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Shcheblykin Paul Y.


Shcheblykin Paul Y.

Drilling foreman Shatlykskogo Drilling Operations Association "Turkmengazprom" Hero of Socialist Labor

Shcheblykin Paul Y. There were no signs of the storm. In an "extended hand bumpy powerful desert-dunes. The sand on their steep slopes, smoothed gentle "hand" of the wind stiffened shallow ripple-like expanse of lakes, nearly untouched flown squall. But then the wind blew. First, slack - started off quietly rolled forward balls dry camel thorn, furrowing the surface of clean sand. Branches of rare shrubs kandym trembled, stretching, and bending over the earth. "Puffed" flowing in the air with fine sand dune tops, pure yellow delayed the horizon, yet transparent haze:

- Garmsil, 'said my companion, anxiously looking around. Yes, it started garmsil, hot drying wind deserts. He tossed on the heaving into the sky light clouds of sand prickly, brittle branches broke, folded tube pale green leaves, tightly beaten in the face. The sand crunched on the teeth, crouch under the lapels of his jacket. And there was no salvation from it, instantly dry throat, painful thirst barely quenched lukewarm, unpleasant-tasting water. All around the delayed yellow haze was thick deafening howl of the wind.

- Turn on the drill. By Shcheblykin - shouted poputchik.-More is nowhere to hide.

Tractor, hoarse roar engines began to climb the difficult sloping dune. Outside, the cabin continued to rage, rage sand storm.

After about half an hour on the horizon in a yellow haze seemed flimsy vague outlines of the derrick, heard through the howling wind muffled clatter of diesels. Despite the bad weather, drilling has lived and worked.

On the threshold of sand poluzasypannogo trailer drifters we met a strong, slender, youthful-looking man. He shook hands and introduced himself:

- Pavel Yakovlevich Shcheblykin. Here too, as they say, is really the wind has brought guests. Come, you are welcome, tea is boiling. Peredohnete. Wind a while, an hour or subsides.

We drove to another, more famous at the time the drill. But bad weather, as fate. unexpectedly for the first time brought us together with Pavel Yakovlevich.

Gusts of wind shook the thin walls of the trailer, but here it was not terrible. On a small table stood bowls with green tea, "pushing" toward a solid pile of books, charts and calculations. Seeing my curious gaze, embarrassed Shcheblykin explained:

- But here I sit, I study the composition of rocks, the experience of others take over. Around the feeling that he was an outstanding man, inquisitive, thorough. Of those who elect it to your whole life trying to know him as deeply as possible.

- In place in our business does not stand, 'continued the thought Paul Yakovlevich.-Drilling business is developing by leaps and literally by the hour. We have to learn to drill faster and more economical.

Outside, the wind blew the sand over the vast expanses of the Western deserts. Nobody ever suspected that only a few months here under the lifeless sand dunes Koturdepe will be opened in Central Asia's largest oil field. No one yet knew that soon the drillers' vskroyutsya "and giant" storehouses "of natural gas and condensate, Achak, Naip, Gugurtli. And the largest among them - Shatlykskoe gas field with reserves of over one trillion cubic meters.

Did not know that we are, and Pavel Yakovlevich Shcheblykin, and that had most actively involved in these discoveries changed the image of Turkmenistan. While our conversation was flowing slowly.

- In Turkmenistan, I recently talked-Paul-Yakovlevich. arrived here from the Krasnodar Territory. How? Managing our trust Nikolai Kuzmich Pando moved here. A year went on vacation. He says: "Come with me to Turkmenistan will not regret it. Very promising region. " The temptation was great, to see new places, and of hope, of course ...

- On what?

- Each drillers seeking their fortune. As a tractor plowing a field, and the fall harvest. Our "harvest" is a new field. To do this, and drilled the ground.

- Job you have inherited?

- Oh, no. Drilling was just linearized by accident. During the war I was a student at the fleet of locksmith Khadyzhenskaya. One of the city left, I got the drill. For the first time and saw the tower, and pipes, and chisel. Interest, as people enter into the ground? Here is where the mind and poraskinut, power to make. In short, I realized, the road to my rig. Came all the Krasnodar region. Now here in Turkmenistan. Well, here, the wind seems to be verse ...

The door creaked on the verge of a broad-shouldered young man grew up.

- You can pick up the column, Paul Y.?

- Start, said the Shcheblykin, rising from his chair and took the helmet.

- A good team is going, 'said Young nam.-all, but it does not matter. Together we will gain experience.


Almost all of Turkmenistan has traveled since Pavel Yakovlevich Shcheblykin. Never forget it difficult kilometers from Nebit Dagh to Koturdepe, where in 1955 his third driving of drilling an exploration well led.

