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Vladimir Shmelev

The garbage tires Yaroslavl Tire Plant

Vladimir Shmelev Maybe in Yaroslavl personally acquainted with him and not very many. But many saw it and see. Because a portrait of Vladimir M. Shmelev, a noble Shinnik Yaroslavl,-the most conspicuous, the most honorable place in the city:

Fyodor Volkov Square, next to the grand portico of the first Russian theater. Every day, walking past the theater, Yaroslavl meet with this person as a good and old friends. In the same way I am, starting on the first day trip to the plant, met with his clever, vseponimayuschim look out wide brow. Only strictly pursed lips did not jibe with his pleasant, just in a position to face him. During the days of dating, I learned how it could change the face in front of a frozen smile, a kind, straight, wide.

I confess, before he met with Vladimir Mikhailovich Shmelev I have already written about the famous Shinnik country. In the days of work in Moscow XXV Congress of the Communist Party, I was literally enthralled by charming, like an epic giant garbage from Voronezh Nicholas Bogatyrev. At the XVIII Congress of the Young Communist League met and talked with one of the youngest and most famous collectors of tires from Omsk, Leonid Berzheminskim. Even earlier, had a chance to admire the skill and talent of Arcadia Zemtsova, Hero of Socialist Labor with the Kirov tire factory. Each of these outstanding work has been surrounded by some aura of success and happiness, but not at all proud, not rested on its laurels, as well as successful, with the same labor enthusiasm continued to work as in his best years.

They gladly shared their thoughts about a difficult profession collector tires, tried as much as possible to reveal the content, the meaning of his work, and talking, talking with them, you can easily imagine how much of their energy, ingenuity and hard work working away at it to give many millions of cars and trucks, "Shoes" in which they are only capable of rolling along the roads of the country.

And now, lucky, yes, yes, that was lucky! - To meet and get to know one more remarkable close-collector Vladimir M. Shmelev with Yaroslavl of the Order of Lenin and Order of October Revolution, tire plant.

We sat one evening at his home on the street Chkalov. Vladimir has worked in the morning shift, and we do not hurry, talked extensively about his life, about work, about the future of his sons, Andrew and George. Vladimir invited to see the family album. As in every family heirlooms, then, of course, first presented photographs of children. Then, as expected, there was a series of relatives. And here is the head of the family. Seaside. Holidays in Crimea. In another photo, Vladimir on the background of the Roman Colosseum. On the back the inscription: "Italy, 1981." More photos: Czechoslovakia, GDR, Poland, Finland, the country where he visited as a tourist or as a member of the trade union delegation of Yaroslavl. But picture this size, that the album does not fit: a group of Yaroslavl delegates XXV Congress of the CPSU in the St. George Hall of the Kremlin Palace. Among them immediately know two fellow Yaroslavl, Valentina Tereshkova, and Vladimir Shmelev.

Somewhere slips have yellowed picture on it, Vladimir in uniform, with a parachute behind him, against the backdrop of a single-YAK-18. The inscription on the edge: "Position of the Yaroslavl Aeroclub, 1956" I look at the original and saw like almost 30 years ago, and now it does not hurt Vladimir broad-shouldered, but shot down all right. A swarthy face, whether from constant contact with hot rubber, whether from an established tan. Talking about something that looks directly into the eyes of the interlocutor, as if wishing to know it seems a reaction to what the question. Later, having spent many days with him and talk, and walks in Yaroslavl, I realized that such a property of his nature: straight talk about anything, frankly, thinks ...

His pedigree is as follows: father Mikhail Andreevich was in charge of all animal transport in Yaroslavl (it was, it appears, this office before the war), and the only thing he knows about his father Vladimir, because he was only two and a half years old when his father left to fight and never returned.

Mother Anastasia V. entire life worked at the plant of rubber technical products, is now retired. A Party member of long standing, it is their children, a son and a daughter, Valentina, has always taught the same thing: "Happiness in life-work." Kids and grown so: Val after school worked at the plant in the evening went to Yaroslavl Polytechnic Institute, now the deputy director of the plant, "Office equipment". Well, of Vladimir Mikhailovich ahead of our story.

