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Petrenko Aleksei V.

Boatswain ship "Vladimir Korolenko," Far Eastern Shipping Company

Petrenko Aleksei V. The ocean sighed heavily behind. Somewhere high in the raised hatch cover, rocking the white sun. The ocean was magnificent and quiet.

Petrenko put steel stiff brush, took a cigarette. The sailors, looking at him, too, climbed into his pockets. They sat in a deep mine hold. Hence, from the bottom, the sky seemed not whitish-blue and dark blue. Third, hold the deepest, most spacious. Five and a half thousand tons of cargo can he take. The area, like a small stadium. Height at the five-story building. Inhaled cigarette, Petrenko was thinking about what space is, perhaps, even too much. Anyway, for this voyage and their concerns today. Well, at least the ocean is calm and does not threaten until the team with additional troubles.

The men sat side by side, smoked, looking at the boatswain, trying to guess the mood. Suddenly, and even declare an end to the work. Although unlikely. Vladimir Osipov, for example, knew that did not declare. He sailed for several years with Petrenko and had to study it. Others came to the ship later, but on the orders of the "Vladimir Korolenko" were heard.

Shubnikov looked at a rest guys, delayed gaze at one of them chuckled. He remembered the first time I saw him on the boat raid that gets to the ship. They stood with his back to him, two young sailor, and talked about his worries to the eternal appointed, where swimming, with whom both works.

Suddenly Petrenko heard the name of your vessel and alert. High sick with red mustache man was explaining to his friend: "Do not try to stay there! The same boat before. The ship healthy, work on it above the mast and the boatswain-beast! Not a moment's rest will not. " Shubnikov understand what they say about him, and departed for the bridge.

Now he remembered accidentally overheard the conversation and was glad. Do not listen, then a guy friend of his, was not afraid of work. Remained in the carriage.

Although in some ways he was right ryzheusy. The ship is really big, more than twenty thousand tons displacement. And work on it a lot from this too can not escape it. Well, what about the fact that he was a "beast", it's just a sailor's tales. Requires, of course, order. So the fact he and the boatswain, a post he was.

The first teacher, Ivan Petrenko Moiseevich Yanik, was a huge growth of people and incredible physical strength. Alexei Petrenko sailed under him in the passenger ship "Asia". They walked all year round between Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Was an old ship, and the view was first class and the order it was a true Marine. Largely thanks to Yanik. Alexey V., when he first saw, was very impressed. It really made a powerful impression of Ivan Moiseevich. Possessed such a voice that today could no effort to silence any vocal and instrumental ensemble, along with all its electronics. In any weather, voice-amplifier is not used, and it was heard from one end of the deck.

A few months later realized Petrenko, that looks awesome boatswain deceptive. How are all very strong people, he was kind and caring person. Very carefully and strictly watched over newcomers. He had his own teaching method. Ivan Moiseevich Yanik is almost never raised his voice to the slave, though his abilities it would be to make a lasting impression.

All training complex marine science Yanik built on trust. Puffing and panting, he showed a novice, how and what to do. If he does not understand everything, showing once again. And then the left one. Come over time, tested it. If the work is obtained, contented grunting, gently patted on the shoulder. This meant he had praised. And then he gave a new job harder first. It all started over again. Ivan Moiseevich never allowed himself to neglect of a sailor, some awkward jokes. He was loved by in a carriage, and very respected. But the sailors who went to school Janika, with gratitude we think about it.

He quickly figured out a Petrenko. He has just been certified seaman second class, and Yanik was already on the diversion of water put to work, which is always carried out only older men, there was a post in the fifties.

- Nothing, 'he said thunderous. - Right. The main thing is quiet. And Petrenko cope. Because it is not represented, it may not justify the confidence the boatswain, to bring it. Then, when it had to lead the most people understood that the method was accurate Janika. Just trust in a person creates a real responsibility for their work. Only respect for him gives him confidence.

Much of what the work of the people have learned from Aleksei V. Janika, he still uses. And every time glad that lucky to meet once a good man from his mind-the mind to gain. Take this, for example, such a situation. We must do some work to do, at times, and emergency and urgent. You can, of course, explain all the orders and give life ready to install, and then just to check. Yanik would probably all did so, but for the work would be undertaken first. And not on official duties, and the like, frankly. And the joke would be at the same time, effortlessly driving with tyazhelennym hatch covers, and people would be introduced to the excitement of a good work.

It is important to be sincere to your subordinates. They look at you and see: the mood you are going to some dreary job like cleaning of holds, or just kind of do. If you put on people, then, we have every day and every hour, and then they pass the exam, a difficult exam. Ostentatious cheerfulness deceived no one can be, especially on the ship. Then just bite. And if one time you will not believe it and trust in the future, do not expect this. No, I work with people you can honestly, in good conscience. This is one of the most important lessons of Ivan Moiseevich Janika. And the most wise, I guess. His Petrenko remembered for a lifetime and strictly observed. And never regretted it.

