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Pryhoda Yuri Ivanovich

The operator mills Zhdanov Metallurgical Plant "Azovstal" named after Ordzhonikidze

Pryhoda Yuri Ivanovich Yuri Ivanovich rose in the glassed-in booth operator, which is already at full strength gathered the entire team, exactly half an hour before the start of work. From the eyes of the children are not hidden, that in his hands was a large bouquet of lilacs. Someone even whistled in amazement.

- Yuri Ivanovich, it's what we have in the team holiday today? Maybe it's birthday whose forgotten?

Senior operator of the mill "3600" Yuri Ivanovich Pryhoda opened the locker, took a bottle with a wide mouth, poured the water, dropped back and made a branch of lilac bouquet in the center of the table where the team usually had tea.

- Well, how nice? Beautifully. That's all and it is said. And you, birthday, holiday ... The holiday can be every day, that's such a simple way to organize.

And looking at a little embarrassed faces of guys in a different tone of the business said:

- Okay, boys, and pobalagurit enough. It is time for the work accepted. Sasha, he is to his assistant, Alexander Bibakovu second operator - as stand today behave? Normal? Well, then all the places will prevent the equipment and start working.

The lads have colored plastic helmets and stretched in single file to the output. About the lilac one else has asked a senior operator. And what to ask and so all we see is beautiful. And he considered immodest Yuri Ivanovich declared the guys that he has now let a small, but the holiday, exactly ten years ago to the day, he came to work for "Iron & Steel Works", this now became the mother is now the standard "3600."

Ten years ... Not too many, and it is in the team, there are those who are and thirty and forty years in one place worked. But if these ten years the "Azovstal" added another seventeen that he had worked at the Metallurgical Communard, then get that much of life is still behind.

And what a life lived for Yuri Ivanovich before he became a metallurgist?

Yes, ordinary life. Not easier than others. I've never been in the village of Sary, in the Poltava region, so I will not describe it. Probably, and so it is possible to imagine a picturesque Ukrainian village, situated on the banks of the river Psel and remote from the railroad for 70 miles. No, he was not born in this village, and in the mining town of Artemovsk, just as New Year's Eve 1938. Of course, on the early childhood of the city, he does not remember, but remembers well the village of Sary, the home of his father.

Babies born a few years before the war, did not differ in that they remember well the war, and the fact that war is the first thing they remember.

And now, many years later, having the opportunity to compare, Yuri Ivanovich still is not talking about what the war has deprived him of his childhood, and about what it is, wartime childhood, he remembers. Memorably rustic cottage, garden, meadow, stretching to the river itself ... Memorable is not child labor: what of nowhere, all I had to do two brothers and his sister Anna and Victor yourself and plowing, and planting and weeding, and harvest to gather.

Jure was five years old when his mother was his father funerals. In fourteen years, seven years after graduating from the village, Yuri went to enter the craft in Kharkiv, and Victor in the Communard. And here and there they were my aunt, that under their supervision of the brothers lived and studied, yet so reliable.

Two years later, Yuri already had a solid career-turner V discharge. Began working at the Kharkov machine-tool, but it turned out that it was not his destiny. He had gone on vacation to his village, went into the yard such as MTS, and there are lifeless tractors, mowers, winnowing is any piece of iron trumpery broke down and replaced by something, there is a turner in the MTS. Jura for a few days all that is necessary, and carved in the order of rank: bolts, pins, nuts sorts. Technique immediately revived, and the guy was nice to hear entreaties to stay in the collective farm chairman of MTS. And then there's mother burst into tears: he says, have grown children, and ran away from home. Since he began working on the farm as a turner.

At that time, was born just a movement for the development of virgin lands. Pryhoda believe that this case is just for him, and wanted to go to the steppes of Kazakhstan. Kolkhoz turner, he thought, be useful there, in the uninhabited expanses of virgin. But fate, and this time it went around: Do not give him a cherished Komsomol, as there was when Yuri is also the age of eighteen.

Fate chose him later. A brother pushed into the arms of this same fate Victor. After graduating from the vocational to the Communard, he worked as a blacksmith at a metallurgical plant. In the summer came to a village to rest. Looked like the Jura turners in the MTS, and says:

- You know, brother, we have a factory build a powerful mill "2800", where workers are needed to move me.

Oh, and the enticing words of his brother said:

because the Jura have always wanted a large fortune, much of the case. He went and saw that there was already such boys as he is, a lot, and decided to stay.

