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Sharapov Nicholas M.

Brigadier car drivers Avtokombinat number 16 Glamosavtotrans

Sharapov Nicholas M. Sharapov was drinking tea in the kitchen when his wife came in quietly. Stood in the doorway, she sighed and said quietly, nodding at the dark rain clouds outside the window:

- Wow, again, pouring incessantly. You, Nick, watch it, watch the road, then, I suppose, slippery ...

Nikolai Mikhailovich lowered his head, trying to hide a smile. Thirty-odd years he has driven, and Anfisa every time he saw him in the flight, gives his farewell speech caring. Just think about it in the road, and somehow the soul becomes warmer.

From one village they Anfisa A. and Nicholas Mikhailovich. From one village Tolba, in Gorky region. And fell in love in Moscow, it just happened. Anfisa here to work, when Nicholas returned to the mainland from the Far East, where he served in the Army. Came to Moscow to his older brother, the drivers went on courses, and so it went on a life-year by year in a driver's position at the same Avtokombinat and even in the same column, in the first. The work he likes people, too. And from the good, as they say, do not look good.

Car drivers in our country, millions, but because not everyone on the Gold Star of Hero of the breast. Why did such an honor Nikolai Mikhailovich Sharapova? When you ask him, he is confused, trying to laugh it off:

- All Anfisa my fault. Every time punishes: take care of yourself on the road. And for the driver take care of yourself means to protect your car. So I try to ...

Here it is, perhaps, takes the essence. Do not: dashing ride on the mountain Caucasus steep slopes or the Siberian taiga maryam so highly noted work Sharapova driver. Routes of his truck passed through the streets of Moscow and asphalt suburban highway. The decree stated that the title of Hero of Socialist Labor foreman car drivers Avtokombinat number 16 Glavmosavtotransa Nikolai Mikhailovich Sharapova awarded for outstanding work to increase the turnaround of trucks.

Difficult to extend this business-century machine. There is a hard life of the engine, there is a so-called mileage tires. Everything is regulated, laid out on shelves. And seemingly nowhere to take reserves. But it is only at first glance, if you do not take into account the human factor.

One morning I came in the sixteenth Avtokombinat, sat on a bench at the gate and decided to watch, who as a flight leaves. One driver, a burly guy with a forelock, casually poking front toe ramps, got into the cab and lihacheski pulled away. Roared pitifully geared only clouds of dust behind the truck. The other driver, too young, at first the engine warmed up, touched his "ZIL" forward gently, in a businesslike way. Besides, of course, the car will be longer. Immediately we see a good teacher was a man. Maybe he Nikolai M. Sharapov.

"ZIL-130" is one of the most popular brands of our trucks. Their service life before overhaul had been somewhere in the range 180 000 km. But in 1972 appeared on the streets of Moscow cars with bright labels on the cabin: "Three hundred thousand miles." Collectives of the Main Directorate of Road Transport Moscow City, Moscow Automobile Plant named after IA Likhachev and the Central Research Institute of Automobile and Automotive signed an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation. Was set to bring big goal-mileage truck "ZIL-130" without a major overhaul to three hundred thousand kilometers, with the lowest consumption of spare parts.

- Of course, says N. Sharapov, the best drivers in the past often been able to cut mileage in half, if not twice. But there were relatively few aces, and increased mileage cars often achieved only at the expense overrun of spare parts, which, of course, the State did not bring any benefit. Otherwise required to: improve some components and parts of the truck, to a range of research on its use, well, and then to test in practice the data, extend the experience of leading workers everywhere.

Needless to say, very difficult to overcome on the path of the car, nearly equal to the distance from Earth to the Moon, but also so that the entire period served as a machine without a hitch. However, trouble-free, cost riding many Moscow drivers inspired confidence: to raise the life of the machine can be ...

Good friend of the driver Sharapova Avtokombinat number 3 Mospromtransa Alex Beschastnov on the truck, released from the assembly line in 1970, in the middle of 1974 hitting 356,000 miles without major repairs. Then Alexei Mikhailovich in a solemn ceremony Avtozavodtsev handed the keys to the anniversary - million - "ZIL-130."

Four years later the speedometer of the truck appeared the figure 550. More than half a million kilometers defeated "ZIL" with no breakdowns.

- Congratulations, sincerely congratulate you, Alex, 'said Sharapov, shaking hands with a fellow-professii. We also think the plant engineers, and we, the drivers, how to extend the auto age. I think the possibility of ZIL car is not fully exhausted ...

