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Bryzgunov Nikolai Yegorovich

Blacksmith of the Volgograd Tractor Plant named after Dzerzhinsky of the Volgograd Tractor Production Association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Bryzgunov Nikolai Yegorovich At the Volgograd Tractor Plant nearly three hundred buildings and shops filled with all kinds of appliances, up to the machine using electronics. However, a tractor-product of a blacksmith. In its basic details of the plowman iron forged, forged as a weapon of agriculture since time immemorial. And a piece of metal, the source material, and the horn and anvil, and the spray from the impact hammer scale of softening in the iron furnace ... And a wise squint witch in an apron at the anvil, the experience of which (it is from experience!) Depends on luck, all you, the reader will see here in nature, nenapokaz.

Of course, the hammer of a current farrier pouvesistee the past, from two to ten tons, the fire in the furnace is not inflated leather fur, no coal under it smolders, burns gas flame. Kuznets is sometimes called the foreman, as two or even three assistants with him, but nagrevalschik a waiter. Yet a better word than "smith", the man at the anvil, not invented. So, let's say, and Zhukovsky Bryzgunov, Hero of Socialist Labor, media high-profile titles in his position in society, despite the fact that he is listed in the shop foreman of heavy hammers, the question about his position and profession brief answers blacksmith.

Here it is, all in full view of his non-friable biography: a boy, born on the eve of war in a peasant family on a farm near Akhtuba Bulgakov, then the shepherd in the summer months, a student of the local seven-year period, a handyman in the field ... In the teenage years, Kohl, as many of his peers, was drawn to the city. And there's learning to craft an accelerated program, then-assistant blacksmith and the blacksmith himself ... By the hammer was twenty-two years ago, in the same rank with the hammer and now.

However, hundreds of blacksmiths in the factory! Among them was until recently a Bryzgunov, Ivan, but not from a simple wizard-Ivanov first hand. The old shepherd, a native of the area Sredneahtubinskogo not count. A Hero of Socialist Labor from a wide range of peers, namesakes, and he is a master-Nicholas Bryzgunov! Was it an accident that? .. Let's take a closer look into Zhukovsky.

Despite the outward simplicity of events in the life of this man's very difficult, always profound, often creative was his attitude to the main occupation, to the point. He was a shepherd, and uluchal a minute or two to squeeze into the farmhouse smithy, where conjured a fire there the craftsman Ivan Efremych. Boy offered him his awkward, often pesky adult help, and ran back later, when the people subside. And then he keenly watched the flight of the hammer in the sinewy hands of elders. It seemed a miracle to see how rusty piece of junk but the iron dictates of his tale, with a beard podpalennoy grandfather was born on the anvil of a very necessary thing in the economy: Chopper, horseshoe, and even share a plow.

The practice began in the students artisan poorly adapted then destroyed by the war plants. The stench of burned diesel fuel, crashing ... Hammer blows shook not only the walls of the shop, but also the entire territory of the plant. It was like neshuteyno bombing, not just lived through as a child Nicholas.

Lads in the group of Nicholas hesitated in choosing a career, became one screened. A Kohl Bryzgunov was among the most persistent, was failing. And the guys are strong by nature, you see, stuck in the scrap for a long time: although hot in the scrap, but less than the demand! Bryzgunov like to hand a year older, another part-time and began to hammer. No, he was called, was assured that he could, that study it was "just right".

Not only could Nick: typed in the same team of young, hot characters, and immediately announced that he supports the initiative of the Moscow Komsomol - will fight together with their children for the title of the brigade of communist labor. At Volgogradschine Bryzgunova guys were the first in this initiative.

The nineteenth of November - Nicholas remembers the date of such open-party meeting a young brigadier made a promise not to demean the honor Volzhan in competition with the Muscovites, and the next day gave young blacksmiths forged a four and a half replacement job! Guys, of course, understood that one percent is not enough. Who is enrolled in night school, like the foreman, who filed a college paper or a course wizards. Vigilantly were looking into his conduct outside the plant. The title of his assigned city Komsomol committee - had not yet been worked out in detail the status of an honorary title for a group of enthusiasts.

On the question of how there was the fate of his inveterate assistants, Zhukovsky satisfied answers:

- Do not fallen out of love guys hot profession. Alexander Moiseev is now foreman in the shop, headed by Viktor Chernyshev team for a long time myself, excellent farrier ... Vyacheslav Pankratov-setter hammer, it is also one of the most important occupations in blacksmithing.