At the factory he identified in the cutter plate-shop "to drag" cutting metal. The work is certainly not for the weak. You stand a meter away from the hot metal from a smoke overalls and undershirt so impregnated with salt that is striped. First hand hurt badly-could not sleep, put them behind his back, clutching the body and only fell asleep. A month later, was involved, and although the heat in the shop was incredible and the thunder was hellish, he liked to be in this realm of fiery metal.

But apparently, the same fate to which he aspired, decided to try it on the fortress. Pryhoda stood at the huge scissors to cut metal, looked like a steel sheet is to meet them, and apparently made some awkward movement. Caught on the corner of the sheet, and the roller pulled him to the scissors. Fortunately for him, they were just covered, Yuri only cut the skin on my knees but broke his leg. Miraculously still alive.

Three months Jury was in the hospital. The organism is young, everything will soon be healed, but the feeling that it is difficult to stand on his feet, left. At eighteen years of disability to obtain, from which it was get the hump. The leg bent badly, but he definitely did not want to be invalid. Just as before, came into the shop, stood to his post and did the usual work. Will a free moment, runs upstairs, where the operators sit, pitched command. Those, too, noticed the guy with the character, knew that he had been in an accident, but not afraid, not abandoned the profession, to stay with them in the same order. Noted his perseverance, courage, will, and he quietly for themselves and for the public eye more and more I realized that without this hot, work up a sweat will not be able to live.

And one day a miracle happened. Senior operator of the mill Vasily Orlov suddenly rose from his chair and nodded Jury:

- Come, sit down, try to "trick" rolled.

There was, apparently, there was already a kind of "camerawork bone," which helped him, of course, under the supervision of Orel, to cope with the "thing" to five tons. Since that day in Orel, a new student, Yuri suitable. So he started.

And firmly, as the price of bread, he knew that the workplace, now and forever his place in life. The realization of this simple and clear ideas raised hard on difficult steps of the Suitability of growth, a beautiful work, the subtleties of the profession, creativity.

Every day, Orlovsky noticed that all are confident of motion, force, and swell his muscles get stronger student. Now, he often changed

sometimes with a partner, who, proud of the confidence of teachers, worked disputes and deftly handed slabs on the roller table to the cage as smoothly and confidently, as he Orlovsky. But sometimes the teacher still expressed dissatisfaction with:

- Yura, do you got wrong, therefore, will not roll the way it should. Do not rush, work hands smoothly, and head to work safely.

As students from Orel, he passed a year: a first second assistant cameraman, and then the first and, finally, Orlovsky gave him "good" for independent work. And went and spun: to better understand the metal, Yuri goes to night school, metallurgist necessarily secondary education. Here, in the shop, enter the Komsomol. Three years in a row Komsomol Komsomol-elect him since that time social work out for him in the forefront. Every Sunday, he organized a trip for the guys in town to play football or volleyball, swim a race on the lake. There once and met his future wife Vera. She, who had come recently from the Belarusian village, like here in Communard, everything: coke plant, where she worked, and the rough life of the Komsomol, and girlfriend, and now and the guy liked the black-browed. Yuri Ivanovich, when in the mood for laughs:

- Yes, you do not argue, Vera ... You're my first could make out on the lake.

- Let the first discerned, she laughs, 'but you came to me first.

Pryhoda Yuri Ivanovich The plant gave the newlyweds a two-room apartment. And Yuri dipped in household chores: self-made furniture stools, tables, shelves, closets, and when the site outside the city to get Isakovsky Reservoir, were there on weekends to go: depart the land was converted into a blooming garden. And made for those 17 years that have lived in Communard.

Komsomol enthusiasm it is still not extinguished, but this time harder and harder it attracted the camp, which became the family, bewitches hot metal and the people who made it the working man.

So it happened that this profession was completely in tune with distributors of its domestic and before unknown to himself aspirations. ("Believe me, I still could become a lathe and carve any detail, but I know it's not mine. Not mine, and all!") That said Yuri Ivanovich can not believe it. Because humans and the metal is a common law-the law of confrontation and alliance. And this law is eternal. If a man once held the hot metal, as they say in their hands, felt his power, and tamed, and he felt his own, besides more than metal, because he has nowhere to escape from it. This constant warfare makes a person look for every new change to the metal of the meeting, and met and drank hot its power and beauty, fight it to victory.

