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Sitkarev Ivan

Feller forest of the Kortkerosa rafting office

Sitkarev Ivan Autumn day, cool and overcast, I went to Ust-Lokchim, rafting on the raid. It is to the east of Syktyvkar vehicle kilometers sixty. But the car we were able to pass only to the regional center Kortkerosa, and then the road was bad and we decided to get a boat.

- Just take a look, and our main conveyor River Vychegda, 'said my companion, an engineer association "Vychegdapesosplav" Alexander Egorov, an old resident of this area.

"Conveyor" Lumberjacks-Vychegda-opened to us immediately following the district center and the high bank was visible far up and down, east and west. At this time, the frequent rains and cold weather is near-shore Vychegda looked deserted, but for many miles around stretched the forest, hushed, hollow, filled with autumn wind. The world was simple, beautiful and majestic.

Alexander Yegorov explained to me what's what. On top of Vychegda and tributaries, from the distant wood-cutting areas, plotbisch, Hand, a space equal to two or three European countries, these banks received millions of cubic meters of forest each year. Hence, by a river rafting guide his below-to Syktyvkar, Kotlas, where, dividing the forest resources, some of them ferried by rail to the mines, construction sites, factories, and the part, adding, fused below, sawmill country Archangel. Whatever the summer, intense pulse strong north of the river, floating forest.

On a high hill above the river could be seen a bronze figure of a woman, gazed at the river and the forest was given. A woman like someone waiting long and patiently.

- This symbol-moon said. - Mother, wife of waiting men home.

From the front?

- Not only from the front. From the forest. Both he and the river do not like jokes.

Returning to business associations, Egorov on memory called the figures in cubic meters, rubles per cent, and I listened to him, though, mentally now and then ran forward, in Ust-Lokchim, the familiarity that we had. For the sake of it, we have taken with Egorov and this trip. With some people, frankly, surprised.

By Sitkarevu?-Shrugged a responsible partner in a Syktyvkare.-Is it worth it? No, man, he is certainly very honored, but that the fate of his have you heard? .. Yes.

Bad luck to him. It is a pity, of course.

- Bad luck is different.

- It's true. But he has not carried large. So nothing of it depends on. What bad luck, 'that discussed below. And how it behaved Sitkarev also know. But the question is: Is one must write only about luck? What's the logic?

On a steep slope to the dock kept the wooden slope. The waves splashing on the logs tossed foam. We shivered. The engineer lit:

- Though small, but still fire. But here there was a motor boat. And soon we were in a small cabin, hot melted covered with clippings from the "Spark." You can imagine how cozy the tiny floating house for the Lumberjacks after a day of work, especially in a rainy, rainy, as they are animated, slowly a small boat to go home, heat, families TVs.

As surveyors stake, which indicated the channel, our boat made his way up the river.

- There were times, such a cutter there was one for the whole raid. Or even on the alloy's office, told Egorov.--And the whole economy a phone. And now an entire squadron of boats, with each link on the radio. The distances were reduced.

As if in confirmation of the last words soon seemed to Ust-Lokchim. As the regional center, it is located on the left bank, but not so high. And, we are told that no spring floods gardens here. Until recent years flooded the streets. And then pass on it was carried out mainly in waders. But then pour the streets, raised. In the village a lot of two-storey houses and built-tight, in the north - are new. The club, ten-year school, kindergarten, shops, dining, are all soundly, spacious, modern. And though not screaming, but he says clearly: backwater is no longer a smell.

Right at the pier piled equipment: crane, skidder, loader. Next, a new control tower with two floors. On the radio antenna, a wide window for observing the river. Here, in the office, we met Ivan Nikolaevich Sitkareva. Who is he?

We can say, a professor in the business, known in the republic of Komi. Hero of Socialist Labor. Noble man. Thirty-odd years, he was falling in the winter woods, and floated it in the summer. And more recently, as he later told us, the nineteenth day of the master-works. And at the moment, in the absence of other authorities, was on the alloyed raid, consider most important. As he looked? In any case, not by the hero, what about the famously sung on the radio: "Hey-hey, loggers! .." The growth of low, but strong. Force when the hand shakes, feel. In the lean face left an everlasting mark the northern sun, wind and frost. But mostly I remember the look and the whole of his demeanor. Judging by him, did not belong here Sitkarev head, and went to ustatka from cold to warm, and he was embarrassed that he had someone by their appearance prevented.

- Well, get used to it, Ivan, a new position? Asked Egorov.

- Nothing. Getting used to, he replied, softly.

- And how are you?

- Never mind, old-tone repeated Sitkarev.

- Do not be dismayed, Ivan. Whether the owner. Suggest to sit and smoke. In the forest, especially smoking was once, and now, the time for that. Sitkarev embarrassed smile:

- A lot of smoke.

And reached into his field bag for cigarettes and matches. It just so happened: Local man's word is not very controversial. Sitkarev local. From Spruce River. And since his father and grandfather cut down a forest, then he fell, respectively, not tea, or, say, cotton, grow, and work on the river and in the taiga. In Parma, the native of the Komi language. Wood is needed for everything. All of his love. Steppe resident green friend Telegram coolness, shade in the sultry season, and most of those that keeps the moisture in the ground-pledge of the future harvest of prosperity.