Now that is true, the reader the impression that a sort of hero-Bryzgunov? No. Zhukovsky is short, like any Southerner swarthy face, narrow bone, can not be called a hero. In the thick hair barely perceptible, but still perceptible threads of gray. Looking at it, something hard to imagine that this man plays for an hour in manufactures truck with a capacity of five to six tons of ... It turns out that only "ponyanchit" at the hands of iron babies he has tons per day under thirty! Try and hauled from place to place a luggage! But the smith is not a loader, which is often blithely passes from one place to another is something quite unfamiliar to him. Closely watching the game between the supports to the hammer assembly, the smith should have time to pick up from the hands of a red-hot billet closest aide, cleverly and accurately once you omit this "gift of fate" in the preparatory stream on the anvil-stamp the move to deliver a powerful and purposeful attack! .. Then compacted forging move in the grip of a stream in the final stamp. Watching it all, football commentator would say admiringly: "Punch-Out! .. Another blow! "And every movement of the arms, not forgings producing weighty, it is believed to accompany as a pianist, the pressure on the foot pedal hammer to hit so desired strength and, if you will - key ...

Were in the shop blacksmiths who luschili on. giant anvil tiny nuts. Zhukovsky closes the steam hammer, gently open the matchbox. Chop nuts have not tried ...

Blacksmith for the entire unit in the movement of the toe to the tip of the hair at the crown. In the midst of it recalls not only the piano player immersed in a kind of symphony, but the rider, riding a wild horse.

Devyatitonny hammer swings over the forging of prey like a hawk, ready to fall on the new cooling off every second, changing its color metal ... Punch-Out! .. Distribution roller, which gained a familiar form of the eye, jumping in the bed, turns on the anvil, threatening to jump out of the creek. It seems that one wrong move arms or legs, and born in the eyes of a geometrically exact "Jaws" on the axis will be crushed, mutilated, turned back to his short stump. However, there is no wrong move, either now or in an hour.

Almost imperceptible, but the gentle motion of a blacksmith forging ready to send to the mobile container for bed. Sometimes little things make up to one hundred pounds ... And then the "fuss" with them have an even more expensive care, each!

Articulated axis, the distribution rollers, rocker, gear-it's all a long time, mastered, and Zhukovsky and his henchmen. At a rate of seven hundred, they manage to forge a change of a thousand and more forgings. Not worth it, and ask for what you love your profession? Zhukovsky just fun will respond with a nod after a trolley with a lattice rolled forgings:

- It is obvious that something is done for the plan!

Accrue to such zagotovochki - their first blacksmith in the eye sees, and then in the drawing! A delve into the preparations is particularly busy, the job for a whole shift obtained with the drawing. Recently received an order. Something figure, with a spherical surface. But that's done, like happened and learn from the die-no way! .. I had to lubricate the creek for the fastidious forging a special solution. Nous was saved, years of experience. Remembered and the lessons of Ivan Efremycha in childhood ...

Bryzgunov knows will soon be completely new parts for new cars. They nurture the designers, some are already on the approaches to the shops. The first test to strike him, his cronies, Mikhail Kuzmich Arkatovu and Adolf Vasilyevich Puzanov, with them, as usual, all starts here. At factory gates for all to see already exposed the skeletons of future cabin for future supertraktora DT-75S.

Now Zhukovsky often produces axis-cranked the most crucial part in the undercarriage of the tractor. In the month pressmolot rate thirty-two thousand. And the axis of the go! With the over-fulfillment! Again, the guys in the team pick up one to one: Nikolai Klementyev, Peter Glukhov, Yuri Levin, Tikhon Zemlyanukhin ... This older-nagrevalschik other.


Bryzgunov Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky lived in a small apartment on the Spartanovke, where the terminus of popular transport line in Volgograd "Tens." In place of the smith goes along with his wife Maria Nikolaevna: it works apprentice blacksmith shop in a nearby stamping on the small details. This shop is quiet, and the dog is compared to the "husband's" modest shop, quieter, more comfortable ...

That's Maria, protected from fire apron and thick transparent shield the person who retrieves the workpiece from the furnace round palm-sized, and pressovschitsa, Commander of the Order of Labor Glory III degree Zinaida Matveyevna Semin briefly pressing the lever on the frame squeezes into softened gear blank forging a neat .. . Every three or four seconds-gear. Its name: Satellite 38-103, for the rear axle. At a rate of 2950 pieces of women worked in the day 3200. This success of the evening told a welcoming hostess for a modest family meal.

