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Rybakov Viktor

Brigadier fitters Dzerzhinsk assembly management trust "Volgoneftehimmontazh"

Rybakov Viktor We talk about the collective and the individual. Hero of the essay with us yet. There his comrades in labor. They represent a large and complex group, which employs fitters foreman Viktor Rybakov. They talk about it all that they knew what had been witnessed for more than one decade. Fishermen came in Dzerzhinsk assembly management trust "Volgoneftehimmontazh" in 1950 after graduating vocational school. We can say that most modern chemical plants that are built here and is well known, and the country, built with his participation. On each of the objects he has left his mark, he added, everyone invaluable experience.

Installers are collected the most complex technological equipment and the construction of ammonia production in the union, "Emery." Create capacity for the manufacture of plastic resins and cable to "caprolactam". Pulled here, in Dzerzhinsk, a pipeline from Kstovo with Novogorkovsk refinery. Yes, and they will not list all of these installed, assembled and erected in one of the largest chemical center of the country, Dzerzhinsk.

After Gorky Dzerzhinsk in the first place in the field of industrial potential. From this came out well-known throughout the country, scientists, heads of the chemical industry. Special glory of Dzerzhinsk are the people that create the chemical complexes and complex aggregates are a continuous process streams.

Among those who built it, and is building new assembly-management team. Five hundred and thirty fitters, foremen, engineers, "attributed" to the operating and under construction chemical complexes.

Installers, people are a special profession. - Work between earth and heaven, - not without pride in the nature of their work and belonging to him said Vasily Kurach-deputy secretary of the party bureau-assembly upravleniya. Who feel about this work, that is, consider, stuck with him for a lifetime. Fishermen, one of them.

To characterize the group should be noted that not only in Dzerzhinsk, so to speak, to "regular" objects installers do their difficult job. Their "assault troops" landed in the Uzbek city of Chirchik, where the equipment mounted on the second stage of the production of the liquid ammonia. Do not stay away from the collective construction of the pipeline, originating at the world famous Urengoy and thrown over more than four thousand miles of difficult in our western border. Pumping stations on the territory of Mordovia in Tarbeevo, object, mounted Dzerzhinsky installers.

They find inner reserves, are the objects of agriculture Nechernozemie. And by the way is called one of the major meat processing plant, constructions powerful Ilinogorskogo pig farm. The team dispatched to the installation of process plant equipment installers the best: "To our contribution to the rise of Nechernozemie was awarded Quality Mark."

And by the way it was said, can be seen that these words are hiding the true meaning of the labor collective of assemblers.

There is clearly emerges a simple, but not unequivocal truth: in a team easy to work, pursue any given production problem. And it is not easy to stand out, to be somewhat higher than these experienced workmates.

- He seems to be like everyone else. Also collects, assembles structures. Works the same as other assemblers, tool. And yet in some ways he is different ...

It entered into conversation superintendent Victor A. rude. Three dozen years, he works in Dzerzhinsk assembly management. In his eyes went emergence of many installers, which now boasts a team. Victor P. Rybakov, is no exception.

- So what is it different? What stands out in a group?

- His attitude. Heightened sense of responsibility ... and, of course, professional skill. It is not ostentatious, and because the eye is not immediately evident. A result of work lets you know: this is a great master.

- And more-personal attitude to his comrades, 'added the master Yuri I. machines.

He is well known. Before becoming a master of plot, he worked as a fitter in the brigade, which to this day since 1959, led by Rybakov. Machines studied in Dzerzhinsk Chemical Technology College evening classes. Learning takes time. And often the most expensive, labor-time. When the task is calculated for the whole team, and you're in a very "hot" for the team hours and days to go to classes at the college, the foreman, on his understanding of the social importance of studying his companion depends on how the relationship will develop in the brigade.

- After my share of the team took over. And I did what condemning words, a single oblique view can not remember. All helped me. And when the cum and I was offered the position of the master, besides Rybakov came for advice.

- And what happened?

- Yes, because I had doubts. To be honest, I could not decide to leave the kids. By Rybakov went for moral support.

