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Aripov Ismail Halmatovich


Aripov Ismail Halmatovich

Brigadier concreters panel construction of the plant number 1 Tashkent house-building plant 1

Aripov Ismail Halmatovich They walked along the bay side by side, strong guys who failed to even throw tunics after the term of military service, and they opened a new plant room of their buildings. Someone shouted out in an excess of feeling them with flight, "e-gay!" Victorious cry went for a walk under the tented arches, though they paved the room for maneuver. The maneuver was simple: after passing CPR (HR), to gain a foothold in a new line, newly-built plant and called the large-panel number 1.

- A laborer, was shot down, the joy in the department kadrov.-What do you mean!, Tried to protest Ismail.-sergeant of artillery hold the bricks to send?

- And we are here until the rank and file needed. Petty state of complete ... Agree, and then this job will take. Given to us was to lift the veil's, who knows, maybe it would have found intractable personnel officer for the office of Ismail Aripova popochetnee. After all, the future factory pride in the appearance of the downed guy, all right then crossed the threshold of his office. But indeed if laborers were much needed, and the inspector noticed a seasoned eye and collected Ismail, and internal habit of discipline and military readiness to clearly comply with the order. That, if he wants to achieve his.

And Ishmael was a laborer. Cleaned mineral wool, shipped materials, and ran after the change in the molding shop, where you had to-help. This habit is not to divide the change "from" and "to" strong-it to this day. Morning only will, but he hastens to the field on its own, is not close to the plant stands, settlement houses on the first bus. Some only change intrudes, and teams have already Aripova a tape packed with installation fittings, and the guys start to the second, laugh:

catch up, they say!

Change is poured, hammered into shape concrete, roast a future fleet of the panel, the team is going home together, Aripov remains. Labor has begun, the schedule is completed by the public. That's really nemerenno, neohvatnaya work, no pay-out of conscience, not for myself, for all oblige.

We begin to bend your fingers. Two convocation was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR. Then-Deputy Tashkent City Council. Member of the Bureau Khamza District Party Committee and a member of the Party Committee, director of public control of a huge house-building plant 1, where the plant is only a branch. Chairman of the board of supervisors of the district. A member of the Central Workers' Union building and industrial construction materials, the secretary of a volunteer committee of the national union. As a Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of State Prize of the USSR and the initiator of the movement for early completion of his five-year delegate to various representative meetings, meetings, activities for the exchange of experiences. You can go on and on.

Here is a man who thinks a minute. It is difficult to talk to him, to tear from the case is extremely difficult. He looks at you with mournful eyes, shifting from foot to foot, throwing a glance surreptitiously at her watch, converting them to their children and to the catching response, soothing: they say, do not worry, the foreman, tell me about himself and about us in order. Still can not survive, apologize quickly, "Kravchuk Kravchuk, lock the winch!" Shout-and hide in the solutions between the cassettes, is always to help run a detailed Nikolay Kravchuk clog the slots fitting.

Due to the same set of public affairs is not particularly talking to him and after the change. Go after him, catch on the fly

dropped by the phrase made up of a mosaic are a straightforward biography of labor and watch. The act brighten dash character, add it true that not every conversation will know closer and give impetus to an understanding. Active and energetic my hero, as a twisted spring, confident and impulsively-soft in dealing with others. And suddenly:

- Go, you know, like, tired started pribalivat a bit, and we work hard, physical. But where I'm from their denus guys from the factory. No, do not get to leave here and my office, and a pension ...

It was he, to me, without any pressure, thoughtfully-confidence, opened reservoir of spiritual doubt. So much for sure man! And suddenly:

- The team will not take, and the point! At least go to the director ...

That he was the guy with tousled shock of hair, who came to ask the brigade Aripov from another site. He said, as the cut off. So much for the gentle man ...

- What is lean body, it does not matter, from the work of our rapidly growing stronger, Ismail-Halmatovich dispel my confusion about the sloppy-parnya. it, so in fact be, experience tells me. Before so many years lived and neatness are not learned. We do not fit!

