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A tradition

Anatoly Rybakov

Turner of the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant "Red Proletarian" named after AI Efremov, Hero of Socialist Labor

Anatoly Rybakov The first turn to the noisy, rapid, bubbling streams of cars and pedestrians Leninsky Prospect takes us on a narrow and quiet street, Kaluga Minor. In the middle of the day there are almost no people, and cars drive through the rare-only a few "Zaporozhets" and "Lada", pressed to the sidewalk, waiting for the owners. No one seems nowhere in a hurry in this quiet corner of the capital.

But the first impression is deceptive. Walk along the factory building, above which rise fathoms letters the words "Red Proletarian," and you will feel the hum of busy labor, who can not pay even a meter-thick walls ... Go to the entrance, and a plaque will make your heart beat faster: "In the days of December 1905 the plant was the stronghold of armed insurrection in Shabolovskaya subarea. Factory workers actively fought on the barricades ... " Look at the bronze figure of a worker to get a grasp of the names on a marble stele memorial. Them four hundred sixty-seven, krasnoproletartsev fearlessly shagnuvshih in the roaring abyss of war and left their lives there. And the name of another factory worker, Vasily Morozov Evlampievicha-memorable names of the heroes of the Great October Revolution, were buried near the Kremlin walls leading a detachment of Red Guards, he died for the Revolution October 29, 1917 ... No wonder so many in the October district of the capital of names that have become monuments of the day: October Square, the plant "Red Torch" factory "Red October" and, of course, "Red Proletarian" ...

And it came today in one word, one concept, "tradition". There are in every long-established group, but there is a labor and combat glory glory united revolutionary.

Went recently ... the party committee of the "Red Proletarian" conversation: how to influence the revolutionary tradition in today's life of the plant, what is going on. But not at all, and in specific forms so you can back up a number, last name.

Answer the question was not easy. Whatever fingering gathered in memory, all seemed weighty enough. Recall, for example, such facts.

- Take the most difficult for the plant seventy-third year, the reconstruction, transition to production of a new machine. In the short time I had to learn hundreds of manufacturing processes, to begin serial production of an entirely different products, redraw everything and everyone ... In a word, overwhelmed with work, and the volume of production fell, people lost in salary, bonuses were denied ... But here's another statistic: in the year the reconstruction of the plant-the lowest employee turnover! Who had to leave, did it then, when all was formed, but then rose hand does not show "on their own ..."

- In the days of Lenin Subbotniks what the main concern at the party committee and shop party organizations? Caring for a repeat of April and in April: How to provide work for everyone. Because come young and old, including vacationers and retirees. Highest performance in the days of selfless labor, is not this the expression of the revolutionary spirit?

- A lot of names. And among the most worthy of Fisher, second machine shop lathe. The whole way of life, work, thought, and continued development of the revolutionary beginning of the working man!

The transition from general to specific was made quite suddenly, but no one was surprised that, because the present is well known Rybakov and the essence of his initiative.

You can express it briefly, to achieve the highest productivity in the workplace. But the next milestone on the path to the goal: in the fourth quarter of each year to reach this level, planned for next year. You can tell that in the first year of the initiative, this problem is successfully solved, and at the beginning of schedule, in October. But the main purpose is not for one year and not even a single five-year period, because there is no limit to perfection.

Let us hear what says about Anatoly Rybakov. - I-turner-wagon, I have the highest professional level. Of course, it is difficult to increase production due to growth in personal mastery. And yet there are reserves. They are - in the fullest use of the opportunities available to the press. In improving the technology, which seamlessly incorporated innovative methods of work. The application of progressive tool, the creators of which took into account the specifics of the industry. Finally, they are the best organization of labor ... Already a combination of these principles can provide a permanent increase in output. And since they are all in development, then the working man opens up new and new perspectives.

The machine was listed in the first place by chance. Turner Rybakov well-known features of modern equipment, particularly machine tools with numerical control. At the plant, where it is almost complete modernization, most of them will, therefore, necessary to achieve maximum benefit from them. This idea formed the basis of the first paragraph of a personal plan for improving productivity AY Rybakov.

