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Ivanov Vasily Kuzmich

Stope miner mine "Ahtme" Production Association "Estonslanets" Hero of Socialist Labor

Ivanov Vasily Kuzmich The train had gone, drowned in the opening dawn haze the town of Kohtla-Jarve. Small houses, cottages. Jackdaws on the TV aerial. The gray puddles in the fallen leaves. And you're one-on platform ... But somewhere around the corner, nearby mining, "headquarters" "Estonslanets", where he will meet your old-maid, in jeopard-Pechora, remarked: "Wait, my dear, soon people will gather. What's it who need it? "And outside, the houses are already flashing lights, miners rise early. And now the town does not seem strange, and it is not at all so small it looks like at first, lay down for many miles, absorbing the miners' camps, separated by meadows, fields and pine groves, planted as a cleaning lady explained, people in the hands of the breed heaps, covered with ground.

Intelligent people live there, caring. And among them is your hero. That is to say, yes. Yes, even with a capital letter, Hero of Socialist Labor Kuzmin Vasiliy Ivanov.

"Good," "negative" ... Although we are all well aware that human nature is much more difficult, in any templates will not go ...

But it should be, in some people there is something important, a rod, allowing others to believe that at all possible difficulties in difficult times, these people will go this way and not otherwise, and, therefore, they can rely on.

The mine Vasily Kuzmin was not: that day, newsletters, and I have decided so far to talk to people: from the people, so to speak, know better. The first people I met, was a director of the mine "Ahtme" Yuri Valtin.

Yuri ... I started as if from afar, and listening to him, it was hard to imagine that this, in the form of very young, cordial, attentive, I would even say, an artistic-looking man has a hard school of mining art.

- You know how there was a bourgeois republic and in general, what is the oldest Estonia? This is when one swims alone. Rich-surfacing, the poor-cap. These, then went to work in the mines. Darkness of hell, could not breathe. Punched hole in the roof, lit bonfires to somehow "accelerate the air. Ignite and waving jackets. That's the whole ventilation. The tool, a shovel and a pick. But now it is all about technique in good hands. So, Kuzmich and gold hands. He may, on all machines. A bulldozer, the cutters on the drill. With the driller and started. Worked by hand, weighed eighteen pounds a drill. Hold-ka in his hands so drilled 187 holes per shift, each two meters. Multiply as he drilled one? Sam worked for two and the other taught. It must be confessed, mechanical engineers we do not indulge, a technique which has, as yet have to take care of ... At Kuzmich her some, I would say, peasant-like approach to a living creature. And will lubricate the time, and cleans, and prevention will. In other look-the same reloader running idle for five minutes, and he does not keep his ear, or a bulldozer crawl in vain. The brigade from Kuzmin does not. And you will not find it trampled a log or bend the bar. It would seem that there is so much hardware. Just think, a trifle! And these little things, of liters, kilowatt, the cubes are formed hundreds of thousands of rubles of savings!

The director of the mine, losing restraint, worked up, though he objected to, or someone doubted the merits of Vasily Kuzmich.

- It is no accident he became a pioneer of the movement: "More oil shale at lower cost." It's in his blood, in the nature! Yes, you talk to the head section of Johansson. He will tell you, and mine. With Kuzmich, they can say one thermos eat ...

- Where to find the head of the site?

- The party committee to help. Party secretary, Alfred G. Vahtraorg, krupnolitsy with keen eyes and a sudden smile, illuminating it like a mean Baltic sunshine, long nazvanivala in all directions, looking for Robert Johansson, asked me to convey that came as soon as the horizon, and explained-why. By the end shook his head and gently put the phone down.

- This kind of work. Very, very bustling, the gap, he said, with a strong accent, choosing his words carefully, making his face became hard-ozabochennym. So you Kuzmich interested in? .. As a person he is very close to me. Yes, and pretty close, so I think. To say about it just that he is an honest, Executive communist-means many do not finish explaining. Any question, especially personal, examine from all sides. It is always an opinion. He will say what he thinks, without looking boss in the mouth. Do not listen to him is impossible, he is with people day and night, he knows them better ... Vahtraorg suddenly sighed:

- Once upon a time I worked in the mine, and the driller, and a master's fourth year in this office, and the soul pulls back. No, there are also interesting and difficult, and yet the whole life was spent under the ground, it means a lot. Habit ... And here he is.

It seems as if the cabinet door blew draughty. And the room was crowded with powerful rapid figures of Robert Johansson, dressed in a miner's overalls.

- Kuzmich, do you need? I want it more, and then put up, no phone does not break!, He flashed white teeth smiling mouth, walking around the table.

Throughout the subsequent conversation, he then sat down, then jump up again, as if about to speak.

So it was. He did not tell, but as a discourse, speaking of his subordinate and comrade.

Energy and raged at Robert, and he tried to hold it.