Viktor Petrovich for such discussion has long been ready. Logically, it appeared just a man cum in her arms, to be his supervisor, a specialist. And the conversation was easy and the business, having calmed down machine.

- Take offense to your team is, if a site-uydesh. and smiled - a fact for such a specialist trained.

As a chip on my shoulder fell off a car. And she went to talk about something else, is how to better organize the work of the brigade.

Yuri I. tells of an episode for the small scale assembly management team. But for him, and for ten of the team, where he worked under the direction of Rybakov, maintenance fitter, a significant event. Of the teams Rybakov, "just so" no one leaves. If staff leave, it is only in connection with the nomination, or foremen, as the machine-masters. And they leave this team is not without heartache. Here the very healthy microclimate, which is as much about creating sociologists say, care managers, community organizations.

It is in this team and grow a truly hardened people. From this came out and became team leaders Anatoly Makarov, Yuri Makarov, Alexander Efimov ... And that is typical, do not stop in its growth. Alexander Yefimov finished the evening department of Dzerzhinsk Chemical Engineering College. He became a master, then the superintendent. Communists elected him secretary of the party bureau assembly department.

I look at my car, and he understands that I compared the two in some ways similar to the ascent, and Efimov. It is easy to understand that the original point they have one: a team of Viktor Petrovich Rybakov. And it's not a coincidence. This is a vital position, which develops the person under the influence of the collective. Learn, to strengthen the skills to be more useful, and in his general practice, this is the collective motive of the ordinary human perfection. Here he rang twice. And in both cases I see courageous calm self-assured man who all his behavior, attitude to work is pushing fellow at the decisive step on the path of improvement.

Or maybe not? All, of course, be cleared up when I hear the most Rybakov. But judging by what I already know about him, his influence on what is happening around him, no one will deny not.

People who met with me and the telling of his comrade, try not to miss any details of any significant characterizing Rybakov. In their view, it is easy to understand and accessible by everyone who meets him at least for a brief moment. However, the installers to test the strength of a person on business acumen, perhaps, more time and is not required.

- And that he can not deny it-reliable-Victor A. Grubov silent, believing, apparently, that the explain this human quality, waste of time.

Rybakov Viktor We meet on the Sabbath day, when the rush seems to be nowhere. And agreed to meet on this day, precisely because it does not hurt anybody.

- Reliable, you say? And what? How was it? On the "caprolactam"? .. Yes, it was one of the largest enterprises of the industry. This new facility being constructed for the production of chlorine. The builders completed their work, laid the foundations, built the walls and floors production building and went to other objects. It should be noted that the particular alarm at this time, "Chlorine" did not cause: the production was not listed in the list of start-up and surrender to no one prepared. It was planned to pass the object in the first quarter of next, in 1984. Thunder started in August 1983. On the "Caprolactam" began arriving titanium links of large diameter pipeline and the construction of tanks for chlorine production. It was the turn of installers.

We were moved down cold. A titanium piping to the existing technology can be cooked only in warm weather. But the choice we did not have ... The events of those days have been deposited Grubova memory and their uniqueness. Although the state is not too unusual and rare in the profession of the man.

Now the action of the time seem simple and natural. It was necessary to remove the object from the other team Rybakov and throw it on the "live site". Such a solution would be to simply, . had to be eaten in the autumn season soar line of base metal. And then-titanium!

- And to be honest, some people have been spinning in the language of the word, ready to break: "If only they did not until the spring came, these sections are made of titanium ..." Grubov-laughs-And they came ...

The team accepted the job safely Rybakov. She was not the first time to follow their team leader on the task of special importance. And then understand how you want. Whether Rybakov sent back to where particular tensions evolved? Whether a team sent there, where more complicated, because it directs the Fishermen?

- He was a born organizer of the group. And not just manufacturing. He's still in the area and Party Organizers. - Vasily Kurach reports this as a self-evident. Say, can not be such a person does not win the respect of the Communists.

Fishermen ... led his men on the titanium piping.