Andrey thought and began to climb. It was time again to be taken that neither is the most unpleasant task, cleaning the holds. Anatoly Kissel stood behind him, stretched so that the joints cracked. It has long swims Tolia, a good sailor, a skilful and industrious. In their profession, the two main qualities. As in any other for that matter. Toll picked up his brush straightened hose through which water flows, and went to the left bulkhead. The sun was just right for even a raised hatch cover moved. That's good, it means that there is still a long day. It is they need that day.

In fact, cleaning the holds-shore work. The port where the ship is freed from the burden, it must be put in order. And as the result of forces and capabilities. Shore, of course, do not always know at what cargo ship will rise. Therefore, try to clean cosmetic bring to the dirt was not, trash it or something. Sometimes that is not required when they hold pereubirat, for example, if the goods are packed to be taken. But not everyone in the Navy and is not always possible to anticipate, such a specificity.

In Vladivostok, after discharge, invited the captain Yuriy Skinder, with whom they have been together for over ten years of swimming. We sat and talked, strong, captain's secret brewing some tea to indulge. Everyone seems to have already discussed, and Skinder here and asks:

- What, Alexei V., examined the hold?

- Of course, answers, Petrenko. - All in good order. To Vancouver ten days crossing, plenty of time to bring them to mind.

- Ten-a ten, but just not up to Vancouver. We'll have probably fair to take the load of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

- Yury, there is a stone's throw to Canada!

- That's it. Come to think boatswain. They sat still, they estimated the options. Alignment turned grim. Ship to Kamchadals take, of course, necessary. Very much out there waiting for him. And only a ship of their duty is now ready for download. The remaining berths or just to become, or even on the way. Too much time will pass before they can go back into the sea. So this is clear. Especially in Kamchatka, "Vladimir Korolenko," lies in the way. But it's not up to date follow. The point holds. To Petropavlovsk, they are busy, and from there to the port of destination and the time-almost does not remain. And so they thought, and commercials. Then another senior assistant captain Sergey joined. And came out of their hard calculation that, if anything sverhneozhidannogo not happen, the team must have time to prepare before the arrival of the ship into port.

His head had something to break. The fact that the quality of the training ship for cargo operations depends largely on the efficiency of its crew. The arithmetic here is simple. The more marine cargo ship is at sea, the higher its performance indicators. Should the vessel be detained in port beyond the statutory, as these figures are plummeting, and the state receives less income, respectively.

Cargo inspectors at all ports of the world, and in our including humans, are usually tough and uncompromising. If they see that hold prepared with disabilities requirements for the transportation of certain goods, no explanation, they do not take into account. Force them to re-adjust as long as all necessary conditions are not met exactly. Actually they are right. So it should be. The sea environment is turbulent. And the rules of carriage devised in order to ensure the safety of all goods taken on board. They can not be ignored. Petrenko himself repeatedly witnessed, as distilled from the moorings of the court for that reason. And they had then a few days on the roads to suffer, to lose the golden operational time.

Petrenko Aleksei V. On the "Vladimir Korolenko" for all the years sailing these cases were not. And merit above all, the boatswain, and subordinate to the deck. Because they are preparing the vessel for cargo handling. In all the ports, where they had come "to Vladimir Korolenko," took its cargo inspector at the first presentation. Only at the expense of crews increased annual operating time. Accordingly, revenues grew and the ship returns to the State increased. So that training holds-work, though not heroic at all, but the value is great.

In Canada, "Vladimir Korolenko," not once been. Loading conditions are well known. Port mechanized, and the cargo which they had to take, easy to recycle. Here are just a very gentle. Hold for him to be perfectly clean. For ten days they go in ballast to safely cope with this work, and the other time would be found. Now it turns out that it is all about everything and a short passage from Kamchatka to Vancouver. But the goof in a foreign port does not like. The ship they knew the reputation he has always been the highest.

They have developed a schedule of works. Every minute counted three times. All taken into account. Just talking about the weather were not to touch wood, not courting the storm and rain. However, the sailors were experienced and knew well that in this time of year in these latitudes cyclones rarely go. But the ocean is the ocean. Since it is not prokonsultirueshsya not agree. Forecasters also gave a good prognosis. On it and hoped for.

When away from the pier and Paul realized that the weather accompanies them, how to order. The ocean stretches out in the cold and immense calm. Only there was no time to admire it. I can not see its beauty from a deep hold. And over the raised lid just a dark blue sky.

