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Valentina Golubeva

Weaver Ivanovo worsted plant named after Lenin

Valentina Golubeva On that memorable evening the phone was busy for a long time Golubev. Then he answered and. Valentine-excited and happy. The voice, though unwelcome dissolved in tears, still can not give in to her, and she tried to laugh it off, to soften his emotion. "You know, I laugh and remember ... Sophocles' great. Oh, what was the philosopher, and he died from an overabundance of positive emotions. "- She said, and hurried from the heart is to share what torn out, required output:

- You can not imagine how touched me again, my dear kamvolschiki. Which is still a great happiness to feel all over himself among his own. I once again think that you can get used to everything, it is impossible to get used to human kindness, the generosity. Words they spoke very simple. But what were the eyes, face, intonation.

Rita Sukhov, a friend and smenschitsa, kissed, hugged, "This did not know that. Let's change the Hero of Socialist Labor, and will take it from the twice Hero! "

One old friend, an older worker, even burst into tears: "Val, lived up to that moment, b is your mother ..."

Father so excited, it is evident that the first one sent a telegram, and then a little later, or two!

I remembered a story about the father of Valentina. Once they are with him, the rural nurse, sawed wood. Suddenly on the nails of his assistants, he said defiantly bright varnish. And knocked out a quieter Valya girlfriend, so he wanted to grow up quickly! Looking like a father pushed her unusual exclusion. paused, then said, "Yes, of confusing you, I see, will not." I remember the words of a lifetime. In a large family Chirkov kids are not spoiled. In villages, children generally are not accepted overpraise. But here is to appreciate and respect the work, conscience is not to lose this Valya taught.

In the factory party committee has puzzled me a pile of telegrams, laid out in three batches on the table. They all came to the VN Golubeva, first among the country's textile awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor twice. In the Party Committee and dubbed them as a joke, "a three-volume" Golubeva.

As they were eloquent, these short lines. Already, one rooted in the emotion of them could say with certainty that they are addressed to a person charming, interesting in a position to people's hearts. In recognition of the merits of the famous labor Ivanovo weavers responded and friends and people at all unfamiliar. Here and colleagues in the profession, and the village workers, academics, artists, statesmen, fellow-Siberians (birthplace), the residents of Bryansk (where grown) ...

From ... a huge stack of telegrams Golubeva, bursting into bright paint, fished a simple wire form. Full title is named Ivanovo Worsted. Her name and patronymic. A further three infinitely dear to her words, "happiness, good health and success"-the inhabitants of the village of Bryansk Perelaz. She introduced them to the person, their work-worn hands, approval, acceptance in the eyes, did not disappoint, they say, my daughter ...

By a lucky chance Fate brings me to many, not only Ivanovo, "stars." I remember the tractor driver is now a distant farm Ulyanovsk Romanovna Elena Romanova. When I gave her a nominal Traktorostroiteley Volgograd tractor. As he glowed scarlet poppies at the festive emerald green of the fields! Like all touched when, among the papers of someone found the documentation set to music poems ...

Rare in the lives of such famous and charming women, which seems to me always dear to Elena Amoz, Furmanov spinner, the first five-year period to fulfill reshivshayasya ten annual norms. Behind it is bolder and more decisive was the younger and less experienced weaver Ivanovo worsted Golubeva ...

A weaver Yaroslavl Raisa A. Kudryashov? A weaver-lnyanschitsa from Kostroma Pletnev Valentina? A number that is infinitely dear to us all the names because you can go on and on. They are all different in some way personally, but they all tend to a truly selfless attitude to work, is deeply talented and creative. And yet, why Golubeva, and not another of the textile workers who are awarded such a high difference?

So the question people ask, write about it in newspapers, magazines, party committee of the plant, the heroine herself.

We are talking about the chief representative of the textile department of the country, rich as, perhaps, no other bright revolutionary warfare, labor traditions. No wonder that the experience represented in the exhibition Golubeva ENEA USSR, which tells about the leaders of socialist competition for increasing production of high quality consumer goods. An acknowledged master of his craft, a member of the CPSU Central Committee, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, member of the Bureau of Ivanovo Oblast Party Committee Valentina Golubeva, innovative use of the equipment, with the assistance and support for engineering and technical services enterprise, has developed over twenty five years tenth annual norms. For all reservations, with all the powerful engineering support, it reached peak production on equipment of this type, several times exceeded all industry standards. Just start it and the eleventh five-year period. And the completion of twenty annual report jobs after three and a half years. By the end of 1985 it expects to perform for at least five annual programs!

