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Chashchin Sergei Petrovich

Brigadier drifters Glubochanskogo shaft construction management of the trust "Svinetsshahtostroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Chashchin Sergei Petrovich Handwriting team.

We live in an age of high speeds. In just a half hour runs around the planet artificial satellite, fly faster than sound jet passenger liners. And it seems quite natural that the rapid, dizzying movement is regarded as one of the main characteristics of technological progress: the sooner the better.

But here is called the index: 3163.8 meters per year. Simple counting gives a more intuitive average, about 35 centimeters per hour. "Yes, it's very low-speed velocity of a snail! Cry-a-erudit. Can there be anything special?"

It turns out, can. Called the result is considered to be outstanding, and speak of him as a great labor victory. Because it is a penetration rate of mine workings, and the annual path of more than three kilometers, not just the distance, and knocked in a very strong rock drift. It is hardly necessary to explain what each step in this way given the price of considerable collective effort.

Has achieved such success in 1977, heading team Glubochanskogo shaft construction management of the trust "Svinetsshahtostroy", which is headed by Hero of Socialist Labor Chashchin Sergei Petrovich. When in 1976 this group was 2506 linear meters, having beaten off 19,110 cubic meters of rock, many experts argued that the achievement will be hard to beat: these rates are not known, not only mine, but throughout the East Kazakhstan region. However, the team soon proved that this skill can not be outside ...

Our first meeting with Chashchin occurred at the lowest horizon-tenth Belousovsky mine. Together with the head section, a young engineer Boris Koshelev I walked into a steel cage, and the clanging mine elevator dropped us shestisotmetrovuyu depth. From stem to the bottom, where the sinker working, go away, but we went on foot. I have been told that Chashchin rarely gets into the van, "passenger train" which runs periodically on the roadway. Not only because the wait is not in his nature. During the long journey at any point you can stop, turn on or turn off the fan, to detect leaks of compressed air, just to pick someone carelessly thrown piece ... Brigadier-master in this underground maze and never misses an opportunity to once again verify that everything is okay. And because the team is working at the same time also the sixth horizon, a shift has Chashchina pace of up to two dozen kilometers.

Our walk along the tracks made it possible to measure not only the steps that way, that the foreman goes several times a day, but better to see the results of work miners. For all that surrounds us, was the work of their hands ...

We walked down a long narrow tunnel, very similar to a subway line in a reduced form. Under his feet ran away a narrow gauge rail, stretched along the side rows of pipes and cables, home-burned brightly chain of lights. Stuffy damp dungeon was not felt, the air was dry and fresh.

- Pay attention, 'said the section chief, how-range clean, neat. The first sign chaschinskogo handwriting! He can not stand clutter. If you do so only on the conscience-it's the principle. And all their employees raises in this spirit. I myself have learned a lot from him. Attention to detail, thrift, approach to people. If all the supervisors were so grief-would not know!

I had occasion to visit shahtostroiteley teams, and I remember how carefully accounted for. their way of casually scattered boards, rails and machinery. And here if specially prepared to welcome guests, seemed freshly drift. However, why seemed? Koshelev explained to me that sinker, and in fact, thoroughly wash it with water jets remove dust, pebbles, various debris, so that each sleeper lights up yellow, as if rubbed his hands a caring hostess.

Usually, making rent as follows: first is the working committee, wrote in an act of deficiencies, and only then, after their removal, there comes a state commission. But Chashchin can take their work once the state commission, and, as a rule, without any comments. Recently received from him ninth horizon, so then with all mine specialists came to admire.

It's no secret, and other masters of the high-class look like artists or artists, they also need admiring spectators stoustaya praise. Sergei Chashchin and his comrades are unable to show their work, even close friends, if they are not miners, outsiders get to the underground gallery is not easy.

Yet always, and all they do so, though in sight, under hundreds of avid views ...

- Here we are, 'said my guide.

At the far end of the roadway, on the border impenetrable darkness, could see the angular contours of the vehicles, figures of people. Team leader can be found immediately. It was enough to observe a moment, and it became clear: of course, that's a broad-shouldered, powerfully built older worker here, he was unconditionally obey comrades, realizing it at a glance, even if I may say so, with poluzhesta, because when the noise is not a lot of work arrangements you say.

We were just at a tense moment: out of order rock-loading complex, had to replace the defective part. And while the machine did not work again, did not suit the miners break. Just making sure that the unit works perfectly again, Chashchin came up to us. Took off his helmet, wiped the sweat from his forehead.

