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Chukanov Boris

Senior Master of the Moscow metallurgical plant "Sickle and Hammer"

Chukanov Boris His typical day begins with a half-past five, or more precisely, in 5.20, he always wakes up ten minutes before the alarm will ring. At the time this instrument the time he was rewarded for sports achievements as captain of the factory team in volleyball.

At the factory, he went on the subway. From "Perovo" to "Lenin Square". The morning peak has not yet arrived, and the subway he can easily view the newspaper. Then on the escalator, he gently puts it in the pocket and leave until the evening when you can read everything carefully, without haste. In the evening he devotes a special time for reading the newspaper.

He was an old factory and the famous. Founded more than a hundred years ago, on vacant lots and gardens near Moscow Novo Andronevki hamlet on the banks of small streams Golden Horn, which was hidden in a long tube, so that nothing is left of it, only a street-Zolotorozhsky shaft.

In 1922 the plant received its present name, is widely known and proud - "Hammer and Sickle."

Boris V. Chukanov, a native Muscovite. And his childhood, passed at the International Street, the morning was filled with factory whistles, open-hearth hot flashes in half the sky in the evening, talking about the adult-plant cases of iron, about the rod, about the first revision of second ... We sat, had happened, the old personnel officer on a bench in the yard, smoked in a fist, spoke slowly, as they have artisan self-respecting people.

His father, Vasily, was a welder, worked for the ZIL. And my mom worked there, in the carburetor shop. And he wanted to be a pilot, driver, polar explorer. He was the thirty-third, then all the boys have seen a polar, papanintsev.

Do not hurry, 'he tries to do without haste, Chukanov comes to his own steel wire shop, shop in the fourth conversion. Here, a brief explanation is required, what is the fourth redistribution.

- The redistribution of the metal-recycling process, which resulted in changing its chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties, physical state, form, quality, well-Chukanov explains the meaning of the word.

Obtaining iron from iron ore in blast furnaces is the first revision. Iron-second raw material processing, steel smelted from it. Third redistribution ends on hot rolling mills, which produce rails, round, hexagonal, square, steel beams, which later build multi-span bridges, tall skeletons of houses, ocean-going ships ... Third redistribution loves newsreels. That's right: it is indeed an impressive sight, when the rollers at a speed of an express train rushing bursting with multi-ton heat of the fiery eyes blank and malleable as clay or oil, take a given shape. But the fourth-redistribution case, which occupied his shop, aims to refine the metal to give a correct and accurate rental in size geometry, while improving strength characteristics. They produce cold drawn wire, thinner and much more accurate in size than hot-rolled. Their products are inherent preassigned mechanical properties with minimum tolerances.

Production of sheet metal strip, giving it grinding and polishing of high-quality high-gloss surface, the production of high-profile, it's their problem, the goal of the fourth processing.

Chukanov comes to the station for half an hour before the start of the shift. He is familiar to the span, which is always referred to as "passing a warm," and now renamed the Avenue Chukanova. This, he knows, with a light hand cleaners Mary Vasilyevna Chernyayevo matter. Kalilschitsey Once it worked, and having retired, chose the service easier, monitors the cleanliness.

Boris took its name Avenue between drawing and termotravilnym sites, looked like the metal is stored before going into production. There were no comments.

On the site, he met with the night shift foreman, Alexander Nikolayevich Deryabin, said hello. And Deryabin began to transmit shift. Reported that the night burst pipe in the pickling department, cold, it would be necessary to urgently close the window. Noted the lack of loading of carbon number in the pickling department. There were minor faults in the termotravilnom unit number 2 ...

The morning tranquility was over-taken Chukanov shift, and now his whole life, all his thoughts there in this closed space filled with modern equipment that requires skillful hands and experienced eyes, experience, instant reaction, if that ...

Long ago, his first mentor, Alexis Mikhnevich, taught him to master the lathe DIP-200, when, having completed seven classes in the forty-ninth he came to the plant. Like yesterday, it was!

