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Gorinov Arkady A.

The foreman of the construction management of complex brigades "Promzhilstroy" trust "Tagilstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Gorinov Arkady A. The man went to a construction site.

A huge pit, similar to the lunar crater, enveloped muslin yellow-copper dust. From it every now and then, like a bee flew in betonku "KrAZ". Towards the empty cars laden crept cautiously so as not to spill any solution, not to spill a metal armature.

The man was heading to the epicenter of the theater building rumbling action, experiencing his first act. Dressed for the weather obviously does not, in the jacket, tightly-farming Turned inside out walking on the ground, he walked by substituting a generous weathered the May sun, the red of the winter sun still face. He was holding a bouquet of yellow dandelions.

Behind signaled the truck, and a man, a stranger, slowed down. Squeaked, puffed brakes, truck stopped, settling under the weight of the mountain on it vzvalennogo soil. Leaned out of the cab guy.

- On a date or something, going, Father?

- Valery, you ... Scared brat ... You'll pass by a mechanical, tell your mother, now go back in time. Let the dumplings sgonoshit.

And once again, lost in thought, walked on. As each day, two hours before the shift, forty minutes from the bus stop, past the tower cranes, excavators, concrete mixers, past the stacked concrete slabs for the future and different-sized pipes. On foot, although he could ride to and on-the territory of Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant named after VI Lenin area of their own, perhaps not far behind other European microstates. Its a good fifty crosses railroad tracks.

The hosts in this realm of the metal miners, blast furnace, steelmakers, distributors, koksohimiki, refractory, transport ... They are open space is required, such large-scale their profession. And who creates the space? Of course, builders.

Arkady A. Gorinov its way with a bunch of primroses in spring to the point where the rise was the third generation of plants NTMK, was a private army of builders, which is in Nizhny Tagil, namely trust "Tagilstroy." Tagilstroevtsy building for more than forty years. He belongs to the "copyright" is not only complex but also the whole town with new streets, theaters, schools, modern apartment buildings. And the city has immortalized his gratitude to the builders: the largest area called Tagilstroevskim, Prospect Builders leads to the beautiful building of Drama ... But the main thing, of course, NTMK. Reconstruction of the plant began in 1959, commissioning of the mill "650". Then, the fifth and sixth blast furnace, the country's first oxygen-converter shop, shop the world's first volume-hardened rails ... Tagilstroevtsy well aware of the fact on which the enterprise work. The plant is the third largest in the USSR for smelting iron and steel. And the world's largest rolling mill, the first phase of which "involved" at the end of 1977, now produces a year and a half million tons of beams with wide flanges up to a meter. Economists estimate that the plant freed seven plants of steel structures, which were made shirokopolochnye profiles by welding sheet metal. "The wide shelf" products already gives a five-year construction projects. Powerful beams fit into the delicate ligature of bridges on the path of the Baikal-Amur Mainline, hold, like Antei, codes of universal Olympic Hall on Prospekt Mira in Moscow, are the true builders of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary ...

And started a "wide shelf" in the seventy-second. In fact, where we are transported along with the foreman of control "Promzhilstroy" Gorinova.


Cabins ... I sat on a mound builders. Judging from the cigarette butts strewn with land around, sat for a long time.

- Again, no concrete? Asked Gorin.

- Whether they are wrong, these supply vessels,-the guy in the orange helmet spat extinguished papirosu.-change at the end, but your scope of work was not prepared ...

Gorinov went into the van, poured water into the jar from the Bulgarian tomato and put it wilted dandelions.

- Day or something, Andreitch? Simon - gulimona, lazy Monk ... Also change your stand.

- A good host will always find it. And the flowers ... They do not interfere. With their fun.

- You, the foreman, I was not campaigning. Are you a walking-wall newspaper?

- And what you do not like the wall newspaper?-Gorinov said, pointing to the door priknoplennuyu "lightning", calling for the economy. - The home had gathered, and with it not removed. Avon as nails scattered.

Replacement, screwing up his eyes, watched as the team leader collects the nails.

- Also me stradatel for a common cause. The state is not poorer ...

- You ... you know how to walk, - Gorinov straightened.

- Can ...

