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Bardyshev Vladimir F.

The foreman of the mine stope miners' Novokuznetskaya "Production Association" Yuzhkuzbassugol "

Bardyshev Vladimir F. I remember a conversation with the director of the mine "Novokuznetskaya" Alexei Ivanovich Halimova: Here I read essays, stories about the miners. Like all of them correctly, increasing the load on the face, increases the carbon flux. But I want to say that loads faster than any increase in the slaughter of the people themselves. It is perhaps no less important ... You know a team of Vladimir Fedorovich Bardysheva? We have the fifth part is working. Here is a good example.

Later, I met with Bardyshevym. He does not stint, began to talk about what bothered him: he was in the pool at the meeting. We discussed the problem of mines. The question of overriding. After all, our "Novokuznetsk", say, for example, coal stockpiles remained very small. What to do next?

I remembered how Bardyshev, following all of the same theory: not one word from the authorities of such problems should be ill,-speaking in a meeting with the candidate to deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Minister of Coal Industry, BF Bratchenko. He was worried when the fate of Abashevskaya village, which is connected with most of his life. With digital calculations proved it a candidate for deputy from the tribune of the Palace of Culture named after Vladimir Mayakovsky, where the meeting took place: behind the development of our village from Novokuznetsk. It is not enough heat pods. And these disparities are not in favor of the case. They must be correct.

The Minister took into account the mandate of the voter. Passed quite a bit of time and from Moscow came to a pleasant news that the construction of the boiler room of the district the necessary resources.

Is it other than an expert miner technology, the celebrated head of a complex mechanized brigade, claims, and to the creators of the mining units, staff planning and design institutes, machine builders to:

- To increase the reliability of equipment is necessary. And he argues that, in his opinion, should be improved to less downtime was to completely change the coal workers were given out to the surface. I remember, and another meeting with Vladimir Fedorovich. He had just risen from the bottom. Immediately after washing Shaft proposed a stroll along the shore of Tom, which carries water into the wide expanse of the valley. Looking slightly covered by a yellow wood, and gave the field, he mused:

- The great thing after all the romance. I liked and like a lot. If you go, then go somewhere far away, if you do that, so necessarily unusual. Even the most everyday things went for him unusual. From an early age like a locomotive, it persuaded the chief of the depot to take on the job. We took a hard-mal was still. It was time to serve in the military, asked to be sent to the Navy. An interesting detail: he was taken to serve on locomotive, which, as a mechanic repairing himself in Korosten depot.

Proved to be a legendary sailor Baltic. It was time for demobilization, Komsomol went to Kuzbass, where he knew only by hearsay. Before the firing had come to the reserve

Coal-cut business man, not easy. And on mine "Novokuznetskaya" "double tough. Layers is small, the power to turn do not give. Two or three months and have to relocate.

By way of a record production team Bardysheva bumpy lies. Complicated geological conditions of constant thought requires a creative approach to business, the exact calculation and the knowledge, possession of a virtuoso technique of mine. And yet the courage bardyshevskaya needed. Not daring, courage, namely a first step, calm, confident, like a ship designed for a letter from a colleague Stjepan Makarchuk: "At sea, you, of course, is good, but really you will find yourself in the mines. Here this man's work ... "

Did not come alone, with friends, seven. With one of them, George Lukyanovich together works so far. So in Novokuznetsk, a new miner, which eventually became his pride and glory.

Around the shaft so dense forests sprawling field. And below them are the same coal seams and the courage of that school, which sought to Vladimir.

Years of work at the mine remembers Vladimir Fedorovich many: he became a miner earned the Russian Federation, is listed in the Guinness Book of Labor Glory of mine, was awarded the medal of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, signs of "Miner" of all degrees, the Order of Labor Red Banner, two Orders of Lenin. As the highest recognition of his services to the Motherland, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. It is not easy given the awards. All happened at the mine. More good, but the trouble is not over. Such that in a bad dream never dreamed of. They have mastered a new mehkompleks KM-81. It pinned high hopes that, by the way, and then fully justified. But mine is mine. In one of the chain shift stuck combine. Struggled with it more than one hour and all seemed in vain. And then the chain has moved. Fascinated by the unexpected victory, Vladimir Fedorovich had completely forgotten about the impending danger-breed pack, canopy closure lining. She waited like this and collapsed on the lower back. Wild pain filled the entire body. Each step of the miners, who carried it out to the surface, seemed kilometer.

Many hours were collected surgeons broken bones, but the fragments to each other drove the most diligent manner. Oh, that Vladimir tried to get on their feet, while still on the drawing than alarmed most of the hospital.

