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Antipova Ekaterina

An employee of the Sverdlovsk confectionery number 2 Sverdlovsk industrial association confectionery industry

Antipova Ekaterina Born Catherine M. Antipin the Urals, in Kurgan village with gentle and pleasant Cheremiska name.

When her was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, countrymen are literally on the same day she sent a warm greeting. And with it an invitation to come to their homes and go to the collective farm club before the countrymen who still remember her little girl, and the youth, for which it is now an example in all things.

Ekaterina has not been able to assemble, no less shy than the date of receipt of award. Finally, it decided to "put off is not put off, and go-you will still have to ..."

And then she went on stage. She looks, room full of people, even in the aisles are people who look at it carefully. And suddenly felt their sincere desire to learn about her affairs, that her life was such that the Star of Hero of the pile were observed.

Yes, these are the thoughts swarming in my head, 'says Catherine M.,' and she was standing on a stage and silent, she did not know where to begin, without bragging to happen. And suddenly I heard a voice from the first series of distributed-old woman in a little white kerchief was sitting there. Tells me so calm and motherly, "Well, what are you, Katherine, was confused? Here all my, you all remember, just have not seen. Here and tell us how you are so life-it has reached?" And laughed . And her room and started, applauded. And I just felt that everything around her, family, even had no time to cry. Oh, and began to tell him all my life, everything that had happened ... And from the very beginning that no to have a child, based on those young guys who does not know the horrors of war, nor the post-war devastation.

House in Cheremiske where I was born, still stands at the old place. Only in it already, of course, and the other wall, and the new owners. I went to him, sat down, looked like live-now they have both gas and refrigerator, color TV and, as we have something after all (how many years it has flown) for kerosene lamps lived. And she Cheremiska changed beyond recognition, and have it not be called a village, 600 yards, the whole village. Our family of local standards was a small father and mother, poor peasants, but three children, brother, Vladimir, he was the eldest of us, my sister and I Eudoxia. In 1940 the family for one person was even less-TB father died. As the war began, my brother went to a tractor on the farm, and my sister went to Kataysk, settled there in the factory, in the foundry. I'm with my mother, on the farm. The school was closed, so that none of us did not studied, the time was that.

In the 43rd as a tractor driver's brother was drafted into the armor. A little later we received a short letter in which he wrote that some of them going to the front, and maybe more we will never meet again. And so it happened. A month before the end of the war my brother was hit by a tank shell, and the entire crew was killed. What we experienced after such news, it is difficult to tell. I shall never forget my mother's tears, when I came to funerals, Volodya, she loved more, it seems, than my sister.

To go to the farm with his mother, got up, and four in the morning until six in the evening there, but the calves with the cows, and all 14 hours on my feet. Most of the time I wanted to ... sleep. Sometimes, after the morning milking stenochku leaning somewhere under a minute later and sleep. If the mother is sorry and did not wake-hour rest, and sometimes even prikriknet: Look, do I feel better? Am I too old, and you're young, take yourself in hand. "

So, now you remember everything, and it seems to endure, it was impossible to survive. And yet, and carried, and survived. Worked with anything regardless. So dreamed that victory came quickly.

I tell villagers about it and saw the elderly in tears from the memories and the young, shumevshaya first subsided and all eyes staring at me. Well, I think I have contact with them. And even more courage increased. It's about war, about that stage, about which I will never forget.

And the end of the forties was not easy. After the war, when it became clear that many of our rural men and boys who went to war, no longer be undone, and left them lying on the battlefield,-us, girls and boys, had to replace them. Bread had to grow up, then needed the machine operators. I went to a farm tractor brigade, became ploughmen-trailer hand. The same work is not easy, but I've always loved, and still love the look of fresh-ground arable land, spiked field. We worked day and night. Plowed, sowed and harvested crops. . A cold winter in the garage repairing tractors, plows and harvesters. Here in this team and I worked until 1951.

By the time my mother decided to Evdokia in Kataysk, get over there and it would be better care-town, after all. It seemed that the one I left. I could not burden her sister. And one girl in the village was not very pleasant. After a difficult deliberation, I decided to go to h Sverdlovsk. Some of my friends already settled there, learned the profession. And I have none. Arrived in Sverdlovsk, was admitted to the kindergarten nurse to work with.

A year has passed, and now once met a woman on the streets of our village, cheerful this, rushed to hug me, asking: "Where were you so that you?". I'm talking about, and she does not listen, his firm:

- Throw, Katherine, all of us, and confectionery. Girls of us! Friendly, kind, the factory is now expanding, so that is not thinking. And to me, to be honest, really, long wanted to work in a big factory team to around was a lot of people and it was so tangible.

