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Abdrakhmanov Nina Lukichna

Master of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant named after VI Lenin Production Association "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant named after VI Lenin"

Abdrakhmanov Nina Lukichna Actually, first name on the passport of the recent second master cast-iron plant Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant-Nina Abdrakhmanova Lukichna. Many people know about it in the shop, especially veterans. But everyone calls it Lukinichna. This kind of game that reflects the universal respect for people, enjoying great prestige in the team. And he came, of course, not immediately, over the years.

Nina got a difficult childhood Lukichne. A large family was a blacksmith tractor plant Luke Kornilovich Kosolapov. They lived together happily. But when Nina was three years old, my mother died unexpectedly. In the hands of his father left four kids. Has not yet received a diploma, has decided to go to work. And then there was a question to Nina, who is always important for every young man who to be? One day her mother dropped her friend:

- Come to us for CTZ in the foundry. As Nina recalls Lukichna, she did not care to go. With production, it was not known, but that is a "foundry", even had no idea. However, the plant seemed to her smoky chimneys, the accumulation of machines, grim industrial buildings. But when she first walked on the territory of the company, she could not believe that it is Tractor Plant, there were so many greens, trim paths, lawns.

And hitting the iron foundry, a few cold feet, around the fire, thunder, scurrying people, electric cars, floating near the ceiling pyshaschie heat ladles of molten metal. It has now, after twenty-six years, Nina Lukichna feels confident here, quietly. But if the habit was scary.

Here is a pivotal branch. In the table workers "play sand" molded-in forms "kulichiki" the most bizarre. "What a job," Nina, I thought. By the way, the rod is part of the mold, which can produce cast metal parts in the emptiness, the hole. On how well prepared the rod, the accuracy depends on the final product.

- Come on, girl, get acquainted. I Foreman, Andrei Petrovich Skleznev ... What a fragile you are, and rostochkom small. Well, nothing. Will you work with me. With their peers.

More recently Skleznev was a master at a vocational school. Making the next release of inmates, he went with them to "second the pot" tractor factory, and directly in the shop continued to cultivate the youth work skills.

Easy "playing in the sand" at first glance turned out to be "easy." Under the inept hands of the sand would not lie evenly across form the core box, crumbled, was loose. Even the core boxes sometimes become very heavy. Master, skilled workers, seeing that things are not going well at Nina, came up and showed how to keep forming. And everything seems to be doing as it should, but not getting work. Although the cry. Even lunch time we catch that train, the result is the same. Someone was talk, they say, not up to chose a brand-new profession until later, let him seek a different matter.

But a fragile girl is not retreating, not afraid of difficulties, temporary failures, but the earnings did not think. Then it was no more important task than to prove that it is not some sad sack, and not worse than others.

Speaking of her youth, Nina Lukichna notes with some bitterness, that today a newcomer, barely crossed the threshold of the shop, asking not about how best to make him a part, and how much to pay for it ...

- We, the parents themselves are a lot of blame-sighs-ona. spoil children. Comes once a daughter of my friends from college and said, "Mom, everyone's aware of the golden earrings, rings, and I, as a pioneer. Nothing. It's a shame. " And I think we, the adults should be ashamed of themselves for our children, not knowing the true values in life.

On the first payday Nina bought a while sisters and brothers gifts. Who candy, toy whom and to whom socks, hat. Since that time it is first and foremost think about it, junior. His father scolded: you currently take care, then, the bride will also soon.

And really, what happened. He worked in the shop sterzhenschikom Raul Abdulovich Abdrakhmanov. Liked each other young people. Soon married. Today they have grown daughter Flyura. It works in a department store salesman. Very worried mother, the daughter of a career choice. I really wanted to, so that she continued to work his grandfather, father, mother, would Traktorostroiteley, caster.

- Mum, 'pleaded doch.-I sleep in my sleep I see how products are laid out, customers served. After all, behind the counter to work in good faith. And Flyura said proves in practice. Mother happy, proud of her.

The first years of operation at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant began to Nina's real school life, work, collectivism. On them, she remembers with great warmth. After all, she was met by people caring, attentive, sincere patriots companies that are themselves passed primary school familiarizing to labor, middle-skill development, universities, reaching heights in their business, credibility and recognition in the team. Those who helped Nina to go from step to step to the summit of excellence, a lot. For example, a good mentor was her pilot sterzhenschitsa Love Biryukov. Has done a lot for a young worker Valentina Yakovleva. It is difficult to overestimate this advice technologist Mary Bukina. Their seeds were coaching in the fertile soil. Intelligent girl soon realized what was happening. Did not hesitate to follow the work of senior friends, she has developed its own methods of forming cores, more productive. Was a personal plan to improve the efficiency of labor is the first in the department. It was followed by others. On his experience on the site had a school of excellence that has attracted the attention of colleagues. And so, step by step, she approached the most skillful craftsmen molding business.