During the exchange, management of national schools, not just reconciled workers skilled techniques, clocked different operations. Experience narrated it, painted in dozens of pamphlets, for that matter, and the organization of engineering support for all workers, without exception, weaving. Interestingly, in this regard to bring an experienced textile and opinion, thoroughly knows all the details of, inter alia, worsted mill, Vladimir G. Klyuyev, Minister of Light Industry, with which these subjects had no time to talk.

"Sometimes doubt: how can we work for two, three? We do not just give the most detailed engineering feasibility study results of the highest work of our best workers, especially Valentina Nikolaevna. I want to emphasize here is which way: We have talented writers, actors, composers and scholars. Valentina Nikolaevna, in my opinion, brilliant talent working man. Do not be afraid to say that today it is one of the most prominent figures among the country's working, talented people of our time. "

Needless to say ... that is not right, do not suddenly become a graduate GPTU skilled worker, bright, noticeable personality. Do not know the first year and we Golubeva. I remember her a start, just budding weaver. After only two five-year ago, her name very few people that spoke. Then someone close to know her, deeply believed in her business, spiritual, human qualities just yet deduced the recommendation to join the party. Today I try to remember her former. Corrosive leaf through your old books, records. Had to meet and combine, and at home. Later, already at the meetings of the Bureau Party Committee, plenary sessions, assets. Listen to her opinions, speeches, along with all the experience Ivanovo those moments of excitement when word-weavers compatriot sound weighty and convincing to the highest of our stands, including the Party Congress. And yet the impression with the personal, close, direct contact Golubeva leaves?

No, turns her head, does not alter its share has fallen to its nation-wide fame. She is very sincere, direct, conscious of its responsibility to the team, so holding it high, and the representative of his ward.

Year after year, gaining some special Valentine's womanly wisdom. Sometimes we are talking about a person? "Explanatory, intelligent, interested in everything. He goes to the theater, has a good library ... "

All this can be said of Valentine, and just say this enough. It is much deeper, more interesting. More complicated. And those who look upon her impressions of, say, five years gone by, have an idea of her much duff. As the leader of the All-Union competitions, the deputy is a lot in recent years has seen both in our country and abroad. Public, government reduced its duties with many renowned, respected, talented people.

Could all this does not respond to the nature of the seeker, purposeful, receptive. Could not awaken her, and striving for new knowledge, expand their horizons, not enrich it with the spiritual world. She was unbearable not to know something, something to fall behind and do not try to make up, to catch up, to understand more. With it interesting. It has the ears, the taste for good music, poetry, high, well-read, retentive, appreciates and understands the joke. And by no means superficial show, but deeply, thoroughly comprehending accumulating. With it you can talk about the affairs of the museum, the artists, musicians. Its library of many books autographed, signed dedicatory, including Yuri Bondarev, her favorite author and colleagues in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

Despite the apparent softness of character, delicacy Golubeva can not only speak the truth directly, but also for her to stand. The opinion of the man, sincere, impartial, is not subject to random trends, foreign opinion ...

Once, during one of the many meetings seem to GPTU, she was asked, that you have visited many countries have seen Havana, Warsaw, Paris ... What place on earth more than likely you sunk into his soul, seemed the most beautiful? Valentine smiled disarmingly: "Do you like Levitan? Do you know? Visit the Reach, climb Mount Liberty. Breathe the Volga, the eyes opened, "Eternal Peace", here you will be my answer. I am convinced that you share my feelings ... "

Valentina Golubeva I am glad that even five minutes to an engineer, but all are an employee, an engineer, technologist, technician, it speaks equally about what they care about themselves in the course of the most exciting, highly technical and engineering problems. On the other hand, with an expert, bookworms, lover of poetry is started to judge the merits of the lyrics Fet, Tyutchev, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sergei Orlov. It is up to date theater, music, new books, she was familiar with the new, yet members of the force of names. The same contemporary artists, composers and creative people. Sometimes, sadly sigh: "But the scary to imagine that you can live life and not realizing how great the power of the impact of words, music and painting. So do not realize that it is a creative genius, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Haydn .. . "

She could not help admiring, if she sits in a high podium, is moving rapidly along its storonok in the shop. Is it easy to reflect, smile. And you think, as it gets in the organic-grace and power of nature, fine delicate hand and old, with a bean, corn on the narrow palm ...