Yaroslavl hometown Shmelev. Here he was born, grew up, went to school and was friends with the guys. He, like many boys in other towns and villages, a severe war-time designated to grow up without a father, their own way in the men take on the fate of junior and senior in the family.

- I've always been lucky to good people, says Vladimir. - In childhood, they met me, and then all the time. I did, one might say, grew up in the yard. We were then living on the street Ushinskogo in two-story house, the yard was friendly, a lot of guys, and we were always under adult supervision. I well remember Uncle Misha pensioner. From morning till evening he was in the yard, something was making, and helped us, boys, to construct various sports equipment: horizontal bar, rings. And we had a boom, and the weights are different, and even two pairs of boxing gloves.

Used to gather after school and let the power of "rock." And Misha seems like a judge: the judge, and praise and rein in, if we get up to mischief much. And our parents, just that, to him:

"Uncle Mike, how are mine, then? Not fighting it? Do not indulge? "Or ask ourselves once again to take care of our brother. Now, then, of course, such households do not have ...

Another good man to become Shmelev old watchmaker from the workshop on Liberty Street. By the way, it is to this day is all on the same

place, and Vladimir says that every time passes by, his heart-ekaet in the tent after a seven-year period, he was a year of watchmaker. Taught him the craft kindest people Vasily Polyansky. He sits, used to what some of the ladies' watch, a magnifying glass looking at the wheels and says:

- Look, Vova, carefully, this profession for life you will have to feed them. We, like cobblers, we will always need people.

The work of a watchmaker, of course, not heavy, you can even say, easy. Volodya, of course, liked to watch the old desk clock, brought in a lifeless studio, once in the capable hands of the master, came to life again. But the process of repair, sit for hours, leaning on a mechanism with a magnifying glass, the finest in hand-otvertochkami he never loved. Anyone can see your. Therefore, is now in our schools, vocational guidance. To a child the child felt, why he is the soul.

Shmelev wanted to test myself on something thoroughly, and to show strength and the will and character. I wanted to work with strong, powerful machines, or machines. And now ladies watch ... Gradually, he got bored and lost interest in horology, and decided to leave the studio.

- You know, recognize, Shmelev, something that I grew up without a father, left, probably on my education a fingerprint. I was in first grade, I remember, considered himself a man of family support. Well, when he grew up, graduated seven years, I decided that henceforth all responsibility for the fate of the family rests on my shoulders. Silenko by the time I had a decent, all the same exercise yard were not in vain, so I reasoned like an adult: if the power is, therefore, have to go and work for real ...

His apprentice electrician took to the city grid. And there he worked a short time, came a year of conscription. Shmelev was summoned to the military enlistment office and asked to choose one of military occupation for which he will be ready for service.

For a long time to think and he did not have to choose, from the beginning of the thirties, Yaroslavl was known for his flying clubs. During the Great Patriotic thirteen of his pupils became Heroes of Soviet Union. Almost all the boys dreamed of Yaroslavl sky, watching the rapidly draws the sky over the city as a training aircraft, or make bold leaps into the Volga in Yaroslavl paratroopers.

After a medical examination, Volodya was enrolled in a group of pilot training.

After a year in the same flying club-only group of paratroopers arrive modest-worker factory "Red Perekop" Valentina Tereshkova, make almost a hundred parachute jumps and then come out on the broad road space in order to become the world's first space "Seagull."

So, Vladimir Shmelev, a cadet of the Yaroslavl Aeroclub. Now, several times a week he went to the airport, which has always prevailed recovery. Taking off and landing aircraft, girls and guys in blue jumpsuits busily fussed with green parachutes knapsacks, glancing now and then, as the wind inflates a striped "sorcerer."

