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Lexin Nicholas

The foreman of the section excavator drivers "Southwest" Production Association "Dalvostugol"

Lexin Nicholas And the end of September in the culture of coal miners held themed "evening-portrait." Lexin knew that by this evening and carefully prepared for a long time. The organizers of the summer visited the house, watched the whole family photo archive. Especially a lot of pictures have learned from those boys where he was captured with his friends, that Galina banished from the army, one of those when the first regional party secretary handed him a Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Take, well, let take: he does not have one. Apparently, the club kids like to gather graphic documentary material. The point is laudable, to talk about the advanced workers of shock watches the mother of the production association "Dalvostugol." Starting on the evening in full dress at the Golden Star, the sign of the USSR State Prize, in the best mood, Lexin was not worried, was more than confident that the planned celebration for the sake of those friends of miners, of whom fame has long spread over Raychikhinsk coal basin, throughout the Far East. No wonder that they took off their uniforms, dressed up, Michael G. Kuznetsov, Sergei Pasenkov, Mikhail I. Holubec, Ivan T. Dudko. It's not often dress up in miners dress uniform. Do this only in special occasions, as if to emphasize the special importance of the moment.

Mamontov even want to thank the club workers in advance, so to speak. But something stopped him. Do not think he liked the miners, with a sly, they looked at him. While some of his agitated and disturbed, children positively exuded ease and independence. Usually a minute celebrations they did not know what to do with themselves from embarrassment. And then ... "No, not without reason, they are," agreed-Lexin. And when it came to hook or by crook to hold the office of the Director of Recreation Nina Yakovlevna Kuzmenko, he finally realized: wait for a surprise. Prologue evening he liked. Softly began to play the melody miner songs. Against the background music play of emotional well-trained voice was heard the announcer: "Of the Constitution of the USSR. Article fortieth. Citizens of the USSR have the right to work-that is, to guaranteed employment ... "

Nikolai Sergeyevich pleasant memories came flooding back of how he became a miner. After the war, their family moved from the Bryansk region in Zavitinsk. Parents have not approached the climate of the deep corner of the Amur region. Came back. And he stayed. I read in the newspaper announcement of a set of Raychikhinsk mining schools. Just recruited a group of assistants to the locomotive engineer. And he has long looked to the locomotives in the interior of which adorned the young guys in uniform caps.

In Rajchikhinsk he arrived with a friend. It was a warm August evening. In the city park playing a brass band. Around the dance floor crowded with guys in bell-bottom trousers, jackets and shirts with a collar. Nicholas was dressed modestly. In the dense shone bright night lights. There were so many that he was amazed, not the city, and the giant.

They spent the night at a friend's brother. Waking up, Nicholas clung to the window, could not wait to see Rajchikhinsk in the morning, in light of the crimson dawn. His first disappointment awaited. Not a giant city-stretched outside, and the small village with streets and buildings stubby.

- What is so lit up the night before?

- That coal diggers tore. The light of their lamps lit up, he explained, not without pride.

In college he was waiting for the second surprise. Group of helpers manned the locomotive drivers. But you can still do something. There is another possibility, to take the examination in the group that prepared the machine for coal mines. In the open faces appeared first electric shovels, not just manage them, need deep knowledge of electronics and mechanics. He was told that with an eight-year his way into this group. He suddenly felt that he was drawn to the technique that he had not seen yet, and work on which will probably be difficult, but interesting ...

So Kohl Lexin gradually to know yourself. A dream to drive freight trains gave way to a fledgling desire to become a miner.

In the hall ... the lights went out. The screen shots familiar single-streets, houses are rare. That was the city at the time of his youth. Now, in modern Raychikhinsk evening lights of a thousand times more than in the distant, thirty-five years ago August evening. Lights are lit homes, businesses ...

Gone are the years. He grew up not only Rajchikhinsk. Grown men. Look at them, Kuznetsov, Pasenkov, Holubec, Dudko. Whatever the name is an entire chapter in the history of the coal basin. Mastered a unique machine for removing the overburden, they come to study from different parts of the country.

- Today's "night-portrait," we dedicate our best workers, loudly announced leading.