For the forest-dweller from the vent crowding, noise and bustle. And for taezhnika as Sitkarev, parma, nurse, home of the most important thing, the right to life. Fisherman fishing season, catch happy. Farmer-rich crops. And for the crowning works of local loggers considered when the river was "Karawanken": a big man for three hundred co-operative, go down rafts and Molev forest, pure jams, get "drowned". In the evening the whole of society was setting behind the ear, sang songs, played the accordion. Specifically hired an accordionist at the time of harvest driftwood. Why?

- Why?, Ivan was surprised same-Nikolaevich. prazdnik.-And, after a pause, he continued to remember:

- Woods had a lot of time and a lot of people and equipment, saws and an ax.

Parma seemed inexhaustible. And then someone tell me that it is necessary, they say, is not only a selective cut pine and spruce, and deciduous, for simplicity they are called "leaves"-he laughed like. Pampering, he says. Even if somewhere and need a Birch wood, fused as it? On the water a long time, kept sinking. Therefore, only the river blockage. Machines to carry? And in his mind was not. What a good birch and order for her to drive a car? Year-round roads in the forest, and now there is little, and before them was not at all. That's cut down in the first place that could swim. It should be added that the harvest "needles" easier than "leaves", it is softer, less branches on it. As a result, in some areas of the country, especially the southern, now keenly feel Pererub conifers. A number of farms forest edge on the verge of closing.

- Pine, - mirthless jokes Sitkarev - remained only in pictures Shishkin.

And how many at a time on fires burned twigs, branches, tops. Over the years what works in the forest, Ivan Nikolaevich, a lot has changed and is changing. Forced to change a life. And do not neglect is the birch, "foliage" in general. As far as aspen, it is known to be kept on the water well. Birch also had to "learn" to swim, and keep with the properties necessary for versatile applications. To do this, birch trunks began to make "spotty trim", ie, partially peeling. In addition, the "leaves" unite with the "needles" using pine, spruce, and aspen as a "submarine fleet." Birch wood has gone on logs, matches, parquet.

Sitkarev Ivan Coming to work in the forest, Ivan has found Lutchkoff saw and remembered the gun very well. Remember and come after the first electric saw VAKOP, vesivshuyu 22 kilograms. She felt better after the upgrade to four pounds. Why did Ivan so clearly remember those pounds? Yes, because of their shabby at Parma, the drifts and forest debris. Remembering Ivan reiterates its:

- Nothing.

For VAKOPom had to carry half a kilometer cable from the power plant. This did two workers. Yes, even a "pusher" Assistant feller. Carry the same cable, which at any moment could be damaged, it was quite a dangerous thing. But it is, so to speak, is the first stage of the electrification of the forest.

In place of drinking VAKOPu came K-5, weighing only nine and a half pounds, but with greater efficiency. For K-5 is also pulling the cable. Heavy, 35 pounds, was the first Saw with gasoline engine. Namayalis with this technique, while in 1957 there was not a chainsaw "Friendship", weighing 12.5 kg (with a dressing-13.5). There was a feller needs only one assistant, all the same "pusher." But Ivan is one of the first in the union "Komilesprom" learned to work with gidroklinom and abandoning "pusher", switched to a single cut. If the rest of fellers went down this path, the economy of labor would have been palpable. But not everyone was able to do.

Sitkarev also mastered this technology. His way to his waist in the snow (like a mole, he outlines) from tree to tree. Once you get to the next, we must not only cut down it and make it as close as possible to the butt, bottom, left to the stump as possible. For this feller has otgresti snow making deeper, and then plunged into this trench, to be able to turn around in it with a saw and a wedge, and fell a tree.

Even a cursory evaluating this work-day in and day out, winter, winter, agree that it is not everyone's shoulder. Young people, this profession is still enjoys great prestige not everywhere. Ivan on this score has a strong belief:

- Young people today are not very privlechesh chainsaw. She was a familiar technique, and then everyone can understand: the mechanization of harvesting needs more serious than a chainsaw. In principle, it is a technique that changes the nature of work loggers. This machine LP-17, LGI 9, LP-18A, PL-49VM. Managed by the operator, they not only bring down the forest, but trelyuyut it stacked.

This new organization is working to replace the outdated methods: create consolidated complex brigades numbering 30-40 people. Labour productivity in such groups two to three times higher than before.

... In the summer of Sitkarev Back to the Future Lumberjacks logger on the profession. Or rather, a post he called Connecting plate, because he is obliged to monitor the distance: the site of the river at its confluence Lokchim in Vychegda. This site is considered most responsible for all alloyed raid, since it goes all the wood harvested in the winter above the river. The largest amount of work here at the "output". It only takes one log and turn across the flow path of the rest of the block, as there will jam. Of course, the present boat is not that old weak wheelers, with a jam-they straighten out quickly. But it is better to avoid. The forest along the river should go well, as scheduled.

