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Gunya Michael K.

Brigadier integrated team of construction management building trust 298 number 31

Gunya Michael K. I called to Mikhail Konstantinovich Gouna in Kingisepp the day before his departure on leave. We agreed to meet later on when he will return to the building site. Yet from a business conversation could not resist.

- That first paycheck, working for the team contract, were, 'said Michael K..

- So what?

- Well worked. The team even more friendly to business is taken. Well popribavilsya earnings. The case worthwhile. The benefits of outsourcing all obvious. We will develop it.

Michael K. went on vacation without fear for the fate of Brigadier contract. He knew that the team, led by, the foreman will not fail in his absence. But I understood, and more. To be so sure that the new business will not suffer, be very good to convince anyone in this team work. Gunya knew everyone. He was convinced that the progressive cause in which he believed the boys, they will defend to the end. This firm belief was not born at once. But to say that she lingered in the mind, too, is impossible. The circumstances were these. The party organization construction, the administration did much to cultivate a sense of collective interest in the outcome of the hot work large and complex trust. This work, which was conducted purposefully, gave the results.

Against this background it was easier to foremen to form groups of like-minded. To increase the responsibility of each for the overall result.

That is why with a light heart and the joy of victory in a first team contract was leaving Brigadier MK Gunya on leave.

Since I have known him for years. Sign with a team of builders, resulting in the construction of very important objects - the production association "Phosphorite" named after the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union. Its products are necessary to agriculture. It increases the fertility of the fields.

We perceive differently the same event: for some people, it remains the most ordinary, the other is deposited in the heart forever. And it happens almost always when a person is personally involved in the great accomplishment, coming toward him through the years, as a lighthouse, with reasonable generosity gave away the main road in their wealth, experience, intelligence, strength.

But apparently, there is a special case. Who would I have talked to have heard almost the same opinion on that account, as will be perceived that moment, when suddenly tense silence sounds out of the building site "Fosforit" command "Go!" When the start and turned the myriad motors and mechanisms, gradually picking up the pace, crawling belts, drums filled with heat furnaces, and in the receiving hoppers will first production. This has happened with this team more than once. And every time the first response is a sigh of relief of hundreds of people who are well and this time its next important thing. And then comes the moment of unbridled joy and fun, when all congratulate each other on the victory. And in memory of another new building it will remain a hallmark of our builder a few grams of white powder and mineral fertilizers, issued by the company, created by hard work the team.

In Mikhail Konstantinovich Guni, famous in the Leningrad region Brigadier-like exhibits several: nickel pellets, ammophos, tubes with phosphoric and sulfuric acids, phosphates, obesftorennye additives to animal feed, with exact dates and addresses, when and where they were received. In the biography of Guni only two building, one-in the Arctic, the other in Kingisepp. A quarter of a century between them and the whole working life.

In the early sixties to the 60th parallel of Youth landed troops. Fifty boys and girls went to the tundra, where began the development of new nickel deposits. They had to build the most northern city in the world. They had to build a huge plant in the tundra. Over the hills krutolobymi howling snowstorm. The mercury thermometer dipped to minus 45 degrees. And they are pulling the canvas overalls on top of jacket, laid in a rock for the new channel of the river Ala. It should take away, because a river rapids geologists discovered a rich ore body.

Trench flooded soil water and broke into it and restive river:

People working in waders, not daring to breath. Wet clothes in the cold grappled in the rigid casing, and a man in the armored ice shell could not take a step. These "losers" tray with laughter to the fire, warmed, and they went back to the trench change mates.

Then there was a house-warming party in the first house of Polar, launched the first phase of Zhdanov mining and processing plant on the Kola Peninsula. In severe everyday life of young people born with a sense of great respect for the work, the belief that only he creates happiness, all that were born, without which it is impossible to imagine human culture, its responsibility for the future. Russia Polar city, located in contrast to the Monchegorsk, Kirovsk, Olenegorsk not in the palms of the hills, and on top of them, the "Seven Winds". Rising nearby plant, mighty backhoe cutting into the firmament Allarechenskogo mine.

