Shekhovtsov Seraphim G.

Anatoly Yakoventsev

Antipova Ekaterina

Abdrakhmanov Nina Lukichna

Vladimir Shmelev

Sitkarev Ivan

Chumak Paul A.

Pryhoda Yuri Ivanovich

Kulmatova Satina

Aripov Ismail Halmatovich


Shekhovtsov Seraphim G.

Turner Kursk plant mobile units of the production association "electric plant"

Shekhovtsov Seraphim G. Suddenly he interrupted me and gesture, pure blue eyes looking out the window at the wet autumn woods, a little hoarse with emotion said:

- And something we are all morning about the machines but about the job? Let's talk about love I tell you ...

On that day, as if something pushed him to the heart. He woke up instantly, immediately stood up and, trying not to wake anyone, a quick breakfast in the kitchen. He breakfasted habitually standing: saving time, although it was still the beginning of a change soon.

He walked into his shop familiar road to the plant, and the closer, rising somewhere in the habitual sense of expectation. This feeling he valued in himself and always tried to preserve. Maybe it's because more and came earlier than others, and do not get involved in various useless conversations morning, and immediately became the machine.

Habitual movement running machine and handles deftly wielding support, he is assigned, then summed cutter to the workpiece. A sharp knife blade cutting into the workpiece, layer by layer shaving flies, smells like hot metal and machine oil.

Fast growing mound of finished parts next to the machine. And Shekhovtsov have nothing and no one sees around him, at such moments to it no one will suit: it is in operation.

But now, perhaps, no wonder things pushed in my heart. Today, in the midst of the rush to it boys, vying zagaldeli:

- What are you, Grigorich for the machine? Do not listen to the radio?

- What kind of radio?

- So do you give the Hero!

- Download it!

They shook his hand and a friendly clap on the shoulder, even tried to swing, and he is a friend said:

- But wait, you devils, give at least the machine is turned off.

From under the knife spun endlessly long as all his previous life, sparkling metal shavings. And with a sudden joy passed over his eyes pechalinka ...

Once again, he experienced a feeling of great joy mingled with sadness, when later solemnly, in sight of the people he was awarded the Gold Star of Hero. Even sitting still, he slipped his hand touched the star and, feeling the solid weight of the palm of her weighty and thought: "If the saw Zina ...". Seraphim Shekhovtsov went into the army with a heavy heart: at home remained the wife and two young children. As she grieved, when he was escorted to the station.

Seraphim himself realized, oh, she famously happen to the farm on the plowed ground war Kursk. But suddenly began to receive from her a good, quiet writing: live well. Dawn calved on workdays were many, and our chief joy, gratitude is the second part of your command, regularly, they say, serve, Grigorich.

Zina directly to the letter referred to him as the custom since the first days of marriage, Grigorich. Seraphim such letters gave strength, and served as a calmer.

Only when I got home and looked at his eyes, dilapidated house on huduschuyu wife rolled up work on the sickly babies, I understood how to give her the letter. Chairman of the farm he was delighted:

- Oh, how people need, Seraphim. You, I heard a mechanic in the army? We desperately need a mechanic.

- So I g of aircraft engines, said Shekhovtsov, and thought to myself: a family here in the village did not raise. Now, thinking about those years, said bitterly:

"We had to stay. Now conscience gnaws ... "

And then he leaned in the Arkhangelsk region in the rafting. Growth is not Shekhovtsov hero, quite the contrary. He came back, read, or anything. I learned that somewhere in the Kursk on the mobile units are required factory people. Offered as a laborer in a machine shop. All did, that no such commandment, and even the fact that no such commandment: he has such a nature. He's now finished shift fork and begins to take to remove chips from the machine. He will say: "No you do. You did your thing "" and someone will do it "

Then first he's hungry for a special work: understand - it is necessary to stand on his feet. Attracted him to the lathe. It has gone from the army. One day a friend asked: "Show me how to sharpen the detail." He began to show.

At Seraph happened: like the fact that you take this piece and the most simple of her eyes, with the ability, of course, it turns a sort of elegant, yet warm detail.