At the factory, they took me right away, put on the rolling is a means to make a filling for chocolates, pralines. They put in a couple of experienced worker Ana Perevalova, so she showed me the first time, what's what in the candy industry. Praline is a mixture of different food components. Depending on the items necessary to prepare the corresponding candy pralines. All prepared by hand, mechanization has in this area was not. Scoop, bowl smaller, more bowl-that's all mechanized. Poured, mix the components in strictly defined proportions, so this was the work of a roller ...

Note to myself that no special thrust is to this work at the Catherine

Mikhailovna, and there was no trace. It is not met thirty years ago countrywoman that she called to the factory, as it was her working life? What would become? Ekaterina answered this question without hesitation:

- Would leave to his village, and would eventually chairman of the kolkhoz! Such a decision, go back to Siberia, mature in the shower with her. But that's the case. She was lucky to meet a man who pushed the girl to the choice of profession. And so once chosen, then there was only one way to work, honestly, with full responsibility for the success of the common cause. This vital principle emerged harsh circumstances of wartime. The children then grew up fast. Common concerns, common problem, the general difficulty tempered character. Solid, honest, kind. With him she came to the confectionery factory number 2.

- Gradually mastered the new place, became a dance in the House of Culture to walk to the movies with her friends ... Not far from the mill movie theater is, "Sovkino" called. I remember showing comedy film "Swineherd and the Shepherd." A long queue for tickets stood, came and sat on his seat, next to the soldier was. While the film has not started talking, met Alex, he introduced himself. Also, as I do, from the village, in Sverdlovsk urgent served. Well, after the session started dating. Soon, his life has expired, the home he just did not go, and got a job as a lathe in a factory. That's when we decided to marry him. Soon, more than 30 years will be like together. Son of Victor grew, education gave him a technical. The son of a mechanic in the garage working, married, lives with us on the same street, now for two years nursed his grandson.

These are the milestones of her career. And now and 27 years of working in a shop. And then where are the events that are open, so to speak, the hidden mystery of human character formation, the choice of life and professions, and the right way? Where are they?

As we're looking at the Ekaterina the most notable of these events, but nothing remarkable, and did not seem to find it. But every time she recalled various people who were left in her heart, soul, the character of its mark. I asked him about his childhood, she calls her mother and older brother. We talk about her work, says the former director of the factory Gushchin Valentine Timofeyevich about girlfriends in shop. That's when I realized that this is not the modesty of Catherine Mikhailovna, I have these people who went about her life and made it for what is, apart the boundaries of its interests by giving a child brought up the responsibility for the work entrusted to the mastery of a profession.

Now, perhaps, not many people understand all the deep meaning and a moral price to return to the production of peacetime products, as it was before the war ... And then even the unpretentious candy "pads" are the same for the Sverdlovsk precious symbol of a peaceful life as the first walking excavator, who went out of the gate instead of the Uralmash tank, or as the first stone laid in the foundation of a new residential building on Lenin Avenue.

Today, the quality of Sverdlovsk candy is well known not only in the city and region, but also beyond. When a few years ago, Sverdlovsk Musical Comedy Theatre went on tour to Moscow, then in the theater snack bar that sold candy confectionery number 2, there were long queues, the Moscow theater-goers, knowledgeable and an expert in the operetta, and sweets, assorted them very smartly.

Antipova Ekaterina How much effort was initiated, and the efforts of a team at first, so that products were so popular, they know now, perhaps, only veterans who from the very first day at the factory, these 12 people here today. Word of mouth, they convey to young precious grains of the historical facts of which evolved, and today's biography of the enterprise.

The initial capacity of the plant was 3000 tons of confectionery per year. All manufacturing processes-up to the candy-wrapping were tame. Ekaterina remembers the time when she came back again after the birth of her son in the home department, was placed on the rolling-made "Squirrel", "Baltic Sea", "Come on, take away." At 240 pounds, took off for a change then it is considered a lot. manually ... because now the machine with tons of such products do.