- Namayalis us with this large object. The equipment is old, often brings an evil takes, when you think how much we lose, until vozimsya renovated. By the way, Boris Remirovich, 'he turned to the chief plot-drilling steel in recent years is very bad. Previously, eighteen drills a day enough, now we get to the thirty-little. And this steel, among other things, a quarter of rubles a kilo ...

- This get-shrugged Koshelev.

Chashchin rebuked:

- To mock! Complaint to the manufacturer to write a letter to the Party committee. It will not help, the ministry in Moscow. And not just about the Boers. Get the same Yerevan hoses, which now and then break. Could save them, but we burn continually. No, with such facts can not be tolerated ...

Sometimes the essence of man is revealed after the first words he uttered phrases. The nature of visual Chashchina immediately found, the visible form:

This man knows the price of labor

minute, it hairy, energetic,


But the work went on in the meantime

normal. Antropov team leader Moses sat in the cab of an electric, Michael took up arms Strashenko loading machine, Vladimir Alexeev was controlled cranes. Tight spaces filled with the noise of engines face, grinding teeth of the bucket with stones, metal thunder. A pile of rocks decreased the eyes, gradually flowing into the trolley.

- The order said the foreman. - Perhaps a half cycle of the guys do. Although could give, and two, if not for this delay. Nothing, yet make up for ...


- I was born in 1931 in the city of Tyumen region Yalutorovsk in a working family. Early left an orphan: his father was killed in forty-two at the front, soon died and his mother. I actually stayed waif ...

Voice of Sergei Chashchina sounds softly, fingers large and strong hands shaking. There is a critical event for him: Communists take control of its shaft construction in their ranks. It seems that there is no reason to worry about: all those present at the meeting knew him only from the best. He repeated several times: you have a good working biography, an enviable fate ... But Sergei Petrovich still excited as ever. Support it at this moment only sympathetic attention of fellow workers, which should be now and party comrades.

How many times in recent days, he recalled his years spent! Joining the party is sure to review the past, scrupulous look at yourself. It seems to be lived in good conscience, no matter what life's trials, never turned on the curve track ... But the memory prompts and made errors caused people offense, misdemeanors. Of course, no one will put it into a reproach, a lot has long been forgotten, but perhaps someone else's judgment in the matter? He judges himself, and no court biased and more severe. A conclusion can be only one: to stifle all in all the unworthy, petty, approve and multiply their best qualities.

Chashchin Sergei Petrovich Autobiography, which he said at the party meeting, put in a few short phrases. But for each of them, for many years, the persistent search for his place in life, his true vocation.

Childhood ... He almost did not see it. Throughout the two years have passed away, four people closest to the boy's father, at first, and then almost simultaneously a mother and grandfather, and after them, and having taken it on the education of her grandmother. In thirteen years he remained his own man, and it happened in the grim days of the war.

He dreamed of the front. I wanted to go where the fighting went on, the Nazis take revenge for his father, for all the ills that have befallen the family. But getting on to the military echelon and failed: a conversation with the boys, who had fled to the front, then was steep and short.

Sergei was a shepherd, walked five consecutive seasons for the herd. He liked the work, is not that difficult. He liked to collect on the copses mushrooms, throw in the Tobol rods. But time went by, and increasingly came to the idea that he was not only able to graze the cows, and we have to find a serious profession. This helped the army. Serve Chashchina happened in the Arctic, on the Kola Peninsula.

There he was promoted to sergeant, and military commanders have repeatedly advised Sergei Petrovich extended-stay: you know how to command the people, they said, like discipline, and the army are very much needed. But he chose a "citizen." Came time to transfer to the reserve, and Sergey went to his native Siberia. But not in the Tyumen region, the best friend Grisha Chekanov persuaded to go along with him to Barnaul, where he worked until the army.

In the Altai Chashchin did not catch on, even though these places are always remembered with a sense of aching tenderness .. There he met Zoe, he became a good friend and wife. But the case of the soul could not find. He worked in raypromkombinate, fitter on the railway, the conductor tried to learn from ... And all the while feeling no, it's not. I wanted something significantly more interesting.

- Come-ka in our region, 'said he once zhena. feel it, my heart, you'll like. Do this exercise for a healthy man-conductor riding in cars? Such as you, only at the mine and work.

- What is it?-Sergei laughed. - Take and go. With you, to the end of the world ...