- Recently in our Technical School Number eleven, still vigorously continued to lead-we were given profile. The epigraph to her were the words of the great proletarian writer Maxim Gorky: "It was at work and only work in the great man." The questionnaire had two questions. My idea of the modern working man is the first of them. I'll quote a few answers. Then you will understand the second question and answers it.

Mamontov listened with growing curiosity. In the past, technical school called mining. Interestingly, both are now discussing the future miners. Leading read excerpts from the questionnaire: "The modern business person, I believe, to be politically developed, well-known technique. Honestly, to comply strictly with all the rights and responsibilities. Do not stop there all the time to move forward. " "In my view, the modern worker is honest, funny, strong-willed and courageous man." "The modern working sense of responsibility and hard work are inseparable from the possession."

Well, the wonderful talk guys. Dirty Rotten Lexin liked.

- And now for the second question, the questionnaire - continued veduschaya.-It has been identified unequivocally: "On which of today's workers Raychikhinsk you would like to be?" The students have named the name of the well-known miner of our city, our region, the Ministry of Coal Industry of the country. Today he is free from the watch on his giant-striding excavator ESH-15/90 number five. Yes, the foreman of the famous "five fingers" in the room with us. Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolay Sergeyevich Lexin-here the guys who were named in the application. His working destiny feat of labor, high moral qualities, they chose to repeat and imitate. That is what turned this intriguing "evening-portrait." I even Leksina chest cramped. And that miner Guard! "Do not say good-friends any longer. That's just little by little, they looked pointedly at me and were - Olympian imperturbable: know what to expect. "

On stage there were readers-boy and a girl. In the two votes they read monologues about his childhood baby-dreamer. Lexin at first and did not think that's about it.

"The boy escaped from a peasant cottage and gaily sped toward the sun. In the far horizon, where the hair was golden dawn, lived Firebird. Feathers in her bright-bright light. It gave strength to the sun, the stars lit the sky. "

"In the morning as the sun was shining, the dew on the grass ablaze. The boy was going back on the road, in search of the mysterious Firebird. Mom does not say where it hides this amazing Firebird, which is poured on the fire light the sun, the stars come to life ... My father put his hands on his shoulders:,, The war, son. Chased a bird that crows are black. And they fly in our direction. "

"Severe Godin shook the young dreamer. Hunger, disease, suffering haunted him, until the Red Army did not cut the wings of the fascist vultures. "

"Of those harsh years came to his maturity. The country rose from the ruins and ashes. And he, Nicholas Lexin, I realized, from these guys, guys wartime, waiting for the feat. They were strong and tireless hands. "

For a moment he felt ill at ease. Do not like to remember the terrible pore. And when the screen lit up with footage from the life of the mining school, he perked up. Here it is, inseparable friend Ivan Tsybulsky. And here is the whole group, froze in front of the lens-Teslya Gregory, Vladimir Kashuba, John Toptun ...

Stop, and they-it is not noticed in the hall. Is the watch! Now the big concern for everyone, who is the foreman, who is a mechanic. Business is business, no subcontract.

But the whole group was there. When invited leading Leksina and all his classmates up on stage, the boys came out of the side door. He guessed they were hidden from him until further notice. They were smiling, elegant and solemn.

- You all know Nikolai Sergeyevich long ago, turned to him leading. - We studied together. Make friends. So we want to hear from you, firsthand, what are the features in the character Leksina played a decisive role in his life, his successes, mining fame, deputy business?

Lexin Nicholas They began to remember. They spoke in turn.

- First, perseverance and teamwork. At the end of the shift from hoisting rope broke Leksina. Gregory Piven, taking dragline, said: "I will make myself. Hurry for the bus. " A foreman powerfully and inexorably: "Together mend soon." With him was left the whole watch. If the problem is when it got dark. Traveled to the city on foot. Seven kilometers. A dragline was working all the time ...

- Second-resourcefulness. Blown motor, which helped force the air to cool the generator. If you lose, change shift. It's a pity. But you can not work. Lexin proposes to replace an electric motor powerful fan. The change saved: five thousand cubic meters of rock thrown in the dumps. A special motor repaired repair team.