For technical difficulties now and then added to the purely natural. In recent years, the nature of, for example, squeezed timing of spring floods. But the floods have become more abundant, violent. The basis for this reason is generally clear: if the forest along the river banks are thinning, so the snow melts quickly. Worse still retained moisture in the soil, therefore, become drier summer months. Accordingly, stronger than before, shallow river. Lokchim often you can go almost to the knee. It turns out that the forest to pass through it more difficult. Increasingly have to deepen the channel. In other woods, as they say, "obsohnet." The full load operating dredge. But often it is not managed. It turns out that the most reliable in the distance, as in the cutting area, a reliable-people.

- Vanya, save me, 'said Sitkarevu. They gave him at the disposal of the boat, six workers and finish the distance, where the fate of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of the northern forest, the work of many people. It happened more than twenty years ago. Since then, the distance does not know failure. In addition to boats, tools for Connecting plate, in general the same as those many years ago, hooks, ropes, shovels, axes. And the day, as they say, the day is not necessary. Rains, water rises. Hence, the road to the forest wide. Drop water, forget about the rest. The river should run like clockwork. To the entire forest has reached the consumer, no sticks in is missing.

As such it's simple: "Vanya, save me!" And as a bottleneck had happened. Sitkarev-man strong, loyal companion. He comes to the rescue, even at the expense of himself.

Harvesting of return on the people of Moldova. Taiga of course they had never seen before. But farm-sent he needed wood. And they learn a new case. People willing to work the usual. But still, until they teach, take some time. But this can not affect the development of brigade. But Ivan, followed by his foreman and the other loggers go on this thing deliberately. Directs one sense is to help his comrades. A month later, ploughmen, husbandmen in the team work efficiently, smoothly.

Sometimes, sent to the team and those on whom the impact is not expected at all:

tumbleweeds. And they made a return that at once and it was hard to believe. What is the secret foreman, a man is not something that is not strict, and even seems to be shy. What it takes?

Personal example. Otherwise, do not know how. And it's here that says:

- With the bear, if a human being, he will understand, will not touch in the woods. A person-even more so.

Where seems to be easier? But learn these secrets is more complicated than the most advanced techniques, methods of work, organizing skills. Simple secrets, but because of them, even under the most adverse conditions, the team of Ivan Nikolaevich always come out ahead, won the competition among the loggers splavkontory and associations. So it was in the last five years. It is also formed in the eleventh.

And suddenly among the five hundred fellers, which lacks the association each year, was one of the best: Ivan Sitkarev. Brilliant, an experienced team leader became novice master. Formally, this rise. But not for nothing was said at the beginning of bad luck. Deposited health. And no wonder: the wood resists those who knocks it. And, in turn, tries to dump them.

You can imagine how neglected Sitkarev first "signals" from the joints and back. Thought: maybe a cold when I worked at the felling site flushed. But, he decided, as fighting fire with fire, and there must be a pain to drive away jobs. Drove, but she soon returned. And she began to be more frequent, annoying. Already bath did not help, and get up in the morning becoming more difficult. And he continued to conquer yourself, no one complained. In the hospital came when the pain became absolutely unbearable. Doctors tried to alleviate it. The patient was kept for a long time "on the hood." As the months passed, malaise receded slowly. I thought back to the spring, did not work. It did not work and by the summer.

Depressed not only disease, but also isolation from the forest, from the house, the more grievous that Sitkarev from his Ust-Lokchima traveled a few times, once in Moscow as part of the winners, and two or three times for contests fellers. And so, even on holiday, only at home, in the garden in the woods, without which the self can not imagine. But after months of illness, doctors have recognized Ivan Nikolaevich disabled the second group.

- Let's draw a pension.

Ivan Nikolayevich as a hit.

- I?

- Yes. Forest felling you do not. Only light work. You podyschut anything.

And then Ivan, srodu silently took the most unfavorable turns of fate, he said in his quiet voice:

- I do not need no disability. Time in which we come to it late-autumn, Ivan loves the most. The entire forest is fused, removed to shore booms, oplotniki River clean. And leave-behind in the garden all cleaned. And he was with the team usually goes to the forest, opens the winter season. Here, in these days of cool, clear and dry. About to wait for the snow. And as if prepared to woods, waiting for initiative. Exciting, a solemn moment. A Sitkarev already covered in the next season, blanking ...

- Again, a letter received from Moldova, says Ivan. - Write: one in the crew did not take it, we will come. Only want to work with you. He once again is frowned slightly.

- It hurts all?-Egorov asked sympathetically.

- Nothing. Previously, more pain.

And then Alexander Yegorov said cheerfully:

- Hold on, Ivan. Soon will receive a ticket to the resort. And then send a course wizards. Get used to it here. Will you lead.

Sitkarev sighed.

- Without the forests are not used to it. Slowly and with difficulty walking on plank bridges, Ivan took us to the pier and stood until the boat is not moved.

Like me, Egorov, while we sailed, we see time and again returned to the mentally Sitkarevu his fate. Because suddenly said:

- Not one personal request for all the years has never appealed. One repeats: no evil forests him. Still an amazing person. I said nothing.

Before we got Syktyvkar without incident.

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