City on the "Seven Winds" formed a boys character, strong and responsive to the friendship. That came in the Gunya Kingisepp, to "Phosphorite", shortly before launching the second phase of the complex ammophos. On the Order of Lenin, which was awarded for work in the Polar strike here know a few. About the builder's skill and even less. Appointment Guni foreman took some with disbelief, saying that his characters lack, and then "Viking" have a special reverence.

Do not take offense. Already he knew gain credibility in their work. And that work will be hot, no doubt. The task was put forward most difficult to liquidate six months behind schedule, to celebrate new home on the eve of XXV Congress of the Party. So, should double the rate for the entire construction site.

Mikhail Konstantinovich time to lose does not let go. How come, once mapped out a high rate. The team is new, because not all from the first day was such a pace. But the foreman was a personal example to light a team. Gunya has found the key to everyone:

who will give her plenty of experience who are convinced as anyone and demand strict rein. The case has gone.

- Nice work!-Confessed later Nikolai P. Afanasiev, Honored Builder of the RSFSR, the veteran shock-stroyki. secretly watched over them, admired artists-the guys! Gunya laugh:

- So in fact, I confess, and I could not take your eyes. He studied with you.

Afanasyev recognized for a special experience and skill took calmly:

- I have a team of experienced, for fifteen years got used to each other as the wheels are in gear. You're with the world on a string ... collecting

They did not exchange compliments. It's not in their nature, forward and exacting. The conversation was between the two team leaders who act in the team and its innovative, best-trained workers, and organizers of the construction industry, and educators. As if responding to his attitude toward this three-pronged problem, Michael K. said:

- From the novice, of course, difficult at first. But their plans are: you can immediately adjust to the desired wave. And so it happened.

It should be added that at a construction site next to almost always been smart, intelligent assistants. Now no longer count how many times the team rescued Afanasiev Guni team if he was in the break. Sometimes in the championship tournament missed due to the fact that helping others.

- Yes, miss ...-something trying to remember, says Afanasev.-But the guys understand that the general case, we won.

- The second stage started up on time, gave it in full.

Afanasyev saw and knew better than others, as laid out Gunya, as his team worked on the construction of the second stage. They were both obsessed with one idea: to block all known approved rules to set records. And a veteran of building most of all, perhaps, rejoiced when he learned that foreman MK Gunya, whom he sincerely helped and which at the same time, learned a lot, has been awarded a second Order of Lenin.

At the time, Afanasiev and Gunya, like many others, passionately dreamed of their cities, their "construction sites of the century." Now all this is the record of the team leaders, and thanks to them both "built" first and foremost of themselves as individuals. far from ordinary, to which today inquisitively trying on young people. Sleep with a personal account of each of them at least one start and people will lose something very important, because everything was created by the essence of personality, as hereditary genes.

Nicholas I, Afanasyev prove this truth is not necessary. He once tried to say goodbye to the "phosphate": felt tired from the weight of buzzing from the hot hand of change and loss. He came to the chief of management:

- Let go, do not take it anymore. I'm twenty years old and lived only a construction site. Re-classified, will move into residential homes.

Request of the veteran admitted convincing. Everyone knew that he did not spare himself first and foremost, when it was in the interest of the case to a high rate.

Gunya Michael K. Out "Fosforit" Afanasyev. And flashed a kaleidoscope of objects: houses, kindergartens, cattle farms. The guys in the team crept good. Rates blocked. Earnings decent. Free time, it seemed more than enough. Alone, he increasingly felt dissatisfaction with the passing into a deep depression.

It was like then, as if the man was taken away something that he greatly valued, for which, in fact, lived.

One could not help, rushed into work clothes directly to the bus, the former head of administration in office, said:

- Get back.

The man discreet, did not pester reproaches:

- Take a team.

And on the third stage of the construction of the complex ammophos came together three comrades, Michael K. Gunya, Nicholas P. Afanasiev and Valery Chikantsev, working experience of which the "Phosphorus" or ten years.

They say that friendship is not tested anywhere safer than in intelligence. And they should have to go into it. Standards for the construction of the complex, capable of delivering for the year 860,000 tons of fertilizer and 140,000 tons of phosphoric acid, given to thirty-six months. But kingisepptsy took to build it for twenty-four.