Six months later, asked the medical commission to translate it into a third group of disability. From the second flatly refused, "a big guy to retire too early." With the heat proving that the injury he will not interfere, he is gravity. Moreover, considerable. We respected the request, and Vladimir, translated into an easy labor, was led by the director's "Volga".

He drove a short Alexei Ivanovich Halimova: ask again in the face, on your site, the fifth number, but always the first on business. It was hard to resist the insistent request of the Director Bardysheva. He realized that the risk, in response to a miner. Not a risk to themselves, of course, thought, and he Khalimov miner quenching. I thought, and weighed, as will slaughter the affected person. And finally consented. It was a joyful day. "Like a second time, was born," recalls-Bardyshev. Soon the miners elected him foreman.

Subsequent years, he remembers the fact that they have become a kind of growth stages of the brigade. Take, for example, the movement for a communist attitude toward labor. Like yesterday, the team developed a commitment by entering into a competition for the right to wear that title. And the team had a long and difficult journey. Only a limited number of people had a secondary education. Was not high and professional level of the miners. Now the team authentic miner's aces of the case, which come to study underground mining machine operators of different mines of the Kuznetsk Basin. Yes, and must be in by the faces of many mines. And an increase in educational level and can not speak: the team at all behind, at least, ten-year, four enrolled in college mountain, seven-in higher education administration. Among them, the brothers Pavel and Sergei Medvedev, Sergey Dudkin.

On the attitude to work can be judged from the following fact: no matter how hard it was, none of the teams are not asked. On the contrary, "Novokuznetsk" considers it an honor just to get into its ranks.

When the mine was honored first team of communist labor, they were the team of Vladimir Fedorovich Bardysheva, participating as a credit for the triumph of mining machine operators reported: coal is mined and where others refuse to because of the difficult situation. Extracted from the fiction, creative quest. Moreover, the results are incredible, not only in terms of production. Probably around the Ministry of Coal Industry has no team, which would give its mining code mechanisms for such a long life. So it turns out that longevity can be not only people but also mechanical systems. Of course, if the ratio is due to them.

Of course, there is no strict setting, how many years he must "live", but is determined to overhaul with the help should be sent out to the surface at least a million tons of coal.

However, Vladimir Fedorovich and his friends go without repair techniques for six years, and they were extracted during that time nearly four million tons of coal. And replaced by only one complex, which is completely fulfilled his life-the result for the association "Yuzhkuzbassugol" unique. Yes, perhaps, not just for him!

In the union I was introduced to the technology of machine production team of Vladimir Fedorovich and helped found a clear relationship between tons of production in rubles it cost and trouble-free operation of mining equipment.

- Without a major overhaul of the complex, it has already produced products to 24.5 million rubles, if we take into account the cost of tons of coal in the middle of a mine in 882 pennies. The very same complex is worth about half a million rubles. So, he paid off fifty times.

Bardyshev Vladimir F. Vladilen P. Abakumov, chief economist at the mine, said these calculations:

- Do not forget the other figures. Only for the repair of the complex is necessary to spend more than 50 thousand rubles. But the assembly and dismantling operations, and transportation to and from the plant, too, cost a pretty penny. In addition, the repair should be set at a rate of 60 days to go. In fact, there is a lot more. It is easy to calculate how much carbon in the meantime lost mine, if the daily load on the mechanized slaughter of more than two thousand tons.

These are just the most obvious advantages of team initiative of Vladimir Fedorovich operate equipment without major repairs.

Do not suddenly and not once she came to this decision. I must say it, and before that was a lot of merit. Suffice it to say that one of the first team in the Kuzbass thirteen years ago, crossed the line half a million of annual production, and its daily production all the while never fall below a thousand tons.

It is clear that she is referring to her frequent visits of the delegation. This famous brigade turned in their favor. Among the guests were always people who know miners' work, and talked in detail about their experiences. Since Vladimir Fedorovich and his comrades found themselves as if the battery experiences of many mines. This is very useful to them. The fact that the highest productivity of longwall faces with established systems of older types who have exhausted their potential. The miners, of course, have lost interest in them. In such circumstances, the leaders of the mine proposed mining technology team of a new generation of GST-2-70. Emphasized the complex experimental. Hence, the only of its kind, this is nowhere else. No, it appears to rely on replacement parts and expert help with installation and repair.

But at the same time, everyone knew that from the complex depends on the success of the brigade, on its proper operation depends on output, and hence earnings. At the suggestion of the foreman decided to exploit the new technology so as to completely eliminate the need for major repairs. In addition, conceived to do without outside help during installation and dismantling of the most critical components, particularly the hydraulic system.

Something to hide, when the matter involved the representatives of management of the installation and dismantling of mining equipment, one of the areas which are at the mine, many of the details are often lost and have to replace them with what will turn up. The situation is different now: out of sight of the miners do not lose any, even the most insignificant detail.