After visiting Bryzgunovyh Spartanovke on, I can say with complete conviction: it is not only grown into the profession people, a family where able to be treated equally gently and with iron, and the human heart. It is no accident both of them, Nikolai Efremovich and Maria, for all that work to be honest, is not easy, its eternal vigil, they are every day from hot metal, blown by sharp gusts of air, well, look fresh and young, the mood both cheerful.

Health at them before. all from the inner satisfaction of its destiny. I heard that Maria Nikolaevna with her enduring smile and blush on the girl's plump cheeks with a dimple in Ryazan in the shop just called Masha.

And Masha Bryzgunova, seeming to me very young girl, gave birth to and raised three children! Two are grown son Alex, in the army, the daughter of Anne-worsted spinner in Krasnodar. The youngest, Helen, walks in the fourth grade. And Masha, their mother was not yet forty (just about to mention in those days thirty-eight ...).

And here they are, earnest Bryzgunovy blacksmiths, have not lost the ability to fire scorched droning routine for parentally-happy first independent steps so early matured children. Gather together all the awards and honors his father and mother, will hill, beyond which it is no wonder overlook the education of children. But in this family, this did not happen. Good reputation for his family, "forges" quietly, and the youngest, bringing in his diary, "Five." For the older children have their own success: the son of a well is the daughter carefully Sucitu yarn studies. Here is a letter from the factory: "Dear Maria! The administration, party organization, trade union and Komsomol organization sincerely thank you for the good education of your daughter Annie ... "

And how long have the factory committee of the Volgograd Tractor Plant peers Masha composed about the same message to her parents on Ryazanschinu?

Zhukovsky summer vacation in the south, on the way back wrapped in Krasnodar, a daughter. Letter from the get-well, but because the parent knows better eye on the site. Do not be zahvalili girl ... , No, apparently. This is Anna insisted that his father went to the Masters Course: "You are my Dad, still very young!"

I Zhukovsky asked to show letter of the USSR Supreme Soviet on awarding him the title of Hero.

- Mama, he called his wife a familiar, probably, in their family word. - Bring,, mom, why do we have passed over ...

Maria opened the gentle movement of hands red brown with gold lettering, dobytok challenging her husband's fame. And there, in the dobytke also difficult because the contribution of its own.

It seemed to me at the moment: the delicate female hands, as if in a precious setting, look better men chased the verge of winning.

In those half-forgotten days and weeks is when the graduate of a vocational school Bryzgunov Kohl came to the shop and began working as an assistant, another boy, Michael Arkatov, two years older, came to the shop before, look in the eyes of peers Bryzgunova veteran blacksmith. Michael confidently handled the heating oven, without fear of getting the hammer, when the foreman of some plant management to withdraw the cases. Later, Michael led the team. Nicholas looked with admiration at this lively, intelligent guy. Arkatova often praised in the briefing, calling his name in line with human workers: Nicholas Afanasievich Zakharov, Vasily Nikiforovich Agarkova, Ilya Fyodorovich Borodin ... It was bound to Mikhail Zakharov, and many others of his professional schooling. And it was a lot to learn! .. Everyone gave a puzzle piece unprepossessing in appearance, the lever slips. Many went on forging a marriage, even challengingly a lot! Pernicious lever to adjust to this way and attacks. Only Zakharov, who was able to reconcile with his own hands the entire manufacturing process, discover the reasons for marriage: it turns out, when you carry on forging furnace to bending of the stream, you can not change the position of your hands! Bring to side as he took to the heat! Caprice and only: not that sideways leaned piece of metal to the anvil! .. Here and reach all the intricacies. Nikolai Zakharov watched with adoration of the wise.

Michael was older than Nicholas and his peers. This explains some of his advance in skill. At least so thought Nicholas. But here is the time ripe Arkatovu go to work. Clever, matured early years of the lads who had not managed to war alongside the older, attracted a heroic officer profession. Young Stalingrad eagerly enlisted in the military school, leaving the troops in the enlisted. For three years, much has changed in his eyes. While Michael was held valid, the shop used to the idea that a young blacksmith he will not return to the factory. Nicholas Bryzgunov over the years has grown to the rank of brigadier. And then-encounter! At the same overalls, the same shift. Only hammers have different ...