However, even such a short time can not be called a record: the first phase of the complex once prepared for launch at the same time. However, it, let's say, construction workers were employed three times more than was available now, the general contractor.

Since Guni was the strongest and most cohesive team (the team 14 Communists and 10 Komsomol shock the avant-garde), he was assigned to the complex structure of the heart, the main building and a number of subsidiary. Afanasyev Brigade put on the construction of phosphoric acid plant. Chikantsevu of the total "pie" cut off the building of automated production control system.

In terms of volume, complexity, design features of objects, each different. The goal was a single day, not to delay subcontractors: the road to victory is not laid out single records, even though they were meant for teams and individuals.

- Believe me, liabilities asserted as an oath of allegiance. Time, they were so pressed that rang like a tight string, says Michael K.. - Passed the case for installation of equipment to the thirty-three days ahead of schedule.

Friends lists the conditions under which it became possible to get this result: the increased discipline and improved technology is labor-intensive operations, and increased productivity ...

In these words, I start to notice the pattern: five-year plan with the grandeur of its objectives, defining the scale of plans brought success, the quality of personal responsibility for what is happening around them. Five-Year Plan was fascinated by the builders, plumbers, chemists, but they started turning in circles, and led to a direct and clear direction, equipped enthusiastic technical help of new machinery, engineering and economic wisdom of sobriety.

- We asked for tower cranes, so that they, for example, could apply to the twenty tons of cargo within a radius of fifteen feet, 'said the technical details Gunya.-We have given them. Dali, as they appear now available to builders.

New equipment to facilitate work of the builders, increased productivity. People have mastered this technique. On the concreting of the complex - obesftorennyh phosphate, which was started under the "veil" the fourth year of the eleventh five-year period, was almost completely eliminated manual labor.

- At this site, 'says Michael K.,' laid a thousand cubic meters of concrete per day. These rates did not know we are in construction practice. Look, you can see the truck?-And pointed to a nondescript unit: - Avtobetonny pump is called: the performance of his hundred and fifty tons per hour.

But let me, and were once powerful cranes, concrete pumps gorgeous, smart boards! Why is it hard talking about them today? And once again come to the conclusion that it is not the technique and technology, it is only the soil environment in which matured and blossomed activity, business-like creators "Fosforit", they fed the springs of creativity. Romance of physical strength gave way to the romantic mind, muscle tension - mental.

Plenty of room at the construction site is huge, job-set. But you can not rush back and forth, not everyone can equally well carry a dozen different operations. Hence, specialization units required. Of these, the complex has organized a team. For example, one link tying rebar, another concreted, and the third is the brickwork, and the fourth puts the formwork. Labor productivity has increased, declining terms of job-exactly what is needed to shock the construction site, with its rigid schedules.

Roman Mefodevich Bezmoschuk, deputy team leader and his associate, even with the Arctic, asks, "Mike, why installers waiting for prepare all the bases? Combining operations easier! "

- It used to, do not trust each other partners, fear: you begin to take on parts of the foundations of the end-you will not wait.

- A working word, our guarantee-nothing?

- Faith in it to win it is necessary.

- Let's try!

Now go work in parallel: Gunya preparing foundations, followed by the installers put the columns, the panels hang and equipment are arranged. Time stood still. Not remember allied to the words did not keep team, failed to meet target date. On the contrary, almost always ahead of them. The responsibility to inspire confidence and trust path to an agreement, in addition, without which it is not so much a huge complex, but simple hut is not built.

How many had to "eat salt" to come to this wonderfully persistent, unbreakable agreement at least in my team, all seventy of hearts to beat at the same pace! That salt was unanimity and time. From Roman Mefodevich, for example, met and befriended another brigade in the Arctic. With Vladimir Mikhailovich Chumakov, a carpenter, Viktor Mikhailov, fitter, Mikhail Alexandrovich Yakovlev - concrete worker, Alexander Vasilyevich Vasilyev - electric welder met in Kingisepp. Now the third five-year plan together. Setting the previous one, tenth, completed in three and a half years, the current three-year and five months. As if nothing new was added to the arsenal, and the team is gaining speed. And only in frank conversations with the builders called truth. Brigadier-row here is the economic and Trades School, they are now. It was she who helps them to grow, evolve with the only difference from the usual, that this school has such a familiar graduating class: here you are an eternal student.