Shifts worked, because people have before taking over the watch to gain strength and rest. Petrenko A break does not suit. Chose the most difficult places, and worked, worked, worked. Looking at him and the others caught up. Ye Victor Kutyrin Carpenter, with whom, along with the date of acceptance of the vessel sailed, looked like he was the third change in the hold down, shook his head:

- And man are you, Alex, apparently not healthy, not seven feet at the shoulders, and you rub and you rub the piece of metal, like clockwork.

- And this is my hobby is, 'joked Petrenko.-love, you know, in their spare time to clean or scratch anything.

- That's just I can see that the time you have a very free, 'said Kutyrin and started down the ladder.

Ye Victor was the indispensable man in the crew. That he had just called a carpenter. Name of the post remained ever since, when the ships were a lot of wooden parts. And maybe even come back to sailing ships. On modern ships of the tree is almost gone, and the title of the sailors have kept the tradition did not interfere. Kutyrin a craftsman of all trades. And part of the carpenter, and carpentry. Could cope with a lathe, mechanics fine. In short, the flight is he is like a small repair team. Affairs have always had Kutyrina. But tell him they need not. Ye Victor himself was searching for work. This quality, as observed long ago for myself Petrenko, all these people have the artisans. It is as if their distinguishing feature is. And if it was taken for something, you can not worry and do not check. He did well and, as the chief engineer Anatoly T. Pick, a century-old reserve of strength. And the friend he was loyal and reliable.

Once in a foreign port, they returned together to the ship. And to link them from the city of three elderly fellows in full SS uniform, hung crosses, medals and tokens. They walked on his heels, shouting something in their own way, we see much swearing. Petrenko invited to call the police. Kutyrin him pinned.

- Let him go. Maybe they hunt another look at the people they hit the muzzle of Stalingrad, to remember the ruined youth.

- So we do not hit to you.

- It does not matter. The main thing is that the Soviet. But it is necessary, so we nabem.-He turned and pointed his fist huge thugs. Those immediately stopped pogomonili still lagging behind.

The captain, however, then Victor Yegorovich suggestion made that, well, not good for foreign citizens to show their fists.

However, a meeting with the apparent unfriendliness, an exceptional phenomenon. Most often the opposite happened. Shubnikov find common ground with the dockers in almost all countries of the world. This is understandable. Sailors are always understand each other, especially when it concerns the work. But in the short moments of rest time to spread a word. But such talk is sometimes enough to make people have expressed sympathy for each other. And there are no any differences between them. Well everyone knows each other, though sometimes used by ten or fifteen words in a conversation.

Different people in foreign ports to the Soviet ship came. Young and old, gay and reserved, talkative and silent. They come to see how they live the Soviet sailors, talk to them, tell us about yourself, they ask, the answers found to the questions. Alexei V. remembered how once boarded by four men. And among them was a long, thin gentleman who asked almost nothing, and more listening to what his companions speak. But apparently, something he wanted to find out, because the few times he was going to ask, but, looking back on the rest of his comrades, for some reason did not dare. And only when they have gathered to leave, did not resist and asked Petrenko, who is closer to it all was. Shubnikov did not understand the question, then came the First Mate and translated. Mr. asked if it was true that the Soviet Union, children aged seven years, taken in some boarding schools and more parents will never see? Petrenko laughed and pulled out a photograph, where it was filmed with his wife and children on the embankment of Vladivostok. The picture was taken just before the flight. The eldest son in the form of Marine College, and younger because of his age just a shirt and jeans. Picture showed and explained to Mr. Petrenko everything as it actually is. He listened attentively, and when the first mate had finished translating, animated, talking too loudly and took a photograph from his wallet. He looked at her sailors smiled. In the photo of the guest, too, with his family was. A rather big family: four sons and three daughters. Even ashore, he turned around and yelled something, raising his hands above his head.

- What is it? Asked Alexei Vasilievich.

- He says that children need a lot of blue sky, translated Sergey Djumaev.

- It's clear to everyone, responded Kutyrin, who also stood at the side. - Looks like hard-working guy. This family of feed is necessary, shoes, dress.

And once there was a crowd of people on board of different ages in the ancient Russian clothes. Turned out to immigrants who left Russia almost at the time of Tsar Peter the Great. Pretty shook them by the light, but not the native language or their customs are not lost. From generation to generation to honor the elders have bequeathed their homeland, not to forget their roots. And survived these former settlers in satin sundresses, high boots, and belted jackets. The whole family came on board, so that, as explained by the oldest of them with a beard from the waist down, the children were able to present to the Russian people to see and talk with them to remember, to what great people they belong to. Marine tradition guests were treated to lunch. He sipped old navy nourishing soup, gently putting a spoonful of loaf just baked rye bread Strong spirited, and dropped from the corner of his eyes furtive tear a heavy hand with the work of the broken finger.