Bryzgunov Zapevalov was in the struggles of young blacksmiths honorary title of communist. Michael Arkatov Bryzgunova supported initiative and is also involved in the competition. Support each other turned out to be correct and timely. This is even more closer together guys. An interesting and not without difficulty was the friendship of two talented workers, standing next to a hammer for more than twenty years. They often found themselves rivals: that one ahead of the other, then vice versa. Awarded for outstanding achievements in the eighth, then in the Ninth Five-Year Plan both of them. MK Arkatov received the Order of Red Banner of Labor, NE Bryzgunov-order "Badge of Honor" ... But let's not rush to transfer awards.

By the autumn of 1968 the plant has developed a rare situation on their sharpness all shops seem to carry out the plan, and some are ahead of jobs, but the offsite plan for the collection vehicle sets was in jeopardy ... At a meeting of the Party Committee of the body of heavy hammers in the red corner Brigadier MK Arkatov made a bold suggestion: Do not settle for the same load on the machine, which was defined in days of old setter, and raise the output of each project and hammer to ensure product quality at the level of national standard ! .. Mikhail Kuzmich cared primarily about giving his hammer and his shop and, of course, could not imagine how it will be important initiative for all plant machinists, and but then it will be picked up by other companies in the sector. However, Michael Arkatova cry then sounded kind of challenge. There were the objections. Technology is surely not all the same! The shop stood and hammers-perestarki them it was time to write off.

It was very important at that moment that any of the smiths who knew his worth, he said forcefully in support of Arkatova, made his calculations on the increase of the hammer as a sensible and possible. And Bryzgunov Zhukovsky, then still a young party member, who worked for the hammer of the old design, secretly hoping that this technology is about to be removed from the eye, gave up their hopes and followed Arkatovym. Perhaps he remembered the events of a decade ago, when he really needed to rely on a steady hand and got the support from each other. Of course, the required additional calculations had to change the mechanization of auxiliary operations, including the installation of conveyor belts from the furnace to the hammer. Pereinachili order of adjustment and repair of machinery, and soon affected the result of this initiative. As a result of five-year plan to increase plant was forged once a quarter, a team of M. Arkatova issued them almost twice as old! During the ninth five-year MK Arkatov awarded the Order of Lenin, and NE Bryzgunov became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

On the current relations between the two nice people can say something so everyday fact. Zhukovsky and his wife were going off at a wedding in the village, under seventy miles. A promise was given relatives. But it so happened that in a hurry, but charges for the purchases, lost time to call a taxi, hoping to get lucky. And the last bus had departed alleged. Frustrated with Bryzgunov was changing. On this his bad luck with traffic, no one knew, except that the deputy section chief, Vladimir Tarasov Philipovich ...

Mikhail Kuzmich to the pore had to wash in the shower. On the next day he, like all their plans. However, at seven, was scheduled Bryzgunovy, at the entrance of their home stood a passenger car. Behind the wheel sat a taxi driver, and Mikhail Kuzmich, with whom they parted at the entrance and wished each other a relaxing holiday ... But is now to count cases of a truly fraternal relations between the two rivals in the open shop cares? Intimacy between the blacksmiths, emerged in the early years of dating, when they went to replace a worn overcoat craft, makes them even today.


Slaven this plant on the Volga people masters of their craft. Many pages of his stories were written nearly half a century ... with gold. Large gold medals and diplomas of the "Grand Prix" of the Paris 1938 and Brussels in 1958 the first World Exhibition. Gold Medal and Diploma of the Leipzig Fair in 1964. Gold medal of the exhibition "Agriculture" in 1966. Finally, the rave reviews of visitors at all the recent exhibition "Selhoztehnika78" to the new model tractor DT-75S and approved it for mass production ... Here are some milestones enviable achievements Volgograd. But why not think about the here and that the thirty-three quarters in a row they achieve superiority in competition with similar enterprises of the industry and receive passing red flags. Factory workers, as they say, there's something to remember on the eve of a half-century anniversary of the company. It turns out that just half of this road was in the front rank Bryzgunov, whose authority among the masters of blacksmithing is undeniable.

Here is what their profession Zhukovsky.

- Blacksmith is always an improviser. Even when he takes on the hundredth or thousandth of an improvised forgings per shift, relies not "predict the future part. That is, suppose one hundredth, the one that Nick Klementyev pulled from the oven and brought to a nearby creek, when you are with our party organizer, Fyodor Pavlovich Elisinym, just come to the hammer ... I razmahalsya to the pore, only Give! And yet, I've noticed that the hot rod is not five hundred and fifty millimeters and smaller. Who knows why? Cut off in the short blanking ', and then the acceptors have overlooked ... And I want the length of five hundred and fifty, not less. On the interpretation of the circumstances and the decision - second, just a glance. And the decision was made: instead of one stroke, in our preparation, I omit the runt in the two attacks, one-on extension of forgings. I can see: the rod went off! And then it all went like a normal forgings.