Once the pilots, among whom was Vladimir Shmelev, led to the warehouse. There, they chose a helmet, overalls and boots with thick soles. He came up parachuting instructor, and said that after two hours with them, future pilots, there will be separate skydiving. Showed how to "fall out" of the aircraft, how to choose in a free fall lines so that they are not twisted body of the parachutist, how to land and "extinguish" the parachute.

And then, finally, they are in an airplane. As

Only UC-12 off the ground, Volodya felt like a pre-launch excitement vanished. He was thinking only one thing: that at the time the command "Go!" Do not get confused, and feel free to rush down.

Vladimir Shmelev And once the team has sounded, he stepped into the yawning abyss, at once he felt like his breath away, then pulled the ring, and he heard like a shot of the pop-cotton white umbrella over his head chute. Now, slowly falling to the ground, he had heard every beat of my heart. The closer the land is getting to him, the clearer he distinguished the contours of familiar streets, the Kremlin, a dark band of the Volga and paved the May green shoots fields around Yaroslavl.

And the earth was coming faster and faster. Vladimir drew lines, as just shown the instructor on the ground, turned into the wind and easily touched the feet of the airfield. That's it! Never before had he had nothing more enjoyable and exciting than this, so he successfully arranged the first of life jumps.

That jump was the only-they still taught to pilots. Three months flying practice Vladimir Shmelev flew Yak-18 at 41 hours, perfectly mastered the car and was qualified as "an airline pilot."

In the recruiting office, where students have returned home from fees, all of them said: "Until further notice gets a job." Neither the hour-long workshop, or back to the city's power grid to go Volodya had no reason. Especially since the very next day after returning from the house charges a neighbor Olga Ivanova stopped him in the yard:

- Well, how are you, Vova? What's going to do next?

He hesitated, he says, he did not know, but I would go for this plant, a specialty of working. A neighbor worked as a senior accountant at a tire factory, suggested:

- So come to us, we have organized a new change, I heard, the young recruit.

In the morning, along with Vladimir Olga went to the factory. The personnel department offered him a student to go to the shop collector bus number 7.

- A tire builder, what kind of job? He asked.

- Good work. Universal - replied kadrovik.-What is the tire, I'll explain I will not. Sam know. But I guarantee that we will have and muscle strength, and skill to show.

- Then the good, agreed-Volodya.-This is just for me.

December 2, 1957 Vladimir Shmelev went to work at changing the "A" in the assembly shop. And again, as it already was when he became a cadet flying club, he could not know that three years before he worked at the factory girl who was later destined to be the first among the women in the world to rise in the cosmic heights and return from there to the famous Valentina Tereshkova . And so it was:

first job of the future of space "Seagull", assembly hall 5 Yaroslavl tire factory. Here, she worked for almost a year brasletchitsey-made bracelets of rubberized cord. And away from the factory, not because the work seemed heavy, but because it was too far from home factory, where she lived, and she ended up in those years, night school ...

The noise and din in the assembly shop of tires Volodya is not scared. The shop was all solid, powerful, profoundly. Why, and the plant itself, almost a history of Yaroslavl. In the factory museum houses a variety of evidence, as it was being built, gaining strength, power. His first came in the former builders Polushkino Grove in 1929. Each plant was placed manually by people not trained to read and write, but felt that the work does not oppress a man and elevates him.

Officially, the year of birth tire plant is the second in 1932, when the November 7 Ivanov garbage collected first tire. Since then, more than half a century has passed, and now at the Yaroslavl Tire go "ZIL" and "Gaza", buses and trolleybuses, "Lada" and "Volga", tractors and self-propelled combines, cultivators and seed drills. The plant produces nearly 30 tire sizes of more than 100 modifications. Tyre giant and a half meters in diameter, capable of withstanding a load of 10 tons, and very small-for toy avtomobilchik.

Of course, Yaroslavl tire factory is proud, as proud of it, however, motor factory, a textile mill "Red Perekop" and synthetic rubber plant. And yet, perhaps, more than all the joys and concerns of the city give the tire manufacturers. No wonder that Yaroslavsky Order of Lenin and Order of October Revolution, tire plant gave the city six Heroes of Socialist Labor. Among them is Vladimir Shmelev.