These meetings was with them a lot. And will probably be in the future even more. People do want to understand each other, and it needs to communicate. It is not difficult. You just need to talk with kindness and haste. So think Shubnikov. And he is convinced that such meetings disappears distrust between people. And without a good many things can happen in the world.

The sky above a hold completely dark. It's time to rise. He gets out first, followed by Anatoly Kiselev, who immediately sat down on the deck of a cool ocean breeze. But Anatoly Petrenko sent to the showers. It is not enough even to catch a cold. The sailors, one after another left the hold, traveled through the vessel. From the bridge came down Djumaev, looked into the black box.

- Well, how?

- Yes, like normal.

- Are you tired?

- There is a little bit. Probably not seven, but all ten pots got away, wringing robe.

- Yes ... Mate, shook his head. - Salt flight turned out.

- Salts of something in each, consider, missing flight. What is really there!

- Enough. This kind of work we do, Alexei V.. The other is not looking. And tomorrow, should still see the sea side, and the test does not interfere with the rigging, how?

- I remember. Do.

The vessel is no work that can be a long wait in the wings. The same running gear to take, different blocks, hold the wheel covers. Not doglyadel a little bit, hit the water and walked down the block. And when and under what circumstances it may be necessary, one can not predict. Maybe from the operation of this unit will depend on people's lives. The sea, it does not forgive contempt. There is a saying among seamen, "to stay always close to the danger." It means that at sea the crew and the ship must be always in a state of complete readiness for all, the most unexpected situations. Only then, this situation can not go into a critical.

Running gear, rigging, deck-care area is also the boatswain. In appearance the ship experienced sailors in the two accounts is determined, a good swim in it or so a boatswain. "Vladimir Korolenko," has moved away half his allotted time, and it looks like recently with the shipyard. Of course, the labor invested in it a lot. Just painted it Shubnikov countless times. And more will be painted. Nowhere on it does not get to. As soon as there is anywhere on the deck or on board a bare metal spot, immediately sat down on a rust-old and cunning enemy sailors. Though it will be a small spot, though great, but we need it immediately cleaned and painted shut. Otherwise, corrode metal rust fungus, and then also close to trouble. Well, look, respectively, support the need. Seen more than once Petrenko court red patches on the sides, with a shabby dirty superstructures. And always he was sorry they were, like prolapsed, have lost our dignity, the broken lives of people.

On the "Vladimir Korolenko," one can not think so. And this Petrenko proud of. He ryzheusy morjachok with inshore boat was right. A lot of work on the boat, the boatswain and the rest really does not give anyone. But first of all to himself. He is not human the other was. Work should not be afraid. Do not run away from her, and her need to go. Then everything in life will turn out well.

When they come on board the young sailors, Petrenko on their professional qualifications draws attention to a little. It is, incidentally, is usually quite high. In TRAINING Professional mass occupations for the Navy to train the conscience. But Shubnikov concerned first and foremost, as a man to his business concerns. It is this quality of character and defining said Petrenko. If they have people everywhere he provided a broad road. While at sea, even on the beach. Petrenko his team tries to bring up the hard work. And the habit of order, respect for discipline. Not only the performance is itself. But the inside. To the guy knew how to dispose of themselves in life, not to peddle, was able to adjust themselves to the challenges and lofty goals. For he knew the real price of labor ruble.

And that's how things happen? He entered a few years ago, a young sailor boy stood While in Vladivostok, went on shore, returned "effervescent." Started working with him in the morning to talk Petrenko, and he sort of guilt and is not aware. Quietly and tastefully says that drinking, but how much pay. I asked him then Shubnikov much bread in the shop is. Confused guy muttered that seems to be twenty kopecks.

He took his time to the work of Shubnikov. Three flights in a row did not take his eyes, bathed in twenty pots, but achieved his goal. Swim is now the guy is good, though on a different ship. Medal "For Labor" has been awarded. If on the shore, when "Vladimir Korolenko" comes, be sure to meet on the quay bosun. Friends they are now and probably for a long time.

The team still stood rigid schedule in flight. Even in the management of shipping if not all believed that the ship will have time to prepare for the receipt of goods in such a short transition. But "Vladimir Korolenko," his style has not changed. Stood for loading with "approach" as the sailors say, from the first presentation, and he took hold. And the last one finished washing, when it entered the waters of the port.

Preparing for mooring, looked at the approaching Alexei V. Beach, a high palisade of powerful cranes and has kept going in my mind that they will have time to make the reverse transition. Ahead was a full ten days for a good marine work.

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