Seven years have passed since then, as a commitment was made. During this time, dozens of miners worked lavas, sent out to the surface millions of tons of coal and changed only one set, the same pilot.

A team working under difficult conditions for mechanized systems. Especially complicate their use in the mine "Novokuznetskaya" short excavation field. As a result, stocks in the lavas cut short by only two or three months. So, every year has to do before reinstalling the five-to Novokuznetsk mine downright exceptional fact.

What, then, helps the team to get as good results? There is little to say the conventional phrase, clear distribution of responsibilities among team members, professional excellence and experience. Over the years, a team of about two decades, miners have been a good school, morally closer and all rely on each other. To this we must add, at the site is doing a great public work, which makes it possible to further improve the efficiency of miner's labor. For example, a lot to do with this commission on economy and thrift, an active member of which is the team leader. In the field of accident-free work of the commission of mining technology, creative ideas innovators precinct, re-use of materials and other equally important issues.

The story of the team does not want to turn into a newsletter for the exchange of experience, but without some of the purely technical details is necessary. Regardless of a change of state of the art is given to preventive maintenance, what the repair group. All components of the complex proposed by the foreman assigned to the miners, who know them well.

- A large contribution to the overall success of the innovators are making - says the section chief Michael Panteleevich Chervenko.-for example, the first complex of two GST-70 proposed to introduce innovations to the economic effect of more than 140 thousand rubles.

However, according to a team, it is important for the others: increased overall rate of coal mining. Long gone are the days when she gave one day a thousand tons of coal. Other measurements is now living group: 2500 - 2700 tons, it's a normal result of daily and annual rose to 600 - 700 000 tons. For the conditions of the mine "Novokuznetskaya" This result is probably the limit.

Such returns miner initiative. Generous return!

Team came to prominence. On it were equal to the other teams mines, unions, all of the Kuzbass. Many mines in the basin, in aspen, Mezhdurechensk, and others, I've heard in recognition of her work:

"And this is done Bardysheva so ...". But it would not be Bardyshev Bardyshevym if rested on its laurels of past achievements. He is always in search.

"Achieved is good, but can be even better!" These words are for him as a war slogan.

Searches sometimes lead to such results, which experts regard as then a genuine revolution in miners is. For example, in collaboration with leading engineering and technical workers union team was among the first in domestic practice, decided to learn the first thing unheard of: the finalization of the lava did not dismantle the mechanized complex to then assemble it in a new slaughter and expanding, develop a coal block in reverse order.

The need for this has always been great.

Here's what mine says the director Aleksei Ivanovich Khalimov:

- The field of our mines is such that it can not be cut into long, coal pillars. Hence, a significant number of re-cabling systems. But every reinstalling can, figuratively speaking, to compare with the move from an apartment 'in the apartment.

I must say, this problem is not only worried about the staff of mine "Novokuznetskaya." In the Soviet Union and other advanced coal industry has long been carried out studies aimed at drastic reduction in the assembly and dismantling. In this regard, scientists and production workers very promising factor is a reversal of the complex.

For mining it, if you like, stunt, which so far can only aces. In the world practice some of these cases. The mine studied each of them. Unfortunately, "News of the foreign coal industry: Express Information INAH-Coal" and magazine "Glyukauf" who placed the materials on this subject, gave only a general picture of the probe transitions from the lava in the lava without the removal of mechanized complexes. Emphasized, however, a large economic effect.

So the spread is profitable not only in terms of achieving high mechanical loads on the rock faces. Particularly acute problem of transition without the removal of the mines of Southern Kuzbass, many of which are short field excavation. On the "Novokuznetsk" for the experiment were prepared by two excavation of the pillar. What a team to go on this unusual case? Neither the mine nor the union of two minds on this point was not: of course, the team of Vladimir Fedorovich Bardysheva. Again, the word Halimova Alexei Ivanovich, who, incidentally, along with a team of trained and carried out this experiment.

Over twenty days lasted an unusual experiment. Preliminary calculations confirmed completely. First, while turning the team on average every day sent out to the surface to 960 tons of coal, and secondly, after the turn of the mechanized complex technical condition was such that the cleaning work in the new lava started without any delay. As a result, the straight portion of the excavation column average load on the face has reached 1,100 tons.

It is interesting to note in this, and fact. In the practice of mining often there are such situations: the staff of research and design institutes offer interesting technical novelty or something like that, and production workers to repudiate her, "Who can guarantee that it will go with us?"

At the same brigade slaughter Vladimir Fedorovich often work alongside the rank and file miners and leading specialists of the mountain of scientific research institutions. In particular, it was during the turn of the complex, which was held in conjunction with the Department of Technology and Mechanization of underground mining of coal organization of the Moscow Mining Institute under the guidance of Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Anatoly Semenovich Burchakova. Since scientific advice of scientists and Vladimir F. Bardyshev his friends have translated into concrete action.