Giving advice to Nina in the party, senior master George A. Lysov said: "We are proud of such workers. They inspire hope in us, the veterans who grows a worthy replacement. " Three years after joining the Iron Nina Lukichnu assigned adjuster. By this time she has mastered the manufacture of all types of rods. I made them quickly, soundly. Whereas previously only responsible for their work, but now for the quality of products, going around the area. And that was not satisfactory, was to teach young people, patiently to pass the secrets of his skill.

It does not always succeed. Experienced sterzhenschitsy are pretty decent. Looking at their flitting over the shape of hands, dexterous finger movements, beginner it seems that he can, as it waits on hand a considerable sum. AN, no. Do not get otherwise. Disappointed, they leave. A plant, the site linked rigid schedule, intense production program. And everyone here on the account. Here is Nina and she tried to Lukichna. Will a newcomer to the table, take it into their own hands, literally finger on the finger, and so expensive for the product. While not feel that the fingers, palms of the ward did not acquire the necessary flexibility, professional tactile.

A lot of things on the site. But sometimes in the course of Abdrakhmanova throw formovschitse:

- Do you, my dear, is brachok. She wonders:

- Worn like a pendulum, and sees everything. Pupils have good sterzhenschitsy is not considered. All say it is not just a skill but also great patience and human sensitivity. And girls who are the majority, and maternal affection.

All these qualities were noticeable especially when the Communist Abdrakhmanov was appointed master of the plot. Of course, cares greatly increased. From that day with her demand for the fulfillment of the department plan, design technology, and other documentation, product quality, training, labor discipline. Master can not come into the shop in a bad mood, the mood of the team passed. Therefore Abdrakhmanova at work is always business-like, quiet, friendly.

And the people on the site are different. And everyone needs to find an individual approach. Here's an example. She came to the area

girl. Capricious, walking. Often brought exculpatory medical records, they say, she is hurt, then a headache, then something else. It turned out that these fake certificates. Nina Lukichna and shame the young worker, and spoke kindly, and home to the 'it went, with her mother spoke.

- Half a year was busy with my brand new Lukinichna - says Valentina Menshikov, working on the rod section twenty-six years.I-We are just amazed at her patience. They said come on, do not spoil their nerves. But she has made her. Now former student reluctantly recalls those days. It works well. Mentor herself.

Nina Lukichne so far it seems that nothing much during her work at the site has not changed, they say, as the labored, and continue. But, remembering it is a no-no, and yes, said: "But it was not so before." And told about this fact.

Once in office failures often occur in the auxiliary operations. Auxiliary workers removed and served sterzhenschikam drying plate, put the rods in the zaformovannye sushilo, taken out of it ready. Had a lot of hassle. The more tasks that are distributed unevenly. Sometimes, a barely managed a business, and a neighbor from a smoke-idleness, no work. As a result, suffered the whole area, it bowed to the meetings of RAM. We had to find a way, to change the traditional organization of work on auxiliary operations.

Experts of Bureau of Labor and Wages, shops and department heads, including the master Abdrakhmanov, long thought on the problem. Trying on that one, then another. Finally, we decided: we must provide support to a separate team of workers and pay them to work on a specific result of the labor collective. This not only eliminates a bottleneck on the site, but it will strengthen technological discipline, increase earnings.

Abdrakhmanov Nina Lukichna To break the existing technology, and most importantly, familiar in people's minds, it was not easy. After all of them have never seen with my own eyes, did not feel at first hand the benefits offered. Yes, and the initiators was not an absolute guarantee of success. But new does not always find their way in life without a doubt, smooth, without a hitch. For the introduction of new and progressive should be resisted.

After a painstaking explanation of the workers actually support operations brigade forms of labor organization is still gone to work in new ways. However, skeptics, there was talk they say, nothing comes out, it started zryashnoe.

- We are told that the case for anything, they grumbled, after months of work by Brigadier-metodu. promised that many will add, and all remained the same ...

Nina Lukichna saw that there was an unexpected hitch that is not thought of everything to the end. And this unfortunate mistake could ruin a good thing started. And the reason is that the labor of auxiliary workers are traditionally paid for not by the type and quantity of manufactured products, and their total weight in tonnes. And one, in that month was a big party of small parts. Labor invested a lot of money working as accrued enough. Disorder, has decided to Abdrakhmanov. And she had to prove this administration, on the one hand, and on the other workers to explain the reason for failure to persuade them not to deviate from his plan.

It is not easy to be had between two fires. But Lukichna survived. It has made for the establishment of subsidiary working properly assess their work, the uniformity of the load. Today it is used the coefficient of labor participation. This indicator measures the contribution of each to the common cause, his attitude to the duties entrusted, discipline, mutual aid. Satisfied with the rod and the staff of the site. His return has increased, the work became more rhythmic, improved product quality.

- But perhaps most importantly, all of which have in common, is to increase awareness, creative, interested attitude to work, strengthening the friendship between all parts of the complex forming conveyor, said Nina Lukichna.