- So, I'll teach you, 'said Alexis, looking him up and golovy.-See how I work. Observe and draw conclusions.

Small growth, rarely smiling, taciturn, first teacher was a true master of his craft. What he did was not a job, but a real art! He was a wagon-turner and fitter, and a master watchmaker. Loved, that the job was more cunning. To head it was necessary to break before you get to work. And the teaching method has developed it interesting. Next to him stood a little old machine little machine, even with the transmission and slapped used to drive belt, spraying lubricant. For a student of Boris Chukanova little machine and it was too big, so he put his feet on the three lattices one another, to reach the carriage, and looking at Alexis Mikhailovich, all eyes and tried to do the same thing he did. And he worked and kept quiet. And only when the first piece turned out, Alexis said warmer tone:

- I see from your side's initiative. The success of the need to consolidate.

He was a strict man. No emotion itself is not allowed. And so it is particularly etched in the memory of Boris Vasilievich unusual solemnity, and at the same time everyday patterns intercession of his labor duty. Drizzle sprinkled the glass shop windows. In the span burning lamps, overhead crane passed, jingling, and suddenly Alexis away from the bench, took off his goggles, he said:

- Stand for my machine. Work. You already can, Boris. Come on, do not be afraid! After graduation, received the first working level, Chukanov not immediately fell for the fourth redistribution in steel wire shop. He started in the mechanical repair and Mikhail Mikhailovich Rumyantsev, the foreman of the repair. It was a cheerful, energetic artist, a big bookworm, he collected a library of books, and treated with great respect. If the work is taking, it is always neatly wrapped in newspaper and gave it to look only after it has ascertained that the hands are clean.

Mikhail was a real mentor. Then, this title is not so often pronounced as it is, but the meaning remains the same. Rumyantsev is not just teaching the craft, not just to distribute the work according to your rank. He was a counselor, a senior fellow, a true friend. With it you can confide, and he will listen, advise, help. Always helpful, always ready to answer any question, so he remembered, the first brigade. He wanted to emulate, that's what it should be noted. From the mechanical-repair accompanied by Boris Chukanova the army. Serve as he had in the frontier troops, he graduated with honors from school junior aviation specialists, and when the part arrived, the political officer said:

- Comrade Sergeant, tell us about the personnel of a factory. It is the world famous "Hammer and Sickle."

He then could not consider himself human, but remember the pride he felt for what it is ranked as a human resources worker "Hammer and Sickle." Neither the incomparable feeling of belonging to the plant, its history, present and tomorrow. And when it came time to return home, he knew the firm would return to his "Hammer and Sickle."

Who has not heard of his factory? As his only no-name and a symbol of Moscow's work, laboratory work and excellence, and the source of manpower. His factory produces high quality steel, mold steel castings, rolled steel, stainless steel tape, calibrated steel, consumer goods, and so-wire steel wire in their shop. But they have a difficult wire. On the wall of the site a poster: "Comrade, treat the metal. Remember, one ton of finished goods manufactured by a workshop, it is worth ... "and followed by four five-digit figures in rubles. That is such an expensive product they produce in their fourth redistribution, but that is not only in rubles. They invested a lot of wire of skilled labor, and for its manufacture are very expensive grades of steel.

They have a factory worker, every third young man, younger than thirty years. On his site staff, we can say mature, they are in the army last few years who are rarely seen off, but the former soldiers come to him often. Because, probably, they are very fond of the shop to celebrate a wedding, celebrating their fun and give gifts to the young, such that after a lifetime memory. They have friendly staff, for the most part, all are experienced and novice approach to the most that on is reasonable: there is a specialty-play-no-teach. Recently it came to Nicholas Kosmakov, served in the Army. He was an infantryman, now-otzhigalschik. It works well. And even in the army knew that would work on the "Hammer and Sickle." Such a goal set. This fate otzhigalschika Kosmakova and Senior Master Chukanov similar.