The work, social obligations, distance learning, caring for her son, her husband ... No, no one thinks that life is best workers, the leader of the labor rivalry is only a celebration, honors, achievements have complete satisfaction. No, it's not. How much does this enviable share of light-makes a person no less than she needs in return. And then have to go back to the origins of the high labor asceticism.

In Ivanovo happens to hear the words which came to mind the working of the poet, who said of the advanced workers as people who "open the door to the future." And is not that we perceive it today determination vichugskih weavers Evdokia and Mary Vinogradovs? The founders of the Stakhanovite movement in the textile industry, which broke the common to think of the possibilities of working people and technology. Hot-filial gratitude, we remember the names of those pioneers who not only followed the example, but it paved the path for the future. I must say, their many hundreds of followers, enthusiasts, scouts of the future. Among them our contemporaries-talented mnogostanochnichestva. Taisia Ivanovna Shuvandina, Tatiana Odintsov, Irina A. Lapshin, Julia M. Vecherova, Maria Kulikova, Zoe P. Pukhov, Alevtina V. Smirnov ... Delivered a patriotic initiative Furmanov spinner Helen Amoz, performing for five years, ten annual norms. For her next step is already done more confident and bolder kamvolschitsa-weaver Valentina Golubeva. Sample rate to six machines, has never been any simpler or easier, even today not everyone copes with it. I had to venture out, to break away from the industry is not, but from kombinatovskoy rule that twice! And to go further. With eighteen machines go to the maintenance of twenty-two, and then twenty-four. In this area of work is in principle possible. In principle. This proved Golubev. But for certain maintenance tools must still do a lot, especially in order not to lose the productivity of each machine. And then there was a question about engineering software. And not a single innovator, the entire process chain for all. A vivid example of how advanced the work of a talented front-rank issue to clearly lagging behind to the point of engineering. And so step by step, each of which is not only checked, calculated, and engineering was provided.

What's new this search gave birth to this persistent restlessness. Get dissemination of best practices. It became the basis of worsted a new approach to the practice of disseminating the experience innovator. At the initiative of the Ivanovo Regional Party Committee in collaboration with scientists has developed a comprehensive system, including a series of organizational, technical and educational nature. On the facts, examples have been eloquently and convincingly proved that the new routine is not in the perenesesh that learn new things the old fashioned way, means a lot to lose.

Yes, so that in the conditions of modern production to use the full measure of accumulated invaluable experience, not only to talk about it, there is little to show, even by the innovator. It is important to bring together all the economic, engineering services and public organizations. Need reliably verified and meaningful method of selection of the most valuable, the system will pull up to the level of a weak leader. In fact, that the gap between them even if not immediately, but has steadily declined. For example, the case. Qualifications weavers increases not only on the basis of studying, say, the experience of leading the competition Valentina Golubeva, but given the progress in this profession with the best of its masters. Something can do better than anyone Golubev. Some workers receive better worked out, or it can smenschitsam Nina Kuzminichna Maksyachkinoy or Agatha Mikhaylovna Sukhovey. It is important to select the wasp best, most efficient and use. This will reduce the gap between those who are in front and behind.

In recent years Ivanovo system replication of best practices is becoming more widespread in different sectors of the economy is constantly being improved.

It is impossible to talk about mnogostanochnichestve, labor asceticism main textile shop in the country's isolation from taking place here for several years, major reconstruction and technical re-equipment of enterprises. Only in the last two five-year period of their production capacity by 85 percent updated! At 850 million if it is counted in rubles, increased production volume.

This is important, but equally important, which is incomparable changed working conditions, life, life and leisure textile. We solve the problem of security in some places in institutions. In the textile towns, the regional capital climbed new residential communities, resorts, cultural centers, dispensaries. Radically improved service life, medical care. In the set up and operating institution of motherhood and childhood. Conducted by the fruitful work of the Central Research Laboratory to study the incidence of occupational safety Textile Institute All.

That's changed ... the conditions were growing opportunities. When Valentina worked another 22 machines, an elderly worker, observing her, she sighed: "Wow! 22 machine, and all on the go! Nothing but the devil you. Val helps ... "Golubev laughed:" And how. For example, an assistant master Aleksandr Prokhorov. "

Today Golubeva working on 32 looms. When she goes on vacation, instead of the equipment faces two weavers, young, skilled, strong. And complain that tired, "This is a boundless sea." Valentine, happy, happy, here is the answer:

"The sea? Yes they are all in front of me on his toes, all 32! "And how much enthusiasm in these words, feminine guile and ... great skill.