Zoe talked about mountain Shoria, taiga, and the edge of the ore in the south of the Kemerovo region. There she lived for a girl. Her entire family-his grandfather was a miner prospector, his mother worked at the mine otkatchitsey. And so well told my wife that I wanted to Sergei own hands to feel what the occupation-miner. After some fees they went to the mine Shalym, where relatives lived Zoe, where he hoped to find his destiny Chashchin. Although emboldened, he was troubled at heart: he once greeted the miners?

... Site Manager George Afanasyev immediately noticed a strange young man, he dressed in a clean and helps miners to unload the car to the forest, standing near the tunnel.

- Who are you? He asked.

- Yes that's come, I want to get mine.

- And immediately found employment? What costume do not mind?

Newbie puzzled look in the face of strict boss.

- I sit and close people work. Like, I think, not to help? A suit that you can clean it ....

Afanasyev grinned the guy he obviously liked.

- Write a statement, he said. - Assume the brigade drifters.

But once in the face Chashchina not sent. Need for underground work, many of the qualities of duty, discipline, neatness. Any laxity may result in irreparable disaster, and newcomers are always initially looked after. Instructed him to dig a pit under a heap at the poles. In the case zealously took Sergei, worked diligently.

- This guy is good! - Afanasev. said, Remember my words: we do not just hear about it!

The first teacher was Nikolai Chashchina Nalobin-high, adding heroic man, a former soldier. He was taciturn, the explanation has not been spent, and Sergei is even offended. "Did you learn from this - thinking on.-poked a finger-storm, they say, here and the whole conversation." And only later noticed that Nalobin not overlook any of its movement, is always ready to help, to correct the error. And so, probably, and we must teach the new business-enabling solutions to find himself. If you sit on the beach and listen to an explanation, do not learn to swim, it is imperative pobarahtatsya at a depth of ...

Many years later, when the newspaper published a decree conferring the title of Hero Chashchina, one of the first to congratulate him on his pensioner Nikolai Prokopievich Nalobin who sent a warm, sincere letter. It is easy to understand the feelings of the old miners: what can be better news, that your student has reached the highest peaks!

Two years after entering the mine Sergei Chashchin became head of the Komsomol youth brigade. Days passed, increased skill, and soon the team was known as one of the best. Hard work sinker Chashchin loved with all my heart, I realized finally that it is his true vocation. One worried: no clear prospects ahead. The field is nearly worked out, the mine is about to be closed. Of course, none of the unemployed miners will remain, but moving to a new location is inevitable ...

In 1965, in the life of Sergei Chashchina there was another sharp turn. He moved to eastern Kazakhstan, the construction Belousovsky mine. He entered as a private-tunneller had a lot to learn again, to join the large group with its own traditions. The scale here is much greater: Belousovsky deposit of polymetallic ores developed from 1797, but, in spite of such a venerable age, the company continues to grow and develop. Stocks in the underground reserves are still very large, only accounted for at all times to go in depth, to explore new horizons and new. So for drifters working for long enough.

Workers' talents East Kazakhstan is famous for a long time, other than masters of their business in any group, many dozens, and stand against this background is not easy. However, Sergei Chashchina quickly noticed and appreciated. In terms of temperament, he is among those psychologists call "opinion leaders" - in other words, people respected, whose opinion is most of his comrades. He has won universal respect for quiet business-like, the ability to unobtrusively inoffensive to help a neighbor with high professional skill. And once the leaders asked him to lead the management team of drifters. He agreed: work acquaintance.

- And now, twelve years, I work here, including an eight-team leader, finished-Chashchin avtobiografiyu. their work-as-you to better judge. I can add only one thing: the title of a member of the party of Lenin promise to justify even greater successes. I will spare no effort to keep his word with honor ...

- I ask to speak, 'said the chairman.

The word has asked the Communist

VE Spasov.

- We work together with Sergei for a long time, since his arrival in our department. I can say about him only good things: industrious, he has a real working snap. And still, the talent of the organizer. Sick of dealing with all my heart. I am sure he will be worthy of a communist. Each of those present would repeat those words. And more could be added that while working in the shaft construction management Chashchin twice been awarded the highest state awards, in 1971 received the Order "Badge of Honor", and three years later, the Order of Lenin. And that fame did not gone to his head. On the other hand, works with even greater tenacity ...

Shortly after Chashchina was awarded party ticket, the mine came the joyous news of the awarding him the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Jubilee 1977 was a landmark for him three times, he became a communist, was a star of the Hero and his team set an outstanding achievement. Each of these events it regards as an incentive to work better, go further ahead.