The authority Abdrakhmanova great. Communists elected a member of the Party Committee of the association "Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant named after VI Lenin." And the best hard worker justifies confidence in the team. Always stand on the protection of unfairly bypassed. Examples of caring for many comrades. One of the workers lived with his family in straitened circumstances. By its very modesty silent about it. No one knows how it turned out be, if this is not found Nina Lukichna. On their own initiative have visited workers at home, checked the living conditions and proved the need for members of the guild committee to improve them. And soon it was the housewarming.

In response, the staff pays Abdrakhmanova reciprocate. One day, when the evening shift was over, suddenly comes into the shop urgent and complex order. Its importance was the Wizard is nothing to explain, but how to convey to the team members? After all, every family, children. Yes, and fatigue made itself felt.

- Mary, what to do, she asked her friend Abdrakhmanova sterzhenschitsu Hananovu.-order must be done in the morning.

- We will persuade Lukinichna. And then a lot of persuading, and it was not necessary. Six women and a master voluntarily stayed in the shop on the night shift. Worked spore. And the order was executed. Nina Lukichna, as promised, made in the control room duty vehicles, and all workers in the morning were delivered to their homes.

- It's nice to work with such people - said Abdrakhmanov.

- And to us with her nice smile, adds formovschitsa Maria Safina.

In the third year of the eleventh five-year collective CTZ-one of the first-born of the Soviet five-pointed-fiftieth. And we need it so happened that in those days, Nina Lukichna zagrippovala. Lying alone in the house. And she was so anxious


now be in the shop, among friends, girlfriends, family feeling became bitter smell of burnt earth forming. Downright insulting. Suddenly the doorbell. On the threshold of an unknown man:

- You Abdrakhmanova? .. Nina Lukichna?

- Yes.

- Urgent dress here and there, on a stool.

- What is it?

- I Central Television. It should be quickly transferred to Moscow to your portrait.

- What happened?

- Do not you know that you are awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor?

Nina did not have time Lukichna senses, as we sat by the window in the kitchen. And a couple of minutes photojournalist shoes have pounded on the stairs. It turned out that he was three o'clock Abdrakhmanov spotted throughout the city. Her new apartment, the phone has no address, no one knows. Meticulous reporter said, where his daughter works Abdrakhmanova. He sought in the department store Flury. The girl was confused because of the surprises that hardly remembered where he lives.

In the evening, an apartment filled with guests Nina Lukichny-team-mates, friends and acquaintances. Greetings, hugs, flowers, laughter, tears ... Here is a small, but important, I think, part of the collective life of the rod separation. One of its span in plain view on a large stand of the inscription: "Here the team is working sterzhenschikov, led by Hero of Socialist Labor, Nina Lukichna Abdrakhmanova '. Dear line. They are proud, and call for a high responsibility for their work, and commit to a lot.

In the fourth year of five-Chelyabinsk tractor builders have won a remarkable victory. They released one millionth tractor. Knights labeled "CTZ" enjoy a good reputation among rural mechanization, land reclamation, construction of railways, hydropower, navigation channels, gas mains. This is a momentous event for the band gladly double-State Attestation Commission awarded the Jubilee car T-130M Quality Mark. Now, all models of tractors Urals marked the honorary pentagon.

The CPSU Central Committee congratulated the workers, technical workers and employees of association with high achievement.

Looking at the orange tractor has just descended from the main line, Nina Lukichna felt the solemnity of this moment, the joy for the success of the whole collective of the plant. After twenty six years of hands involved in the creation of hundreds of thousands of track athletes, before this elegant stainless steel has a handsome seven-digit number. Today Abdrakhmanova shop-assistant chief of the Personnel and everyday life. And at this point, it is true to his principles.

A portion of the complex. Especially if you approach the matter with the soul, sick for the interests of the team, if you do not care who comes into the shop who will work side by side. It should be noted that in the shop a little less than a thousand people. Therefore, concerns the assistant section chief, more than enough.

- Lukinichna cope with new responsibilities, says Secretary of the Party bureau foundry shop, Victor S. Ermolin. reliable and responsible friend. I know, I never let you down ...

Comfortable in the new comfortable apartment Abdrakhmanova. Beautifully furnished rooms. Nina Lukichna always show pictures that are stored in the family very much. You can see them for hours. With the same interest in listening to the stories and the mistress of the house. The fact that the whole family, big fans of automobile tourism. Every holiday they sit in the "Lada" and under its own power from Chelyabinsk sent thousands of miles from home. That's where they've been for ten years autotravel. On the pictures Red Square in Moscow, Leningrad, Palace, the beaches of the Baltic, the minarets of Samarkand, fishing at the Volga bank, the road across the sands of Turkmenistan and ferry from Krasnovodsk n Baku, Caucasus Mountains, and dozens of places.

With a smile, Nina Lukichna talks about how tired and how happy the way everything you see her. daughter, when she was still a schoolgirl.

What motivates Abdrakhmanov abandon preferential permits in sanatoria and rest homes? That they entail a long journey every year? - We love their homeland, and she is so beautiful, is different. We love meeting new people. So many interesting things, shares his impressions Nina Lukichna.-The next year, think to wave in Siberia, Lake Baikal. So many have heard of him. Well, lucky you the way Lukinichna.

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