And what is the sum total of studies at least in the next five years? Contractual obligations with the administration team blocked on all counts. Five-Year Plan doing the job for 41 months, a comprehensive team Guni saved some material for 26 thousand rubles. Long ago, Michael K. uses as a subtle educational tool, as the coefficient of labor participation. However, it is no longer so much to measure the contribution of each to the common cause, as the moral and business qualities of the builder: in the brigade, where strong discipline and high professional and civic responsibility for the assigned work, responsibility to one another, the coefficient begins to play a very different role- instrument of ethical, moral education, education of the individual, nature. This is the opinion and Guni, and partgruporga Mikhail A. Yakovlev.

They believe this view is illustrated by the builders and their behavior at work and at home.

- This team of at least accept as the standard, is not without irony, remarked at the time when summing up one of the contestants for the competition.

Thinking in the Party Committee of the trust: "And is it really without sin?" They picked up the documents, reports, invited veterans and superintendents. No, the standard may still not good. People got into it different: a different skill is not enough, some of the alien habits and manners did not want to turn away, but some people do behind their backs and foremost tried to sit it out but once a ruble. But then the set, and more. The team had a remarkable ability to self-clean, as does the Ladoga, moving the bottom and surface water, splashing out on the beach all the random, alien. And the goal was to correct the basic principle to his forces to take care not to finish, fully laid out in the distance.

Somewhere not calculated Gunya own abilities, although he cast of mind of a mathematician: whether extra weight slung over his shoulders, or age were not taken into account. The heart could not stand. And a hospital ward. Seven months in meditation. The second group of disability-in the long term.

- As soon met up with him after a crisis situation, realized that concerned about our Iron Man Michael, from our family willing to work a strike:

as it does not become a burden to the team, 'said Roman, "Mefodevich Bezmoschuk. And so it is something without questioning mood of fellow-eye to accurately determine.

After a week or two after this date all sixty-nine people showed up at the hospital:

- Stop stored for the foreman, "Phosphorite" does not wait!

- Do you know these words, as the high-voltage discharge, which sometimes resorted doctors take effect: the heart beat more evenly, as if it is not even a minute ago ached, Michael K., smiles, and does not need special insight to feel like he is grateful to friends. -They cured me. The third group is not helpless!

He really forget about illnesses, keen as a boy, a difficult task, because each of these solutions do not require a model and an individual that is working, engineering, creative.

In the team is not easy to gain the recognition of gain prestige veterans. And to compete with them too hard. However, the team won by Mikhail Konstantinovich and honor and glory. And now go to it, and for advice and help, go to the leader as the competition.

However, he somehow huddled Michael K., to be called a leader. He was a Communist leader, says: competition enriches everyone. Moreover, the special favor of bringing lagging behind. Doubly happy man, if the lesson extracts, even from his own destruction.

This band has become a symbol of valor. People go into it willingly. Recent trials are always dozens of young men are fighters Komsomol groups, before heading to BAM, construction of Siberia and the Far East. And then the foreman wrote: "You have taught us to fight for ideas, to give this fight forces, demanding nothing in return. After the fight, that's life. "

Sometimes reading these letters to his son Sergei, the foreman of drivers Kingisepp transport company. Read and comment:

- Ah, the bent-fight! As if only to and engaged in life. I just lived. Then he asked sternly Sergei:

- Tomorrow back to us zanaryazhen?

- Of course, on the concrete.

- So, agreed: at eight o'clock to be loaded.

His father was the family business for his son.

One day, going through old photos, which he cleared and on horseback, and in a sailor's shirt on the ship, and in overalls working on a background of hills, Michael K., as it were casually remarked: "It is important to find their haven." I do not know to whom the remark, but should be added: the harbor is not the one where refuge from life's storms, but the one where you can relax before meeting with the new storm, new concerns. Seaman found the harbor on solid ground.