Change the "A", where he identified, supervised senior master Anatoly Ivanov Matveevich. He had his own method of making newcomers to skilled assemblers, first try them on a part-time jobs, to accustom them to the atmosphere of the shop, to order, and only then, will be seen availest the assembly or not.

Month Volodya drove the rollers on the truck-shop from one end to another, from machine to machine. For any business, whatever the master instructed, he took to hunting. And suddenly an unexpected meeting: the shop has returned from leave old friend Volodya Smirnov, Konstantin. Two years ago he wore a police uniform, was the storm yard bullies and other children such as Vladimir. Sometimes, as in later years a man changes his job. And can hardly blame him for that. Smirnov, no one condemned: it is not on the cushy people hankering for the plant has gone, but also on the bus and bus-nut is not for the weak. So a former district police officer was a good tire builder, but with time and a great mentor of young people. Of course, it cost him in the shop to see Volodia Shmelev, he immediately offered him:

- I take as a student. Two weeks later, I will make of thee a habit of garbage. Typically, the machine works on the assembly a man, and now worked two: Smirnov and Shmelev. Volodya raised a semi-hung so that Smirnov was convenient to take them. At the same time watched as the teacher stands at the bench, what and when to click the buttons and levers, in what sequence. At first glance, to collect the bus is not polished diamonds, which then

may be subtleties? Dress the drum bracelet bracelet, then the top tread and the tire is ready. However, there are here and their, special tricks. Rubber material is in fact a complex and insidious. But when an inquisitive and industrious student, to learn all the tricks you can for 4-5 shifts. Shmelev and was such a student: two weeks have already started collecting tires for yourself, "ZIS-105." And two weeks later came the rate-collector HR 4.5 units per hour, 27 pieces per shift.

- It helped me know what my friend and Tolia Drach, which one day came into the shop as soon as the steel work independently, have arranged private competition - says Vladimir Mihaylovich.-Sometimes, we arrive at the shift, both in red T-shirts, run the machine , will begin to collect tires, while they themselves are watching, but who did it. Well, of course, a competition fuel to the fire and pouring. I was even in the off-time in the yard, home or in class at the flying club, mentally represented in front of the assembly machine, spinning drum and bracelets, which I shoot one another in the matter. Or used to going to the tram, close my eyes and "collect tires." A dream is a dream that I was standing at the bench, and chase them away with all his might, and I have, of course, nothing comes out, then twist the bracelet, then something else ... Woke up in a cold sweat. But then such a mental exercise to bear fruit, I stopped being afraid of the machine, waiting for a meeting with him and was ready to compete not only with Anatoly, but with all the pace-shop. For the past 27 years worth of Shmelev assembly machine. He was "shod" celebrated on the roads of the Great Patriotic three-ton lorry and, later, "GAZ51" and "Volga". Who collects tires for agricultural machinery. And there was in these years the day to Shmelev failed to comply with regulations. And not remember the shop to hand out to his fault Shmelev tire out-marriage. He lives for his work brought them more than half a million. One "shod" over a hundred thousand cars!

- We have a lot of cover on the advanced workers, told me the factory party committee secretary Michael A. Evdokimov, Shmelev and still works in his own way, in Chmielewski. Here, perhaps, to speak about the special talent of working Shmelev.

These words were uttered Party secretary when I was not familiar with Vladimir Mikhailovich and did not see it in the shop, the work of the machine. What could I answer if Yevdokimov what to say about what you do not see and did not know? Yes, and I was not myself then it is clear what it is-talent worker?

In his machine Shmelev is a direct, confident, strong, dark-blue "T-shirt," tight tight chest. It should be as if no one notices. Just nod if you meet with a familiar look, and again immersed in his hard-won as the muscles of reared up on his hands!-Business.

