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Chumak Paul A.

The engineer excavator specialized construction and assembly administration of the trust "KCD" Golovkyivmiskbud

Chumak Paul A. In the workbook Paul Alexandrovich Chumak, one single entry: excavator operator specialized construction and assembly administration of the trust "KCD" Golovkyivmiskbud. A single. Since 1951.

At the beginning of the twelfth five-year veteran of the labor mark tridtsatipyatiletie work in one, apparently, a lifetime chosen construction company.

This fact is not established at the beginning and not even in the middle of a conversation. To him we come is when Pavel acquaint me with all his friends who were there. He introduced Oleg Mikhailovich Tumanov:

- We are with him for thirty years in one of SMU. How much over the years, the earth dug up now and do not count.

And then of Vladimir I. Makukhin.

- He is a legendary figure. Three decades behind the wheel car. It is already here in Kiev. And before you turn in Kiev, restored the Donbass. And there can certainly every year for two years to set off ... Do not agree?

I agreed. After his release, left-bank Ukraine from fascist invaders recovery Donetsk coal basin was considered one of the major economic problems. Specific Regulation of the State Defense Committee, adopted in July 1944, identified key challenges and outlined measures to ensure that the forced entry into service of large and medium-sized coal mines, and especially those in which mined coal for coking.

Makukhin was there. And Pavel brought the conversation to the topic, as it were, having covered it from the inevitable questions about him.

No need to explain how we have the proverb: "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." I listen to friends.

- A year in the two-as it is not enough ... A?-Chumak looks searchingly. - Factories and power stations destroyed. The mines are flooded ... Makukhin nods his head:

- Transport and ... Mine access roads Germans have moved to a narrow track and rolling stock, or stolen, or blown up ...

It says there freighter. I remember the "Three decades behind the wheel is only here, in Kiev," ... So, along with Chumak. And there were years in the Donbass. Where for two years to consider is not a sin.

Because the annual restoration work, from May 1943 to May 1944 in the Donbass coal mining increased by seven times. Because for two years, was restored about 130 major large mines and nearly 890 medium and small. They can not drop off. For the first time after the release of the Donbass coal mined in shallow pits, and served out to the surface by hand. Makukhin was there ...

And now, here in Kiev. And do not let go of steering wheel car. And do not know when to quit. Hair thick silver, and her eyes are young. Crafty. I feel that Pavel is proud of his friendship with this man. With anyone who was at that moment with him.

He gets another batch of fun, familiar with Ivan G. Scherban. But here, too, is not without instructive fact. He worked as Ivan G. bulldozer. Worked well. And then he entered college. Learned. Now working as a foreman.

In Kiev, has not withered chestnuts. Blue sky hung over the city. To him raised their hands-boom tower cranes. The city, whose history goes to one and a half millennia in ancient times, is constructed and rejuvenated. We tried this on the arrows of tower cranes. According risen up shells of new buildings. But they're from the land rising from the ground up. And about what is happening at this very zero cycle, we often do not know. Usually a zero cycle is hidden from prying eyes the fence for which to look clue.

And here they are knights-zero cycle. Pavel has said almost nothing about himself, "What to tell?"

Of course. What to tell if the one and only entry in the workbook for all thirty-three years of work. And then a new fact:

- For thirty three years, replaced only three machines. Right now working on a fourth-"Kovrovec."

What a wonderful order of digits! Thirty-three years and three cars. Here you can argue as follows: either the machine is so good, their lifespan is so great that an average of eleven years of a lack of an excavator. Either the driver of such a qualification, that the skilful exploitation put on its head service life. Or ...

- There is a third option. And the technique is reliable, and the driver is not bad ... Chumak laughs. They laugh and his comrades. And I understand that this joke is not truth, but an absolute truth. Pavel has never moved from single-bucket excavator to another machine. And not because that it is easier. On such a machine is often much more complicated. It is not large in size. "Kovrovtsa" in any gap between the buildings can be put. And it learned to use. Pushed "my best" to do between the two buildings so that the arrow of a descent not turn, and tormented ...

That stole the first conflict between man, machine and safe operating conditions. As each of the "parties" out of the conflict?

- Separately did not come out. A person should be with the car together. A person should thoroughly examine the place of work, access roads, obvious and hidden obstacles. He has a car and set so that it showed a maximum capacity ...

- Wait a minute. Maximum of it alone can not express. Without a man she does not.

- Well, see, and have already figured out - Chumak, it seems, finally, to talk.

- And how many cubic meters per day? Are there industry standards?

