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Kulmatova Satina

Winder Frunze cotton mill named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR

Kulmatova Satina How many times have you heard complaints about the fate of frustrated. Of course, in every man's life can be such steep slopes that he can not overcome. However, experience teaches that

success often comes to the inquisitive, persistent, hard-working. And I thought about this truth, when acquainted with the life of Satine Kulmatovoy, Frunze motalschitsy cotton mill.

She herself believes that the worker is not worse. Pay tribute Satin modesty. Give tribute to the success of the labor of her girlfriends. But give a little help: such sustained high rates, like Kulmatovoy, others do not. Ninth and Tenth Five Year Plan it is cut off twice. Has the same obligation, and in the eleventh five-year period. How did she cope with his performance? Successfully. Another May 3, 1983, it reported the completion of a five-year period. As a result of work done after May 1983, you can be sure that will keep his word.

Components of labor heroism Satin Kulmatovoy not define in one sentence. This includes high-skill, and a constant search, and much more. But the beginning of all beginnings is perhaps the highest demands. Aa strict with subcontractors, if they deliver poor quality yarn, strict with those who violate labor discipline. But the very high standards it imposes on itself.

In the city of Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan, held national contest of professional skills of employees of light industry. Satin participated in it, and hoped to take a high place. Osh, a city with a long tradition of labor. Profession of weavers, spinners, motalschits is traditionally respected, for in Osh are the oldest in the country and the largest silk factory in the light industry of Kyrgyzstan Cotton Mill. So the lack of wizards here. Yes, and from other cities come highly qualified professionals. "There is a face off with anyone," she thought, and aa hard preparing for the contest: always disappeared in the cotton mill, where a competition, meticulously examined and tested the equipment on which she had to work, getting to know the experience of advanced workers.

And the beginning of the contest. And the first surprise. Satine has got the wrong set of equipment, which it tested and are ready to work, but on the other. Of course, all winding machines, and machines are the same, but each work has its own peculiarities. Do not know them, you lose precious seconds in the performance of operations and then to its rivals can not catch. That is what happened in the competition: a few hitches in the unfamiliar car was not allowed to show Satine highest score, and it was only the third. Place prize of honor, many would have been proud of this outcome. But Satine is upset. However, not discouraged. She tried to understand what had happened. That resulted in her true character.

Satin did not rely on the whims of the machine and tried to identify their weaknesses and evaluate the merits of the winner. And the winner of motalschits became a friend to work in a factory, it smenschitsa Sabir Dzhunusheva. The Master is a high class, and to the same set of equipment she got one that is already tested. And his chance Sabir did not miss. Kulmatova warmly congratulated her, and then be dismantled with all the inaccuracies that prevented Satina, and made a detailed list of what is useful

can be learned from the competition. With this and came Kulmatova Dzhunusheva and in Frunze. And the first words uttered at a meeting with aa head of production laboratory mill EF Ivanova, were:

- Good working textile Osh, have something to learn from them. Their experience, Evdokia Fedorovna, Sabira experience of our best workers, and others to adopt necessary. Do not miss such a reserve.

Satin said some of the techniques that she peeked at the mill workers, even when preparing for the contest. It decided to use.

Courses on advanced techniques and methods of work, taking into account the results of the national contest were created. Of course, the merit is not only Kulmatovoy. But she is actively and aggressively helped in the organization of courses, has made many proposals in the practice of the occupation. And later, when everything was fully negotiated and classes began, aa first sat down at the student's desk. The basis was to study the techniques and methods of work Sabira Dzhunushevoy with additions from the practice of other advanced workers. And despite his experience and skill, Kulmatova mastered the skill and experience of others.

This episode is perhaps illustrative of other shows the origins of its achievements. In one conversation I heard: "The Satin Kulmatovoy types of jobs."

This means that she is doing, as well as others. Yet the results are different. In describing the techniques and methods of work Kulmatovoy that made the Republican Institute for Scientific and Technical Information and Propaganda, described the movement and position of the hands and fingers when removing the cobs, bobbins, thread breakage and elimination of other operations.

