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Chicherov Vladimir S.

Brigadier fitters turbine production association "Leningrad Metal Works"

Chicherov Vladimir S. At lunchtime on Wednesday, Brigadier fitters Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherov went to his friend in the pilot plant:

- Well, how? Ready souvenir?

- And how! The full order! Take the work-fun said friend and rustled a paper parcel. After a second Chicherov holding a shiny nickel miniature hydraulic turbine wheel. Having admired an elegant stainless steel toy, Vladimir Stepanovich took the wheel from the stand, planted it on a pencil, he ordered himself: "Three, two, one to start!" And very light on the petals blew the blades. The wheel spun rapidly, began to play of light reflections.

- Nice work! Well done, lads! So celebrant and say, a gift from the kids-and-metallistov. pleased Chicherov went to shake hands with "brothers" who responded to his request, and contrived this original souvenir.

On the way to the shop, Vladimir Stepanovich started calculating the text engraving and slightly opened the package to look at whether you can place a sign at the end of the wheel. It turned out that this idea ahead of him. It knocked out the guys at the end of a familiar brand name associations: inside the triangle the three letters "LMZ" - "Leningrad Metal Works". But there were still a number of the place.

- That's great, glad-Chicherov.-Let this be a gift from the entire enterprise. So we write: "Boris Mikhailovich Vorobiev Kirovtsu the day of the 60th anniversary of the metal." Short and sweet.

In fact, Vladimir Stepanovich received a personal invitation to an anniversary. Their friendship with the Kirov factory lathe Boris Mikhailovich Vorobiev began seven years ago, when Chicherova the first time and suddenly he was elected deputy of the Leningrad of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Out of the shop and right in the parliament! Not surprisingly, the first at a loss to Vladimir Stepanovich new responsibilities. But in his first trip to the session of the Supreme Soviet in Moscow over the rookie took the patronage of Sparrows. He has by this time had been twenty years in the parliamentary work of local and national bodies of Soviet power, to the same reasonable Vorobiev for 13 years or older Chicherova. His experience and advice helped Vladimir Stepanovich quickly grasp the essence and methods of work of the deputy.

The first time, Vladimir Stepanovich belonged to his older friend as a teacher, and then did not see how their relationship developed into friendship. Apparently, the working relationship has had a fitter and turner, a similar upbringing, common understanding of the sense of duty. There was also a difference in the fact that a sharpened parts for tractors and other components assembled turbines. But the attitude they have been the same: both breasts decorated with Gold Star Hero of Socialist Labor, the two have become the people's deputies.

So the anniversary of a friend and teacher was particularly dear to Chicherova, and by the gift and the inscription on it, he wanted to emphasize that such a man as Vorobyev, known and respected in their own factory.

In the workshop, Vladimir Stepanovich was told that the party committee secretary called and asked the union to contact him urgently. Chicherov immediately called.

- Volodya, tomorrow night at Kostroma let our turbine-started the conversation sekretar.-At the celebration, and was invited to Leningrad. We decided to send you. So get ready for the road and ready to welcome speech Kostroma - Speaking at the rally.

- But tomorrow, Thursday, was taken aback Chicherov,-and on Friday I was invited to the anniversary of a friend. Sixty years. I can not go. Already a gift ready. Let someone else go.

But the secretary insisted:

- Do you collect this turbine? Collecting. In addition, your team is the most famous in the enterprise. Because you and was chosen. Consider the request of the party for this trip. And do not waste any time, you've got it so much. And another congratulations telegram from Kostroma, he will understand why you will not be on the anniversary of ...

Chicherov wanted to explain about any other question that today it has scheduled a visit to City Council on matters of deputies, but did not have time secretary wished him bon voyage, and lived up the phone.