- Third, the ability to trust the young. Nicholas has no one stands behind their backs during the watch. Aides drivers accumulate skills in arms, not vpriglyadku. No wonder the team came out of the 18 qualified drivers. His students work not only in Raychikhinsk, but also in Primorye, Sakhalin. Then he decided to intervene in the conversation. Driven stories, though it does not exist on the stage. Thank you for all the club officials have collected. And here it is, Lexin, a flaw in their venture sees big flaw. In terms of the miners on the scene had to call Nikolai Alexandrovich Piven. It was he who invited Leksina installation ESH-15/90 giant, while the fifth in a row in Raychikhinsk coal basin. In the new technique selected the best drivers. While mastered with less powerful excavators with bucket capacity of fourteen cubic meters and a length of arrows seventy-five meter-Lexin and did not think about working on draglines: did not consider himself an experienced miner. In 1966 he came to the attention of mechanics Piven.

Nikolai then led the team drivers. Felt like his right. He demanded immaculate discipline and order. I do not regret time and effort to the cause and the other not tolerate sluggishness and slowness. Installers Uralmashzavod, looking at him, have outdone themselves:

well trained miners to understand the electrical and mechanical systems, which could rely on them. Later, when Lexin set records for removing the overburden, he praised the efforts of Brigadier-teacher: knowledge of the machine will save time for preventive maintenance, increase the service life in the mine.

However, at the starting year of the "five" plan is not implemented. The young team did not have enough skill. The first success came in the 50th anniversary of Great October. From month to month, increased amounts of overburden to coal. All shifts worked steadily and reliably. The day came, and Nicholas A. Leksina delayed. - Transferred me to the mechanics. I'll take care of all the excavators of the site. But it requires replacement. By all accounts you approach. The oil is in the head, hard-working hands, the character does not hold.

As time went out of their team is not a leader. Harry V. Balandin crew headed backward pyatnadtsatikubovogo excavator number 1. Works foreman Vitaly I. Yudin, a mechanic, Fyodor Popov. And Viktor Yanukovych was elected secretary of the Party Committee Kiriyenko cut "Southwest." And then each of them could put a foreman. The choice fell on Leksina Piven. His word is law.

- We know, 'said lead - Mamontov was more than the others prepared to work on a new technique. And what ...

- Do not make a mistake. Trust acquitted! - Meet together and have fun with former classmates at the scene mining schools.

Yes, it was not damaged. Less than three years, as the glory of the team flew Leksina incision. Crew Mamontov rapidly approached five million cubic meters of soil, so threw in a year in the dumps, exposing the black fields of coal deposits. Almost a million more jobs. But this has not been a record. For four or four and a half million cubic meters out many of the crews. A coveted milestone yet remained out of reach. We had to find a reserve of time, to defend those watches that would send tens of thousands of cubic meters of tailings already in the account of five million.

They seem to come close to the limit, to reduce the duration of downtime for repairs anymore. But Lexin finally found a way out. The entire cycle of movement of the bucket is calculated on a per second is a set of ground, turning radius to the dump, unloading and returning the bucket to the face. Four hundred and twenty movements for change. No less. More can be less, the plan will suffer. So, if you make more? If you spend on a cycle-excavation is not 62 seconds, as released to the norm, but in five to seven seconds less? Of course, require skill and precision of jewelry. Did his aides do not have these advantages? The machine works flawlessly, the team is worth the watch without failures and accidents.

Mamontov experience a success. Now in his excavation takes 52.3 seconds. Other drivers, 56-57 seconds. Bit by bit the team won the right time and for the year sent to dumps 5.104 million cubic meters of rock. Record line Leksina none of the miners of the country has not surpassed.

- Stop, stop, laugh-Nicholas Sergeevich. That way, we forget all the friends and family.

Yes, he did not have the right not to speak of those who went with him, behind him, his perseverance and confidence instilling in him Leksina, confident that 5 million cubic meters can be given. And if you try, if not more.

Yuri D. Konev, the foreman of the crew the best drivers of the excavator cut "North East", was not afraid to challenge his neighbor, rival competition for Nicholas Lexin. Twice he crossed the coveted milestone. And still more to do but could not. The last word is left for the team with the "Southwest": Lexin was subjected to the height of three to five million cubic meters. But it is not in the bill. The good news is that struggled honestly, openly, helping each other. No one hid their secrets.