No, not easy and it's not an easy job, collect tires. Only a very inexperienced person might suppose, looking at the car, his massive, solid-looking rubber "galoshes" are baked, they say, from one piece of dough. And they have gathered from dozens of parts. Details of these are floating to him on a suspended conveyor. They are also not very common: long rubberized cloth-cord bracelets, steel wire ring protectors. Carefully, as if once again wraps nascent child throws the garbage of Bangle bracelet on a steel drum. Then include switch, and wire hoops mounted on the sides of the aggregate drum, drive up to a bracelet. The machine wraps them in the edge of the bracelet. It now remains to put on top of the tread-rubber ring is a particular configuration. Vladimir tag on the side of the elastic tire your work-piece rubber stamp with the number 049. A sign that this tire is made to them, the Hero of Socialist Labor, the collector of the Yaroslavl tire factory. And yet-hundred percent guarantee that this tire is made on the conscience of a high professional and, therefore, will serve for a long time and reliably. Shmelev presses, steel drum is split into sectors. A strong impetus Vladimir shifts to tire them ready, deftly catches it and puts it on the conveyor belt.

Do not say anything nice, working-Shmelev zalyubueshsya! Beautiful, easy. And most importantly, without haste, calmly, simply and very reasonable. - The garbage tires need to be physically strong, says Shmelev and like looking at myself from storony. Yes, only in the concept of "force" includes not only the muscles. Our labor, and even mechanized, but still remains at forty per cent of manual operations. For example, the bracelets have to train on the drum with his hands, the tread on those tires, I'm now going to weigh 22 kilograms, he delivered to the machine on hand, and this way and that povernesh, support, until he goes in his place. So tired after a change of course, is felt, but if the change was good, and fatigue would be nice.

By the way, with the most bracelets, which are collected from the tires, the Shmelev associated with one very important for a lifetime event. Bracelets made on a nearby site where the work is mainly women. Of course, collectors often go zahazhivali: what to ask them to hurry bracelets served, then send the finished products to assist in the assembly. That's a fancy to a girl there Volodya. Laughter-loving, big-eyed. Like it was yesterday, but did you go and-now of Tatyana and Vladimir Mikhailovich Stepanovna has two sons. Andrew, Sr., served the army, working on the tire, collects tires for "Lada", Georgiy ten-year graduated, he entered the Timiryazev Academy.

The years passed. Improved, honed professional skills Shmelev, as evidenced by not only served as running ahead of their annual and five-year assignment, but the brilliant victory at the All-Union competitions collectors tire in 1967 and in 1972 he was awarded the title of "best builder of the country", in other years, he traveled on competitions to demonstrate skill in the demonstrations, a privilege available only the best craftsmen profession.

And all this time, all 25 years, he worked in one shift "A", which came in 1957. Were followed by the master, went to the veterans pension, year after year, collectors mastered different tires. Three times, and Shmelev had to move to a new, more efficient equipment, and the backbone of the change over the years has remained unchanged. Along with the veterans, Peter Petrovich Sofrayterom other than garbage, Knight of the Order of Lenin, who came to the plant almost a year of its launch, with gremevshimi once in the whole country pickers Gorchihinym Valery and Viktor Shilov, worked side by side, young workers. Their combined efforts give excellent results: the years of change in the "A" has been a leader in shop and factory.

As these groups are born? And where are the origins of the elusive, invisible to the eyes of someone else's moral atmosphere, which imparts to them everyday, far from the romantic work of true beauty and poetry?

When I asked these questions to Vladimir Mikhailovich, he thought for a moment. And then said:

- Such a change could create a harmonious, because the relationship in it were based on full mutual trust and friendly to each other. Young, for example, wants to compete with the "old" to find out who is still collecting tires faster. Well, the "old" do not mind, let's say, to contend. The young have the upper hand, the elderly do not take offense, but always come up and meticulously check money: it was too smart proved. And if you notice any brachok-all, do not expect any favors, so ashamed, that it shall never forget.

Here is the connection to the everyday reality, most probably, a characteristic feature of educational work at the assembly area, and all the Yaroslavl tire factory. Approved by this method for years, and one of its most ardent advocates, Vladimir Shmelev.

