Suzdaltsev Alexander

Yuri Petrovich Bronnikov

Liholat Vladimir F.

Gorban Gregory

Strelchenko Ivan

Vovk Love Yosifovna

Tozik Leonid Afanasievich

Chashchin Sergei Petrovich

Tokumtaev Smagul Kusainovich

Shamil Aliyev Rustamovich

Ivanov Vasily Kuzmich


Great events and affairs of the country is full of life. In cares and works fast time flies. Completed the third year in a further five-year-Soviet tenth anniversary. Each of our five-year plan is an important milestone in the history of the motherland. This is a wonderful head of one great book, which tells of the heroic work of our people in the name of socialism and communism.

As the economy is continuously growing wealth and prosperity of the Soviet people. At the same time a free socialist labor transforms the man himself, the creator of wealth, making it even more fully developed, active and happy. One of the most important outcome of development of Soviet society, noted at the XXV Congress of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, is a Soviet citizen. "The man who succeeded, winning the freedom to defend it in the most violent battles. The man who built the future, sparing no effort and going to make any sacrifices. A person who, having passed all the tests, he has changed beyond recognition, combines the ideological conviction and great vitality, culture, knowledge and ability to apply them. " Developed socialism-a society of free and full of workers. No other society in human history has raised so high authority of labor. The position and prestige of a person we have determined in good faith and fruitful work for the benefit of society and, therefore, for the benefit of each of its members.

Our people appreciate the Leninist party prowess going ahead, all those who are working honestly and efficiently to the prosperity of the motherland. Our country is becoming more Heroes of Socialist Labor, millions of workers were awarded orders and medals, were awarded honorary degrees. A clear expression of public recognition of outstanding achievement was the awarding of a large group of workers of the USSR State Prize in 1978. This is truly the color and the pride of the working class. In the third book of Chronicles tells all labor glory of the twenty three Heroes of Socialist Labor, three of them were awarded the title of this double-miner II Strelchenko, fitters, VA Smirnov, and G. Ya Gorban steelmaker.

Them, the representatives of different spheres of production, have in common the ability to work enthusiastically, in the state relate to our common great cause. Work for them was truly a joy and a daily display of heroism. This patriotic people of high debt, whose deeds and thoughts reflected in the great age of building communism.

Many people in the world interested in the social profile of the developed socialism, the life, work, thoughts, and thoughts of our rights pioneer, inspired builder of communist society. Our foreign friends admire the social optimism of the Soviet people, seek to know the origins of their love for work and to his homeland. And our class enemies are making great efforts to help with the false and malicious propaganda to distort the facts and phenomena of our social life.

The story of the life and work of real Soviet people, presented in the book, will help expose the lies of enemies, but friends will reveal the "secrets" of social optimism, labor valor of the Soviet people, their quiet confidence in the future.

In the Annals of labor glory many exciting facts and specific numbers. Well, the numbers can also "work" if they have a live learning experience, a powerful anthem sound creative work. Here's how to write about this in his book, Hero of Socialist Labor, worker association "Kirov factory" Konstantin Govorushin: "Every time walking to his shop to the same track, I look at the board performance. And when the numbers on her good-often it happens, I feel joy. Indeed, the results of our work depends on how we live today, and how we will live tomorrow, and whether or not peace on earth, and will be happy if our children and grandchildren! "

In these words of wisdom of the experienced worker, and the experience of life and the essence of the Soviet man.

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