- Well, go ... Go ... Go!

Prior to the beginning of the second shift was still forty minutes. Due Date to plan working day. But ... "Today is not delivered to the site ..."-proclaims "Komsomolsk spotlight" a week ago. So it was a week ago and now.

Three months have passed since then, as the team packed Tikhon Putilina first concrete foundation of a blooming mill. And we're all on the "origin" of the land can not extricate ourselves, thinking Gorinov, otmerivaya tarpaulin boots steep edge of the pit. There is a lack of precast concrete, and the Labor Organization or to hell ...

Smiled, remembering how the whole team of only three left to work on Sunday. Already a begging! And the most bawlers not come. Asked Petya, why not come out.

- Why, you ask? And what the hell to me your "Sundays"? Say, the conscience, building, plan. Is the plan for the better, if I legally change sitting idle? No, my friend. I understand: I went to eight, scope of work should be ready to do-this and that. Four boomed. Do not have time when I finish, and he will stay, without reminders. And if I propped up the wall before lunch, while you, the foreman, invent me a job, then excuse me-Move: Stay at the overtime itself. It's not you coped, not me ... And on Sunday, because we did not leave: weekdays, and we happened, that has nothing to do ...

But in some ways he is right, this guy, though young, just before the walk itself. But my, what a lesson! That hurt me a Communist, to speak openly on this sore subject at the party meeting? Why shy of his superiors? In the name of which remain silent when a team planning session deprives? .. "You are to blame, the foreman." In the accident, the captain is always to blame ...

Gorinov mentally reproduced the early morning conversation with the secretary of the Party Committee trestovskogo Liashenko OS Everyone has a plan-machine operators, assemblers, concrete workers, finishers and suppliers. Plan-law. Only Will Grove greener, if each would be only his birch tree watered? In pursuit of the shaft excavator in the first place do work povygodnee. Decorator-Give the material so expensive. They even cover the walls of your gold-more expensive tiles, the higher the percentage of the plan, the earnings of more ... Do not go with the birch-fact. We must join forces in a fist. Communists of various departments to gather and speak openly. Post a Party, for example, to create on-site ... Liashenko OS-guy seriously, understands what's what. Agreed. He says at the very idea was this, about the post. It was great to b. We introduce an hourly schedule. My team, say, a bulldozer from eight to eleven, then to four subcontractors. The results of the competition each day you can sum up ...

Looking ahead, say, the party position on the object created and led by his party committee secretary of the trust OS Lyashenko. Six weeks later eliminated a breakthrough in the construction of the turbine hall blooming, began assembling and cabling, decoration.

Gorinov Arkady A. But it is yet to be ... Meanwhile, the brigadier was thinking about how to charge the kids a good mood for the whole shift, the work was not a burden, and joy.

... Dragged, pulled strings to the multi-colored building tent, huddled at the zero point from which to reach out to the north machine of universal beam mill. Different people in the brigade. There are veterans like Ivan Amelinets, Pasha Hrenkov. They can rely on. They believe the foreman, as in himself. And there are those that have moved to big money on the construction site, or even random people. Consider themselves to be temporary. How do I make one feel that he is not allowed without a building? .. How to set up a guy for a good working mood? ..

A good mood ... Even in the most carefree, it gets messed up, if every day is that there is, then the other. So now, instead of just fitting to cook, you must first disassemble it by grades, tie. Since then the plant was brought in time, so all piled in a heap. Try shoveled twenty tons of the metal by hand! Words will not help here, even very accurate. Loudspeaker ... clicked. The announcer said: "Today, the installer Alexander Chezganova birthday. He was twenty-five years. We wish the happy birthday. Look, Sasha, your favorite song. " And poured above the neighborhood defiant: "We do not steelworkers, carpenters do not ..."

Embarrassed by such attention to his person, was fitter Chezganov to your workplace. He was greeted, hugged, jokingly recalled the song: "We can not your birthday to give expensive gifts ... but this morning the spring we can ... "and started improvising.

Part? Small, but great. For says the sincere attention to one of the eight thousand builders NTMK. And this was a sign of attention involved Gorinov ...