Indeed, hundreds of drivers in Moscow were able to pass on their trucks more than three hundred thousand miles without a major overhaul, and proving their skills and capabilities of domestic appliances. The foundation laid for the reliability of the car by joint efforts of the complex: production-Operate-science. In the factory floor, on the assembly lines of association "AvtoZIL" sought to equalize the resources of the machine running the engine with a resource, "pull up" to him the life of other units: the gearbox, drive shaft, clutch, steering mechanism.

In the production has been running a lot of creative development scientists us. At the Moscow Institute of auto-repair factory experts have created a bases-Laboratory, equipped with control equipment, special tools and test benches. This improved methodology for assessing the service life of every detail.

Having achieved the first significant results, the contracting parties, as predicted by Nikolai Mikhailovich, went further. It was planned a new, higher threshold of cooperation of science and industry to bring life-car "ZIL-130 'to 350 000 kilometers, and engine-up to 250,000 kilometers without any major repairs.

The terms of the participants in this creative collaboration from year to year became wider. People are not forced to wrestle with a daunting task. The idea was to give effect to the very real reserves. Scientists of the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute, the association "Unlisted" Kama, Kremenchug, Minsk Automobile Plant, Yaroslavl association "Autodiesel" Zavolzhsky engine plant is now trying to solve design and operational problems together, it is much more focused than ever before.

But it was clear that especially great responsibility rests on those who, day and night has cars on the roads. They, drivers, best of all visible and strong and weak sides of machines. Sharapov for his long life of the driver's work only on machines ZIL marks. He then turned woman man. Initially, he had a "ZIS-5", then "ZIL-150." And since 1973, "ZIL-130 B-1." That just may have to haul in the back-coal, bricks, sand and snow, tires and metal. All cars are in the capable hands of Nikolai Mikhailovich last longer due. Firstborn, "ZIS-5 ', was 350 000 kilometers," ZIL-150 "and even more, and four hundred. Well, the current "iron friend" on the well-trodden kilometers Sharapova has not only made it to the moon, but managed to return safely to Earth, it bezremontny mileage exceeds seven hundred thousand kilometers. And this, according to the driver himself, not the limit. One idea is to aim a blow at a million miles!

Since the beginning of operation of the machine Sharapova just replaced the engine after 315,000 miles (the norm was initiated when 150 000), but some small things screw up, screw up I had to. But in general the car is running better than new, even though many of his peers have long since sent to the scrap.

- Sometimes a fellow truck drivers from other fleets have asked me: Is it true if my machine is made by special order, screws up his eyes slyly, Nicholas Mihaylovich.-What can I say? Although one of my sons, and works on behalf of the car factory IA Likhachev, a car from me, the most that on is normal, serial. Just need to attach the hand, then do not let you down ...

Runs under the wheels ... the road. From Moscow to the goal of our route, the city of Chekhov about fifty miles. On the local well-known plant regeneratnom Sharapova. Every morning, along with the receiver of Vladimir Gusev, he travels out of the gate Avtokombinat. The body and trailer-old tires, which are to "rejuvenate" in Chekhov's works. There was a time in Moscow had regeneratny ready-exchanger. Clients themselves transported back tires in need of restoration. Now carpool, bus and trolley parks use the services of a centralized delivery "shoes" for their cars. It is easier and faster.

Sharapova car with removable semi-permanent runs between Moscow and Chekhov. Due to a more rational use of working time and the maximum load the machine, Nikolai Mikhailovich was able to fulfill the plan of the tenth five-year plan in three years. Yes, and now comes with a big advance from the beginning of his eleventh five-year car carried many hundreds of additional tons of cargo.

Sharapov Nicholas M. Returning to Moscow in the evening, Sharapov routinely delivers dispatcher logs, but the home is in no hurry to leave. First, definitely check nodes car, adjust, if required, the motor, to fill "ZIL", to not lose time in the morning. The body is also loaded on the eve of departure. Sharapov and his partner have time to drive around a few fleets, bus and trolley parks, take it "sick" and the tires before placing them in the back of his truck. So Nikolai Mikhailovich is no dummy runs. As the shuttle, warp it, "ZIL" from Moscow in Chekhov and back with a full load of worn or repaired tires. Bustling streets of Moscow, Simferopol highway known to him in great detail. Sharapov goes smoothly without jerks, trying to keep the speed of kilometers per hour and sixty, and for the most comfortable car for the road. Every Shcherbinka, each tubercle gently go round on the rise or descent there is a dispute, but gently, as if machine-creature, and the race can be excessive tore her heart.