- The production is not the first time? Good! Excellent! Then you will understand me ... There is a type of brigadier-iron hand. Gang-like machine. Kuzmich also have coherence, but the style of its own. I clearly expressed? Thank you ...

Johansson sat down for a moment, his breath:

- Well, never raised his voice, do not shout, and obey all his. To him than to swear, it's easier to take and most drill reserve drill. And others do not fall behind, ashamed ... We have two units, in two shifts. In the second-languages is also a very strong climber, and he and Kuzmich, I would say, a kind of rivalry. But if Yazykovo tight, people out there, let us suppose ill give her Kuzmich, do not count. And with a team they have now Fedotov competition. Kuzmich, used to take a higher obligation, feels too heavy, Fedotov, so certainly apologize: do not complain, life is going forward ... If a person needs a day off badly-let: "Then to work out." Kuzmich, a simple man, hardworking, it is necessary for two-pulls. An amazing combination of kindness and hard work. And if he changes, I sleep peacefully.

- Not always, 'said Vahtraorg something Scribbles in my notebook.

- Well, of course, there are moments when he must consult with me ...

It was as if a faint shadow flitted across the face with Johansson. He paused, and suddenly, with the same pressure began to tell about how the other day he was awakened by a call Kuzmich, who asked permission to rearrange the pipeline stations closer to the face, to save time in the future shipment of oil shale. However, their calculations did not agree, Johansson considered premature rearrangement, waste of energy and resources. And refused.

-Who was right after all?

Johansson sighed loudly, did not answer at once:

- How do you say ... To be honest, sometimes just can not explain why he entered this way and not otherwise.

- The principle of matter - Vahtraorg smiled.

- I would not say. I just thought that I was right.

- And then Kuzmin behaved - not asked Ya-offended?

- No, Johansson said softly, - it is not petty.

For a while all was silent. Could hear the wind rang from the tight windows, the windows flew low turbulent sky. Johansson looked out the window at the gray waste heaps.

Maybe he was waiting for urgent work and he was in a hurry, but showed no impatience, looking thoughtfully at the table, folded his large hands with ingrained in them shale dust.

- Here I'll tell you a story typical of Kuzmich. But is it possible to combine business with pleasure, I have in mine. How, the party organizer? Allow the person to go down?

- If you want, 'replied Vahtraorg. A little later we pulled down the rapid stand in the drift-lit, and another fifteen minutes in anticipation of "express"-elektrovozika with a short, dusty small car, we sat on the bench, near which some wag on a shield inscribed in chalk: "Belarusian station." On mine, as explained Johansson, many Belarusians.

- Well?-Johansson roared when the "Express" with shrieks rushed us past the layered chipped walls, similar to the foot of the medieval zamkov.-helmet is not too tight? The roof is no pressure?

- Normally, only dripping.

- Rain, a complex situation. Empties delayed. But nothing-pumps operate properly.

Ivanov Vasily Kuzmich Then we stomped through the slush of gnashing of tossing and turning in the darkness of bulldozers, like strange creatures with piercing headlights in the forehead. Roared "bars" cutting machines, cutting beds. Loader, raking claws slate, sent it to the conveyor. And in all this seeming confusion is gradually detected a clear procedure, people are quietly shook the levers, each in his car, and it was much like trying to engineer-end loader, bulldozer and he podsoblyaet, rubbing face, which had already glimpsed the figure of a miner, a tool for cooking drilling of boreholes. Everyone did their job without fuss, as if an invisible hand drove these people to form coherence.

- Well done! Shouted in my ear Yuhanson.-What kind of price is the foreman, without which the team will come out of a rut.

And as we walked through the chambers, Johansson, all of the same active, vociferous, in between his absences, then withdraw the case, told me the promised story.

Burned ... both of the engine on the scraper conveyor. On the nose shift change, a break-atonement for the second link of his own team, but did not leave the same language, such a mess that he would consider? It is not good ... Awkward ...

The call is picked up Johansson out of bed at midnight. After hearing the foreman, he hoarsely, half asleep, he said:

- Empty place, and I think.

And went the usual way, although such a long time since the accident happened, the chain-from the chief to the head of the electrical section, where the free motors at this moment as the evil was not, could not find them at the main mechanics, because a new section was mounted and remove the newly installed engines, long rigmarole, and it is possible to pull the plug, to disentangle themselves to blame, but no one waved, then everyone knows what a stop face.

Johansson was wound with a plot "to plot, and everywhere he overtook calls Kuzmich. Membrane slightly trembled from his voice, which got on delicate wine and persistence:

- I order and unmounted. Do you?

- I, too, 'replied Johansson, but still was not sure of a fast-uspehe. Tell the boys, do not panic.