One day dawned dreary, watery morning. Installers were, shielding from the dank wind jackets. A Gorinov remembered from Mayakovsky: "Rain, rain, nothing lesh, I do not go out without galoshes: Rezinotresta with me everywhere, dry place."

Only here the excitement soon passed away. More precisely, an hour has passed after the guys namayalis by lashing streams of rain on the top bunk. Soaked to the skin. Even before the dinner, do not have lasted, shriveled up. Just did not go home. Foreman suggested that a conversation on any subject. About the rain. On why not warm overalls. When, finally, give the builders faced mounting the belt ... In the shed crammed thirty-came more and assemblers Michael Troshin.

- Remember the Red stone was only a five-story building, this area is still called "the five-story building," although there is a house and nine, and twelve floors. They build fast, beautiful designs, pleasure to watch. A look from side to us builders ... That's you, Luba, recently arrived from the PTU. Is thought that the jacket will give you the time "from the foundation of Rome"?

- What are you, but our girls in the coats of the beetle-crusher so the guys can not tell ...

- You're the best, Arkady A., tell us why there are no uniforms, what is needed. Here I am a carpenter. I put an apron, probably because the aprons worn by carpenters a century ago. But I'm dealing with technology. Apron me bad, it can tighten fugankom, saw ...

- Safety Engineer blames us that do not wear helmets. Do not wear because they do not work anywhere. Especially in winter, a thin balaclava and a helmet is not on the earflaps nalezaet. In the summer of slipping on the nose, and fix the once-busy hands. Why not make helmets for construction workers? Surely there are helmets for miners, loggers, oil ...

- I'm in the Sverdlovsk recently went to the wife's elderly. Went to the exhibition. Did you see it light-protective masks, mounted on their helmets. Here we would like that! And that in fact a welder working with one hand, the other holds a shield.

- I was recently in stock - summed up the conversation Gorinov. - Applications for overalls made just two and a half per cent. And that is, is also a decent stuff. Welders to put a suit on the year and a month later it can be discarded, all in the holes from sparks. Varish, for example, ceiling beam, and the sparks and strive for the collar, the sleeve-look, how baggy. What do you say about it, Michael?

Not in vain appealed to the Gorinov Troshin. Although he seems at a construction site and a small office is the foreman, and is known in Moscow. Troshin, a member of the Central Workers' Union Construction and building materials industry.

- You know, guys, a month Plenum of the Central Trade Union Safety will, Tell me I'm there about everything. Prepared you are, Arkady, help me to collect tsifir necessary, he said. -After talking with us even though private, but I think that applies to all the other builders. But when I'm vacationing in the Crimea, looked at the construction site and talked with people. It appears, according to the instructions in the warmer areas of winter clothing is not to be. And in the Crimea in January to minus twenty-reaching. That worked for a "heat" ...

With a light hand in the cabins Gorinova conversation turned into a theme-Union debate. Visited Troshin at the CC plenum union, consulted with Arseny Zverev, head of the department of safety. And he wrote a letter to the newspaper "Pravda".

Article Troshin, "What shall we wear the builder?", Published in July 1976, discussed first in the same cabins, and then, at a general party meeting. Perhaps no building in the country, wherever this article go unnoticed. And how many in the newspaper received a letter in support of the opinion Troshina many protocols, decisions, resolutions, working meetings, calling as soon as possible to do away with the release of bezalaberschinoy clothes! Not once after that "Truth" put the answers to suppliers and heads of ministries, producing clothing.

Now things are moving armor manufacturing industry steadily gaining momentum. So this is what the range of workers' participation in the affairs of state!


The new one comes in a ceremonial robes. For the new must be addressed. It is difficult, do not always understand you, because before you know you're on the Others. But the need to fight.

Late October-... quite chilly in the Urals during the year. Drifting snow whitewashed the edge of roads, rooftops sprinkled decoy.

Gorinova family walked down the street on the city rally Newspaper devoted to the launch of the blooming mill "1500". Arkady A. (coat unbuttoned, on the lapel of a whole garland: Order of Red Banner of Labor, the Lenin Jubilee Medal, the deputy badge, badge honored builder of the country), his wife, Eugenia M., and two sons.

