Minin Ivan

Khafizov Midhat Gabdraupovich

Andreev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich

Ivan Liashenko Nikiforovich

Tarasenko Victor G.

Anibraeva Mariya

Baltabayev Shakir

Umirov Ergen

Saralidze Zurab G.

Boychenko Chariton Porfirievich

Veygul Bronislawa Eduardovna


On the broad expanse of our country boils creative work. The Soviet people are stubborn, self-denying work on implementing solutions XXV Congress of the CPSU. It is hard to win the production of the year, because every day, given his work for the prosperity of the motherland. This year is especially notable for the 110th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The whole country is widely celebrated this glorious date, millions of workers participated in the patriotic movement "Run personal five-year assignment to the 110th anniversary of Lenin's birth!".

The results of the labor of the Soviet people have clearly shown that our country has progressed significantly in all areas of building communism. Now, with the new gigantic scale farming, particularly important to improve the quality of products produced by the efficient use of capacity. The successful solution of this problem depends largely on the initiative of the masses of workers, those who provide the use of engineering and technology, who work there, where he was directly produced wealth.

In no less, and our success depend on how quickly and skillfully widely distributed in our country's priceless asset - experience the Masters in their field, which show examples of innovation and performance, are the true pioneers of progressive forms and methods of work, implementation of which requires simple initiatives, but also the courage, will and perseverance in reaching this goal. It's about them, Comrade LI Brezhnev said: "The communist construction gives rise to genuine heroes of labor, people who embody our Soviet way of life. They show excellent examples of high awareness, samples of the communist attitude to work ... There is no such group, a district, county, state or province, there is no country in which it would not be advanced workers, their deeds glorify our Motherland. Wonderful sons and daughters of our country, they are at the forefront of the builders of communism, their example is followed by millions of workers. The Soviet people are proud of them, praise them, equal to him. " In the production of drums and innovators, we see people who inspired work in the name of communism has become the main content of life. Of course, this does not come by itself. Their path to the heights of skill was not easy. They are constantly studying and learning, improve skills, have a particular interest in innovations and technological progress. And because the best of the best workers are formal and informal leaders of the primary production teams, team leaders, mentors young workers who generously share the "secrets" achievements not only in their groups, but also in other enterprises. A new stage in economic development could not help but reflect on the nature of patriotic workers repairing. Employment gains are now more often associated with the use of collective forms of compensation and benefits, increased participation of labor collectives in production management, event organization and mutual aid manufacturers.

Today we tell about twenty-two of the best of the best representatives of the heroic working class of our country, the richest experiences of those who conferred the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor. This is not only a tribute to their outstanding labor achievements, is the fulfillment of Lenin guidance on the full distribution of the experience of front-rank, a noble cause involving more and more workers into the ranks of those who go ahead of those who paved the way to a brighter future of the Soviet people, all working the land.

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