- From the team leader is required? Quite a bit: to teach people, to arrange for jobs. And another example to show how to work in a shock is necessary.

This is his credo. He set up a team of employment. He showed an example of in shock. There seems to make sense to talk about the technology of assembly, although the efforts of people like Rybakov, assembly endowed with a particular poetry work profession. The team increased the pace of installation. It pre-empted attack cold. The pipeline from the insidious and titanium tanks of chlorine in a new production of caprolactam have been handed over on time.

Won another victory. She is happy with no less than the work performed in the spring, in May, at the same "caprolactam". Then the team assembled an experienced team Rybakov isothermal reservoir of "steel" for the storage of liquid oxygen. It was a responsible job. For the first time chemists have provided technology for storage of oxygen in these huge containers at a temperature of minus 196 degrees. Such temperatures require special care, high-quality work. The team gave such a quality Rybakov.

Completion of work on the insulated reservoir coincided with the event, which is largely rebuilt and complicate an already not very quiet life Rybakov: in May he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. For the first time Victor P. internally changed myself for the team is not worried, not for the work which was done every day, and for themselves. It was as simple and accessible understanding of each. But the award of added responsibility. From him are now needed more personal efforts in solving the problems facing the management team of installation.

- is changing not only the look but also the technological essence of chemicals. Mount them becomes more difficult. Often requires not only the ability to read blueprints, but also with the designers to change the design of nodes, technology installation. And we do it. And not for whom it is not surprising. A simple thank the designers and take for granted: the practice is more visible ...

In August, the team conducted complicated installation work at the chemical complex of polyurethane foams in the union, "Emery." Scheduled task team teams on a regular basis significantly overfulfilled. Fishermen simply explains the situation:

- We reached the maximum use of technology, and above all lifting equipment. Mastered a perfect installation of major process units, which are collected at the plant installation pieces created by the management, and bring to an object.

It may seem that there's "blocks" and he is a simplified working process installers. So it seemed to me. But this is only the first perception of a complex assembly of production, which varies under the influence of technological progress, the introduction of advanced domestic and international experience. And much of this process depends on the work of groups allied with a team of installers. Rybakov and his comrades, brought up on strict and equitable principles of mutual demands, acutely experiencing disruptions in the work caused by subcontractors.

- Here we have been assembling in the production of heat Communications Complex polyurethane association "Corundum", said Viktor, a full-on volume of work we needed more than four units of valves, and by the end of the first half of the assembly was delivered only eight units. And it means ...

You can easily guess what it meant and what worried the foreman. First of all, the team failed in the terms established schedule, to a hydraulic test of heating systems. From this fact follows the second disappointment: the team was unable to transfer the obligations stipulated in the terms of the object subcontractors, going after them in the technological chain. And this in turn meant that the time will not be made socialist pledges with all its consequences. And there is probably stronger for Rybakov grief than to bring subcontractors. But it sometimes happens. And not his fault.

Organization of business-union competition. But as the party organizer of a group of Communists installation section Viktor does not stand apart from this work. Organization of competitions between teams enables mounting around the area where he partgruporg, to achieve high production success and often win in the socialist competition among collectives Dzerzhinsk assembly department.

But it so happens that does not win. Why not? The answer to this question partgruporg, installers foreman VP Rybakov gives in the article "Party group Worries," which publishes the city newspaper "Dzerzhinets":

"Today, the construction pipeline includes a number of links: the customer with its suppliers, engineering companies, contractor, subcontractors, adjusters. To this pipeline operated smoothly, we need mutual discipline of execution. All is well aware that we have a problem, overall: to meet their high quality work on time. Unfortunately, we understand, understand, but do not always follow this principle. "

Rybakov specific facts supporting the need to focus each member of the construction process on the efficient performance of duties on construction in a timely manner, in compliance with a clear interaction between them. In this article, the whole character of Viktor Petrovich, restless, principled, not concealing defects in the name in order to work together quickly to fix them.