The account in this fight goes to the second, and for those few seconds the operator has time to invest in automation to him dominion all his human and workers' power. And he does it almost to the scientific knowledge of a second conveyor, when many turns of regulated electric, acquires a special meaning everything that depends directly on your knowledge, skill and responsibility. From you personally and on his comrades at all positions of the camp.

They worked well, Suitability photo first appeared on the board of Honour shop, and soon friends congratulated him on his first award, the Order of Red Banner of Labor. There was nothing to luck. Pryhoda worked well and skillfully, they deserved the award was as deserved the Order on the tunics of soldiers.

As before, almost every Sunday, Yuri and his friends from the camp, of course, with their wives and children left on the Sea of Azov: relax, swim. And, of course, they, metallurgists, and beckoned to the unfolded "Azovstal" unique construction of the new mill "3600". All the newspapers and then wrote about the camp: the unique, the largest in the world, the last word in metallurgy. They also liked the new standard, indeed, impressive picture. And just then appeared in the Communard foreman with "Azovstal" Leonid Kharchenko. Asks useful:

- I would like to work on a new camp? This question got to the point: Yuri Ivanovich is nurtured in the soul of such an idea. There were, of course, and he doubts worried about the fate of children with Oli and Andrew, and even to leave their homes will not be easy to move into the unknown Zhdanov. One day there will be? And yet he answered in the affirmative. Because he was again, as it has been many years ago, when the virgin was just beginning, I wanted to test himself in a big case.

About that turning point in their lives Vera recalls:

- Communard given to the best 17 years young. And lived, they were energetic and fun. There we were born Olga and Andrew, relatives remained friends, but what can you do if your name Jure wanted to meet - Vera looks with a smile. - Do not you know? Pryhoda same from Ukrainian means "adventure." So they took possession of romantic passion to change places. Well, of course, and a new mill, which was based on "Azovstal" attracted, lured his strength and power ...

Zhdanov, who arrived in a different country's steel mills distributors, laminators, cutters, hydraulic time to time for the installation of basic equipment. By the May holidays in 1973 took a giant mill nearly completed forms. At all positions adjusters conjured up a hot-rolling mill testing were only a few days.

By this solemn event carefully prepared all the builders, assemblers, installers, steelworkers, and, of course, the distributors. Among the eight crew operators unfolded competition for the first slab is rolled right is the right crew won the senior operator Yuri suitable. And then came June 16, six months ahead of deadline obligations under the command of the camp foreman Leonid Kharchenko opened flap methodical furnace, and lay down on the roller first fire-breathing harvesting. The vertical stand it took the operator Nicholas Hayduk. By manipulating the handle, he sent a carefully harvesting the older operator roughing stand Yuri suitable. Time and again, letting the hot slab between the working rolls, he turned it into a long and wide strip, sheet steel. Only six times has passed between the working rolls first in the history of the mill "3600" fire-breathing "thunder." Laminators accurately measure its parameters: length, 8 meters wide, 3 meters thick, 30 millimeters. Today, this sheet as a monument stands on the square in front of factory management "Azovstal".

The new team camp crept different people, with old-timers Zhdanov worked newcomers from the Urals to the Orsk-Khalilovo plant, with the Cherepovets and Communard. -All of them had now become azovstaltsami.

Metallurgists have a term:

crystallization centers. These centers are formed in the metal when it solidifies. Their number is increasing rapidly, and finally crystallized the whole ingot, the metal becomes monolithic.

That is so, figuratively speaking, crystallization centers in the team shop were communists, they were people behind him, setting an example in the work and in life. Pryhoda went to work immediately, without getting used to the new environment. In the team also managed to solve it in a man with a good work-hardened, and made no mistake. He was immediately elected chairman of the Union Bureau, in the brigade, which employs 375 people, this position is responsible and troublesome. He was respected for his strength of character, kindness and justice, and the following year the communists launched their leader Yuri Ivanovich partgruporgom-site mill.

And though the rigor and integrity it happened, not everyone liked, but it has always been the good and the cause and the people themselves. It's finally realized everyone.

It was ... for the fourth year of Yuri Ivanovich on the mill "3600", of a successful, well-deserved award the Order of Lenin, when he was offered

senior operator to move to another team. The other team was in a fever. On the lower level was a labor discipline. Brigadier also took only one thing:

Plan, plan and plan. Tons. And they are not always obtained.