It is now a great place asphalt road, paved high-power lines, water pipes. In the desert town grew. And then what? Where are the trucks and on foot where getting to remote drilling. Guarded as the apple of his eye every drop of fresh water, fuel, carrying several watches in a row due to the fact that it is not able to break through the drifts the next shift. Not complaining, believe in luck, in his star.

"There must be oil", according to experts. And the drillers believed them, struggling with difficulties, disruptions in supply.

... Opening day began as usual. On the change of watch-driller Shcheblykin. Once again, raised, and unscrewed the tube, once again took out a tight cylinder of compressed rock-sample.

Pavel Yakovlevich took her in his arms and finally felt a familiar smell ... Sharp smell of oil. Raised-to-face, even dizzy. Pressed a strong calloused hand through his fingers stood out large drops of an oily liquid, which can not be confused with anything. Oil!

A number of already standing pombury and other workers at the time of ceasing work, gathered the whole watch.

- Oil, boys, 'said Shcheblykin quietly, he has not quite believe it. What waited years for which endured all the hardships, it seems, has come to pass.

Cylinder sample crumbled in my hands a coarse dark sand. And Paul Ya could not resist - gently lifted fragrant mass to weather-beaten and cracked lips in the wind. First tasted in my life, "their" oil.

And then, without saying a word, all ran to the little wagon driller, who pored over the schedule for the next week, still unaware of the opening. Burst into the crowded room all at once, filled it to overflowing. Surrounded by the master, and, looking at their feverish eyes shining, excited faces, even the pale Sarkisian is not whether an accident occurred while he was writing this paper?

- Oil, master-stretched mound of sand in the palm of Shcheblykin.

- Really?-Glad Sarkisian, in turn, looking and sniffing ed. Yes, oil.

After a few hours out of the hole scored a black fountain okatyvaya them, dancing with joy, heavy jets. And then a few more wells drilled neighbors and told: in Koturdepe discovered a large oil field, later called Lenin. But no matter how great the joy of the first opening-driller is always ahead of new roads. Other drill out the open field, and the office towers of exploration drilling went on, were put on new, untested structures, vekil-Bazarskoy and Uch-Tepinskoy, Bezmeinskoy and Mayo.

Shcheblykin Paul Y. Hundreds of kilometers of uncharted road among the dunes on the parched, sun-calcined up to hardness of the stone steppe, foothills and plains. Got Shcheblykin ido of the "edge" southernmost point of the Soviet land-Kushka. And then, drilling has become a master Shcheblykin got a team on the Ju-Ju land-Cloud in the southeastern Karakum Desert. Once again, the third one went well. I remembered a long-standing fifty-fifth year. And suddenly, and this will be happy?

Drilled for gas. Reached the design elevation. Gains plugging machines. Uploaded. in the trunk of a heavy clay mud. Far below, under the ground, muffled shots were heard. Began to change the solution to the lighter specific gravity.

And then he spilled the terrible whistle of the outlet pipe, suddenly covered the frost, scattered around the recent heavy spray. And roared, boomed gas. Pale flashed in the bright light of day rocket, describing a gentle path. A red light was gone, instantly dissolved in a pale blue, buzzing as several jet engines, fire broke out at the end of the outlet pipe.

The third well drilled team Shcheblykin, was first announced to the world the discovery of one of the largest in the Soviet Union gas condensate fields. It took a little time, and he was given the name Shatlyk, which means joy. Under cover of a sandy desert lurked a huge, hundreds of billions of cubic meters of gas reserves.

- Good luck, someone remarked, after hearing about the success of Shcheblykin.

Lucky? That, again, good luck? But she is capricious and never comes to people indifferent, executing his duties "from here to here." Shcheblykin is in constant creative search. For him, every passing day is another, albeit small, but a step in the new, unknown. As in drilling technology, and in relationships with people.

- Not moving, then, without much purpose to live is not interesting - says drilling foreman.

In recent years, rig crews Shcheblykin mostly "moved" by Shatlykskomu field. Here, in the southeastern Karakum Desert, the team celebrated driller made the greatest progress. He always led by socialist competition among the teams association "Turkmenburgaz."

Plan and the commitments of the Ninth Five Brigade completed a half years ahead of schedule. Drilled a total of 36,000 meters. In 1976, the plan passed the 5900 6221 meter. On the 60th anniversary of Great October scheblykintsy pledged to fulfill the task and the annual end of the year to drill another 400 meters further. Those are just numbers. For them, working life.