Recall that with a similar load, with the same "avalanche" of machine tools, and get on smenschitsy Golubeva, and many of them in its capabilities, performance close. However, not everyone is allowed to take such a zone, then the law comes into force on economic feasibility, physical capacity, age, length of service. And here we have to solve their problems are not so simple. For example, to ensure the replacement of the masters level, what are smenschitsy same Golubeva. That is time well-deserved rest Agatha Mikhaylovna Sukhovey. Although it is not going to retire, the area of service will be gradually reduced. Any, even very experienced in this kit is mechanically not perevedesh. Much must be taken into account to work on such a seal master should fail. And that's Golubeva, and smenschitsy Sukhova, Maksyachkina think through carefully and responsibly trained assistant, then a full smenschitsy. Not immediately, it will be a 32 machine, as its predecessor did not immediately narrow the zone of compaction. Little by little, first at half-load of 16 machines, and then, all increasing their number. While the newcomer will enter into force and will work at Golubeva, Maksyachkinoy, Sukhov. And they have a daily rate, an industry record ...

But change is growing, increasing the skill of veterans. In general, already in the tenth Five-Year Plan for the increased coverage area, multiplying the series mnogostanochnikov, moved about 40,000 workers, have contributed to the problem than the more complete use of the equipment, serving a smaller number of its employees. 143,000 weavers coped with his five-year task ahead, and more than 300 advanced workers in five years met annually for ten rules, each worked for two. And what is "twenty jobs per annum," Golubeva? This is more than 717 000 meters of top-notch costume fabric.

Needless to say, the fate of any large business is not decided by individuals, however talented they may be. However, the example, the sample, the look-who doubt the significance of it for thousands and thousands of others? And not one of fame's sake, not because of some consumer aspirations of taking on their shoulders a double burden of an innovator. The true leader of the labor rivalry mature and responsible is aware that his personal achievements, his records, this is a wave that created the efforts of hundreds of hands. And for you, as a scout-important task. As in any difficult case, without Zapevalov not do ...

Only now, many months later, subsides, shake down the reaction due to the plants was lowered Minlegpromom the USSR, the Central Committee of the branch trade union of the new method of calculation of the annual job "of progress." If no detail, the meaning was, when the industry norm of 6 undertook to serve seven-count machines, excelled. If, however, remained with the old ... 32 is like and have your 100 percent. Consider, trample on the site ...

Did not take a new technique, abolished it, but all are done harm. Felled by something the wings of innovators. Worsened publicity events, in particular, the "contract of thousands." And this is understandable. Pushing the overall series leader, was paid less attention to it. Those reduced labor intensity of rivalry. Smeared, leveled all. "Is there a way to put it?"-Asking in party committees, factory committees. Encountered, such as work on these issues and the Labour Deputy Valentina Golubeva weaver. While one of the first. A lot goes into the circle of its parliamentary concerns. Everyone at the plant today, the problems concerned with improving the quality of worsted fabrics, and their implementation. And for this, and efforts greater efforts kamvolschikov themselves, and a higher class of subcontractors, suppliers, machine builders, and chemists. So far, unfortunately, very coherent ensemble is not visible. Everyone acts in their framework. And here, as in the other, to be on many habitual refuse.

Get ready to tissue-divided Golubeva.-grade is judged on it sometimes for tenth-defects, to which most consumers, you do not have anything to do. They are for it do not matter.

However, only in the worsted work to eliminate them employ up to 400 people. And what of those proc zabrakovok?

People's Deputy. In the textile region is a special character. The name of the deputies linked the fate of the revolution, the restoration of war-ravaged economy, the impact on the work of any and all stages in the history of our socialist fatherland. Daily confronted with the fact that people care about, help in solving the pressing concerns and has Valentina.

- Parliamentary activities - she said, 'help me very much to look at not only the eyes of the worker, but also from the standpoint of the state, learn the deeper needs of both people and production.

Sometimes, as a man only needs, let's say. Where to get it, not mine. I remember greatly hindered kamvolytsikov supply disruptions Mogilev synthetic chemists. I had to make MP Golubeva the matter to the Supreme Soviet Presidium. It was possible to position and stabilize, and then completely correct.