In zlobinski

At a meeting of the regional party and economic asset word was given to the foreman drifters Sergei Chashchina. He spoke of the affairs of his team, about the future plans. Mentioned, and that hinders competition to develop, criticized the leaders of the mine shaft construction and management of defects in the organization of labor.

- And how do you feel about team contract?, Asked the first secretary of the District Party Committee Glubokovski BK-Volkov. Zlobinsky method could help you get rid of many of the current difficulties.

- We are not just talking about it among themselves, 'replied Chashchin. - I think it is quite applicable in our circumstances.

- So what's the matter of - exclaimed sekretar.-Consider how to, talk to the team and make suggestions. A district committee of the party will provide you with full support.

Collection of drifters was rapid and prolonged. Chashchin hotly argued comrades advantage of the new method, but in his heart was no doubt: but whether all of his support?

- Right!, Said some. - If you sign a contract with the Authority, will improve the supply of materials, and general attention to us will be more.

- This is how to tell! - Objected drugie.-cost accounting, double-edged sword, then a short time and with no earnings to stay ...

Still managed to convince the skeptics. It was decided: on April 1, 1976 to begin work in new ways. The team has concluded a bilateral economic treaty: the staff gave the word to repel the first eight months 11,016 cubic meters of rock, economical use of building materials, to ensure the safety of machines and tools to work with good quality. The administration, in turn, must promptly provide the necessary technical documentation, equipment, implement engineering controls.

Of course, the transition to a team contract demanded a serious and thorough preparation. Managers manage well understood that the haste in this matter may result in failure, how many times has it happened that a formal approach to a particular employment endeavor to undermine faith in the people a good innovation, compromised the progressive idea. That's why the engineers and economists, together with his lineup Chashchin elaborated a flow chart of penetration, its schedule, made costumes, set, sequence diagrams.

- Now everything depends on us, - said Sergey Petrovich comrades, when the calculations were checked several raz.-Speed and thrift-here today, the main slogan. Remember, if things go our success, the team contract will pass, and other miners. It turns out that solving the problem of national importance ...

The first month of a new show that each of the drifters started well understood the value of work: labor productivity by more than half the average higher than in the control.

Slated for a contract amount of work the team completed ahead of schedule Chashchina for 49 days. Was obtained by the economic effect of 16,000 rubles, and the share of the team had 4820 rubles additional premium. Now, all mine have seen: work in zlobinski equally beneficial for the company and the workers. Success has allowed to expand the scope of the experiment, a contract was concluded with two more brigades, VP Maltsev and AV Treshcheva. Cases in these bands, too, went smoothly.

Yet so far would not be worth too carried away the first achievements. And Chashchin and his followers were convinced they could achieve much greater efficiency, if the work went smoothly. "Green Street", which desired sinker is still there, still occur with spare parts shortages, lack of capacities to systematically under the rock, often falling air pressure in the arteries. And planning is not going smoothly, in an already agreed upon and approved by the figures sometimes adjustments are made.

- Of course, every obstacle you can find the cause, says Sergei Petrovich.-There is one overlooked, and the other had miscalculated, and the third is not checked ... Still think it's not just someone's personal mismanagement. It is necessary to improve the system itself works, so that any error was excluded automatically. In my opinion, it's time to expand the scope of the contract, to extend it to subcontractors. Miners are right when they say that it is necessary to switch from private to an ingenious experiments Brigadier contract. It is often stated that at the same time improving the psychological climate of the brigade, becoming stronger sense of personal responsibility for the final results.

Recently, the team decided how to distribute a regular premium savings on the contract. According to the Status of the money should have received only a sinker. But Chashchin spoke and said that it's not quite true, because the success of the team haulers and provided, employees mehsluzhby. We thought the miners decided to allocate part of their prize subcontractors.

The leaders agreed to control: done properly, in good conscience. So, Soviet-style, in a party ...

His three-year task team Chashchina promised to finish the first anniversary of the new Soviet Constitution, this obligation failed for half a month ahead of schedule. And then he had planned a new milestone: complete five-year period as a whole to April 22, 1980. For this purpose, and is the collective cycle after cycle, day after day, month after month ...


Chashchin does not like loud comparison. Yes, and he is a calm, balanced, in his leisure hours prefers to roam the woods, sitting with a fishing rod, and at home to play with the little-granddaughter, so far the only, and therefore is particularly beloved. Yet after meeting with him comes to mind chased front-line formula with so you can go to explore. These words refer to Sergei Petrovich, to the fullest extent, their ready to repeat everyone who lives and works next to him.

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