A few minutes ago, Vladimir Stepanovich was confident that nothing will prevent him to attend the anniversary and congratulate Vorobyov corporate gift. Now it was clear that on Friday he will still be in the Kostroma and is unlikely in the evening time to go back. With small hope he called the information office of Aeroflot, and there have confirmed that the direct flight Kostroma, Leningrad, in the schedule does not exist. Unhappy Chicherov went to the shop and spent the end of the shift is in the thoughts of a trip to Kostroma, and what words he would say the energy sector. Of course, in itself honorable and responsible mission: because he trusted to provide a native plant, to speak on behalf of all the workers of Leningrad. Even a major event: the power turbine, which is mounted on the Kostroma thermal power plant, has no equal in the world is 1.2 million kilowatts. In fact, in one unit to hide a large power plant. Vladimir Stepanovich could not enumerate all the memory addresses that sent turbine gathered his team for more than thirty years. But Chicherov remembers a meeting with its turbines, which occurred thousands of miles from Leningrad. He saw them at work in the Krasnoyarsk and Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower and abroad. "The warm, as if alive, they called me almost parental pride," Brigadier-recognized.

And now, faced a similar meeting again: a giant steel offspring should come to life before his eyes. Just think: when Chicherov started working at the plant, the company proceeded to produce turbines of 150,000 kilowatts, and it was regarded then as the biggest technical achievement, and the turbine itself was called "the turbine world." Now, the power units of Leningrad has surpassed one million kilowatts, and the steam turbine capacity of 500 and 800 000 kW serially produced. And all the way along with his company was the foreman Chicherov.

Man the usual addition of medium height, he does not stand out appearance in the street crowd quite inconspicuous. But in the shop Vladimir Stepanovich in sight, although among the vast designs easy to get lost. His actions are closely watching all those involved in the assembly of the unit. To listen to the opinion of engineers and technologists. Of course, for this authority is a rich work experience Chicherova, long-term job foreman. But not only.

Vladimir Chicherov-from the generation of "not fighting, but hlebnuvshih", which is already in the childhood experiences of adults went to whom life is too early to be forced firmness of character, and taught to make their own decisions. He was only eight years old when the family Chicherova, not wanting to leave Leningrad blockade was in the ring. Instead, call the school that fall guy heard the air raid sirens, tears mines and shells. His life lessons were queues for meager bread rations and water for a hole on the Neva River, the voice of the announcer and the silent tears of the mother.

In the history of the city on the Neva was no event more bitter and severe than the Siege winter. Vladimir fully shared the fate of Leningrad who survived the siege. He still remembers bits of sticky bread crumb weighing 125 grams, death from starvation-boyfriend Viti coeval with the upper floor, asleep forever shape people squat to rest in snow drifts ...

- In February 1942, and death has touched me, 'says Vladimir Stepanovich ran out of wood and last for several days I lay frozen in the room, wrapped in blankets and indifferent to everything. I'm not even hungry. I heard a mother tearfully told neighbors: "Vova our dying ...".

And then one night she gave me a saucer of liquid semolina. I ate her small spoon. In the morning, porridge again. Hot, she woke in me an appetite. But where did the porridge? It turned out that half a cup of semolina gave to me a friend of the mother. At that time it was, of course, the amazing generosity. I began to recover.

And how is my grief was inconsolable when I learned that the woman who has endowed us cereal, she soon died of starvation. She was buried in a mass grave Piskarevsky cemetery, where, if it were not for her good heart, and I could be. Since then my life has become like a slow road from the cemetery. The onset of spring brought warmth and ice "road of life" across Lake Ladoga-food: bread increased rates, there were canned meat, greens.

Chicherov Vladimir S. And then, when the most difficult thing left behind was a long journey to the east, which began the same "way of life" and ended in the silence of the Volga, in an unfamiliar Bashkir village. His mother, teacher, educated, intelligent woman, was elected chairman of the local collective farm. His father, a mechanic, began working at the village smithy. Volodya and his two sisters the entire first year of the evacuation came after a blockade nightmares finally began to go to school.

- In ten years I began to help his father - continues Vladimir Stepanovich. - He came to the smithy at sunrise, blowing the horn. My concern was the fur. Polished hands reached for the knob and pulled it down. Compressed leather sides, fed air to hot coals, where the heated iron bars. I liked the way he worked beautifully on the anvil of his father, and he really perceived my help.