She participated in the meeting Valentina USSR Council of Ministers, at which the light and, in particular, was worked out views the CC CPSU, USSR Council of Ministers and the All "On measures to further improve productivity in the enterprises of light industry on the basis of the full distribution of brigade forms of labor organization , experience of leading workers to increase the areas of equipment maintenance and reduction of labor costs for manufacturing products. "

I would like to touch on such an example of the deputy. On behalf of women textile edge VN Golubev delivered at the XVII Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR the need to improve health care institutions for children. She had something to share with, something to tell. In Ivanovo, a savings of experience of working hours by reducing the diseases of children, and accordingly shifts and omissions of their mothers.

Much respect and ensure the deputy transport companies, construction equipment, construction of, say, a home for young families. A mentoring village? Improved farms? Not in vain for the workplace famous weavers all prominent, eye-catching poster, "The deputy post." With any concern, any problem working man could immediately seek the assistance of his handpicked deputies. And if not any issue immediately and find a solution, then at least support, help, not to mention the attention, participation, everyone is assured. No wonder the three-year parliamentary activity in the log MP Golubeva recorded 300 receptions. And this, meetings, conversations with hundreds of people. How many conversations, meetings do not reflect anywhere, by anyone, and do not count? How many letters were received and answered by how much ...

Golubeva ever met with schoolchildren, students, young workers, especially pupils GPTU. She takes an active part in the All-Union School of Excellence, which are held periodically on its package. As was the case recently. Become acquainted with its methods of work, watch the route of the work area, to understand the details of the organization of labor and engineering support to the weaving industry leader Ivanovo worsted mill masters came from all over the country. Weavers of Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and other territories, republics, regions.

The famous weaver willingly ceded its guests 32 machine. (So that the development is not affected!) Explained in detail all the nuances of upgrading individual components, their high-speed devices. Then all the 60 participating weavers union school a whole shift closely followed the work of Golubev. It was as if his summing up to talk about what porassprashivat and something to share.

Left their mark on this meeting in the mind, soul, Golubeva. In the notebook there take note of the facts, questions, comments. "Why, - thinks of Workers' Deputies, so little is still used in the movement mnogostanochnikov? So clearly visible contrast in the level of work? "Not the first year of Ivanovo weavers working over high-they are released in the modernization of equipment from many monotonous, time-consuming operations not requiring high skills, say, the removal of tissue, cleaning machines.

And take at least Bryansk Worsted, which happened to be Golubeva. Or, Chernigov, and thence came weaver. Why in such large enterprises upgrading of equipment has not changed anything yet? In fact, money invested, the labor expended, and the weavers and work the old fashioned way. During the All-Union School identified the reasons for the lag: working conditions worse than in other enterprises, and engineering support is weaker. One of the weavers both expressed their thoughts:

- Twenty-eight years, machines, and on such conditions, both at the Ivanovo worsted, I thought, we can only dream of. It turns out that the work of weavers can be much more interesting, easier and more productive. And not sometime in the future, and even now, today.

Past the vigilant eyes of honest working man is nothing. Far beyond the interests, concerns Golubeva beyond its purely professional duties. Year by year more mature, concise and complete it becomes a judgment, a deep knowledge of people, circumstances, a more precise approach to this or that problem.

In the summer of 1985 the defense of a diploma at the Ivanovo Textile Institute. And then what? As the fate of a gifted working man who received higher engineering education? Some experience in this area and there Ivanovo. The workers in the textile region learn, grow. Trust them fully responsible, important executive positions. There is a time of occupation forces and the soul and the engineer Golubeva. In the meantime? While she was going to work hard at their machines, job like all my heart. It is the working group it considers most of its native element.

Somehow ... the Finnish filmmaker made a film about compatriot Golubeva, Zoya Pavlovna Pooh, noble weaver, future director of the first factory-machine name on March 8, the future chairman of the Ivanovo Oblast Executive Committee. He looked and Textile College, where there was a defense of the graduation projects. From the audience fluttered happily defended graduate. Trained eye immediately identified and the sparkle in her eyes overflowing human excitement. The operator inadvertently delayed, with a smile diplomnitse wished happiness, still "success in the future such as a compatriot Zoya Pavlovna Pooh." She thanked the sly, but did not say that the wish was made Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of State Prize of evening college student. And, as it now appears, the future engineer, a specialist higher qualification, the future of the Hero of Socialist Labor Valentina Golubeva.

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