In Raychikhinsk held more than one school of excellence. They then headed Lexin, then Konev. According to them the example of the production team have raised by 10 - 20 percent. All teams draglines. Pool has reached the highest peak in the history of the cuts, sent 13-14 million tons of coal per year.

At the entrance stands a stele in the Rajchikhinsk. He remembered the words chiseled on it:

"The heat and light, we are giving people." They can put a motto in life, deeds and actions of each miner. For it is a program of action. The program is not an easy, long-standing and comforting. Otherwise, he can not explain where are the power, why not go out the energy that finally leads to restlessness and dissatisfaction. It seems tired and nothing would have not done so. To relax. But looming in front of the peak concrete "heat and light, we are giving people," and he should have a wide field of activity.

Lexin is felt with particular force when it is convening two successive elected to the Supreme Soviet of the republic. He was proud of deputy's mandate, whatever you say, and hundreds of friends and strangers have entrusted him to state care. They came to see him, looked back, met in the administration section. Shared their thoughts, joy and sorrow. Requests and comments were born, where lacked warmth and involvement in human relations. And they are, it's warm and involved, Lexin had to seek, obtain the same painstaking and difficult, as the coal face. And always shining his words on the stele: "The heat and light, we are giving people."

The result of the parliamentary activity can not be measured. But the staff of the plant "Amurdormash" knows Lexin made an effort to ensure that builders are putting stokvartirnogo hastened home. New streets, domestic institutions, municipal engineering network services to the entire city has to Mamontov. There is his merit, and that the district has grown by wasteland "New", where miners live, furniture makers and builders. He sought to open the recreation center on the Bureya.

In Raychikhinsk recognized: they were lucky to members of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. A Lexin laughs: he, they say, the more fortunate. And he's right. Mamontov was replaced in the parliament of the republic Sergei Filipchenko, the driver of his team. Rarely, but sometimes that members come from the same brigade. Lexin is very flattering. Sergei young, energetic, thoughtful performs electors. He is on the mind and the team in mind. As in the past. Try to slow down in work, just to remind you: the staff, working with the deputy of the Supreme Council, is not stuck. That has to keep in shape. Who wants to listen to criticisms?

Personally Leksina this neighborhood turned into additional troubles. He had to help Filipchenko in such matters as fulfillment of parliamentary duties, receiving workers' control over the fulfillment of orders of the voters. It is hard? It is not easy. Could he refuse? And in his mind was not. For myself knew that the work of deputies sometimes difficult to miners' concerns.

When Harry V. Balandin backward team moved to the "unity", where in fact the team was not. There will come people will look, it is not glued, and flee. The trouble was that the backhoe is constantly idle, people had no income. In the first issue of dragline design errors are eliminated slowly. Needed someone who knew the car would be good, would experience pyatnadtsatikubovyh excavators and would have the gift of the organizer. Lexin believed Balandin. And he did not disappoint. Gathered in a reliable team of miners who are interested in them. Sam spun around without a car, and other recreation found something for everyone.

Lexin occasionally dropped in on the "unity". Help advice, and even on the go-remzavod advance orders Balandin. Worried about the outcome of the case. But still stalled repairs. Need a girth gear. She could only give Uralmash, the manufacturer.

- Get ready and go to them - judged Nicholas Sergeevich.-talk with the workers, they will understand and help.

- Yes, like it is here I need, 'said Balandin.-care a great deal.

- Also true. Then we will send our deputies. He was, perhaps, it will be easier.

Sergei returned Filipchenko elated. Soon came the part from the Urals to the dragline. The once-lagging the crew moved to the forefront in the competition. The team "unity" has been working steadily. Its composition does not change.

- Now, looking at Nikolai Sergeyevich his pupil with caution: what if the bypass?-Leading voice sounds provocatively, urgently.