Once the collective farm foreman, one-armed neighbor came to his mother with the complaint: "There is no one to plow." She looked at me with pain and tenderness, and said, "put my Vovka." I realized that to do otherwise, it could not, all the women sat on it as its chair watching.

And I have been poisoned in the field to plow. And after I began to go to work and other teenagers. We all tried to cope better than adults. And they always encouraged us, his aides did not stint on the praise.

In May 1945 Chicherova felt that their family was lucky to have survived the blockade

waited for victory, returned to Leningrad. But the first efforts on returning were associated with the funeral of his father, affected by the consequences of war deprivation. Only three years survived his father's mother. At 15 years old Volodya was the only man in the house, having to complete only four classes. Hope for in life was more than anyone, the yield was only one guy, go to work.

The closest to home was a metal factory, and with it, trade school, where students dressed and fed. There Chicherov Jr. and his father went to study a specialty.

On the territory of the Metal Factory is an unusual photos. This is pictures of the workers, who during the siege of Leningrad military overfulfilled manufacturing standards, enlarged photographs of the time. Standards have been established in peacetime and are designed for the person who normally eats and lives in the warmth.

- When I pass by this gallery, says Vladimir Stepanovich - then every time feel a sense of pride for our fathers. An example of these people helps me to realize the enormous spiritual powers laid down in the Soviet man. And if there is a high end, these forces come into action.

Perhaps, in these words of the Leningrad worker must seek the key to understanding his own way? An example of his father has set for his choice of profession. Master of vocational school Grigory replaced Vladimir Krotov school teachers: his signature left in the certificate of occupation close to a rating of "excellent". Old Communist Sergei Burmistrov was the first foreman Chicherova in the factory, and then the first to support his candidacy for the post of brigadier: "Work on the conscience you know how. Now learn, man, to answer people's trust. Take a team. "

Even in later years Chicherova, when he started a family, Burmistrov constantly inspired his pupil that is never too late to learn. And inspired by Vladimir enrolled in night school for working youth, graduating in '34. A sudden death of Sergei Ivanovich right in the shop was the impetus for the decision Chicherova join the party.

- I was lucky to teachers in his life, - said Vladimir Stepanovich They were skilled workers, lack of education which made up for the breadth of the soul, moral purity, responsible attitude.

For many years, the team gathers Chicherova cylinders for low pressure steam turbines. Vladimir Stepanovich did not pick up a people's sympathies or skill. Moreover, the team is not all going well, when he was asked to briefly lead the team assemblers.

The foreman saw the mechanics know their business, and yet the productivity of the brigade was low. The reason he could see quite quickly: there is no coherence in the work, no one is seriously thinking about the organization of collective labor. Indeed, at a site other than fitters, work and workers in other occupations-burner, stropali, cutters, welders. And each in some way dependent on the other. A common situation: one or lingered idle the next.

To speed up the build process, the team leader in a new way of working in a distributed team, put in a couple of novices with more experienced. It went faster, but not by much. Brigadirskii Chicherova experience told that it was due to a more rational organization of labor can be sealed during working hours, to carve out extra minutes. And it was from him, the foreman, the success of this search. One day it dawned: what if the mechanics take over the entire cycle of production of metal structures? What do I need? In the first place, so that team members have learned to mark themselves, cook and cut metal, secured the cargo crane to control ... But there will agree with the universalization of collectors themselves, because so many things will be added to all?

There needed a frank discussion with the team.

- The idea is interesting, thought-Mirkin Michael, the eldest of them all, but not too early, right? It is not easy to master-related professions as we know the main thing.

- Taking seriously-out. Not the gods as pots.

- I osvoyu gas cutting! Strongly-stated Vladimir Erema.

- I also support, 'said Oleg Platonov.-stropalya For I can know the markup, at times, and for working cutters. The idea is correct, then: we will ever meet you-order increase.