No, to participate in the education he never gave up. Do not refuse now. In the team he was a constant and respected educator. In the other groups to listen to his word, too. And this, just so untidy first acquaintance began, with respect to explicitly call Aripova could not.

It has its own measurement on the people with whom to work. In the team would like to Aripova many. Who will ask the factory management, who own the same craft, lead-bred, they say, a guy who, for newspaper publication of Ishmael and his guys Halmatoviche way into the team thorite. Not that this earnings round-normal earnings, though a bit more than others. Here the atmosphere is special, reliable, constantly filled with an even tension and even the same fraternal relation to each other. Here, the collective labor family, where the senior can help the younger, where holidaymakers miss and where each dissected technology operation would prefer to work together.

For example, pull the pins on the tubes for future elektrokanalov in panels laid one. But with faster, more reliable, better quality. Because doing in a few hands. Or cleaning up after a hard day of flight, preparing for tomorrow's changing, too, perform together. And just in unison ... abandoned their smoke breaks, do not have the team at all.

So, they ask for Aripov many units remain. And those would not have happened if the team does not rule: best to strengthen the other production areas. So it was with their foster child, now known foreman Vladimir Demin, whose team became the chief rival of Ismail Halmatovicha teams in the employment race. So it was with the others. Such is the consciously organized and directed by staff turnover. The resulting vacancy shall be filled by beginners. In the new arrival simple and complex task, look and feel of the brigade. Decide-take or not take-together. Reinforced concrete of the Eighth Brigade, who decided to go to him, refused, not liking the team, there is a sense of camaraderie, the work performed "from here to here."

Merck in the selection of teams Aripova candidates is simple: tidiness, physical strength, good judgment. That's it? Yes, but neatness should not be in the same appearance, but in thoughts, actions, relationships. The fortress is not a physical force is measured, but also a reliable person, his ability to come at the right moment, a shoulder. Finally, the judgment as a trait, multiplied by the master's sobriety and good management of the whole team.

In short, once again focus on the collective needs and concerns. Telling Aripov admitted purpose of these measurements, he personally selected and tested more than once, and gave misfire. Not without it.

When the transition team to work with

three cluster units, one of the team left. Work relies on two installations. Each unit is 15 panels per shift, two provide up to 950 cubic meters of precast concrete. Take another installation, then a third to raise labor productivity and wages only in fifth. As the team decided to ask the same time to tighten its rules. The case was in the summer, white sun burned mercilessly all around, and now adds a pair of heat. That's Vladimir Kotov and concreter surprise team:

- Do you then manage, and I'm not going near the cassettes and then proceed ...

And left the team. Neat, strong, thoughtful, and in hard times Take care of your shoulder. Cats gone, but his burden unanimously divided between the remaining nine. They are tested for strength and cohesion of the labor stand, and was gone just annoying, except that, as we know, there are to every rule.

Whatever it was, but once in a team of twelve people left nine. We decided to place retired newcomers not to invite, as production volumes increase. And the initiative took shape in the initiative under the motto "With a smaller number of more soundly-products." Then he found out, under the same slogan and work Sverdlovsk builders. This means that life itself is based on the practice of prudent and skilful management, demanded that the employment initiative, once it has arisen, and docked hundreds of kilometers away, Where Tashkent, Sverdlovsk, where ...

However, as reserves, they still need to find. It's one thing 950 cubic meters of reinforced concrete for a change issue, otherwise-1300 cubic meters. We take into account a smooth operation team, we take into account its shift to an early morning schedule and highly qualified, put on the scales smooth organization of work and complete interchangeability: zalivschik concrete can be a winch, crane-tab fittings and so on. Reserve? Of course, and a considerable one.

Aripov Ismail Halmatovich But there is still work wit that Ismail Halmatovich put in the first place. Not because it promises to streamline work, although this is important, but because they like the litmus paper shows the interest of people indifferent to the entrusted business, concern for the team. Came up with the guys to change the design of the export trolley. Previously, five panels were taken at a time, now-a-half more. Proposed a new way to stretch a cable winch, and the screw, the engine on it put powerful. Again the prize. Clips for fixing the side frames and top corners do not give a fitting "swim" into the connector, save time, reduce the likelihood of marriage.