And the guys have already looked at the clock-shift end. It can be seen, would have to leave for that matter the most conscientious and experienced. Choose someone the benefit of all in place, resting on a bench near the empty thermos.

The first named team leader Arvo Milder, although he knew that the newly married "old man" by Arvo cherishes every free hour. And so immediately promised Arvo day off on Friday, get three free days.

Milder only sigh ... Named second bulldozer Ivan Gavryushenko chill took a sharp shoulder. He has got today, was a hot day, and he was tired as hell, but without the bulldozer when replacing motors can not do, and the driver on it should be excellent. Kuzmich double their requests are not repeated, he remained, as always. Therefore, no one could contradict him, except that Edward Trunov. But Edik sitting third, he missed, though he had not noticed, and suddenly called Sulev Laanesoo, tonkolitsego, sickly-looking, who taught the drill case and at the same time, for simplicity, dubbed Sanya. Sanya went wrong at home because of the mother in law, quarreled young family. He was so nervous, quick-tempered, then it broke.

And now Alexander, burivshy hand-so-convenient to the bottom of the reservoir, swearing, kicking the clutch cable, knocks out the current, causing the drill endlessly glohli. "Just a boy," thought-Kuzmich, coming from behind. And yet his name called: "Let them learn from repair-it is useful."

- Agree to stay? Or, perhaps, be home?

- I'm calmer here.

- Well, well. And kicking the cable is not worth it. The water came shtessel or clogged. Take the newspaper and wipe. That way, you see? Got it? And look, the bar is not centered you have many times said, choose neat tool. And the blade sharpened correctly, otherwise the strike will be. Bad as work, let me here. That's so ... Now doburivay. And remember bias. Here Levey take on the passport, and then you have no walls, and garden-like pig naryla.

- Thank you.

- For what?

- So, for everything.

Kuzmin between no-no squinting eye toward Edik Trunova, who sat hunched. Eddie never take root, with team leaders bicker, everything and everyone criticized other troublemaker. He was here and did not want to take, but insisted Kuzmich: let a Kolobrodov and we will. And then get bored. Soon there was the first clash is when the foreman's also undertook to drill hit a half-hour before the shift. Trunova slipped though: "What do you all seize more than others have? Look, Dobrenky ... "" Do not seize for themselves, calmly said Kuzmich, recalling a guy aside and, for the mine. And for you to earn a worthwhile, family f at all. That's it. And the more I love you, my dear, will not agitate. Live as he likes, "and waved his hand as if he really care.

"Dobrenky ..." Sometimes in the shower Kuzmich as opposed to even hurt a single keyword. After all, this was not so long ago-hand drive did not flinch from the LEDA team guy. That he has the christening, the name day, seven prazdnichka week. Svesela come, and even boasts, from ear to ear. Once the second Kuzmich said nothing. And then posted: "Listen, brother, is he still with the naval services' brother 'stuck,' I warn you, even a puncture and go. Sam. Even without a warning! "And that spilled out of the team, like a cork out of the water. It is true that hinted at parting: "Maybe, a senior, is not it time yet? I suffer the matter. " "It's time, is not softened Kuzmich, do not hurt nothing. Take care of your health. " And no one stood up: now that Kuzmich has decided to ...

But Sanya Laanesoo remained, although it initially had a fair for different things. Why, could not find it here "cronies." But in a good family all the brothers par. And Troon yazykat, hairy, man with a twinkle, and the fire, as they say, do not care about the most worthless, expensive. Settle down ... While waiting for motors, Kuzmich, and he took up the drill-changing scope of work expands. Behind him stood up and the other is not sitting well back when the foreman injected. And so it happened that all the link remained.

- Senior, hurt-barked Trunov, blocking hum of drills, but I do not what is called, or am I the worst?

- No, no, 'growled the foreman, clearing drilled shpur.-I thought you would refuse.

- And give up, 'said Trunov, with his chin.

- Well, and ask why.

The work was fun, explosives remained a good start. Someone shouted mischievously: "Come on, Milder, show the worth of the couple in a decent life." "Would have kept quiet!". "But Sanya, a scratching, as if fighting with her mother." "Look, again, the cable will burn!" "Burn-sopreet is not true, Sanya? There's your foreman again, repairs, ekspluatiruesh boss! "

And when they brought the engines and deftly handled them on a bulldozer blade, and then routed to the sleeves, a hundred times, "Lane-vira" and swallowing the salty sweat, finally, zatalili, planted in the place, he saw Kuzmich Trunova, more than anyone else who tried to Hook chains.

- Do not left out?

- This is my business!

Kuzmin just smiled.

- Now there's not yours, General.

Thus ended this rush job, leaving the body very tired, but at heart-fun: coped. In the apartment, I paid a visit Kuzmin on the third day. The door opened a huge sort of uncle, Ilya of Murom with laughing eyes. He said, come in, be a guest. And at the same time a questioning glance at his wife, a low, okay, with slightly slanted eyes and smooth, like a Japanese woman, hair is evident here that she was mistress, and Kuzmich gave her for granted.