- We are there plans to build, but it is not clear how the leadership will look, - said Vladimir Shulga.

- The Party Committee, I think, will support us. It is important to our decision.

- We assume that we agree, the foreman ...

Everyone knew that at first there will be difficulties, but then, apparently, the work must go faster, more interesting, to grow and the salary of each.

The initiative met with approval collectors shop managers and members of the party committee of the plant: it was seen in one of the ways to address the shortage of skilled workers, the opportunity to significantly increase productivity.

Time has proven the idea Chicherova. When the team is fully mastered the new organization of labor, which are in one outfit, she began to perform the work of the whole site, the development has increased by half. Mutual responsibility for the common cause made everyone pull themselves together, to work on conscience became friends group, which essentially became the tutor of the individual. The brigade had completely disappeared violations of labor discipline.

As the benefits of organizational restructuring, and gradually convinced the other foremen plant, plant. Now, the workers clearly seen better labor reserves, and eventually they began to make comprehensive plans to improve the quality and productivity, cause related to the socialist competition team.

Soon it became clear that the efficiency of labor depends not only on the order within the team. The performance of mechanics affect the rhythm of supply, advances in science, the level of organization and management, methods of management. Issues of this kind were already within the competence of the engineering, technological and other factory services. With their representatives and the workers began to seek closer contact.

In fact it was the normal professional conversations that the factory workers at lunchtime or after work with the engineers, who were invited to the workshop. Benefit in such conversations were found on both sides. And in order to quickly move from words to action, it was decided to associate with each other mutual responsibility. So the idea to organize a team of creative community workers, engineers and technical workers.

In this team, except for fitters, representatives of external co-operation, the design bureau of steam turbines, central laboratory, the technical department of the plant, welding department. The joint team meetings are often attended by the leading designers of the plant. Workers tried and put into practice a variety of technical innovations, which they dedicated engineers, and they received useful information from the collectors, which led to the improvement of technology and other manufacturing processes.

- It was interesting to participate in the creation of new types of turbine units at the stage of the project, says Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherov, is broadened our knowledge, has raised interest in the work, stimulating inventive and innovative thinking. In addition, the communication on an equal footing with the engineers, designers, experimenters increased self-respect, gave rise to a sense of pride in the profession. Of course, not all at once and not going well on the way. There were conflicts, disputes which caused offense to a misunderstanding. Some people had to leave and the team. But time is approved importantly, increased understanding of the participation of workers in the organization and management of production, the creative possibilities of the working group. The new principles of labor brigade led to economic progress as a company, and to the social activity of the working man. Today, work on an outfit no surprise: this form of collective work has been recognized and perfected over the place. But it began fifteen years ago, so restless and thoughtful people like Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherov. Contribution Chicherova and his team in this movement is highly valued by the government: in 1975, team members were awarded orders and medals, and the team leader and the first Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

So it was going to Kostroma is not a random person, and a worthy representative of the working class of Leningrad. Reinforces his authority, and such a significant detail: Kostroma turbine workers union "Metal Works" was built on more than a year faster than planned schedule. For this economy, it is easy to seen the hand, or rather the back-Chicherova and his comrades in the work.

In Kostroma Leningrad brigade could come in only two planes, via Moscow. The most reasonable thing a flight to the capital to do today, and second, to Kostroma, leave for tomorrow. But what about the planned visit to the executive committee of the Leningrad City Council? Add? Then the case of a war veteran, who appealed to him as a deputy for help, will be delayed for another week. But the man and have been waiting, hoping for it. No, I can not wait, I decided to Chicherov. And thus relied on aviation and the flying weather tomorrow.

Boris Vorobyov, deputy coach Chicherova of affairs, I remember, was explaining to him: "time pressure of time and now you are guaranteed a long time. So try not to delay matters until tomorrow, if they can be solved today. " Vladimir Stepanovich was soon convinced of his righteousness: this month it builds up to twenty requests from voters who find it not only in office hours, but directly on the shop floor and even on the way to work. And very often these requests can be solved in one day. So he took the habit to plan everything and tried not to deviate from it.

