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Arutyunyan Amalia Gaykovna


Arutyunyan Amalia Gaykovna

Weaver Leninakan cotton production association named after the May uprising

Arutyunyan Amalia Gaykovna "Time, as the weaver weaves its infinite canvas." The old adage is valuable to us, living today, that it put in a series of two such seemingly disparate concepts as the passage of time and the production of tissue. But it is only at first glance, since they both consist of even subtle, subtle, but still somewhat similar phenomena.

Second to second, and you have lived a decent period of time. The thread to thread and you admire the beautiful iridescent fabric.

But before we become harsh bright, colorful chintz, from which it wants to sew a beautiful dress, its bleached, impregnated, print a particular image, ironed, and only then will pull up the goods in pieces and sent to the warehouse of finished products. Buyers are very lucky, if the label roll from which they will measure the segment bright matter, would mean that it is made by Armenian textile workers from the city of Leninakan.

Each city has its own biography: one is calculated for decades, with another, goes back centuries. The history of Gyumri-Alexandropol-Leninakan has more than two millennia. Its beautiful ancient guise Leninakan, lying in the center of Shirak valley bordered by mountains. Literally every street of the city visible quadriceps Aragats. They love their city leninakantsy with whom we have noted in the 1984 60th anniversary of the renaming of the city Alexandropol Leninakan. It is noteworthy that the same numbers and the history of the first-born Armenian-textile factory named after the May revolt. This story is rich in works great masters. Yours is pronounced the name of one of zachinatelnits mnogostanochnogo movement at the mill weavers Astghik Petrosyan, the Hero of Socialist Labor. For four decades she has worked at the plant, now retired. It replaced the other masters who have worked on 12 and 20, and 24 machines. Of course, the machines were improved, the weavers have come to the aid of an engineering calculation and automatic, but it remained unchanged, which is not replaced by any machine, skill and experience of workers.

When the day-boys vocational school graduates kombinatskogo number 17 on the meeting with Astghik Petrosovnoy Petrossian asked her: "Which of the weavers, which replaced the older generation, you could identify themselves?" She answered without hesitation:

- Amalia Harutyunyan. From a young age Amalia named among the best Leninakan weavers. First, it has achieved an outstanding success, when, serving 23 of the machine, completed in five years the rate of eight and a half years. Since then she has every year, significantly overfulfilled taken personal socialist obligations. In 1980, Harutyunyan has expanded the service area of up to 26 machines, and in March 1981 moved to the maintenance of 29 machines, firing until the end of the year over the plan 30.6 thousand meters of gray cloth.

So it is to multiply the glory of the masters of the older generation Leninakan plant as Astghik Petrossian Karine Manukyan, Valentine Oganesyan.

To her it's long been a high professional skill, when the touch of your hands on the basis of the tension, the density of the fabric she feels the machine running and even standing with his back to the machine, the sound of flying the shuttle is able to determine whether we are working properly.

And together with the skill and maturity deservedly came, civic, spiritual. She was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, a member of the Republican Council of Trade Unions, it considers these ranks as the highest order, and treat them with the same responsibility with which accept the obligations in the workplace.

What are the staff, which work by people like Amalia Gaykovna Harutyunyan? Well, of course, first of all glory and honor. More respect from other teams of the industry. But the main thing still is not it. The main thing is that their energy, their perseverance, they entrain fellow workers in search of new reserves and new production. And they themselves, as it were a reliable source of coping. Today, nobody doubts the fact that one of the major reserves of growth of production is labor discipline.

After the November (1982) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee was held at the mill party meeting on strengthening labor and production discipline. And though she Harutyunyan non-partisan, the party committee has asked permission to speak at this meeting, so it seemed to her important and timely.

Harutyunyan spoke from the rostrum of a low, broken voice, lying on her cheeks flushed with excitement easy. I remember it, and look at the people sitting in the hall is a simple, as if appealing to the fact that it took every word to heart, so as not they then went out empty sound and not forgotten. After discussion, it was about the most important - about the life and deeds of the plant, how to do that, they were even more successful and brought in all the tangible results.

She calmly, without haste, resulted in figures that established the irreparable loss of the misconduct. What kind of discipline was discussed, yes to all. Not all workers cherish the moment working, not all cherish expensive raw material yarn.

She could not keep silent about such a burning issue, as staff turnover. Especially young people, those that came to the plant from the school, faced at the beginning of the difficulties can not find the strength to overcome them and start looking for a place to get a job, so it was easier and quieter.

Weaver asked the heat and the administration, masters and assistants. And to say it. That should be more strictly with them for the work teams. - Come on, comrades, it is called, sitting in the audience, will learn to protect the tiny minute of each work shift to deal with their own laxity, educate, and to remake themselves in this struggle-these words were met Harutyunyan applause.