He did not think about it, even had no idea: what if? But apparently, it was necessary to think about. After the third summer in succession poured incessant rain. Vskroesh face, and he zaplyvet, settle to the coal body. And no-coveted "cubes" on the heap or desired compositions with charcoal. And that is bad, they went to the most powerful drifts under 50 - 60 meters in height. Until you get to bed, not seven, but twenty-seven pots will do. At least culling held, and it floats like a dough. Ground water after heavy rains are walking as they wish, move a huge mass of rocks, landslides hell silischi negate the daily work. So yesterday, drove the entire ledge where you will excavator. Subsided base on which "sits" car shoes are scraping the ground zashagivaniya-most unpleasant thing that can happen. And there is no longer to develop. It is necessary to extinguish the spark selected on solid ground. While prigonyat bulldozer skovyrnesh around the sticky clay, step over to the next ledge, shudder to think how much time is wasted.

The car slipped in the afternoon. One hundred and seventy tons of metal going into the softened soil. The left arm, which kept the shoe is on the suspension broke. The engineer on watch were Gregory Piven and his aides Vasily Yakovlevich Silenko and Sergei Yudin. Gregory's brother, Nikolai Alexandrovich Piven, mentor Leksina. Sergei is the son of Brigadier Vitaly Yudin, held at the school, "five". Silenko working with Nikolai Sergeyevich with the installation ... That's all intertwined in Raychikhinsk ... The crew looked around. Steel cooking rack. We went for a bulldozer.

When Lexin appeared to accept the change, Gregory took the excavator to the side. Brigadier-figured stepped close to the machine, should be slightly higher. You could earn a ledge bucket, but Gregory did not dare, this jewelry layout, cleaning up the breed is almost the vehicle, able to make a few. In Mamontov turned it quickly. He stepped away from the place of the viscous and completed the second shift without complications. Watch rented Filipchenko:

- Hold on to the front. And I'm going to Fedorov.

Early in the morning Lexin appeared in the room where the chief of the section, "South West" spent distribution list. Peter F. was not surprised when he saw the foreman of the famous "five". His somewhat discourage perseverance Leksina:

- It is necessary to go to slaughter, and immediately.

- The second day after I leave, let me look around.

- Here there and look around. On the beach near the sea had lost the habit from their dams. Come on.

It is good that they went. According to the schedule "five" had to stop on the annual maintenance. But quicksand tightened penetrated coal seam, the brigade, the incision may be in arrears. Here is the "What if?" And mountain land, and coal in the ground. Job, then nothing. The choice was: dragline or put on the joke, or to extend his term of service for two weeks. State of the machine allowed to work half a month since then they have time to choose a quicksand, transport operators to provide fuel for shipment. Lexin calculated and the scheme approach ledges, shelves for the excavator. Now you need to know what to say director.

- One thing to note, said Peter F., standing at the edge of the cut. - Not the foreman on my "top five" and the Academy ... Honest.

In the lowlands, from the Amur, rushed the cold autumn wind, throwing fountains of white sand. Grains of sand crashed into the face, flogged his eyes. It was felt soon zapurzhit. After two weeks without fail.

- It'll help section, Nikolay Sergeyevich.

The team supported the team leader. Backhoe scooped another two weeks of the liquefaction of the rock quarry.

- Examples of selfless labor and ingenuity in the lives of the crew of the "five" is not listed.

Leading as if brought to a place of memories and lost to Reader:

- Long ago, at the foot of the mountains lived a beautiful Raychikhinsk Janka. Bright-eyed, she represented the purity of nature-expanse of the steppes and the fragrance of the taiga. Many times wooed her boss of the underworld Huldzhiuri. He was rejected yasnolikoy Janka. Did not like was his attire, black, like a moonless night. She could not move his eyes, acrid, the smoke from the embers of crude. The heart was given to the athlete Janka Bureya, owner svetlostruynoy, fast and full-flowing mountain river Storm. Good, he had a clear waters of the meadows and groves quenched the thirst of migratory birds and beasts. At the hour of the wedding feast with Janka Bureya heard the terrible cry of the militant. In the taiga passed over as black as night, a cloud. Acrid smoke tears the eyes. It rejected Huldzhiuri called happy Bureya fight to the death.