This is from his childhood, love for all equipment. And how was the driver, everything comes up with something, the master, and restores. Sharapova has not lost anything for nothing. It is said, a few years ago at the old mill, "ZIL" written off. I learned about it, Nikolai Mikhailovich, he went to look at the car. He sees quite another trunk of "feathering" want to send to the facility. No, I think, because it is impossible. Went to the leadership Avtokombinat, received a "good" and three days later did not come out of the repair zone, cutting, welding, riveting. You look now at the grille and fenders Sharapovsky machine and it's hard to believe that all this is not new, as well as in the army say, "BU", second-hand.

He and the people kind and responsive. Trying to help someone, to take on more. And a special "thank you" for not waiting. Young soul stretches to it, because the young is particularly acute in the older and appreciate the sincere attitude.

Last fall, Sharapov traveled with the team in the Voronezh region to harvest beets. Places wonderful, song-Talovskie area farm Pyatnitsky. Harvest ripe there is a rich, only manage to combine the sugar factory take back.

Chairman of the farm, dense tall man with tired eyes, met in Moscow for twenty kilometers drivers.

- Well, thank God, arrived. And we really tired of waiting for you guys. Bail out! If you have to work beyond the statutory, you realize that it is not our whim-rich crops. And we will not stay in debt ...

- Why so, 'replied judiciously for all Sharapov.-not the first time, I suppose. We understand what's what. Here's to grub for my Eagles would have been good but a little more, well, manage. However, guys?

Boys smiled. They knew that the foreman did not give favors loafers, let alone drunk razgildyaya, throw bungler.

The paper itself is not primarily spare with a stricter all the asking. And not in the grub thing, it just is not in the village guest offend. Raising their boys, Nikolai Mikhailovich three o'clock in the morning, when sleep is the sweetest. And sorry guys, and we need to wake-beet in the field in the clamps is, what if the rains begin.

- Uncle Nick, let me have just five minutes to lie down! Whined, someone from the warm blankets.

What can you do? Sharapov did not get enough sleep, but quickly thrust his feet into his boots, throws his jacket and goes to put the kettle.

To rise before the others, after the others go to relax, so too it is, the share of brigadier. But he was not only the foreman, but also for many years secretary of the party organization in his column, a member of the Party Committee of the plant.

Driver's work is well known, such that at times and a collection of easy-to people in flight, on business trips. Who goes to Moscow, who served in Serpukhov, who in Podolsk, and some even further, to Leningrad. Therefore, their party duties Sharapov performs willingly and faithfully, but with regard to the situation and not always in the book. Goes in, say, Chekhov, and meet him on the road, the familiar trucks. Ivan Kuzmenkov or Alexander Golikov, young drivers behind the wheel. We stopped, went to the side of a smoke-here you and meeting and meeting and talking heart to heart.

Try guys, but still they do. Sharapov sees it, suggests nenazoylivo, in between times. And young drivers do not hurt, and Sharapova are well-in his team must all work as expected.

Director Avtokombinat Kamo Karapetyan Gurgenovich once said:

- Do Nikolai Mikhailovich, a real talent educator. His work Pedagogy know how to help all of us, and administration, and the drivers and maintenance staff ...

For this the director's much-praised, and the fate of specific cases. There is, for example, the team at Sharapova middle-aged, experienced driver, a good man. But with one caveat: while not drink. Behind the wheel, of course, does not allow himself this, but after a change of house "relax."

For the driver this is a disaster. There two ways about it. And for the family grief. Here, too, did not argue. In the eyes of more than one person Sharapova broke, stumbled on the "green dragon".

So, the driver, which we, Sharapov likes of skilful hands, for ease of use, and respects as a good mechanic. Why does everything to discourage his fellow hunt to abuse alcohol. And it happens at home, at work and look after, and the flight happens to rein in the trip. It happens, it happens, offended by Sharapova, his client, but Nikolai Mikhailovich is on his own, makes a man fall. I do not call the name of the driver, because he himself is aware of what a slippery slope could roll.

Many of those friends with whom Sharapov, whom he once gave a recommendation to the party, over the years have grown substantially in the service or social work. The driver, Alexander Dzyubenko released elected secretary of the Komsomol organization, a graduate of Leo College Peretryahin became head of the column. Nikolai Mikhailovich to his father proudly says that that's his own children, too, went further, two sons, Vladimir and Alexander, graduated from university, work in large factories in Moscow.

Well, this is natural, the young have to go forward and that is the law of our lives. To go further, taking the road of experience of veterans.

However, fathers do not stand still. Can I compare that guy in a faded soldier's tunic, which was once timidly sat behind the wheel of the truck, with the current master of driving heavy vehicles? Perhaps during these decades, only a farewell road Anfisa Alexeyevna and remained constant in his life. But this constancy can only envy.

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