- Koli came in, sit down at the table - said Eugene F., or simply Jack, as she asked to be called.

At home, except for the spouses, there was no one. The son at school, my daughter in Pskov, in college. The conversation over tea is not that is not flagged, but no one knew just where to start. And why, in fact, start a conversation about work at home, to the same ill person. So we talked to his wife's initiative about this and that, and mostly about the crops. Apples now are many, but with potatoes worse-rain. By the way, and mine drips, manage to pump out. I bet you seen?

That's the first Kuzmich could not resist pro-pit. And another added:

- Party organizer called me, Vahtraorg. Tell me, said how do you bring up their children, where did you get such a friendship? And I swear Well, I do not know what to say. I find it easier to clean face, what to say ... But the team is really friendly. And the same Sanya Laanesoo, and Edward, the good guys are working better than others. And the bad we did not get along. Not the air. Or, as they say, morale ... Otherwise, you can not, work is work.

Once Vahtraorg me and tell me where is the second Order of Lenin, and was a star, you say, now the Hero of Labor, hold on, did not disappoint ... Well, I say, and if it had not been received, what is worse, I would have worked? It was not tried for the title, and it's thanks. For two days we spent together, examined the city Kuzmich showed me the buildings, the new House of Trade, which I have not even seen in the capital, clean cozy cafes, all in the green central square, and on the third day, over breakfast suddenly flustered, looking up at his wife's eyes:

- Listen to the change of four hours, maybe went to see the guys, see. A? Well, what are you? I have stolen something?

- And stolen. Intercepted, you're a prominent man, his wife, laughed and turned to me and added, - just so we are all together but together, and unusual, when suddenly one.

- And in a shift?

- Well, then shift.

- But it is true, suddenly agreed to Kuzmin, glancing affectionately at her. - Here I got to the hospital for the first time in his life, with an ulcer. So believe me, do not sleep, waiting for finally appears, though in the first year of marriage. True ...

He said this is a childish smile generously, listening to himself, to the wonder that is preserved in it, stand the test of time.

- Okay so, 'said Jack, - the plant "Moskvich". Only a short time.

... "Moskvich" swallow miles of asphalt roads, crossing the field, raced past the new houses and dived back into the shade of yellow undergrowth. Kuzmich concentrated twisting the steering wheel, and I thought about it, man, next to which people have been safely and reliably, because he lived in constant worries about the case, peksya about them, sincerely believing that anything is indistinguishable from the others.

Why was the eldest, even though they will never be tried. In ... this sunny autumn, with a strong zazimkom day I once again managed to see many of the teams Kuzmich. All these were his former students, and the Party site engineer Ironman Mayor Anatoly, eagerly questioned me about Moscow, and the sharp-eyed, lively Eddie Trunov, who rejoiced and began to regale Kuzmich fresh apple juice. And to the question: "How you get there without me?" Said: "As to you, even better, no one to chase!", And Brodsky, a miner from the village of Brod-Smolensk everything Brodsky, when we entered, he walked across the floor on all fours, rolling seven children. The smallest was sitting on a pillow, and, waving his arms, regulating the movement and, finally, Sanya, Sulev Laanesoo, who lived with his wife and child in a small room, took a great mother-in-law, did not show guests. But his wife, plump, snub-nosed, was happily surprised by a visit to the guests and served coffee.

Gradually, the "Moskvich" jammed more people. Time before the change was enough, but to go on transport, which, according to miners who worked and took away the unimportant and a half hours each way, not like, so they went early, but with amenities. And when all gathered in the hallway, and gave way to the mine office figures stand the morning shift, I suddenly noticed that the guys are awfully fashionable-in nylon jackets, and Estonian reglanah cap. A tall, elegant in a suede-Sulev canary-yellow coat and colorful scarf, just a sort of looked-after fathom. Even I could not believe that an hour later, they descend into the depths of the earth and will work hard as hell.

Someone whistled when he saw the morning-level indicator, 114.

- Nothing percent! And dozhdyuga not prevented. That way we can not work.

- Well, well, 'said Kuzmich, his bright eyes shining, not a pocket-tert stock. So that was the order. Perhaps, for all time of our visit and visitality I honestly did not understand why he, in fact, all it took to go around ... Guys, warm goodbye to the foreman, a motley gang went to the locker room and we were alone, and soon returned to the car. Jack was waiting for us and waved his hand from afar: "At last! Dinner is cold, guleny! ".

- Kuzmich, I asked late in the evening, saying goodbye to him at the bus ostanovke.-Tell me, if not secret, why it was necessary to go around guys?

He shrugged and said, sighing slightly:

- Yes, just like ... Bored.

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