Three days and three nights continued battle of giants. And the more furiously they fought, the stronger the earth trembled. Acrid smoke has filled the whole valley, eating away the eye is inflamed inflammable Huldzhiuri treacherous rocks underground to blind the enemy. But Bureya resisted, because clean river water sprinkled his face, knocking smoky veil. He threw his enemy and became the ruler of the Valley of Stones Combustible. Since then, the wise and brave Janka Bureya live in peace and harmony. Beauty Bureya rapidly rolls its waters through the ridges and grasslands, and in its mirror tape gazed beautiful taiga. Fuel dungeon they gave to people, so they always had a lot of heat and light. Combustible Valley Stone of Destiny was the Happy Valley.

In the brightly lit hall of the bulb. There and then the light went out. And on the screen flashed images from the life of Raychikhinsk. Residential neighborhoods. Plants. Notable people Coal Basin, the largest in the Far East. And once again glad Nikolai Sergeyevich, how much is done. Perhaps now, staring at the screen, and can not remember how things got. Life does not come easy, if you want to do much, either, even in your power Bureya. And this Huldzhiuri overdone - deeply hid their wealth from the people. How many have to turn the clay and sand to find a precious treasure. Labor is like the miner feat. And the homeland is appreciated in full.

Memorable in the miner's employment history any more than working days. Each of them is unique. It starts in different ways. Ends differently. In the summer the sun is shining and the noise of the cut surface oak. In the winter winds blow, bat flies from severe frosts, and the bucket is not visible through the haze. Well, indeed, still breathes malice Huldzhiuri. Happy spring greens, soft as Janka. Autumn in my heart speaks the golden chime foliage. Will fly a yellow coin on a ledge, shelf, poked stiffly into the glass cockpit, and a pity that so swiftly played a warm summer.

And life goes on. And yours, too. Here are enlightened through memories of her beam, from childhood until the present moment. Had not thought about: swept, remained a mystery, as the Firebird. So Basil Silenko going to retire. Wait a bit, and then the Eugene V. Novoselov's time to collect. Leave the elderly. And it will remain one of the militant groups that mount your dragline. It's a pity. For so many years accustomed to, got used to each other. Fetched from the same pot boiled potatoes, boiling kettle, one drink. All in the mind, joy and pain.

As you would expect in life, young punch road. They are in a brigade-half of the crew. Sergei Yudin, Ryabkov Igor, Sergei Sin, Sergey Dekalchuk ... Today, any take-not give a senior. Resourceful, responsive, hard-working. Raychikhinsk starter, from the same school came and where he Lexin, miners knew the basics of science. Only the knowledge they have stronger. Ten classes behind. And studying in classes poosnovatelnee miner.

Training facilities combining spacious rooms, the latest machines and experienced staff. Not for nothing are going to learn here miners from Magadan, Primorye and Sakhalin. Do not be stingy, give it to them, the young, their experience, their skills. To heat and light they carried people as relentless as all veterans.

Lexin looked at them. Mikhail Kuznetsov, Sergei Pasenkov, Michael Holubec, Ivan Dudko. And his friends, it's time to rank their glorious detachment. Ivan Tsybulsky, Gregory Tesla, Vladimir Kashuba, Ivan Toptun ... With all take an example, come to glory.

Good evening, they turned out. Relaxed, not worried. And why they kept silent? Could even hint that 1des suit!

A bright light flashed.

- Dear friends, I solemnly pronounced the leading, and Nicholas S. realized that a little patience should not run out of inventors in the culture-ugolschikov. Our hero of labor, whose portrait we have recreated today, was a delegate to the XXIV Congress of the CPSU. Returning to the party forum, Nicholas S. expressed his feelings this way: "Much I changed my mind at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. All the best, as called for in our party, we must affirm. We-all. I'm talking about you, my team. "

Almost twenty years headed by Nikolay Sergeyevich Lexin the best team of miners pool. His team is always an example, in work and public affairs. No violations, no breakdowns, no complaints. The truth is, well to live and work! And so. Considering the merits of the foreman, Production Association "Dalvostugol" and territorial trade union committee established an award named a Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolay Sergeyevich Leksina. It will be awarded to the best technical school students number eleven. Now I will call the first winners. Please Mamontov, hand him the award.

He straightened his jacket. Corrected Gold Star. Nothing like Lexin did not expect.

And the stage is rushed readers. And the two voices, squinting from the bright light bulb, rocking from side to side, they solemnly in unison and defiantly recited verses praising the profession of miners and those who chose it once and for all life.

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