Many of these innovations applied. Ismail took Halmatovich was called by name, author Viktor Savchenko, Talgat Bazarbaev, Michael Romodanov, angam Murtazin da lost, waved his hand: every innovator. Example, in this case gives himself for that, given the personal contribution to the reconstruction of the plant and the outstanding achievement was awarded the USSR State Prize.

- Yes, do not forget one more reserve-team contract, notices, Aripov, otcherkivaya nail bar in Notepad. Not in mine, journalism, and in his work a little notebook that I think the whole team lives here.

Notebooks for the past few years he has accumulated quite a few, all the saves. First on the DSC and among the first in the country the team of Ismail Halmatovicha moved to contract with a rate of labor participation. A loving word "reliable" in relations between people, Aripov pereinachil term in its own coefficient of reliability.

In fact, is not the usefulness of man in the brigade and the ability to rely on him all this, these figures reflect in a notebook, affixed to the name: eight-tenths, one, one and two tenths? .. This CTS employee, the coefficient of reliability, defined by council crews. Own mark foreman puts the whole team. What she sees in the ideal?

- The unit, one hundred percent, do not hesitate to meet Aripov. In his mind, if a robust 120 per cent, while the other 80, the overall rate would still be equal to one. But this average rate, the real situation does not reflect. But if, without exception, every workplace efficiency wholly, from the disruption of the team is guaranteed not lose the rhythm and the job will be surpassed.

For more than a year working group "unit", each gives all he can. But while this made ... Sergeli - a huge new area, Tashkent. Houses are springing up like mushrooms after rain. The scope, scale. I. .. carcasses strewn along the bar: in the four corners chipped, cracked and did what.

- How can you so!-Shames installers Aripov specifically chose the time to visit the construction site, to see how the panel to go to work. In response to installers showed Ismail Halmatovichu deficiencies team. Hurry someone incorrectly put in the wooden inserts and panel construction with a defect in the left. On the other mounting sleeves ripped off. In the third ... But what to say, plumbers would reproach himself, had to blush.

Then they pointed out the conversation in the brigade. Five years ago it was, and old-timers will remember every word. Summary of discussion: not for another uncle are building for ourselves, for neighbors, relatives and friends of labor, for their Soviet people. Building in a seismic zone, as they say, forever. And the new home, a great feast, to which every person involved. Why spoil a holiday, plyusuya factory imperfections to the building?

The reliability coefficient then the whole team is on its own motion fell sharply downwards. It is true, but now no marriage, no alterations. A reinforced concrete with the builders went into a great friendship, which strengthened mutual testing, friendly advice and help.

Another case, too, though an old and memorable. Michael Romodanov winch "screwed up", not intentionally, of course, through an oversight. The team got up, the day the plan is not implemented.

The work here is. Vertical cassette form, detachable, height by two floors. Pushed the halves on top cathead laid rebar secured around two-teetering over the abyss, and two slots in the gaps along the slippery lubricant on half-forms. Now link the tape (and this deals with a winch Romodanov), remove the clamps and the following half-forms. Here in this moment winch and broken-pipe stopped. While fixed.

Ratio decreased Aripov Romodanov and ... a. It is not clear? He shrugs: what's not to understand. Brigadier-means first. Such is addressed primarily to the self-demanding. And looking at brigadier, and the other tightened. How namayalsya Talgat Bazarbaev coming from the concrete to the site Aripov on high earnings. Rhythm is what we must first catch the beginner to get used to that by making the daily norm and a necessity. Even a well-known all over the country clearly in the work and organizational talent builder of Moscow Nikolai Zlobin, a grave-yards in the team of Ismail Halmatovicha, admitted in this case, both the team as twins. In Zlobin team more and more allied than Aripov, but per-minute schedule of labor in the two bands is similar to the last detail.

A diligent Bazarbaev a specified rate "fit" could not. How could not catch up to the pulse of teams recently Rais Akhmetov. In the next tenth shop he worked as a concrete worker. It's not a new thought, it is easy to change the situation. Worked-smoked, late-jerk catch up, the debtor will remain a team.