Measures taken in accordance with the decision of the congregation, visibly improved discipline at the plant influenced the whole course of production. Now, for those watching carefully on the proposal by Amalia Gaykovny in every factory committee on labor discipline and safety of socialist property. They include factory workers, the best time itself so persistently put forward to all the workers of industry demands a high measure of his responsibility for the work, directs them to seek the most effective ways to increase production.

She came to ... Leninakan Sevkar from the village. The wounds inflicted by the war years the family Harutyunyan, heal, not to bleed, it was impossible: his father was killed in a 42-m in Kerch, the mother, not endured the news, fell seriously ill and soon died, too. The four eldest children, Amelia, the youngest was not yet a year old, remained in the hands of his grandfather and grandmother. Such wounds, as the death of the mother and father in the child's soul is not never heal. But we must live, and Amalia, as she could, looking after younger sisters and brother, to replace the parents.

She ended seven years, when their class was taken on a tour of Leninakan that rural kids, who were soon to join as early as the time of youthful maturity, look what the old town, the big factories are in the area. They have led to the textile mill, showed how they spin the fiber, weave colorful fabrics, and at parting gave each girl a souvenir for the tiny pieces of cotton. As an employee of the personnel department, which conducted the tour, said schoolgirls, whether they liked the factory, all chorused 'yes', and Amalia, and not she alone, has suddenly decided: this is for her.

Why is it so decided? Maybe because the house in the village, my grandmother was an old homemade loom, and Amalia had already learned a thing or two on it. Or maybe she wanted to help the elderly to raise orphaned brothers and sisters, and the plant took fourteen girls were given a hostel, and learn at the school had not so long-just six months.

Day of Amalia worked at the school, and the evening came to the shop to comprehend all that, what they talked about in class, already in practice for these machines. Her mentors have been in the shop instructor Karo Sarkisian and weaver Eranak Grigoryan.

- They are my first teacher in the weaving business, says Amalia-Gaykovna.-Eranak as a mother treated me, and happened, and stricter. Without it, would not study at school. Lists all transactions, and she will go to their machines. And it is no longer glances in my direction. Just before the end of the shift will take place near the back of my machine and if the notices that do not, say, and the words do not wait. At first I was offended, and then realized it was a sign of her odobreniya. Amalie Gaykovna smiles, it is clear that these memories cause her a pleasant feeling.

He passed the first month of independent work in the shop and post a message that Amalia Harutyunyan best handled with a monthly task, and even exceeded the plan. And she is worried that will not cope with the work that experienced weavers will say this, he says, fell on our heads, another sad sack.

Head of department at lunchtime found Amalia Gaykovnu among friends, put his hand on his head and says:

- Stand-ka, Amalia-jan, show all, let them know what you have become beautiful and skillful ...

The girl was indeed found to be extremely quick learner: within three months of independent work she had already served the 6.8 machine, then it was the average level of the factory, then moved to 16, and soon began working on 18 looms.

Arutyunyan Amalia Gaykovna What she remembered most from those early days? It was hard, of course, first to get used to trehsmenke: week to seven in the morning, a week to three hours of the day, week-to twelve at night, but any weaving and now both work.

- I do not remember when tired or not. In my opinion, no. While the plant was much less tissue needed a lot of us, weavers, always hurrying. To make the rule, not be distracted, make unnecessary movements. That this was my home and school to do everything efficiently.

She paused. His eyes, very good and insightful, have a little bit sad. A small ray of sunlight slid over her dark hair, they lighten, and, like a spark, clearly stood out against the background of gray. And the thought of a simple and well known: the nature of human life is transient, and if it were not for our actions, not children, the continuation of our "I" on the ground, what then think of life? And children grow up, things remain and continue to have many, many years. Because so calm, confident in their strength all the working people.

Weaver's shop is filled with light bulbs daily. In this vast space given to each weaver a certain number of machines on which they produce fabric "grinsbon." There is a cotton fabric used to make cotton.

And when we observe the Amalia Harutyunyan in the shop, machine tools, be sure to notice that in her movements, in a measured, seemingly leisurely pace of work has its own, special kind of beauty. But the work of weavers, even if the art is a perpetual motion machine of the machine. No, probably not regarded as otshagaet weaver for a change. Veteran-weavers, however, say how many machines serves weaver, as many miles and have it measure around them. Now Amalia Harutyunyan 29-over tools no one around the weaving, so if you believe the word to veterans, 29 miles each shift. From machine to machine. "Perpetual Motion."

But then snapped a string of bases. It is necessary to connect it quickly, and she, a thread like gossamer: touch by hand-spreading. Machine-earned to the next. And glimpses of the whole change hands over the cloth weavers. Casts of them, you will not see in any museum in the world, and yet they are like hands musician, surgeon, sculptor ...