Chukanov Boris Returning to the plant from the border, Boris turner repair equipment. Service repair requests received from all of the plant, with all shops. Because of this, he very soon learned the entire plant could be judged, where both work. Here, in the factory team, and met his future wife. Zinaida in typewriter factory office work. Together they played sports stadium at the factory, studied together in absentia in the metallurgical factory college.

After college he moved to the master of turning the site. Boys came from the craft, he had them complete their education. After some time the plant has come a new progressive equipment. The team proceeded to the next reconstruction. It was necessary to develop standard provolokoobdirochny and another - the drawing-combined.

Chukanova placed on the development of this equipment. He participated in the installation and commissioning as a master of plot spetsstankov and instrumental workshop. The farm troublesome.

So he worked up to seventy-third year, the first Order of Red Banner of Labor received. Transferred him to another area. He began to command Chukanov termotravilnym department, where preparation and etching the metal to the drawing. He studied and taught the other, there must be very precise technology to comply with all the preparatory work carried out in accordance with the rules. And it was more than a decade ago, he assumed the post in the troubled, and every morning for half an hour before the change appears on the site.

After talking with the master of the night shift, this time with Deryabin, he walked around the entire area, and exchanged views with travilschikom Budaeva, asked how the night worked. It's okay. Then met Dmitry V. Ignatova, as his work. He complained to the pinch rolls, and Chukanov it took on a note, that at once, without waiting for the serious consequences to follow, just like that.

Then the wizards in the room watched the daily task, to find out where they took the metal, as with the electric furnace, with travilki, with the sheet rolling, with a combine harvester with a roller oven ... At the grade of steel drew attention to the specification, passport numbers. They each type of product your documents.

- The whole family tree in front of me. Gradually, one by one, into the room to the master Boris approached the foreman of the thermal area, Stepan K. Knight, Brigadier pickling department Pavel Kozlov and team leader in quality, Leonid Afanasievich Artamonov. They are all experienced professionals who have worked for years in the "Sickle and Hammer" and in the metallurgical problems savvy. Found that to be taken, what is the comments of the previous shift.

At exactly 8:00 in the office of chief of department briefing. Spend it at a rapid pace, while they have taken care of, and after a few minutes Chukanov comes down to your area. It's filled with the usual roar of the workers, is the fourth redistribution! ..

In the shop and the site has its own history and its future. When the kids come to them after the army or other productions, he tries to find the time to explain how they arose and how to shop for a five-year development of new kinds of wire enabled the country to save over five million gold rubles. Previously, a wire from the capitalists to buy, and every time they have repaired the obstacles: a list of strategic materials they have made the wire, the inflated prices.

Stainless steel, made in his factory, lined columns metro station "Mayakovsky," those were the years when the production of stainless steel tapes were not only new thing in our country. So much for History. In. life of any production, no matter how advanced in its time it was, is mastered, it becomes habitual. And somewhere in the institutions for pilot production are solved new, more productive and cost-effective technology and everyday life in the factory is often repeated joyfully disturbing and troublesome word reconstruction.

Now the "Hammer and Sickle" holds another reconstruction in a going concern.

In 1983 he built and gave Rolling mill products "300/250" for section steel rolling mills and wire rod. Its power, 220,000 tons of steel per year. Stan modern and challenging in every respect. Today's mechanical engineers to metallurgists to impose stringent requirements in the new mill embodied the latest achievements of science and engineering.

- The work of reconstruction is a big, 'says Chukanov - huge amounts. The whole appearance of the plant is changing radically. If I tell you that most of our funds have increased five-fold and now account for 300 million rubles. So it's only numbers. For the human figure must be seen, our present with the former metallurgist Rogozhskoy outpost. What he is now. Here it is, it is our main achievement. We will come out of this-will be a success.

Any reconstruction, all technical achievement of the main aims to not only production but also social problems, so said Senior Master Chukanov.