The guy that gave him work, he said:

- I have seen in the museums of sculpture in marble, beautiful like that?

- You bet.

- From all turners gone.

- Well, yes?

- You take a block and remove all unnecessary: the sculpture is ready.

- The very thought?

- Not really.

Joker, of course, that guy. But something that was attractive compared.

Even back home from the army he had brought Shekhovtsov carved detail. Here in the shop was an experienced turner, Rostislav A. Kostyuchenko, a stern man, nesuetlivy, but in general very good. Shekhovtsova took an apprentice. Working. A Shekhovtsov hurry: he wanted to learn more business and want to excel in order for the machine is likely to become a.

- Do not dust, briefly tell him not Kostyuchenko.-machine hands.

- So soon as ...

- Understand, too much motion is lost minute. And then the main thing-to make a conscience.

And it makes Shekhovtsova many times the same item to grind. Seraphim came home worn to a frazzle. They have the whole family moved to the city. His wife asks:

- Heavily, Grigorich?

He just glyanet and no answer. Sees itself not easily affected by war-and postwar years. The disease overcame her. Shekhovtsov as he could, tried to ease her life. Take it from the hands of the pan, says: "Relax a little." Clicks the kids: "Well, the Eagles, who better to fry potatoes, father?" He was given the first class and put the machine. He worked conscientiously fulfilled the norm. But the main thing that distinguished him,-he did not have marriage. Knew that if done Seraphim is safe.

So he lived and worked. But it sensed a power somewhere deep in the soul lived in it the confidence that can and should do more.

His wife was getting worse. It is no longer rising from bed. Serious long night they talked about life, about children, about the future. She loved to talk about the future, and when he told her about the work of the shop, the guys (she asked for it), advising him:

- Maybe you brush up, Grigorich?

- It's late. And then turning to the case, then the experience and skill.

- How do you say ...

It is not without its belief in the need to study, he entered into a technical college. Perhaps it was his most difficult years: the work did not want to lag behind others in school and even worse, school is out when finished. A house and children are now all on him. The daughter of Valya now recalls:

- What a father, we have the gold. As he spun day and night in the factory, at school, at home with us and not a single complaint or reproach. All with a smile, a joke.

Shekhovtsov Seraphim G. But this is my daughter. His own, so to say, blood. And what do they think about it more, those who work with him in the shop on the site?

Once published in the regional newspaper article about Seraphim G., and there was an old story about him his friend Sergei Petrovich Zakharov. When Zakharov came a few years ago, a foreman at the site had to be difficult to immediately understand all the intricacies of the work, relationships between people. First, even podrasteryalsya. The first came to the rescue Shekhovtsov. This he tactfully, gradually, as if in passing, something even tell you in a difficult situation, advise you what to do.

So in that stuff in the newspaper about the Shekhovtsova Zakharov said:

- Seraphim G., he is a man, the soul of it is sick. Extremely reliable person. When will develop a new, deliberately rugged detail, the choice always falls on him. We know that Shekhovtsov, regardless of time, with the personal financial interests, will do the job on time.

For Seraphim G. no details, he is always eager to work with full dedication. I would say that he considers himself personally responsible not only for being entrusted to him, but in the case of land, shops and even more, the entire plant.

Shekhovtsov, after reading it to himself in the newspaper, much embarrassed, and met Zakharov, only shook his head:

- Well, you're giving, P.: painfully high words said about me.

- And is it not true?

- Yes, I somehow did not think to myself, so ...

- True, you do not think because you're a humble guy. And about your character, I said as I felt. And the essence of nature Shekhovtsova just lies in the fact that he has to just deal.

Frequent absenteeism at the plant. Of course, fought with them as they could. And quite effectively. For example, if the team fails to start or change boozer, quitter, it not only deprived of bonuses or thirteenth salary, but the whole team automatically loses the prize, no matter how high were the other indices. And yet it was wrong thing. Once Shekhovtsov at a meeting of the Party Committee heard that for the year of their union, and hence the state has suffered losses due to absenteeism, had led to a fairly large sum.