This episode of more than seven years ago. Now, in hindsight, Yuri Ivanovich, everything seems clear and understandable, which could be no doubt, to pass or not pass? And then, after returning from a party committee in the shop, he looked around and suddenly felt a chill sneaks into the soul:

Does it support the new comrades? After all, here in the old brigade, people have long got used to each other, all the usual, formed a special relationship to work, to the common cause, and how will the new place?

It is fair to say that greeted him there without open arms. First, who ran Pryhoda, was the same operator, as he did, Seraphim Gololobov. Sedate, morose, he had everything ready opinion. That's a new senior operator, just what happened, throw, "We are so accustomed to not work." Use to him quietly: "Well, now it is necessary to change the order. Life itself is in fact makes us a new way to work. " Pryhoda to spoil relations with him was not going to, but still one could not stand it, just said, as cut off:

- You know, Seraphim, that we should not quarrel with you, let me help you move into that team, where you yourself want, where you arrange the orders more. After these words, Seraphim, and he knew

that is useful it does not overpower, the plant has paid off and left. At a meeting of the brigade Pryhoda said:

- Work is not in full force, as you have worked so far, boring. Much more fun work, and life itself is interesting, when installing a line, and aspire to it. Even at the limit of strength. Let's now and will work, he concluded his short speech, and he suddenly thought to myself: and yet be worthless to these words, if I am not infected them with his own example.

Soon, the workers themselves have noticed that the new senior operator, very conscientious and reliable person. For the production of the entire soul is sick, going through each episode. The risk in his work is always justified, but more often simply expelled, because he rolled the thing to order, the entire team is liable to miss a single person. And most importantly, a sudden calm, smooth, no hassle, they began to work, began to forget, at first met with a hostile reception on his every note, they did not want to accept his principles. Suitability is now understood at a glance and respected, and this is another proof that working people appreciate the good order and discipline than slackness and confusion.

In short, it came out exactly what from the beginning sought the party organizer useful: not for himself but for the case to his colleagues, for the entire department. The plan was the team from day to day overfulfill dramatically increased product quality.

It is also to himself, Yuri Ivanovich recognized. In 1982 he became "Honorary Metallurgist of the USSR," a little earlier won the USSR Council of Ministers, he's disciples, and many of them are quite good operators. For example, Paul Humeniuk, Sergey Nadezhdenko, Anatoliy Tkachenko ...

We are now a lot of talk and write about the experience excellent performance foremost, we have give it a critical, but it's so hard it sometimes get into this experience, understand and learn from it. After all, excellent work in our present interpretation, the concept is very complex and diverse. He is not determined only by two familiar figures: a large number and high quality. For there is a third, not less important: what price? And fourth, and in what time frame? And the most valuable part of the excellence-in the answers to these questions. How do respond to them useful?

- Everything in life is interconnected, - says Yuri Ivanovich.-First of all we must love their job indefinitely. After all, the man himself laid a taste for work. What is this taste? In victory, I think so. Here, I rolled the shift of many different profiles without a marriage, then won. And I want to shift into the next work even better. And gradually you get used to work just as well as the habit is the morning after sleep, first wash, and then go out into the street.

Love the work, of course, is one thing, but the operator must have an understanding and a special metal, which he rolls at the moment. After all, a brand of steel requires that its better to compress the other, so caressed, stroked ponezhnee, third, immediately, as soon as gets to a vertical stand on the dirty, requires a high temperature, and the fourth the contrary, heat it as a third, will be torn through the metal will instantly cracks, flaws, so it useful for a cautious, gradual heating. Then, and sits apart from all, in a special booth, the operator to feel the metal and head and heart, to listen to all of his "request".

What a beautiful camp on top of this glass cockpit! Here is the command master mill was moved. Revived rolls, drives, scissors. From the huge heating furnace throat, as if to escape the heat tysyachegradusnoy, rolls out red-hot slab. There he ran, not rushed to meet the mighty crimp stands, the pressure of which, five thousand tons. First on the roughing stand rolls bursting with warmth workpiece to the required size, and finally falls into the arms of finishing stand, where the rental was finally given to the required thickness. Dvadtsatitonny ingot is processed within a few millimeters, piece of work!

I spent a Suitability for the post of a few hours, stood behind him, watching how he operated with hot metal, and was always afraid to ask questions. He really talks to the once: when he sits at a desk, his eyes could be considered an expression that he always calculates things in mind. But since it is basically true. All his attention was drawn to the arrow dial stand, showing limits of compression. Without removing hands from the handles and switches, suitable from time to time send commands over the intercom, led by rolling like a conductor of an orchestra. Someone invisible to him as briefly and clearly answered, and it was evident that the work Pryhoda pleased.