- I'm here is just one piece to emphasize in our offsite policy, says on.-The introduction of new facilities, upgrading technology, automation of production in areas where previously missing manual, hard work, helped to increase labor productivity by 20 percent. Mastered and put into production more than 160 new grades of steel and alloys. The growth of economic indicators ordained a successful solution of social problems. Each year, 250 families metallurgists celebrate the housewarming. Four new dining rooms were built, a sanatorium, summer camp, high-rise dormitory in a thousand places, it is also reconstructed.

- I'll tell you more, 'continued Boris. - The production of personal care team will not risk a single feature to separate. Everything is interconnected, and success, we must realize is achieved by a wide onset. There are many components. Fourth redistribution is also a gauge of character, remelting. How do you want to call! The day came when the plant put out the latest open-hearth furnace. A lot of criticism for these furnaces was, on all sides by the plant is now surrounded by a large Moscow, you can not pollute the environment. Do not they have become open-hearth production, but concern for environmental protection have not disappeared. Year by year more and more funds allocated for the maintenance of gas cleaning, dedusting plants, machines and sanitation is also a reconstruction.

- In winter, note the snow on the roofs of our workshops is white - says Chukanov.-Yes I am such a child can not remember. Near grew up. A metallurgical production. We have not changed my profile.

These shop reconstruction officially began ... He thinks. No, in such cases, the exact date can not exist.

- Facilitation of Labour, its improvement, the problem constant, he says, walking over to his uchastku.-We are working in this direction all the time.

He likes to recall how they decided a very important task. More recently, a high-temperature heat treatment of steel grades are not everything was in order. It was an old furnace glow, and manual labor is quite enough. But it was replaced by modern equipment, not only facilitated the work, but have improved, and considerably, the quality of the metal. And this is an important indicator of the production. The quality and quantity. More and more, this time, dual task sets.

Recently, at the site were converted Dead Tank dryer and the drying process after the etching of the metal before applying the next operation was reduced by half. Boris played a direct role in addressing the technological challenges associated with the bottleneck etching process. He believes that technology, in any, even the most sophisticated production-it's not all. How is the work? What is the relationship in a team? What kind of people picked up in one shift? In one brigade? Enjoys a respected artist? That's difficult questions that require thoughtful decisions such as how technological problems.

Steelmakers are deeply aware of the benefits of brigade organization. In the team concept of "mine" and "our" merge into one. That's out of this and should proceed in our everyday work. And do not rely on the omnipotence of technology. Technology itself is not the person who took it, is dead. It should be properly exploited. Team contract helps to take the technique all that it is designed.

He goes on your site. In the pickling department of the pickling bath lift coils of wire. In the baths of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid. There are strict operating procedures for each brand, but other than that, have the experience, the feeling of the metal.

- Experienced travilschik in color, appearance determines which products are obtained from the dross, whether it be oxidized ... This is important, explains Boris and his smiling face seriously.

It turns out that morning, taking land, he learned that the metal is applied with a high sulfur content. The metal supplied from another company. Such a marriage once and can not define, especially since all documents are means-all conditions are met.

At the time, he argued that the composition of teams, where there are conditions for this must be a member and master, directly engaged in production. Now this issue is resolved. And now he thinks it's the obvious solution is not final. His need to develop.

Boris is optimistic. Team contract should be developed as a method to search for new forms of work brigade. But the team is not in itself, it is with the other teams tied in a single solution, even if those teams and work in another enterprise. All they do is equally need to work on the final result. Poorly-made answer!

- When working on the final result - conviction, he concludes, 'You marry one of the first grade will not give out. First remake. Or advise what to do in this scenario is possible. There can be punished, and the ruble, and the loss of good name. A good name, too, not just goes to, they should be cherished.

He suddenly turns to place a protective helmet and adjusts the prospect of returning to his name, the room masters. By all accounts, he can call home at any time, day or night, he is ready to help solve any business problem, he knows every working of the site, shop, his family, interests, its simple and not simple human concern, because the work does not make border does not divide the case to "mine" and "our".

It is in this building all their work, senior master of the Moscow Metallurgical Plant "Hammer and Sickle," with his fourth conversion.

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