The matter is purely professional, and there is no need to devote all the subtleties of the reader. But to say the most important thing is necessary. Satin Kulmatova itself improves the organization of labor, as well as techniques and methods of work and also borrows from her friends all the best that they create and what you can learn from the conditions of production. Own initiative, formed by the initiative of others, and allows it to virtually all transactions significantly reduce the time spent against the established norms.

That length of her working time, when it served the winding machine. The change it made bobbins for 10 seconds at a rate of 15 seconds. In one operation like saving a little bit, just five seconds. But such operations winder per shift produces 240. And this is 1200 seconds or 20 minutes and cost savings. Replace the cob she performs for five seconds at a rate of eight break yarn eliminates three seconds at a rate of six. And so on all transactions. A result of all this is: aa Kulmatova save 47.6 per cent of working time. Here and laid her two five-year period.

Currently working on aa more modern winding machines. They have many advantages against the conventional winding machines. Thus, when the thread is broken knots tying machine itself. But to find a break and refuel the thread into the machine and do it as quickly as possible is for the worker. As for changing bobbins and cops, and these operations are manual. And they are well ahead of the rules performs aa Kulmatova. Plus, the sound system of bypass route, which it manages and service units, and perform manufacturing operations. An important detail. Vending machines are difficult to maintain, and little was found in the company of hunters work for them. A Aa Kulmatova and Sabir Dzhunusheva mastered this difficult technique and perfect her work. Head of the winding plant Valentina K. Ryzhenkova says:

- More than two machines in our factory, no one served. In general, workers in the industry, serving three winding machine, all without exception. And among them our factories Satina and Sabir.

Their skills are surprised. On winding machines best serve workers 50 spindles. The load is large. Innovators came up to them movable seat, and now an employee does not run along the car.

A machine for maintenance workers are still on their feet all day. On each machine thirty-two spindle, and a three-ninety-six. How does increased load! And motalschitsy time to do everything without any errors?

In one of his speeches to young working women as aa responded to this question: "are you Seamstress or miller, turner, machinist, or a huge excavator, take a look, how your older comrade, to determine at what he wins those elusive moments that make him a great master . And take it all that you can. " She herself first and foremost follow this advice, but has long been a renowned master.

Work well is not only a duty but also moral principle Satin Kulmatovoy. She has no idea how to sfalshivit at work, take care of it. Therefore, it is demanding of himself and others, and always wears a particular principle. Once aa replaced, but the machine did not work ten-spindle heads that something went wrong with the electricity supply. Kulmatova goes to the head shop Ryzhenkova: an urgent need to solve the problem. K. Valentine went to the head of the electrical. And he dismissed with the usual excuse: "I have not only your machine, now people do not, here are vacant, then send." Tried to explain it Satine. But Kulmatova not receded.

- If you start work on a faulty machine, it then it must be stopped even during the shift-proved ona.-It's a violation of the rhythm. And for what? Due to the fact that someone can not reasonably allocate an electrical work. After stopping the equipment from damage may at any time. So what, so we will wait until someone, somewhere, is free, and only then begin to repair the car? Indeed, such an approach in general can lose all the responsibility, because there are always excuses. Do not start work on a defective machine.

And do not start. There were men, and everything necessary to repair the machine head and let the time.

Kulmatova Satina Episode for Kulmatovoy characteristic. She sees the pattern of the particular case, and always keeps order, not only in the workplace, but also on the site, in the shop at the factory.

From the spinning mill in the winding yarn comes on the cob, then rewinds it to the reel. When the yarn is wound cob without violations, and subsequent operations are going smoothly. But sometimes the cops are so-called rallies, gatherings, or filaments. This marriage of spinners. Many are put off motalschitsy ears to the side, put in their place are good and continue to work. Satin will not disregard a single case of marriage. After all, if the yarn is wound goes bad on the knitting factory, there may be breakage of needles on the knitting machines. And even this will not happen in your company, but after the damage, it will be ours, the general. That is why it is incompatible aa to such violations. And it seeks to create conditions under which there would be no violations.