... On the rig - the next delegation. We arrived friends - drillers

- Good organization of work is impossible without establishing order. The tool must be debugged and be in excellent condition, the necessary materials - always at hand, in the designated areas. It. details can not be, says Shcheblykin. And in his mouth does not sound all that conventional wisdom, a kind of morality, one can see large effectiveness of his words. They "tested" and proven over the years of work and searching.

- The second stage of success-the organization of watches. Each shift has a detailed idea of what, when and how to do it. We had previously proposed schedule for delivery of necessary parts and materials, prepare plans for a preparatory and auxiliary activities. I'll show them later, Brigadier-promises.

He did not spare the time and effort, introduces visitors to the technical changes introduced at the rig, generously shares with interest everything that he collected the crumbs over the entire working life, which has amassed during two decades of practice of the drilling foreman. Shcheblykin wants all teams to work as it became available to the success of all the achievements were common.

- All that is hidden, it was gone, all that he gave, that thy-master. likes to say, I myself have studied all my life for others.

Therefore, and not burdened his frequent guests at the arrivals experience. After a detailed examination of drill Shcheblykin usually leads them to his little "poselochek" of the four cabins. Here he explains nothing, but everything is clear. TV, media player, the receiver. On the shelves, checkers, chess, newspapers and magazines. In the dirty shoes are not included here.

Prior to becoming a drilling foreman, a young Shcheblykin passed through all stages: a podsobnikom, assistant driller, driller. He knows the value of hard work on the rig, he knows what is to come back to the site, poorly rested, with broken spirits, imagining it is not clear aims and objectives of their work. It is not only measured by its need for the ruble ... That is why the team leader is trying to create maximum comfort for each of their comrades. To each of them after a tense watch could properly relax, listen to music, watch interesting programs on TV, find something for everyone. In the evening at one of the wagons going off work to listen to political information, talk heart to heart with his team leader, mentor, with senior colleagues.

- Pavel Yakovlevich have an interesting man, says the assistant driller Bayramov.-Aman was a delegate at the XVI Congress of Trade Unions, where he was elected a member of the All. He told us a lot of the Congress, on how delegates perceived speech by Leonid Brezhnev. And you know, after talking with him in a different way works. Intuitively, imagine that mean for our country overdelivery meter penetration and additional cubic meters of gas. Working on the conscience.

On the conscience ... It is difficult to say precisely. At Shatlyk team drilled over the past few years, 72 wells, is not easy even to imagine. Without a single accident. Each well give up ahead of time and was drilled "perfectly well".

To correct operatives excavation and preparation of well drillers to work is crucial. This means that gas will flow smoothly, well for a long time did not require repair, and thus increase fuel production. So, the conscience, the team works Shcheblykin. Wells taken from her operation, the most reliable in the oil fields.

Now come on drilling new technology - automatic tool. Increased skills and technical workers, increased drilling experienced staff. But still, to go forward, we should seek a creative, tireless.

- You know what thirty years of work ... an enormous baggage-AP Serbs told me, the instructor of industrial and transportation department of the Mary Province Party Committee, studied in detail the work experience team Scheblykina.-I specifically watched the foreman a few days and realized, if not the main "secret" of his success, one of them . Good luck, let me note, increasing from year to year. And it's not so much who can.

Serbs thought, rubbing his forehead, trying as much as possible to articulate his thoughts. Unwilling to emotions, he preferred to talk facts, dry and sharp.

- Pavel Yakovlevich always "goes deep into the" get to the most that neither is the little things. Let me tell you, for example, the story of only one of his team drilled wells. Take two hundred and fifty two, located in the heart of the West Shatlykskogo field. The project depth of 3340-meters. Terms of drilling, as you have seen, is not easy. But the trunk was performed on forty-five days ahead of time, ROP 611.8 meters per month is the best indicator of the union "Turkmenburgaz."

And now let's see, how could Shcheblykin team to achieve such results. At a rate of 114 bits spent only 80. A flow rate of the tool will tell you pretty hard. So, the secret to savings in the fact that Paul Y. carefully studying the composition of rocks, their hardness and thus picks up the mark bits. Not persuade him to take on any stock, he still gets its way, be sure to get the right tool.

Or take another - the use working time. In the team working on the account every minute, I'm not exaggerating. On each rig are the so-called downtime, for example, when changing the brake pads or rotary drill line. The other teams at this time of "rest." A scheblykintsy do preventive inspection and preventive maintenance. Carefully designed and selected mode of operation-linking BHA, the proportion of mud, turbodrills and everything else. Not one bit downhill into the borehole is not made without careful examination.