A request for war veterans, he is especially. Otherwise, can not be too great to thank the generation that issued the brunt of the war. At this time, the old soldier asked him to help expand the living space: grown children, grandchildren were born. Chicherov was at his house: in fact, has become tightly in the apartment. The arguments become the arguments of the veteran deputy. And he knowingly traveled in the medium to the Executive Committee: Deputy pledged to satisfy the request. To justify the confidence of the people is one of the main principles of life Chicherova. And trust him willingly and general and personal affairs. Communists elected him secretary of shop party bureau, and the Communists company for eighteen years, Vladimir Stepanovich nominate a member of the Party Committee of the association. Party organization in Leningrad region elected a delegate to the XXV and XXVI Congress of the CPSU and the Leningrad twice gave him their votes in elections to the Supreme Soviet of the republic. And no matter what the scale is not a matter entrusted Chicherova, for his performance, he spared neither time nor effort.

One of the main party of his duties, he believes the promotion of advanced methods of labor brigade. With stories about the experiences of other teams and the best teams in Leningrad, he stands in the shops of various enterprises, vocational schools, at meetings, in newspapers and on television. His authority in these matters is high: Vladimir Stepanovich-Chairman of the foremen industry.

As a responsible mission of the Communists, and he regarded the proposal to speak at the XXVI Congress of the Party. Newspaper reports indicate that it Leningrader ten times interrupted by applause of the delegates. On the oratory Chicherova here can not speak all the same for locksmith work is familiar with his hands, rather than words. But what, then, in his speech caused such a lively response from the audience?

- I tried to say the main thing, - said Vladimir Stepanovich, that the care of our factory team and me personally, that I know well. In my opinion, it is not surprising that the deeds and thoughts of the Leningrad workers were sitting in the hall near the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Tui Chicherov nothing easier. From a broad range of issues that have been analyzed in the Report of the CPSU Central Committee, he just chose the theme for his speech, those that are clearly visible to him from the height of the working man.

- I'll say a few words about our team, in confidence, as if on the shop floor assembly, appealed to delegates to the party Chicherov forum. No, he is not mixed stands. After a minute, these few words have resulted in deep thought about the benefits of brigade forms of labor organization in the whole country, which has successfully established itself at the Leningrad Metal Plant.

"... The war scorched our childhood. Like thousands of boys and girls, I was taken from a locked, but unconquered in Leningrad. " This is a sad fact of our past Leningrad locksmith immediately with optimism turns to the future: the current generation of Soviet people are willing to defend the self-sacrificing labor peace, which is a matter for the entire program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

More negromok was this personal motive in Chicherova speech at the congress. But he helped workers to feel more confident on the main platform of the country, to formulate a clearer idea. And most importantly, the personal involvement of a locksmith to the problems that were discussed at the congress, multiplied confidence in him, gave him a special interest and provoked the emotional response, which meet each other like-minded people.

The ideas expressed Chicherova at the Congress, are not lost among the numerous speeches of the delegates. The final document of the Congress, there are lines like: "To enhance the role of labor collectives in management and production planning ... Conduct activities to further the dissemination and effectiveness of brigade forms of organization and remuneration. " Higher confidence in myself and the delegates had Leningrader: they elected him a member of the CPSU Central Committee.

On the road ... in the Air Force did not disappoint Kostroma, Vladimir Stepanovich. At noon he was in Moscow, where he bought a fresh newspaper. On the first page immediately saw the greeting of the CC CPSU and USSR Council of Ministers to all participants of construction equipment and the creation of a unique power unit with capacity 1.2 million kilowatts, which came into operation on the Kostroma thermal power plant. The list of companies that have created the main turbine of the planet, the first was called "the Leningrad Metal Plant."