Then with a rolling, it went into the waffle section. Prior to this congress in Lviv, where there was such a production, all looked as it should there, and returned, was in his workshop to develop wafer oven. Now, however, the wafers in the factory does not produce, given the equipment to the factory number 1, do just waffle cakes that come as a filling in candies, "Sverdlovsk" and "Bruin Bear". The factory was working smoothly, received awards, the red flag for a victory in the competition. And more and more factory-like flare up an appetite to make candy and more and higher quality. We decided to try to produce truffles. Again Antipov name to the Directorate: be conducted, Katerina, a business trip to Leningrad, the factory named after NK Krupskaya Leningrad, better not make no truffles in the country. It is the Congress and to Leningrad, where a week thoroughly acquainted with the production, scrutinizing all the secrets, which, incidentally, Leningrad confectioners happy hunting and sharing. She came home, began to let a line of truffles and chocolate-it can not be obtained. It turned out, the temperature of pralines to truffles is not maintained: that the mass is too fluid, flowing in a worksheet, it is too thick-otsazhivatel not cope. And the temperature should always be the same, 28 degrees, no more and no less special thermometer measured. Several days were consumed with these truffles, but it has gone. Now Ekaterina is the dining room for lunch, and the line does not stop. Just replaced with his former pupil and smenschitsey Kate Shmakova-together and make a shift to 700 pounds of truffles, much overlapping the technical capacity of the equipment.

Going into this in the literal sense of the word sweet trip, I found in the Lenin Library Reference for an old candy business, released at the end of the last century, and, so to speak, for self-thumbed through it. "Sweetmeats,-I read it at the first page, there are hygiene, and technical. They play the role of money and taste treats. "

And here I stand in front of the line production of sweets such as "truffles", the same line, which runs Ekaterina Antipov. I look, how do these "sweets" are made.

In the mix-loading machine cooled to a temperature of 28-30 degrees chocolate, there is added to cocoa butter, coconut oil and flavorings. All this is mixed and knocked to the mass turned out magnificent. Now this brought down the mass is pumped into the molding machine, which squeezes onto a moving conveyor belt exact portions of dark-brown color. Small step-brown stream, even a small step, even a trickle. The neat, surprisingly the same drop-tanned body in 14 pieces in a number of sailing on, and there willy-nilly, begs comparison with the corps de ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre, as it is beautiful, coherent, and even aesthetically pleasing looks.

Then these otsazhennye tape case comes to the cooling rack, where after 12 minutes of slipping into a cylindrical drum, the rotation of which are sprinkled with a mixture of cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Everything. Now it is finished truffles, which you only need to weed out any excess cocoa mixture, put them in trays and transferred to the wrapping machine.

While we Ekaterina passed along the line, stood a little, talked about this and that, with the ribbon candy, already sprinkled with cocoa powder, crawled up to us.

- Try it, invited me to Ekaterina.

Needless to say, the taste of these freshly baked chocolate was special.

- Do you?

- No, I do not eat sweets for months. Tea house only with sugar or with jam drink. However, in the morning, as soon as I run and the first line of chocolates go, so definitely try ...

Candy has not yet even candy and pralines, I accurately determine what a variety of chocolates. Sometimes, it happens, from the preparatory department will raise a vat of pralines, and forget to put a caption, I'll try and I must say that this is a "Lyrics", or "Fire" or "Truffle".

And when am in Moscow, looking for candy stores, "crow's feet", "Crawfish" and "Moo-Moo." This is my favorite candy.

- Catherine M., and can name a few recipes for praline-sweet tooth after all interested to know from what, for example, are their favorite candy.

- Please, Antipov, smiling. - What candy you most enjoy?

- "Squirrel", "Kara Kum", "Truffles", "Chudesnitsu", after some hesitation, I replied.

- That's start with the "Squirrel". Record. Filling it is this: nut kernel, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and powdered sugar. But the "Kara-Kum" more components: the core of roasted almonds, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vanilla, raszhizhitel, butter, powdered sugar and waffles. More components needed for the "Chudesnitsy": cashews, butter, milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, corn flakes, brandy, rum essence, soy flour and powdered sugar.

Today the factory produces nearly 80 kinds of candy. All the recipes for their preparation (as they are still divided on the nut with the glaze and fondant, truffle and irises), all this sophisticated technology thoroughly knows Ekaterina Antipov.

It works always well, honestly, so that no reproach. Introduces innovative proposals: one machine two, then the other two. The numbers in figures, and she can tell you more, and what kind of innovations.

One was on the truffle jigging machine: a technique used to otsazhivayut twelve chocolates, and Antipov figured that it is quite possible, and fourteen. In its proposal the mechanics have done two more holes, and no machine work, as before, only now gave out candy for two more. Immediately and development has grown, she had to eat was replaced by 640 kilograms of truffles, and now 700, and 720.