And five or six months, they both went to the debtor until they have been drawn into a clear timetable. Scold their comrades, and more instructed, patiently waiting for the completion of adaptation. But now ask each of the two: Is it possible to work differently?, They smile in answer: no, of course, the only way. Taught them and helped at first primarily Ismail Halmatovich. However, it helps the entire team. The rhythm is in fact not a cohesiveness among themselves, it's all teamwork. The team used that at any time there is reinforcement, concrete is supplied without delay, not capricious mechanisms, smoothly functioning dryer, no need in any of the material. Not visible and troublesome that work seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly performs the team leader. Stands is not as dostavaly, but rather as a caring landlord, who is able to engage and articulate different work units in a single complex, to focus them on the final result.

However, the Ishmael ponders Halmatovich, half measures will not do here.

- Why do I have to persuade a team to provide us fitter steel bars in a timely manner? Here we have a different way: not given us a fitting time, there is no desired end result. And there is no result, no prize to all those involved in the chain. That is, from the brigade and divisional contract time to move on to a cross-cutting, from workshop to workshop. It is difficult, but it solved, and what is now conducting a conversation in a party committee, the leadership of the plant.

Maybe extend the line through responsibility and more, spending it and

groups through-suppliers? To speak of it as something decision, of course, too early, but this idea is a Aripov. And here's the entire team recently wrote a letter addressed directly to the worker and demanding to work collectives were asked not to bring supplies, to tell the builders to keep this word. The recipients responded, and otherwise. Cover the debt, but does it remind you urge on the people to fulfill their obligations?

And this, too, care team leader. Taking on a lot, he still has time, but it weighs the burden reasonable. Once it has gone on the implementation of the entire team for five years two five-year assignments. Say, can try, Ismail Halmatovich? Aripov pads pulled, counted on his record, no, no

is obtained. Five-Year Plan in four years, is quite capable. It was then that originated with the third version of the tape form. And now try to work with four. While not quite succeed, but his turn around.

- Rash decisions do not like - say about it. And the pursuit of records, too.

- Record good time when you can make it the norm, says Aripov. And confirms the above figure: five-year period for four years and pledged to fulfill the word kept twenty factory teams.

He tends to be consistent. Work-so in one place to go for a new career high is not a jerk, and the preparation and sober calculation. That will be able to organize work, to serve the four forms of each month, then you can make additional commitments. Not in his nature to give unwarranted advances.

- We have a team executed five-year period in three years and ten months. It was really, for the reserves were, 'he claps his hand over his calico notebook.

Smiling his idea, Aripov no secret: it's nice to be first in the work, he likes to be first in business. And what do they say, and the honor of working is, if not the ability to do everything better, faster. Ability to organize a clear rhythm on his site combines the Aripova with the ability to help the backward, not to pass other people's worries. Otherwise, why did just that people turn to Ismail Halmatovichu. As a communist, social activists, simply responsive to someone finally.

Houses used to his constant absences, late arrival after the change.

Khalil Girfanov started to build a house, it does not help. The other daughter was born, go buy a stroller, gifts, to congratulate the entire team of fellow. Guys, book lovers have long-offended with no intention of not discussing the reading (and so it was that book lovers are all headed Aripov). And to them in time.

- Tear you to pieces!, With a light swing his head reproachfully Noorani's wife.

- I have rvus, 'he joked. And tryahnet mischievously graying forelock:

- You know what, write, I was born in a shirt.

In fact, otherwise you will not tell. Work, family, team-all of Aripov, all the soul happy. And the results of his work were the most highly recognized ... The old father, who has worked all his life a concrete worker, learning about the awarding of the Order of Lenin and the son of Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor, said quietly:

- Thank you, son ... All the concrete workers of the city you're glorified ...

- The father rushed. I am not the concrete workers, and they praised me, hurriedly explained Aripov shared our thoughts. - I'm in these awards was still second, but first, our factory, my home team. From it have to start from. See how many homes around the building. Our common work ...

In the factory bays, curl neostyvshim ferry has accumulated new, just taken out of the cassette panel.

I touched his hand in a farewell handshake Ismail Halmatovicha: it was work-worn and hot ...

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