This impressive figure for a long time gave him no rest. He brought it in conversations with the young working team. Someone said to him:

- Seraphim, so we have x in the union. I

us in the team after the procedure.

At this Shekhovtsov convincingly argued:

- Do not you understand. One with a hangover at work did not come out, the other just skipped, and it is a failure-tuned rhythm of production.

- But we are struggling with truants.

Shekhovtsov just waved his hand. How many times have witnessed: just ended meeting at which reports truant, a suit for him and hiding his eyes, comforts:

- Do not worry, be patient, my friend, you know, order.

And he will say if he was yesterday with one of saws. And yet, after all, reflects Shekhovtsov-,-when we all together can affect humans. And where did he go, well, dismiss truant, goes to another plant, and there is the same. To us, machine operators, it needs the other, the same will come. And start from the beginning. And with his characteristic compassion for other people's souls Seraphim G. Shekhovtsov thinks a man, then pity, living as a man.

Is there a solution? There is, decides Shekhovtsov. We must first and foremost to ask yourself for someone who was walking and tripped.

Thus was born a great passionate open letter signed by Shekhovtsov and his other fellow workers, Sergey Kandaurov welder, turner Viktor Minakov, Tamara Shumakova foreman, mechanic Valery Erin. This letter was published in the regional newspaper. It has been experienced in it, a hundred times-approved.

"Team-powerful force and we should actively use it, said that pisme., in our view, it is advisable to introduce a rule: the one who fired from the company for violations of labor discipline, not to hire a new place immediately after the personnel department, and send to talks with the team or brigade area, where he will work hard. Let the workers themselves will talk with him, hear the explanations of the past "exploits" and then we will decide whether or not new to the team accepted. And it would be good to establish a procedure everywhere, then the perpetrators will not be able to easily look past the dismissal. "

And further:

"Today, a newspaper we would like to appeal to all workers: on the shoulder to give us a decisive battle drunkards, loafers, and absentees. Remember, we are responsible not only for themselves but for their fellow workers at the plant for the entire production. Everyone should be in the understanding of the working class is called the host country is not just to be witty, but because we entrusted her "destiny, its present and future."

There were in that letter and other important and concrete proposals for strengthening labor discipline. This letter was discussed and approved by the Presidium of the Regional Council of Trade Unions. It is hotly debated and approved in numerous bands region. And the same old friend Shekhovtsova Sergei Petrovich Zakharov, meeting him in the shop, and recalling their previous conversation, he asked:

- Well, so then I was right when he talked about the nature of your correspondent?

- Maybe it's right.

- Modest ...

- No, I'm just a man's. That's right, that's for the pipes to Seraphim Shekhovtsov somewhere boasted themselves.

Even when he began to apprentice with Kostyuchenko, such as accidental conversation with him gone: there is not a burden, they say, an experienced leader-you mess with me, spend time with me. Kostyuchenko said:

- Not the one in front, who is ahead and who is behind the other pulls. In fact, my brother, all life is worth.

This is it, Shekhovtsova, the idea was to create a workshop school of excellence. He began in her first teacher and unofficial director. Were drawn to him, especially the youth.

He ends up changing and we must have a machine to clean and store food for the house to buy, but at the Tolley Chekodanova something goes wrong: glancing invitingly towards the Seraphim G. Shekhovtsova. He pretends not to notice a guy look, turning his head in annoyance: at home, because as it should. But overpowers himself

- Well, what have you, Shreds?

- Yes, that's ... Chekodanov begins to explain, mindlessly waving his arms.

- Oh, brother, meleva much, and grind a little.

Shekhovtsov looks askance at the guy, remembers himself as a student at Rostislav Andreevich in those olden years now, and just as it Kostyuchenko, instructs:

- Do not dust, less movement. Once again waved his hand, lost the second. And because you can tell, the sculptor.

- What is a sculptor, I ...

- And how well-Shekhovtsov smiles and tells the story, heard once in the army of the marble block cutter and shows how and what to do.

Then, removing the item from the machine, looking around her, says with a smile:

- In the museum, of course, our item to you will not fall, but for good cause.