He could cite many examples of how it was together to solve complex problems. But he says about himself reluctantly. And I will use the fact that I told Vasily Kurach and Victor A. rude. It was in 1983. A large group of installers to three brigades, was removed from the industrial facilities in Dzerzhinsk and transferred to the launcher construction of agriculture - meat processing plant.

They worked well. Understood that the object is very important. Do not pass it in time, then leave without a livestock processing base. And what is it, when the content is tens of thousands of animals, there is no need to explain. The modern meat processing plant, the company is technically very difficult. For installers are working enough. Pulled pipes for water and steam, mounted ammonia, refrigeration units.

But the good mood spoiled by the fact that lagged behind hardware for suspended monorail. And the way music was going on the project through the entire process flow, from the receiver to the warehouse of finished products.

But that's hanging conveyor equipment began to arrive. And then on this crucial area, which depended on the timely submission of the object, set crew Rybakov.

Viktor has not changed its rule. No matter how the road was every minute, he did not go threw the assembly: "One of the principles of successful work-study people."

But there was something to learn. Overhead Monorail-thing is not easy. He, with all its metal requires verified the accuracy of the installation. Otherwise, many will have trouble operatives. A sum of those who will come after his team, is not in the nature of the foreman and his team. Studied in detail the monorail track installers, its design features, the nature of the conjugation sites, and other equally important "stuff." After that, Rybakov said: "Well, now let's go!"

Construction was waiting for the pipeline, and the team remained committed to really hammer work. Work goes. The consciousness of belonging to the challenges posed by the country's Food Program, it seemed udesyateryalo force.

Doubt that it was due to delays in delivery of equipment for the monorail will be torn down dates for businesses in operation, gradually dispersed. Team assemblers Rybakov team leaders met the expectations of management, its party organization. Installation of "monorail" is not delayed delivery of the plant to the customer. All of the installers have been adopted by the Commission with the evaluation "excellent". The top five in the largest agro-industrial site Gorki region. Five for a real contribution to the development of agricultural production Nechernozemie.

Fishermen recently returned from holiday: relaxing in the near Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast. The weather was lucky. Tan. Bathed every day. Well rested team leader.

- And what happened during the absence? Do not pass the position of installers?

- Do not passed.

Could not pass and did not pass. Fishermen believe that without him the team would work as well as with him. This, apparently, is the art director, so put it to the staff did not feel any difficulty than in its absence. Viktor Rybakov has created a team. His form the backbone of the fitters, who have vast experience. With peace of mind conveys authority Brigadier Viktor Vladimir Nikolaevich Sarchevu. With him they worked for nearly two decades.

For Rybakov's the year when the team appeared Sarchev especially memorable. The team worked on the installation of equipment ammonia production in the union, "Emery." At this site the first time in Dzerzhinsky installers applied the method of installation of the gas tanks coiled pieces.

New for us this was the case. But we understand this: This method is advantageous in many respects. First, roll billets are more compact. This means that for transport and loading and unloading of great benefit. At the assembly area they occupy less space. Finally, during installation, if nabesh hand, it goes faster.

The problem was, according to the story of Viktor Petrovich, to "fill the hand." And to the credit of the foreman and his team of installers have mastered the new technology in perfection. Its objects are huge, thousands of cubic meters of "wet gas tanks" for oxygen, nitrogen and other products has put the team ahead of schedule. The work group has been highly noted in the administration. A team leader Viktor Rybakov was in that year was awarded the Order of Lenin.

And Vladimir Sarchev then made his first step. Now he is deputy Rybakov. On a team leader can rely on. This means that it is recognized as one of the leaders of the team not only Rybakov, but the whole team. Viktor with great respect to name names fitters Yuri Mikhailovich Kontnogo, Nikolai Ivanovich Timatkina. This is a support group, his intellectual and professional core. They all know. They will catch no surprise surprise mounting technology. They help young as he would have helped Rybakov. He believes that the success of the case, the rate of attack will be when the team realized the deep purpose under construction: "Blind-run small reason." And this consciousness of itself does not come. His need to educate. Constantly, persistently. And not in general terms, for which the essence is lost, and a concrete example, straightforward comparison.