At one time the cops, who admitted in the winding assemblies threads began to come often enough. They went mainly to the first set of spinning, which were recently installed new machines. Spinners were unhappy and asked to rectify the situation. Showed great perseverance and Satin Kulmatova. But, as always, she began to specific measures. After several cases of marriage asked to invite winderm of the spinning mill of its chief Azarbeka Batyrhanovicha Batyrhanova and master Zoe Efstifeevnu Alashnikovu. They began to discuss the situation. Judged this way and that, motalschitsy-its, and the spinners-its: cars, they say, we have set a constructive unfinished, here and suffer with them. This turn of affairs is clearly not suited motalschits, and they insisted that the factory management has decided, finally, this issue. The point was not easy. Indeed, the association "Tashtekstilmash" set new spinning machines with design flaws mechanism for laying fibers. When winding the yarn on the bobbin of ears formed gatherings, ie tangled bundles of fibers, which cause massive breakage if the service life knitted fabric. Manual spinning mill was aware that it is not right. But the time has not taken decisive action: something, they say, invent. Persistence motalschits made and shop managers and heads of factories hurry. From Tashkent twice called constructors and setters of these machines. But they were not able to debug the winder.

Then the factory set up a team of innovators to work out the design. It includes the head spinning mill Azarbek Batyrhanov, assistant master of the same shop Vladimir Bakholdin and master of mechanical-repair department Ivan M. Bulanov. Worked a whole year group and yet has achieved his aim: in May 1984 improved the device was delivered to all the spinning machines of the first set. Satin Kulmatova that more and more stringent motalschits worried innovators, first congratulated them on winning. Now if the cops are going to marriage, demand still stricter: only themselves to blame for spinners. And in them that may affect winder.

The reasons for inefficiencies in enterprises are different: the objective difficulties, mistakes and careless attitude. The ratio of the shortcomings is perhaps most clearly characterizes the man. Some people stand on the sidelines, while others contend, others are struggling. Satin Kulmatova refers to those who are struggling. No, it's not noisy, although it happens that flared up: hard to be indifferent, when you meet with the looseness and dishonesty.

But the main thing in her character, perseverance. Do not give rest to mechanics, until the machine will adjust if it is delayed, comes to the chief engineer, to the director of the factory, but it gets its way. Do not back down from the master so long until he will establish the organization of work so that the entire process chain was not failures. If non-standard reel brings ever, the assistant masters would not know a quiet life as long as does not resolve the discord. And so in everything creative demands. Portrait Satin Kulmatovoy would be incomplete if we did not say that, through the hands, but rather, through the heart Kulmatovoy were about 60 young workers. She generously shares its expertise to help those in need of skilled support.

That is quite a recent event. From left shift Kulmatovoy master. Place the old, experienced production worker took a graduate of the Ivanovo Textile Institute Gulmayram Israilov. She has a vast arsenal of knowledge, but the practice is not enough. Kulmatova heart felt her young specialist help is needed. She obliged with Gulmayram beat her timidity in dealing with working women, to raise its prestige. This was all the more necessary when Kulmatova began to notice that someone is not averse to using a certain shyness and insecurity of the new masters of their own advantage: the number of drives, forgetting about quality. And if Gulmayram Zabrak reels and offer to remake work, it was met with hostility. I looked at that picture and thought aa "break because people lose faith in yourself." And I began little by little to help Israilova. Unobtrusive, and I must say, peculiar: with insistence to the master. Once it has got the following conversation:

- Gulya, why do not you approach me? I have to you as a webmaster have questions, there is a request. And other well behaving. You seem to go away from their duties. And they need to perform.

- Do not get me, 'admitted Israilov.

- It is reparable, calmed the girl-aa,-Learn from experienced artists, such as Nina Ivanovna Avtaeva. Ask for what you do not know the workers. And most importantly, does not weaken

demands. At peresmenah, at meetings, talk about the shortcomings of their own and others. Talk about them openly. Just do not read notation, people do not like it. Day after day, guided and instructed the young wizard aa. Supported her when she was right, inoffensive corrected when she was doing something wrong. And most importantly, instilled in her confidence. Later Gulmayram learned that Satina and with working women say, urged them to help the young master. Now Israilov is not shy in front of people, the relationship improved, she gains experience. Workers speak of it with respect. The very good Gulmayram these changes is especially true due to the assistance she received from Satin Kulmatovoy.

This episode in no reporting is not reflected, but it is typical for Kulmatovoy-person, always ready to help. Talk about this case. A young worker was to violate discipline, bad faith relevant. With it, and individually interviewed her and removable assemblies have studied. No changes-such a difficult man, a man with character. Then asked Kulmatovu influence on the young worker. How to work-that's the question.