- Standards of us do not set ... The conditions are different. In each case, their own norm. 360 cubic meters per day on average. I recycle 400-460 cubic meters. And then there's after all and the ground. After all, the third category. According to one bucket of soil of the third category. Almost every minute of the ladle. Or in the truck or on the side, the side of the trench excavation.

Kiev is on a limestone mixed with clay pad. And besides, the inclusion of the stone. Difficult ground. And how does the master have to be to work out on the ground that the third category of thirty-three years and to replace all three cars. And on the fourth-"Kovrovtse 41-24"-even to dig and dig! ..

Thirty-three years ... They are marked by a record shifts in the construction of the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Station. His machine worked on the Memorial Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, which stood on the bank of the Dnieper now.

Several times I drove through the beautiful area of the October Revolution in Kiev. Spacious and light, in summer it is surprising avenue of fountains and a huge marble bathtub filled with water pouring out of the fountains. Now I know that a zero cycle, invisible or when constructed this avenue of fountains, not now, when they beat the Dnieper fun jets of water - zero cycle is passed in his car, Paul A. Chumak. He says, and I followed his story to make excursions to the capital of Ukraine. The building of the Republican Council of Trade Unions ... Hotel "Moscow", not just me as a cozy home ... Here and at many other large and small, but equally important objects worked at the zero cycle Chumak.

During our meeting, "Kovrovec" Paul Alexandrovitch was standing on the street Saksaganskogo. Long it is not delayed. As always, prepare ahead of foundation pit for a new hospital and go to the next object. However, no one will go. He is still in the very beginning of the conversation spoke of his mate Victor Omelchuk. Along with him Chumak working for ten years.

Difficult to manage this thing, the same machine with Chumak. He is known to be particularly relevant to engineering. And it must be as frugal, as a skillful and knowledgeable, not to "create problems". Omelchuk not create them. He studied with Paul Alexandrovich, and Chumak, in turn, are not averse to borrow something from your mate. The friendly crew. And the strength of this friendship is checked every day the same understanding of their role in the construction process, the desire to run ahead of the specified amount of work.

- And to give a high quality ... This was somehow forgotten when it comes to the ground, pits, trenches ... One does not even fit in the concept of earthworks and quality. But Paul A. Chumak knows the difference between "good" and "bad" at the zero cycle. He knows what the parameters of the builders are waiting for him, going after him.

- There is not only in Kiev. In other cities, too, happens to run into. And pulls like a magnet to the trench or pit that occur along the way. He admits that he tries not to look. Yet unconsciously squints his eyes in that direction.

- It hurts to see the collapsed side walls, the walls crumbled. This is not only due to the fact that once the flow of construction production lags. There is also the quality of the excavation depends on many things.

Chumak Paul A. Marriage in the work he notices right away. And not in his nature to someone reproached in bad faith. Young mechanics, he teaches that has long been the norm of its productive life.

Deputy manager of the trust Alexander F. Solovyov said that mentoring plays an important role in enhancing the efficiency of the construction company, equipped with a variety of techniques. Each year the trust "KCD" comes the completion of the vocational school, returned to demobilized soldiers. In an average year, 200-250 people join the ranks of the team. Educate them on the traditions of the organization, proven highly organized detachment of Kiev builders, it is extremely important. Pavel is one of those who by their example brings up the organization, and maintenance of equipment, the strict observance of technological discipline.

Thanks to these veterans of labor, which to this day remain in service, the staff of the Trust has successfully solves the problems arising from the targets. - Judge for yourself, says Alexander Fedorovich, plan of the fourth five-year collective of trust executed by December 24, 1984. This created conditions for the above plan to perform the scope of work for 859,000 rubles. Mentally, I stand by those words that I heard from Paul Alexandrovich: "Instead of 360 cubes at a rate of 400-460 per shift are giving." It is from these cubic meters, which he and his comrades make during the day, month, year, add up the hundreds of thousands of rubles, the amount of work, creating a growth-plan building products the trust.

I admit that the team "KCD" I have unwittingly been associated with the personality of Paul Alexandrovich Chumak and those of his comrades, with whom he introduced me. And when Solovyov said that the team has committed to work out in 1985, two days on the savings of fuel and lubricants, I was not surprised. Otherwise, there could be it, if the machine is a series of people who can inspire, to lead on a matter of great public importance.

I asked, and how much fuel and lubricants necessary to save? Solovyov did not take long to count. These calculations have been withdrawn before the team has committed. A total amount of fuel saved by trust turning into an impressive number: 56 tons of diesel fuel and 30 tons of gasoline.

- And what about the rules? Maybe, rates are too high?

- Why do not you surprised that Chumak for thirty years was replaced by just three cars? In these examples, we learn the mechanics. And caring for the

proper operation of construction machinery, skillfully using them is one of the main terms of labor productivity growth and cost of fuels and lubricants.