- Folder, and why it happened: You studied at the lathe, Valery, too, and all went to the construction site? Asked Vovk, seventh-graders.

Indeed, why, wondered Gorinov. Why did not he or sailor, or volcanologist, or repairers, and went, as some of the friends said, the most that on is hell? Ask again, why not become an astronaut. Gramoteshki-a total of eight classes, stydobischa. On the other hand, some have and build. Imagine just what would be, if at all fulfilled the dream of space? There would be no confectioners, hairdressers, engineers ... Yes, There is still some distrust of certain professions. Tacitly assumed that the steelmaker is "better" plumbing (and to get away without a plumber?), The artist, "respectable" painter (but just try to find it when you need to renovate the apartment). It has long been known to all: a good cook better than a bad lawyer, and a higher discharge welder at a construction site, we will present two middle engineers ...

- In short, Vovk, if you want my opinion, no matter who you are, it is important what you are.

Wind ... waving scarlet cloth banners, booming orchestra. By a resounding "Hurrah!" Builders handed over to distributors product data blooming mill, a symbolic key. I. .. back metallurgists Red Flag, which is the day of commencement of construction senior operator and Hero of Socialist Labor A. Bokarev handed T. Putilin, laid the first concrete.

- That for the sake of this moment is to become a builder - said Gorinov son.

So what actually led the three-Gorinova father, mother and son on the scene? The problem of employment? Hardly. In the Urals, and the machinist business enough. The desire for romance? Only in part. Maybe the money? Probably, and it is not important. So what in the end?

Construction, like a magnet. It involves the heart. And how rusty metal does not stick to a magnet, and to the construction site is not indifferent prikipit heart, not aspiring to the day tomorrow.

You can not build a building without knowing its destination. The house in general, people in general, knowledge of all kind of mystic. Gorinov stages of life measures the specific construction projects: for example, was that when the fifty-seventh erected refractory production ... when the converter shop moved ... After the camp, "650" ... mastered when the team contract ...

December 19, 1977 tagilstroevtsy allowed early first universal beam mill. Again Gorinov says it was when we decided to suit brigade Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolay Vakhrusheva shift targets to carry out the composition of smaller teams, when switched to three-shift work.

What to say about today Gorinov tomorrow? "It was when we started to build a second phase" wide shelves. " The object was not starting as forty six others by the trust. But we have set a rule: to work as if the start-tomorrow ... "


- You know what? Show me do you think about our museum. Let's see where we Tagil "zhivinka in" suggested-Gorin.

Tradition and modernity coexist in the halls of the museum. Our eyes appeared the story of the city-worker, a city-master.

"How can the forces of my mind, trying relentlessly to introduce new machinery for the benefit of plants and to facilitate the working of forces" - wrote a remarkable Russian engineer Yefim Cherepanov. The same could be said Demidov locksmith Yegor Kuznetsov - Rzepin, author of the first mill in the Urals, and Efim Artamonov, the inventor of two-wheeled bicycle.

The feat of the serfs living and self-taught today in the cases of tens of thousands tagilchan - metallurgy, stone-cutters, construction workers, miners, trikotazhnikov, bakers. In the halls of the museum's collection signs of our progress. Plate, cast in July 1963rd from the first converter steel. A symbolic key was handed to the builders working blooming "1500" ...

Master! In a word Ural invest higher meaning. As in the tales Bazhov. The handwriting of work and life such as the Hero of Socialist Labor, Arkady A. Gorinov determines the shape of the current Nizhny Tagil, a dynamic, forward-morrow. Worthy heirs Cherepanovs and Artamonova appear to us metallurgists who created the installation for the bulk quenching of rails. It is in the Nizhny Tagil created new recipes for smelting iron and steel.

But even more interesting: in 1872 at the independently-Utkinskom factory laid a time capsule in order to "show how much and what is the future generation has gone from us forward." Now, this capsule lifted, and we can compare the past century to the present century ... And about this time, how we formed, the Soviet way of life, these carriers this way of life as a Hero of Socialist Labor Gorinov Arkadi, describes in his letter to the residents tagilchan 2022, recently concluded in stainless capsule ...

Descendants need to know about those who are obliged to building the first steps toward communism.

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