Not surprisingly, looking closer to other builders in the shop, it's easy to guess their way of something familiar, Chmelewsky. He does not keep their secrets to themselves. About 30 trained novice skill Shmelev collector tires, more than 100 young workers were his school of excellence. And how many more will be! After all, Vladimir Mikhailovich just something forty-sixth to the most mature, we can say it's time for creative impact.

People are drawn to him. Know that no matter what their problems or troubled-production or personal, he did not brush it aside, take them to heart as their own and become a sort of justice, yet not lead to the end. Uploaded people to the limit and work, and public responsibilities, in different years and was a member of the Party Committee and deputy of the city council, but still without Vladimir Mikhailovich not do. So have the honor: a change in the "A" work-shop steward was a long time, then eight years partgruporgom, moved to replace the "B" is again elected partgruporgom, and even deputy district council, a member of the District Party Committee. That's often the case: the change is working well, reliably, there is a distinct leader, who, as it were cemented by the team. A number of weaker-changing. All are working diligently, but the pace-makers did not come out, slowly working his hands and fall. And it happens quite often because there is no change in this vibrant personality, a leader in labor. Well, if the administration time to notice it. Notice and make a decision: the leader of the first shift, on which you can always rely on, move to another. Let him take up a new business, shoulder the responsibility, and achieve a sharp rise in the pace of work and life of the second shift. And so it was with Shmelev. In the interests of production, he was asked to move from changing the "A", where he worked for nearly 25 years, replaced by "B".

Although he had doubts, but he still agreed. Young children who have returned after the army, were drawn to him, and he soon joined in the work, the benefit that a new way to rebuild there was no need. Without emotions, calm and businesslike, in the party began with a master Victor Saburov slabinki grope, seek discipline and establish contacts between people who cobble together the core. He knew that the core is the important thing no matter what any responsible task and then were placed in front of a team, no matter what difficulties and it may arise if there is a reliable, strong bones, this team any difficulties on the shoulder, he is nothing and no one is terrible.

- Of course, the shifts in the two years there, but still we can not yet be regarded as an advanced team, frankly, Vladimir. - There is a truancy happen that sin to sew, and outputs to work with the "sniffy." Let this single case, but then they should not be. And while our Party group weaker than the change in the "A". Here we are, Communists, and especially to me as partgruporgu still work and work. Try to achieve cohesion in the team will create a working tradition, will form an atmosphere in which everyone will be in the minds firmly laid the responsibility for the overall depot team, that's when the change-able to compete on equal terms with others. L to bring up responsible for the affairs of the collective, each worker must devote not only to the laws brigade area. It is necessary, He lived to the interests of the company, its future. And the future of the plant is primarily reconstruction, new building, where a plant cure, updated equipment, dramatically improving working conditions. over these issues seriously contemplate an all-party committee and the management, engineers and workers . shift, which runs Shmelev, and then dropped a crucial role. Shmelev and two other collectors, along with scientists from the Institute-sponsored new machines a year had to test, run in new equipment. This production quotas on them while they are the same as the old machines, and loss of work time much more. It's clear, is new.

But I could not work and civic conscience Shmelev allow this situation had a negative impact on his personal commitment - to fulfill the eleventh five-year period of 3.5 years. No matter how hard it was, but found himself, in his mastery of the reserves, which in these circumstances enabled him to perform tasks on a monthly basis of 120-130 percent. Collecting in excess of about 300 jobs tire ended his five-year plan ahead of time, as promised! And at the same time, he never for a moment disconnected from the concerns of the shop, his new shift. His partgruporga, concerned everything connected with the upbringing of the young workers who have recently joined the team. And now he has his own special look at the people, their criteria for their evaluation, their credo.

Yaroslavl tire manufacturers value the honor of his factory mark. Today, 80 percent of the tires, marked the stigma of the plant, is decorated with the honorary badge-State Quality Mark. This means that the real masters who prepare Vladimir Shmelev and his fellow veterans of labor, there are many.

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