Here I will digress from the conversation with the deputy manager of the trust. Let me remind capital at first sight of the truth, to which I was accustomed Pavlo Chumak. Its production success is the result of skillful technique of possession. For him, there are no trifles. Little things are as important as the cornerstone for the undeniable exploitation techniques that are taught from the outset students in vocational schools. Only the price of these details is known over the years.

For now, Chumak is no secret to put the right excavator.

Chumak-native citizen. And life is busy with the ground. Such a profession, such is the fate of falling out. He does not know how to relax, sitting in a chair. Just change the job and enjoys it.

But nothing of a small cottage kitchen garden and say nothing. Well, who, in fact, it is better versed in the soil? However, we have here is not a steel bucket, and just handed the land handled. But it's the pleasure. She is warm, the earth, good

And what is right? This is where, in accordance with the plan of excavation at a specific site, select the most efficient place to install "Kovrovtsa." To be able to select and move the soil from the rhythm of one bucket per minute and even more frequently, 50 seconds. I tried to pinpoint the moment and their shares, but the imagination refused to recognize the reality of such a rhythm. And it is achievable. He-man in the actual results of which I am a story. And this rhythm develops due to the fact that Chumak considers the influence of little things that are perceived as the years of practice. Comprehended by those who seek to understand them, to bring more good staff, the public. Pavel of these people.

As far as I could see, comprehension of simple and complex production of truths given to him rather easily. The explanation is seen above all in his character. It seems to me equally happy to replace, and intercedes just as easily donate time to meet with one another. I look to him, trying to determine its age. I could not. I know that he has been a grandson. And the same right to believe it's not easy, until the youthful, agile and energetic, this man.

Attitude toward work and leisure, by the way, he is special. The best holiday he finds work. And so he spends weekends in the garage. If it is not at home at night, chances are you can hear the response: "Dad in the garage."

How many times have I answered as Tatyana Pavlovna, the eldest daughter. She and my father works in a construction company. Only engaged in building rural.

Coincidence of interests? Probably not. Father's occupation, his attitude to the construction business created in the family quietly, as if of their own atmosphere of priority occupations of the builder.

I noticed that around Paul Alexandrovich Chumak creates all the atmosphere of stability in the views and interests. On the same day he introduced me to Anatoly Nikolaevich Vorontsov. Prepared to hear yet another story about a wonderful builder. And quite unexpectedly:

- Head of Production of "Arsenal" ...

It's a different world production, and other criteria and benchmarks. "Arsenal" is one of the oldest enterprises in Kyiv. His team-carrier striking revolutionary combat and labor traditions. It can not fail to interest a representative of this group. And in this case is understandable interest in Chumak. But in the interest of friendship is not one-sided zavyazhesh. Need feedback.

And this relationship is revealed. It manifested itself in the natural interest of the two men in the success of their teams in the same sympathy for the people.

They will not believe how many years of friendship, which is captured in its orbit, and all their families. Friendship thorough, steady strengthening ties. Such a person inspires friendship, expanding and polishing the moral and social outlook.

It is this friendship makes people open and sincere. Behind the scenes, a moment flashed a few hours of our conversation. About what? Ultimately, of Man. His interests, his everyday life. On labor. Paul

A. Chumak tried to be on the sidelines. It is hard for someone to take his talk of his friends. He did not know that this can make a definite conclusion about it: the man who cherishes the friendship which so many people, wonderful people.

Some see him as a great master of his craft. He has regularly been ahead of the job in terms of processing of the soil. Others appreciate his attitude to work. Chumak sees in his work, the particle total work process and understands that the defects in the work at his workplace will inevitably affect the overall results. It should be a very sensitive man, to catch this effect. And friends, learned to correlate the results of their work with the results of the labor collective, the society can not help but appreciate the ability to Chumak keenly feel this unbreakable bond.

I called a human quality, as a "feeling of comradeship." Many people know that this feeling is fully characteristic of him. It is a reliable person. He will be there when it is difficult. And who would be next to him was, felt his elbow, will be able to rely on his shoulder. You can even list the noble and lofty qualities that make up the essence of the character of Paul Alexandrovich. But it is not worth it. He does not like it. And it is also one of the characteristic qualities which evoked a sense of respect for the man.

At the very end of the conversation trying to ask one last question:

- You are more than three decades of digging the ground. As a rule, in the city ...

- No. Treasure is not found. It can be seen rummaging through someone here before me ... However, this is not true. Found it. A huge treasure ... Enough for a lifetime: the friendship of countless individuals ... Happiness is a favorite of ... Treasures for a lifetime!

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