholat Volodkin buddies. No, he did not talk about duty, not told how to steal sugar from the Germans, not shamed, he advised Volodya one: look, say, to those with whom vodishsya, slowly. From the look out. Look and think. Long-predolgie were talking. And the guy was on his feet. Liholata met on the way to work, he said gruffly, trying to hide his embarrassment.

- Congratulations to Hero ... And what about those of my buddies is true ... you Liholat watched him and thought ahead, and with this guy, and with other young, too, to be tricky, so they realized that in the present study, salt, bread, and happiness.

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