Without delay the plane took off and a day to Kostroma. The ideas expressed in his address, Chicherov and developed in his speech before the power engineers city. He spoke about the work of the turbine of the plant staff, new business commitments, he wished to achieve faster Kostroma design capacity of the turbine. Another party mission was accomplished. In the evening, during the celebration, Vladimir Stepanovich shared with new friends, that would be good to catch it tomorrow on the anniversary of an older friend. The answer reassured: a direct flight to Leningrad is from a neighboring Ivanovo, to which a half hour drive away. He was lucky to end: on Friday night happy Chicherov handed to Boris Mikhailovich Vorobiev shiny nickel miniature turbine wheel.

Of course, this was not the hardest mission in the life of the party communist Chicherova, it is perhaps even a bit of nice. After completing it, the foreman once again confirmed their loyalty to the party to duty, willingness to put the interests of the common cause than personal. As for luck, then, as you know, driven mostly strong and skillful, active and looking for.

More than thirty years have passed since the old worker admonished the young foreman: "Learn to respond to the trust." Today, those workers, teachers may be happy with his players, who have long left behind the period of apprenticeship, he went to the coaches, the labor leaders. And no matter how high the Bureau, the delegation offered up to the podium or his circumstances, the next day he was again in a hurry to their launch site, the plant, which he brought in a team that has brought him. But the old address, in a familiar assembly shop in the Vyborg district, the brigade Chicherova no longer works. On the outskirts of Leningrad, on the site of vacant lots, housing rose plant "Turboatomgaz," the former branch of the association "Leningrad Metal Works". The scale and the prospects for new production is breathtaking: in the shops with a 300-meter span will be set up power units with capacity of up to two million kilowatts. But it will be tomorrow. And now they need to debug the new equipment, arrange logistics, simply inhabit these cold concrete wall. This way, rising a half hour earlier than usual, and now rides in the morning the foreman Chicherov. "In the interests of production," as explained to him the need to move the leaders of the association.

- Indeed, 'says Vladimir Stepanovich, the company was interested in how to establish this production came to skilled workers. Our team-one of them, and the profile of our work: the same assembly of cylinder for low pressure steam turbines. It's awkward and uncomfortable at first, was not so: with lockers and desks in the locker room began to grow roots. But they began to give products from the first day. Who for us to do all this happen? For those who build housing? We here the hosts. And who does not want to work on a modern enterprise, work for the future? Not so distant was this prospect, which are laid under the "Turboatomgaz." The first task, which served as a team here Chicherova was a familiar-cylinder assembly for the "vosmisottysyachnika." A second-order innovation: high-speed steam turbine capacity of 1 million kilowatts of nuclear plants. The prototype model "millionaire" was successfully tested and shipped to the Rovno nuclear power plant. This is a new word in the world energy, everything is based on the latest achievements of science and technology. Using only a single turbine provides the national economy of the country's economic impact at eleven and a half million rubles a year.

Incidentally, the problem of production of such equipment is delivered XXVI Congress of the CPSU. And it is only produced in Leningrad. It turns out that the Party's decisions, their implementation in the most natural way are a personal matter, and the Communists, Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherova team. About how well it copes with this team, shows one of the decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, once celebrated work of six members of the team awards and medals.

Foreman has been awarded a second gold medal of Hero of Socialist Labor. For an outstanding personal contribution to the implementation of the Energy Program of the country, for their dedication in work. He was among those who are determined to work the route the party congress of the country, he was among the first and goes that route.

Recently, in the life of Vladimir Stepanovich Chicherova brigade there was another remarkable event: the working group concluded a tripartite agreement with the fifth grade students of the 175th Leningrad school, and one of the groups 43rd vocational school. The guys are lucky: the lessons of the highest professional skills and human wisdom, they will get first-hand.

In one of the joint meetings, where workers and students were discussing the nature of their relationship, 12-year-old boy shared a ready solution:

- Tomorrow I'll come to work in your team. Will you take?

- Very good. Come, 'said Vladimir Stepanovich Just do not be offended, brush up again. In high school, vocational school and then to where you want us to get a working profession. The team is counting on you, waiting.

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