In the evening he brings to the hands of Zinaida into the yard, in the little square, sits down next to her and tells the story of a tough day today, Anatoliy about Chekodanova, Nicholas Minakova and others of his disciples. And Zina chuckles and says:

- Well, you're kind, Grigorich. And-headed: not for nothing that comes out, learned something. And beautiful.

- If you say, too, was confused, Seraphim G.. And it's true, the beautiful people: a well-fashioned face, eyebrows vrazlet, dazzling blue eyes.

When he was awarded the Order of Lenin, his wife said to him:

- I am now going to live long. I came to power. You Grigorich, also become a hero. You're the eagle I have.

- What I was there the eagle, laugh-Shehovtsov.-Do you remember when to propose to you, you had said: rostochkom, they say, did not come out.

- Do Well in that case ... It was getting dark. It was a warm evening. It smelled stupefyingly linden blossoms. Poplar storm flowed on the pavement. I remember this night forever Seraphim Grigorievich.

Past staek noisy children, past the curious attendants on the benches at the entrance, past the rushing to the cinema and just walking, he carried home in the hands of his wife, wrapped in a blanket.

And so it was not one, not two or even ten years ...

The day came to him an old friend, touched his elbow:

- Grigorich, turn off the machine,

- What is it? Asked Shekhovtsov, but the machine did not shut down, he always saves time.

As a person who approached realized that something had happened.

- What is it, Ivan?

- With Zina ... Zina died ... As usual, like a beehive, buzzing shop, sparkling chips ran out a long knife, and suddenly broke off, unable to withstand its own weight.

And ... I had to live on. And he began to Seraphim G. live. Was disappointed by his son Nicholas: it was thought, in the footsteps of his father will go, and he, in medicine.

- What kind of profession?

- The very same old are you, who have teeth, it will be treated?

- Yes, I'll never be old.

- That's right!

In the end, thinks Shekhovtsov than a bad major? The main thing, man, it grows right, hard-working and honest man.

Came upset daughter Valentina for advice. She works at the institute after a knitting mill, proposed head of production.

- It is so good though.

- Dad, it's a big responsibility.

- Well, if we all start looking for an easy life, then what?

- Suddenly not pull?

- It must be the same.

At work, when he was given a hero, someone said:

- Does not become conceited Shekhovtsov conceited, but for different collections so worn-out sessions.

It was the case: first, a few carried away. But not the man Seraphim G.. Sit, it happens, the Presidium of the table, then director of whisper:

- I can not, Vladimir Ivanovich really and truly itching.

- Come on, only to quietly ... Shekhovtsov as it is in the parade with the Gold Star, by bus, to the plant. The shop quickly and change clothes immediately to the machine:

And who will do for us in the life of the work to which we have the charge of ... But our life, it's not just one operation. Shekhovtsov gathered all of his large family, he is now alone, six grandchildren, and said:

- Well, kids, you're all on their feet. Our Mother, the blessed memory, long gone. A life-it goes. I decided, as they say, to finish his bachelor life. Yes, and it is difficult one.

- Dad!, Opened his mouth one of his sons.

- And then, immediately stood up, my daughter, - Bath, incidentally, only fifty-two years. Just who is the bride?

- Yes, you've probably heard about it:

Valentine Boldyrev, a house painter in our second shop works. Her husband died ... yet for some reason, added - awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

- Well, if the Order, he smiled, Nicholas ...

And there was a wedding ... It simply pulls on the job to the machine.

Its hard as iron palm can not be without a usual case. Here it is' at the bench, watching the endless chips drained out of the cutter, and he is calm, So all is good in life and in work. Stop, but it? Something of a neighboring machine is not the sound. He came up and looked.

- What are you doing sharpening, brother?

- What is it?-Boyfriend guilty shifting from foot to foot. Feels that the driving

marriage, and do not want to admit. Shekhovtsov suppressed frustration and patiently begins to explain what and how.

- That's it. In each case, the brother, without love, nothing good is obtained. Got it?

- I understand, of course. A young, may not understand.

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