Here, a key had to be found, to get to the top of the properties that define the very essence of man. The complex is a science. And, unfortunately, in many cases not subject textbooks. Makarenko, created the science education of teenagers, but it was his profession. In Kulmatovoy profession is different.

But apart from her Kulmatovoy is calling. And over time, changes began. The behavior of its trust in her eyes corrected. And over the past troubles, brought co-workers, she apologized on the removable assembly.

- A typical case - said the party bureau secretary Margarita Nikolaevna Gorbunova. factory-like Satin Kulmatova by nature is designed to work with young people. For us to come to graduate school are often untrained their chosen profession, unsure of themselves, are not psychologically ready for the highly productive labor. Satin is a great job with them, she is able to instill in the young and respect for work and help win the respect of his comrades.

Which means Kulmatova achieves success in the education of young workers? That was the question I asked Satine.

- I treat them strictly as equals at work and ... as own children, 'said Satin.

She herself came to the factory in 1960, after the ten-year, when she was not yet eighteen years old. She arrived in the village Frunze Muraki Moscow district. Also in need of care and attention. Student put it to Shaquille Dosmatovoy. Her hands were moving very quickly, did she cleverly and skillfully.

Satin thought it never did happen. But she was lucky with the mentor. Shaquille Dosmatova patiently explained what to do, encouraging smile and kindness. And aa regained confidence, eagerly grasped all that she explained to O'Neal. She wanted to understand what distinguishes it from other mentor, why she had it all turns out well? And what to do, so that at the very same work goes? Soon, an inquisitive and persistent student transferred to independent work.

First served 16 spindles. Its still took care of Shaquille Dosmatova. There are other teachers. Next she worked Kulgaky Baysobaeva, later became a Hero of Socialist Labor. Quiet, seemingly slow, is doing everything quickly, but imperceptibly. Satina, explosive, as the fire took over a lot and Baysobaevoy, and other workers, too. And she has already served 25 spindles, then 40, then went out and the level of the best of the best-was to serve 50 spindles. But, becoming a famous master, never forgets his teachers. Also lovingly refers to his disciples, as his time of her teachers treated her. Those who passed her school, and have good masters, and people with strong will. The former pupil of Toktobyubyu Aidaraliev awarded the Gold sign of the Komsomol "Young Guard Five-Year Plan."

Good work her ward Gulzhamal Sydykova and many others.

Life in Satin Kulmatovoy formed easily. His father died of wounds received at the front, when she was ten years old. The family had two sisters and a brother, all younger than her. And it was the first assistant to the mother. And when she moved to Frunze and only just embarked on an independent path, took to his mother and sisters and brother. But it did not exist twenty years. This dedication shows early manifested independence. And it also says that aa Kulmatova knows the value of life.

The factory was Kulmatovu the party. The communists sent its delegate to the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party, she was elected a member of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, is a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Kirghiz SSR.

By Satine Kulmatovoy as a deputy come with many requests and suggestions of its voters. And not just voters. And there was no case so that it does not help a man if he had it requested. She participates in parliamentary checks that are conducted by the Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the republic. As a member of the CC is involved in various committees to verify the operation of enterprises. And in his factory is a major public work. All this takes time. Two children, even though they are adults, Dzhamalbek son recently married the daughter of Gulmira finished teacher's college, is also a need attention.

- Very tired, 'she admits. A small, thin, mobile seems to be that it is charged with energy. And this recognition. Yes, it is not easy to give such a high commitment. And this says little about himself, believes that nothing much does. Even asked her not to write about.

All that is talked about Satine

Kulmatovoy, I mostly learned from those

who worked beside her.

By the look of it, perhaps you can add

that's what.

During the conversation I asked her a few

questions. The answers are also characterized by


- Where do you begin to evaluate a person?

- On his relationship to his mother.

- What do other than work like most?

- Read.

- What are you most disappointed?

- When the person next to bad.

- What attracts you to the people?

- Delicacy.

- Your favorite expression?

- A man barely red. At first I wanted to comment on these answers. But decided not to do so. Let them finish the portrait Satin Kulmatovoy.

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