When the mill is working properly, slab roller rush on one another, like a rocket. Look at this moment, the operator of the good, quiet work in humans. Sits back in his chair, just like the pilots, over his head softly humming air-conditioning, pleasant music pours from the ceiling. The shop, bulk mill in front of him at a glance,

and he is sovereign over all of this master. Handles all kinds of instruments so quietly clicks. And for this peace tremendous stress, continual risk and defensible account that not everyone on the shoulder. There should be managed by the fast-minute save. Every minute, one-two of the slab.

- Works Yuri Ivanovich with such ease, with such artistry in a burst of high employment, the master of the camp, says Boris Thanks,-which, looking at him, clearly comprehend the meaning of the word "man at work is beautiful!"

Today the mill is working like a clock. And that pleases everyone. Difficulties in recent years and it was done. Retire veterans, in their place comes the youth, which is still to learn and learn.

- Recently, we have the team there was a change, the former senior operator was carried out on a pension, and the question arose:

whom to appoint in his place - says the shift Viktor Kachkovskiy.-Again, as has already been a few years ago, turned to Yuri Ivanovich. We translate it from the number 2 team in the team number 4. Translation justified, laid them on the second team cohesion and harmony remain with the young artists who have passed a school suitable. Now the problem is that in the fourth team with the arrival of Yuri Ivanovich formed the backbone of this business. We believe that it will present here, a recognized leader. He's now in our Hero of Socialist Labor, a high rank he was awarded for outstanding production achievements, and in connection with the 50th anniversary of "Azovstal".

For the third time already accounts suitable to get used to new people, take a new socialist obligations. And people are somewhere in the team are all different. One inquisitive and persistent, the other pootstal, lazy, not only an interesting book and a newspaper and read something today, and his words, careless, ironically, is nothing like an involuntary attempt to hide from prying eyes spiritual retardation. That's with him, partgruporgu, above all, and we have to work, bring them to the people. And this is done, it is known, not for a month or two.

The team found a common language with the new senior operator. He became its leader, and this is just more tightly united, united people. As a consequence, soon eliminated the accident, it was the bane of the number one team. After the accident rate is derived only from the lack of discipline, where there is no real labor discipline. Today, the team already and will not remember to have someone to replace the late, or come up with the smell of alcohol.

Sometimes, Yury specifically for-

kept in the shop, to see how in the old team to cope with the work of one of his students, Alexander Bibakov. Stand up at the panel, and look with satisfaction, as he confidently rolls "thing" for "thing", and go quietly home. Reliable turned out the operator of a young worker with a military schooling. And the first time when Sasha came from the army and downright rushed into the thick of work, suitable had to restrain him:

- Stan swoop does not take patience needed, skill comes with age. And you do not hurry. Seem suddenly learned that everything, podhalturivat start, the camp will not forgive ...

So, as once taught him the alphabet Orlovsky trade distributors, and he now teaches his students. And do not forget, of course, about the ABC of human relationships, teaches young workers to understand the true values of life. To Yuri Ivanovich himself above all in those fair values relating to work, to his profession, to social work.

But what stroke to the portrait of a noble metallurgist said Deputy Secretary of Party Committee "Azovstal" Victor M. Panteleenko, describing suitable both partgruporga and member of the District Party Committee:

- Honestly, every time feel great pleasure when I listen to Yuri Ivanovich. In short, literally, emotionally, and always the case. In support of these words will give a brief excerpt from a speech at a meeting of the party Suitability and economic asset "Azovstal", discussing ways to accomplish the party before all the workers of the problem, over the plan to increase by 1 per cent productivity and reduce production costs by 0.5 percent.

- Today all of us very clearly, than you need to do and how to do to accomplish this task the party - said Yuri Ivanovich Prigoda.-First, we must take care of the professional level of young workers. This means not only help them, but to demand. Bring to mind everyone that made high-commitment for all. Second, ensure robust pace of introduction of new technology, innovative methods of work. We at the shop have found that working on such a program, this year we can

provide an additional 12,000 tons of rolled products. It turns out that we have with you, comrades, to work on this program better and more efficient and more profitable. "We are, says on.-for us." And has in mind, of course, not himself, and not even a shop, and the entire plant. And perhaps not only the factory.

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