- So you've heard about the production of polyurethane? Well, of course. And we've heard ... They said that it is very important. Yes, we do suspect that it is very important. Look after building what. Its the end of the twelfth five-year plan made ... Do you know that up to a sense of its importance has come? Through an example. That is to take at least a car seat ... How many parts, springs, gaskets, ... Assume we have a foam-and all this will not have to. Molded seat obtyanul cloth, artificial leather, and putting the car. Can you imagine how the complexity of the consumers will decrease. Yes, and to use the seat is more comfortable for the driver or passenger.

Ironically, this example is very dohodchiv. In it a true concern for people. And you bring this concern to the finished object to. We are working on this site. Ownership, as it were, to a large and important business ... Ownership to a great cause-the starting point that helps to educate the staff team leader. I asked Rybakov: Does the team use the CTS? Viktor said - \ "firmly and with conviction:

- In its application in the team, I see no reason to. Yes, and the whole team thinks so ...

He thought for a moment and then said: You do not get as though Rybakov goes against the flow. CTS is a tool for additional exposure primarily on loafers, the violators. But such is not the team. Therefore, the basic principle of financial incentives - the professional level and hours worked.

Time team knows how to take care of. Taking the commitment to improve productivity in addition to the instructions of one percent, well above its staff. And this despite the fact that due to operational needs, a team often being moved from object to object, where her work is more necessary. And now there was an instruction to go to the installation of pipelines and steel structures at the sites Novogorkovsk refinery in Kstovo.

Of course, any relocation is difficult, with a certain loss of those hours that raise productivity. But Rybakov and his friends realize that there is, apparently, there will be a need to continue production. When and private interests is not an object, area, team, and for the general case, the end result should leave immediately, for example, Dzerzhinsk, to immediately appear on the site Kstovo.

There already are several teams, says Rybakov.-They need help ...

He does not refuse to help his team. The brigade will not refuse to help another team. Goes to help with this hunt, it is easy, as in the case, which is predetermined in advance. This rate of production achieved by raising mutual conscious attitude towards work.

The recently held election meetings of party organization management. Partgruporg Viktor Rybakov spoke at the meeting. He spoke of the need to strengthen the work of all Communists to strengthen labor discipline and education of the young builders of the conscious, the communist attitude toward labor. He spoke of the need to do what he does every day, each of its industrial success, the brigadier's decision, the Board of mentor.

When Viktor told me about the theme of his speech at the meeting, I remembered the story of Vasily Kuracha. Deputy Secretary of the party bureau, explaining, through which the team can beat the target control of construction works at the 9-10 per cent, said:

Time we began working to make fuller use. Now his loss does not exceed one tenth of a percent.

I then thought that the problem is trust, and firmly resolved. And I asked Rybakov, why he came back to it at the meeting?

- So after "ten", then the left ... And then there is still unaccounted losses. Some late, and someone ahead of time away from the area want. Do installers work very responsible. And discipline is here in the first place to stand. From it has the quality and quantity goes.

Rybakov's better to know. He was fitter now and forever. All my life I worked in construction electric welder and his wife, Valentina. She is now retired. Parents gave children a good life, and hardened. Work with the Komsomol, the youth is committed to educating the eldest son of Sergei Rybakov. He is an instructor Dzerzhinsky Komsomol. Goal-oriented guy, and the younger was Alexander. In 1983 he joined the Gorky Institute of Medicine. Will the family Rybakov with time and the doctor.

Victor P. sons proud. His achievement, school achievement, and the Young Communist League that catch on to his sons a love of knowledge. But a little sad, however, that they are not builders will now be listed. The choice of a profession, is a serious matter, says Viktor. In this case, must be taken into account adolescent addiction. It is bad when you make a mistake.

All my life I can cripple a young person incompetent advice, and even worse undue parental insistence.

- They themselves are able to choose their way. Our job is to help them worthy of it to pass.

He himself was worthy of a place and period of the chosen path. In this way a lot and had to go through and see. In this way he became famous for his selfless work, attitude. He earned the respect of the whole team of installers, who brought him to the best of the working man.

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