Perhaps the institution of luck with an experiment? Not at all! It was chosen after careful consideration of many factors: the need for production, mining conditions. And, perhaps most importantly, was taken into account professional excellence teams VF Bardysheva.

His name is now to help in places where other developers are powerless. For example, at the request of the leaders of the All-Union Industrial Association "Kuzbass beggars" went to the mine "Berezovsky". He visited the site in the mine lagging shift or two, it became obvious that things are not miners ladilis for two reasons. First, they do not know the technique.

Secondly, the situation is complicated bureaucratic habits of area commander, who was trying to solve production problems on their own, not trusting subordinates.

For a week spent in the mine, Vladimir Fedorovich and taught the tricks of the staff area of artificial lift. However, the mechanism debugged. In parting Bardyshev heart to heart, plainly spoke to the unlucky head of the site. We will not say his name, but we note that this conversation has gone to his advantage.

Director of the mine "Berezovsky" and then say, "Bardyshev came to us as a musical instrument tuner. In the case went to the mountain: the same set of coal every day began to give much more. "

In the role of the same tuner performed in Osinniki on mine "Capital."

- There's another problem occurred, - says Vladimir Fedorovich.-All was seemingly in place, but people have lost themselves in the details. Nothing, established with the situation. Up to two thousand tons of coal per day range now provides. And so many mines, the "Baydaevskoy", named after Georgi Dimitrov.

Special care was surrounded by Vladimir F. and his fellow crew VV Silyutina the native mine. By putting forward the slogan "I've learned myself, teach another," they took patronage over this Komsomol youth group three years ago. Business cooperation has already yielded good results. For example, in 1983, sponsored more than once got into a very difficult mountain conditions, and the same number of times the team Bardysheva support them. The most experienced of the most experienced, first lineup, helping patrons. And did not work a day or two ...

The most remarkable thing in this mining community of labor brigades, perhaps, is that they do not make any records hit the target, to overtake each other.

Care is a personal example to convince everyone the opportunity to work in any high-mountain conditions. That is why the above-plan production for both groups are now often are, so to speak, hand in hand.

This is now. As for long-term results, there is a brigade of Vladimir Fedorovich difficult to find an equal, more than ten years, it annually produces half a million or more tons of coal. Up to 728,000 tons yearly brought. Performance of slaughter in 1983.

- She would be cleaning the front a little more, sure to become a millionaire, - said the director of mines AI Khalimov. - Yes, it is impossible, does not allow the mine field. Here's to 1985 she dropped out new tests. "Hard coal" miners will produce: we'll have to work in a few faces. So, we must make the same transition. And it is in a high rock pressure, enhanced methane emission.

- Whatever it was, but we can handle the task, 'says the foreman.

Of course, he would not have recognized such a master, if not studied daily and hourly. Well, that says a miner, if he sees such a master of mining, as Bardyshev, in the preparatory slaughter? In the best case for the eccentric will, and then and think of nothing better to do come.

Different opinion, Vladimir Fedorovich:

- I did a bad, if not gone. After all, we go behind tunneller. And where, if not in their slaughter, I know what lies ahead. Better than any geological plate to determine the future.

That's why a lot of valuable thoughts and comments expressed it in class all-union school of excellence. In Karaganda, in Tula, everywhere shares the secrets of his skill.

The secret, in general, is simple: to reach all detail, nothing except for a trifle. That is why, having no special education, it is on par with economists, and as creators of mining equipment, the view Bardysheva for them worth a lot of research.

All this combined with intimate knowledge of psychology.

- Go up to another like human beings, it is ten times more than you do, 'said Vladimir Fedorovich.-It is especially important uchityi, 1t now, when the team is a generational change.

She is not afraid to entrust the leadership of Brigadier links miners, who is not even thirty. Alexander Markov, Vladimir Merkulov, Vladimir Popov, any of these young lineup is capable of being a team leader.

The most experienced, mostly veterans, gathered in the repair shift, from which depends primarily on the state of technology. Of course, with a balance of power foreman can safely rely on any of the links. That's why we believe the head area Panteleevich Michael Cervenka, who claimed: for Bardysheva importantly, people.

Who or take-out team for each lot of good deeds. Bardyshev tells about each of them in detail, with particular interest. Take, for example, Ivan Spivakov. In his biography of a lot in common with the foreman: both from the Ukraine, the two began working life locksmiths, both had given up after the service in Siberia, unknown before, to become miners. Here, in the mine "Novokuznetsk", joined their employment career.

And yet, all of their biographies are similar. They are all from a single miner families.

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