In the red corner of the smoke-yoke, gray mist floating on the ceiling, suppresses the vote. On the dais at the table, middle-aged man crumples helplessly hat, trying to break into the conversation:

- Comrades, understand our problems:

No spare parts, drivers do not have enough!

- Their problems solve themselves, get paid for. A transport must run like clockwork. Party group meets, the team set up by Mikhail Konstantinovich. Holds in front of her response to a visiting head of the motor company. Looks like he is accustomed to the separation, claims, demands, ready, at the tip of your tongue a dozen tactical tricks to get away to the side, to defend from attacks. And here it is so pressed that answer is nothing.

- Drivers are no parts missing? Sympathize, but check how to use the truck! Yesterday at lunch, we go by the wayside without a truck wheel. We asked the driver: "It has long been standing there?" He replied: "From the morning. In the garage phoned to spare tire was taken, but technical assistance zapropastilas somewhere. " So much for the organization of the case, here's the order ...

Fourteen people in the red corner, the whole Party group headed by a leading meeting concreter Mikhail Alexandrovich Yakovlev. And it seems, holds the answer to all the people Kingisepp, before the party organization of the city. At such meeting without the "protocols", so called team members of their Party group meetings, be in charge does not know what a surprise you will present. As for surprises, it is said with deliberate exaggeration. But the fact remains that matters Party group is always accurate, it claims are very specific, conclusions, disarmingly objective, decision (again, not registered in official documents) are logical and feasible. This is, in fact, discourages even those who are accustomed to not get lost in all circumstances.

- But the protocols and in fact are not kept, who will check?

- They have the same collective memory! - Exclaimed one of the executives who had been in such a "binding".

- And to fulfill the promises?

- To get away from them? There is no escape from them yet, because Michael K. Gunya member Kingisepp City Party Committee, and for many years.

- Always remember, if the word is out of print with the case, say those who attended the meeting of the Party group.

- Exaggerate, object-Gunya - never used the provision for squeezing out something for their own needs team.

Otherwise, the "thinner" that is, are Michael K. and his comrades. No one was admonished not shake the air with loud phrases. Strive to fulfill the contractual relationship, that's the whole secret. And it almost always fails. But how can it be any different now is the fourth complex "Fosforit" All-Union having a value? Can you imagine what the manager, if you suddenly start to cram as important for a country to deal with the Food Program to build faster and better production of phosphate-obesftorennyh valuable feed supplements for livestock.

- They cram me, I feel, ears burning, fit under the floor with shame to fail, 'confessed the same head motor plant after the problem was, it really snyata. boy, surely do not understand? No, second time to get there or wanted to be ...

Usually there and do not fall twice. Find a working group with a common language, even those who used to farm the old fashioned way, without regard to public opinion, the interests of the state.

Mighty let the roots to the northern land of Leningrad. And the workers. And the family. I am glad for his eldest son, who has chosen the same port as the father. He writes, Jr., Andrew, of the army: "Serve, return home. Wait, I will come to your team! "Daughter Olga raises three children jokes:" You shall have a reliable replacement "

- And actually I five-grandfather, grandchildren and all the real-kingisepptsy. In this pull, and for them there is a pier - Michael K. deeper helmet pull down over one's eyes, strongly pushes the door wagon: on the "phosphate" as lights, flashes of electric blue rushing team, have taken up the night shift. It is truly ubiquitous. About Guni guys speak operational meetings, they charge the most impact orders, in their honor raise the flag of labor glory on the main campus area of domestic builders, in their address toasts pronounced in summing up the results of the competition for the timely commissioning of the importance of the complex which is generated on-site waste phosphorite mines. Oh, these are very bright star, burning on the horizon Kingisepp.

The festive costume with three Orders of Lenin, the Gold Star of Hero, and many medals on his lapel Michael K. seldom-wearing on special occasions. Today, one of them as candidates for CPSU members take Basil Shemyakin, Peter Vlasyuk.

Brigadier carefully straightened the folds in the suit. His wife Galina, working in the same Stroitrest number 31, near bustling.

Gunya winks grandson, delightedly watching his grandfather, and goes on his "Phosphorite".

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