Assistant Master Razmik Harutyunyan, who for many years working in the shop, along with Amalia and knows it is naturally better than others, said briefly:

- Clever running and has quick hands. Because none of it and can not keep up.

The work of weavers where as troublesome. And if it serves 29 instead of 20 machines for the industry norm, as Amalia Harutyunyan, besides making it better and faster than others, and even more so. What helps her all the time ahead? Of course, the skills acquired over many years. Thorough knowledge of all the features of machine tools and precise observance of the rules of service. But there is one thing to serve the 20 machines, and another, 29. Load, of course, increases many times over. In addition to work constantly better than others, one of experience and skill, too little. Need another special talent, talent inner, spiritual, which is not given to everybody, and that not everyone can enjoy.

Heart Gaykovny Amalia, for example, hurt the same way as for their work, and for the work of young companion. Well, wonder about nothing:

forerunner to really be called only one who goes ahead of myself, and others for a lead. I wear it, be a mentor of young weavers, she took on his shoulders, mindful of his duty, the public and simply human.

That is it in the shop, watches as her students are working-vocational students kombinatskogo number 17. Frankly speaking, not all get equally good: a lack of attention, the other patient, someone replaced, only to depart required hours, and someone would work better, but still lacks the experience and skill. Amalia Gaykovna not too lazy to fit each girl, analyze the style of her work, show how quickly to do a particular operation.

She knows the workers who were weaker, notices and strong, eager to work. So recently noticed one of his pupil. Marina Martynova, parting with her husband, who did not support the family, came to Leninakan with two babes in their arms. At first she studied, acquainted with the basics of weaving, and two weeks later-life, which struck even Gaykovnu Amalia, was already working on their own-16 machines!

- From this it would be a good judge!-Happy Amalia says Harutyunyan and shares a secret: she really wants to become her permanent Marina smenschitsey. She trusts her, knows that Marina would apply to machines as well as she.

- Do you think we are from each other are independent? Even as a related thread. But here goes: come to replace, cleaner-looking ill-swept, flakes, rolled under my feet, bad mood, nervous, most breaks. Or is a bad yarn, not tuned machine, let it be what you'll preotlichnaya weaver, but still not your nimble hands, nor the experience will not save the situation.

A very serious thing, the mood of weavers. Person irritable, unbalanced can not work with these weaver-traits would not cope with the troublesome economy, which is a loom.

- Sometimes the wrong side get up, laugh-Amalia, and the whole shift is naughty. Izmuchaeshsya with it! And if a young weaver, nervous, everything falls out of her hands. At such moments, for what man can not urge on. I am, if I see that girl a bad mood, and work is going well, did not immediately go up, but first'll stand on the sidelines, observing what was happening, then it'll go on the other machine, and how to meet her, I say, "I like that usually do this trick. Maybe you try? "

Here again, the shop came new. Go to a flock of bay, look around uncertainly at the sides, who are frightened, and some indifferent. At lunchtime Amalia Gaykovna come to him and say firmly:

- Girls as well for me on the street. The girls are looking eyelashes clap clap, and Amalia had already carries them away from the shop, go into the yard, where the entire length of the street kombinatskoy grow apples, pears, plums. Picks some fruit, sit on a bench and plant a number of newcomers.

- Well, ask me about everything that you are interested in, and that worried. I'm here for 36 years as one day. Do not be shy ...

A few days later it is not only not ashamed, and looking to talk, to consult what to do if a master sent you home for only two days, and you came through four. Blame, shame? A girl just missed my mother, she had it at home, the guy was a favorite. Not just because of one living in a hostel: although television, and cassette player, and has a girlfriend, and still do not own a house. A friend of the film's back, all lit with happiness, and at night you have to be collected. - Oh, the girls as we watched a movie with Aram! Jankowski, where the charm.

A girl not to film and not to Jankowski. She-personal drama. And you, Amalia Harutyunyan, must understand, serious or trifling.

So you wonder, what to do with them? With that, the two working days walk, and the one in which the first in the life of tragedy. Recommend to wait, they say, will come to you and all your prince? And if you do not come? So, while going to his thoughts, looking for an answer, the girl herself in the hearts of blurted out: "You have a good sermon read your home, family, children, honor and glory at the hands of her husband is ..."

What can I say? No, not her husband is on his hands and seize the household chores, like everyone, and grandchildren are often sick, and the glory Oh, how difficult it got, and honor are not always just fun and excitement brings. She takes over the burden that is always that harder.

One went on vacation Harutyunyan. That its machines are not idle, the foreman asked to work on them one of the best weavers. She agreed. Polsmeny worked, and in the afternoon with tears resorted to the head:

- Place, says, 'me back, I was on their machines more convenient to work with.

They began to understand and it turned out that the place did not like it, the wall in the hallway, where the drafts are walking, and the assistant master was bad, and the machines have worn the heroine than hers. A total of Amalia Harutyunyan anyone ever said did not require special conditions for themselves, though, and could lay claim to them, because she a veteran, a man honored, who trained a generation of skilled workers.