Over the years, have estimated the hammer: camshaft requires five hits. The greatest impact on people and technology takes almost the least expensive of blacksmiths: shift fork. A thin, meandering in the middle part is in all four "streams" of the stamp and requires fourteen hammer blows! .. "Strong acting on his hands, 'says Zhukovsky, who does not love to complain about the hardships of the fire service ...-tired from her than from heavy shaft." Among the attributes of complex Zhukovsky and forging rods.

- Last week, he remembered with a smile, a blacksmith, received a dress for the manufacture of connecting rods. It is no accident that order in the shop address a practically only two of our masters of forging: Mikhail Kuzmich Arkatovu and Adolf Vasilyevich Puzanov-laureate of State Prize. I only saw from afar, as they cope with rods. Another thought: Do not ask any of them, whether there are any features, because the other is not accidental bypass blacksmiths forging a connecting rod .. In general, relied on intuition. A pity! As soon set to work, was immediately punished. Forgings not given! One for her, another went to the screenings! And so it happens. So much to be able to know how it does not mean it!

Of course, soon gained the desired shape and made up for lost time. When you set the 1550 forge 1750 rods. But the secret of the vagaries of the connecting rod is not fully solved ...

Grasped in the conversation dropped by the word "secret", I Zhukovsky ask to elaborate on the hidden features of its hot profession. Let our conversation be "heard" of young metalworkers, including those who are too arrogant at times, or feel free to contact elder for advice.

Here's what he said about this Bryzgunov:

- Suppose it happens: in the manufacture of forgings with spherical surfaces sticks forged in the depths of the stamp. At this moment I hold in the reservoir brine and technical lubrication. After every two or three forgings wet "stream", while all the stamp slightly cools ... Salt, however, should not use indiscriminately ... Surplus' hot metal salts bad. To get rid of sediment, I occasionally do hit single ...

The next trick for a novice expects the hammer, if he misses the time to pull the smallish parts to the desired length. It's not just length. It may be in moderation. But if there is even a small stock of this length, and forging reached the main "stream", it is better to return it back to the prep "stream." Take the extra stroke, or in the workpiece at an external well-being to light the hidden cracks, sometimes profound ...

As would be carried away by any blacksmith work - continued NE Bryzgunov,-we should not forget about the state of the instrument. From long usage stamp imperceptibly exfoliate, it is "bloat", and then bend at the edges. In the first case, for example, in the manufacture of ring gear inside the die cracks, is sticking forgings. A bend in the edges of the stamp mutilated product, also at the edges.

Of course, summed up the Zhukovsky,-every one of us has our own experience, his own style of work. But the main idea of his profession blacksmiths of my generation were taken from their elders. We, in turn, is willing to share and pass on the skills obtained over the decades, Jr., would they have the desire to learn our ancient and timeless craft.

NE Bryzgunov loves his unit, and believes in his learned and hidden possibilities until then. The load on each breaker, and therefore the people, serving arrangements, very large, the rules from year to year increase. But for many years, it is years, not only shifts, day after day, this man is a skilled manner and copes with the norm, and closes it. Over the last two five-team friendly staff Zhukovsky nakoval all kinds of metal products for more than 22,000 rubles above the plan! The plant has sent over a thousand jobs Homeland powerful tractors. And almost twice as many parts! .. In thirty-six foreign countries loosen cornfield reliable machines with the brand VGTZ.

Believing in your unfailing hammer, Zhukovsky understand, of course, that he lived in an age of ever-changing technology and updated methods of work. He is quite aware of: the approach is quite different technique for blacksmiths.

We introduce a fundamentally different in the workshop production technology of forging the so-called type shafts, on the machines of cross-wedge rolling. If we now replace a considerable effort to issue a five hundred to seven hundred forgings in the near future, each team will produce an amount per hour and a half. And almost no waste metal.

Zhukovsky loves his hot career, is not going to part with it. "This brush up on courses masters!" - He said.

In the workshop, he is already a master of masters. But thoughts of the future force, apparently to look into ourselves more deeply, to look for a new power take-off.

Bryzgunov feels such a power.

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