- And then they all understand each other perfectly! Ends-suddenly-Serbov. high qualifications, knowledge, discipline, each member of the team at the highest level, hence the success.

For decades, along with Pavel Yakovlevich Shcheblykin work drillers Boris P. Surkov, Hidyr Soyunov, locksmiths Yuri Glukhov, Aleksandr Danilovich Moyse, assistant drillers Pirim Pirimov, Yuri Mikhailovich Matsenko and others. They came to the team at different times, but stayed in it forever. Staff turnover in the team minimum - only the young leaves in the army, or to study. But a lot and come back. The team that neither is an international friendship and firmly soldered.

Team evolved a long time, but now, as a monolith, one from the other no one can tear. Those who long for the ruble came here (and earnings really good), he goes. No one, of course, does not drive, just the atmosphere in the team for a man not the same. This is not like just "work hard" and take into their family only to those who want to think, to look for meaningful work.

- I have twenty innovations, 'said Yuri Gluhov.-will, hopefully, more! Modern drilling and the plant is now not far behind. Here is what to improve. And fitter and driller. But I do not want to say about it. Supported me in time, Paul Y., helped the first sentence "to mind" to bring. Do not lazy, the engineer of the Control brought the three of us consulted. As Mary got the tools I needed. I made a device. And just another thought came into his head, then a third. Am I the first time for him to offer, frankly, without much hope of walking. I thought my idea of dumping, worthless. Take it with indifference, I would, believe me, nothing more, and would not have to invent. That's right Paul Yakovlevich Hero-give it not for themselves, for all lives. Now, thanks to him we have a team of innovators not list them, almost every "with the proposal."

- I Sheblykinu to the brigade went with one thought, to learn, says driller six-digit Hidyr Soyunov. in a team while learning from their mistakes will be a lot of bumps nabesh before the experience will come. And we have not. Novice Pavel Yakovlevich always there feels. With me it was the watch-he confided to me, and from the drill did not go. Worth watching, but it does not interfere. I myself have experienced thought, I remember a little bit angry with myself, I think he doubted me, or what? Lifted and the tool, I put a new bit and let the free running. He corrected himself: "Will quickly prikatay tool again." I blushed, and nowhere to go, Paul Y. rights. It was only thanks to him speak. And so many times it was. I can not say that it is very nice when you reformat. But now thanks to him for saying the science of the soul.

- In the airplane on the dashboard in front of the pilot guide plate. Consistently describes the steps, what to do before takeoff. Her loud each time around the crew of the first pilot reads. It seems that as long years of flying, why is that? And so it has long been known. However, the law. So we Shcheblykin accustomed to responsibility, 'added the story A driller Havantsev. trust-trust, and taking the watch-check all the details: visit the winch, tools, learn about the slaughter of the information itself, the mode of drilling mud there, find out what rocks are passed, that under them. And demanding friend to friend to develop, it became far less errors, defects. Each of us knows what the next watch anything "will not pass" and be prepared to surrender the most thorough manner. At first, grumbling, of course, thought it too finds fault with the foreman. And now everyone knows, this formulation of a common cause won. We now have one working on the excavation of two times more than other teams in the control.

Because of the Shcheblykin comrades say. Responsive, but at the same time demanding, in difficult times and help in word and deed ... He did not hear these comments when he said:

- When I Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council read that I was given the Hero, the night before dawn, believe me, he could not sleep. All of the guys remembered Yuri Glukhov, Vanya Hermit, Hidyra Soyunov, Boria Surkov, but all one word! It's not one I drilled, along with them. People of gold, without their help, advice, what I hero ...

So they work, one for all and all for one. And name them all together scheblykintsami by the name of the most experienced, persistent, creative, and who, sparing no heart and soul, time and effort, has managed to combine dozens of different people in a single monolithic group, taught them to live and work on the conscience, as he lives and works very simple old wartime, when the boy came into the working group.

Over the past few years, transformed a dull corner of the desert, the former borough Ju-Ju-Cloud. It appeared in its place Shatlyk is one of the largest gazopromyslov country. Glitter in the sun giant columns headworks, grew large automated plants for the collection and processing of gas. Every day in the central regions of the country served more than 100 million cubic meters of "blue fuel".

There is great merit Jakovljevic Shcheblykin Paul and his team. Those who have opened a unique field, helped to introduce it early in the system.

And looking at the night lights flooded semi-fantastic panorama Shatlyk says Shcheblykin:

- Believe me, could not even imagine that there is a rise. And a lot of work. And suddenly adds:

- And yet I stayed too long in one place! It's time for a new tower structure to relocate. How can we manage the exploration drilling. South Turkmen. Pulls him into the unknown. In the new region ...

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