As long as man lives, he is surrounded by different concerns. Amalia Harutyunyan always lived simply, openly, and her husband created a friendly, according to his family, raised three children-two daughters and a son. The years pass quickly, then-grandchildren now appeared, and suddenly rose to a height which can be seen far away, but kept herself in plain sight.

It is often asked to predstavitelstvovat in Leninakan, and in the capital on all manner of conferences and meetings:

just that, Amalia Gaykovna, please contact the Bureau. I asked her, does not prevent

Does it work? She replied, without any affectation:

- It does not stop? Interferes with, of course, because the time-consuming. But here it is this: it's social work. That means we need to work. Do not just sit on the podium, but to look, learn, observe, absorb all the good, the other to pass.

To her, the deputy supreme organ of power, are particularly hoping for her help, her credibility. And, indeed, the authority has a very big one. But he was not a consequence of its high elected positions, but rather, a cause. People are so trust it because they know-it will make everything possible.

- I always watch with interest as Amalia Gaykovna is taking voters, party committee secretary, said the plant Heinrich Grantovich Ambardaryan. People-to-it is a lot of 15-20 people. And with all of it is friendly and calm. And how easy is it if goes mainly to the requests, complaints, and that is not always possible to meet? But I do not know people who have gone away frustrated and unsatisfied.

- How did you manage? - Ask Amalia Gaykovnu.

- No I have no secrets - she says prosto.-On the first day of the parliamentary work, I took it a rule to accept all human sorrow, requests, as their own. And I learned: If you believe that truth is on your side, act, and be sure to prove to you will succeed.

The street Manushyan built a new house. Build-it was built, but the water did not disappoint. Residents celebrated the new house too, but the water still no. The column, however, here, near, near the entrance, but the sad fact in the new house to live and walk to fetch water with buckets on the street. Wrote about it to his tenants, deputy Amalia Harutyunyan.

She first went to the Trust, the workers who built the house, presented the complaint to the residents. They promised to fix everything soon, and let the water, but somehow forgot his promise. Amalia Gaykovna-in City Council, requires that the city authorities intervened, punish those guilty of "water red tape." City Council, of course, found a way to "hit home" builders, and soon the water came to the settlers.

But what is surprising: many of the cases in which the deputy has to plead Harutyunyan, using his high authority to be associated with deficiencies or negligence of different administrative entities. Here is another example. City residents have noticed that recently it has become difficult for them to use the telephone: dial the number you get, there is not, it happens that in general, how much would neither twisted disc, the unit is silent. Just as the builders who have forgotten to give water to a new home, communications were slow to lay telephone cable to the house-building or connect phones to new homes. Naturally, people began to complain about the signalers, writing to various authorities, and especially his deputy. Harutyunyan was again first to the head of the city telephone exchange, then to the City Council, and the case due to her persistence has changed for the better. By the way, the intervention often results in failure deputy and for those executives who are either fate, or whether they themselves cheated simple human joy to do good to people: the former head of recently released from office PBX for unsatisfactory work for the city of phone service. I spoke with many of the plant Harutyunyan. And each found a good word for her. Her success and fame in the country, pride, heritage community. On the nature of skill Amalia Gaykovny consensus: a rare talent for work.

Gemma Manukyan, deputy head of the HTA:

- We Amalia came to the mill at one time. Hundreds of weavers have passed before my eyes. Many, frankly, I do not remember now: they have left, we see a special track. But I can say about Amelia: she was probably born for our weaving. The shop more than five hundred people, and for each it is a working example of honor. All its products are used in the production of finished fabrics with the State Emblem of Quality. Sometimes, the whole shift is a big thread breakage, then its output Amalia goes to work. And it works as long as necessary. This man is our Amalia.

Henry Ambardaryan-party committee secretary of the plant:

- At Amalia Harutyunyan highly developed sense of responsibility for the affairs of the plant. Take the transcripts of her speeches on business assets or a union meetings: The hard-hitting critique of the concrete, the ability to see the future. Her daily parliamentary work? In each case, in every human destinies, it delves into a thorough and valid, I want to especially emphasize this-in terms of sensitivity and kindness.

Aram Manukyan - Deputy Director General of Works:

- One of the toughest tests for man-tested success and fame. Our Amalia, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Mentor of Youth of the Armenian SSR, a member of the Council of Trade Unions of the Republic, agree on what is dizzy. But Amalia, which came 36 years ago at the plant, was and remained: a simple, sociable, sensitive and kind, without any shadow of conceit. I noticed that it even confuses it involuntary attention, which she provided. And one more thing. The main business of life for her it is always hard work, shop, which she considers family. It is for this we are all her love and appreciate.

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