Or even a "detail": the truffle mixture must sprinkle of powdered sugar with cocoa powder. Sprinkled a way: a mixture of atomized fan inside the drum of candy and a thick layer is deposited on the walls of the drum. This circumstance is very worried Antipov. And then she offered to use the this operation, a special sieve, which retains all the excess powder, it can only collect and put to use again.

So, strictly observing austerity, Antipova team for four years has reduced the eleventh five-year return of 3.1 per cent of waste, has saved 18 tonnes of raw materials amounting to 72,000 rubles. Plan for four years, the team completed the eleventh Five-Year Plan on August 1. Over the plan produced 70 tons of candy in the amount of 290,000 rubles.

When she was besieged by questions: "How are you so deftly guided the car that give so many products?", She always answers the same: "So I did Uralochka!" And believes that it is said, if not all, a lot.

27 years of life has handed Ekaterina Antipova native candy factory number 2. All operations, which is in the candy industry, mastered, any related professions can be combined. And to stress the public always treated with the same diligence and responsibility as to the work-was a member of fabkoma, or the chairman of the Housing Commission, or, as now, a member of the presidium. Regional committee of trade union workers in the food industry. The outstanding success of the employment and active social activity, is present only by personnel working! Man /, represents the color of a corpse, and his contemporary working-class people, lifting our country to new heights.

When we talked with Catherine Mikhailovna of her life and work, she would sadly P's voice said that she will soon go on a pension.

- Often, I think, will go on a holiday of my peers, veterans who stands in their place, who will replace them? My heart aches because of the factory. That is why change must be a cook. We now have a very good team. Take the least of our production manager Alekhine Margarita Filippovna. Thirty years. Ago very young girl came to us at the factory. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Food, sent to us, just put the shift foreman. She has a university degree, taught her at the institute, as confectionery machines to do, i "We have at the time no matter where you look, all handmade. The other would have lost heart, and Alekhine was not frightened. Boyko began to build it so, for all was taken and a master work, and for the technologist and the other times and ailing substitute worker. That's it for the factory so loved and respected by all.

In determining its attitude to the young

change that comes today to the factory, Ekaterina in the first place puts the hard work, diligence, curiosity.

- As a matter of who is at once evident. If the newcomer delves into all the details of production, torturing me with questions, so a good judge of it will be. And if you come only to be replaced, the master of it will not work.

Now here is the reform school. Very correct and timely, this reform. Indeed, to our production coming guys, ill-prepared for work. No there is no experience, no experience of the work. How to approach them to find? Our staff workers are trying to treat them in motherly: and mocked, and praise, and spare. Just recently one came up to me, "Aunt Kate, walked around me, as I have, advise?" It's a pity I felt it devchonochka good, too, came to Sverdlovsk from the village, as I used to be, well, I think, to scold her- offended, run away and do more work will come. Quietly got up from her side, found that a reason for truancy, she had, and I say, "Go to the head of the shop, ask that your absence from work designed as a regular holiday." Well, she was glad of such a simple solution, and I followed her: "Just bear in mind that all of these absences and then out of your vacation and deduct the same." It came to her, do not just get away to her, but went to the head of department was quite a different mood. And I see from it will be a good judge, good pastry chef can be provided, of course, to help her but tinker with from time to time.

It should be a very loving people that like that of a kind, sincere voice of the soul to talk about them. For the pastry chef's love for man, this is probably one of the essential qualities of the soul is paramount. Even professional quality.

That's for all of this brigade, shop, factory respected Catherine Mikhailovna. And in the women's team is pure, you see, says a lot and means a lot.

What's especially attracts people to its nature, causes them to penetrate to her deep admiration and affection of the human?

Galina Zaika, production foreman and secretary of the party bureau, with whom we talked a lot about business and people of the factory, Antipov said about this: it from our other workers is extremely hard work, a sense of supreme responsibility for their work, and a very special ease with which discloses Kate in front of all my soul.

Margarita Filippovna Alekhine, head of production: a restless concern about the fate of the factory and the people who work with it, the depth of opinions on various issues of production, life and human relationships. Natalia Alexeeva, a senior engineer at work:

- The most striking feature of the character of Catherine Mikhailovna is reliability. It all can rely on. Entrust any business and be confident that it will be done in the best way. Catherine Shmakov, shop worker:

- With Aunt Kate wants to take an example in all things. To imitate her. To be like her. Always be as good, honest and fair.

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