Review it and think: how much can a working man! Here and in the combination of operations and changes in the geometry of cutting tools, and increasing the cutting speed, and the introduction of new high-performance tool ... But perhaps all this is done only by election, particularly experienced and skilled workers? Not at all. That's the attractive force is Rybakovsky initiative that its repetition is accessible to everyone, that they created a "model" exemplary workplace is a sort of benchmark for technical re-equipment and reorganization of other jobs.

- Of course, 'said Rybakov, not every machine operator or assembler can independently plan, to calculate the effect of an innovation. It is not always familiar with the technology business, with the possibilities of a new machine or tool. Then he must come to the aid of district engineers, foremen, engineers and technical personnel department. It is necessary to create a creative team, which on solving the most important issues would be worked in community worker, engineer, designer.

As you can see, getting into the act a new, significantly alters the familiar picture of the factors. Work of the artist becomes an active participant in the creative process. Now he not only committed to achieve the final results, "outperform," "surpass," "early surrender", but also examines his work and shows, through which intends to achieve the goal. Not only an enthusiast, but also a thinker, that's the type who are currently working Rybakov.

- The most distinctive feature of Rybakov?-Party committee secretary asks Pavlov. S.-I would say this: communist, as it should be in the workplace. This is its main merit, hence its high reputation. Everything else is then:

public office, rank ... By the way, public offices, Anatoly Yakovlevich many: a member of the District Committee and the Party Committee, deputy of the Moscow City Council, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. But there is a high post, which he chose himself, and remained faithful to her for 30 years, Turner-"Red Proletarian".

I came into the shop to hear that say about his fellow Rybakov work. From personal observation I know how sometimes people are jealous of the glory of hands working together, and management's assessment does not always coincide with the opinion of members of the brigade area. Ivan Andrianovich Deanery, a veteran of the plant, the serviceman, the secretary of the shop party bureau:

- Where Anatoly Yakovlevich know personally, the two opinions have not heard. But in other departments interested in: but why Rybakov Rybakov? Like, poshumeli, pochestvovali, now praise the other necessary ... Well, I said this, the glory of egalitarianism does not like and the order does not recognize. Therefore, one whole chest with medals and honorary signs, others above the "thirteenth salary" incentives do not matter.

As Rybakov, then watch them all three decades. In my eyes it matured business skills and persuasion. He became a communist, partgruporgom on the site at thirty-six years, sat down at the books, the first postwar years was not in the study. He graduated from the eight-year-and once in the evening school. This is for the uninitiated like to thank his lottery ticket dropped. And he was always in sight of the team, not just in the past, a prize of fidget a great job, then the receiver, then a cut of a coat. Plant for him is everything: the debt, and the recognition and delight the soul ...

Anatoly Rybakov Mikhail Lazukov, turner:

- I am officially a student Rybakov has never been, but always learn from him. Our machines are against each other, so I keep an eye on: what he puts incisors, which sets the pace. Anatoly takes the bench, all that is possible, and at the same time, does not overload, saves him. Especially with a neat incisors: not only handles the most solid metals and alloys, but they do not break ... I recommend everyone to get accustomed to his methods of work. But it's not just techniques. He is very hungry to work, thirty years for the machine, and all of it a little. For men, too, finds the time-looks into any care to answer any question. Alexei Morozov Sysoevicha, senior master:

It harmoniously combines skill and erudition, knowledge and skill. This is a worker of tomorrow.

... About the companies we often say, as people: old, young, modern ... Meanwhile, the "age" of the plant or factory is not always determine their level of technical, socio-economic potential. For the update process of production is as natural and legitimate, as well as increased production, diversification and improvement of product quality.

In March 1977 "Red Proletarian" turned 120 years old. But do call him old now? The whole plant looking to the future, clearly sees today, and prepares the future. Here are a few items from the socialist collective commitment to the tenth five-year period, demonstrating the tremendous vitality and the creative impulse krasnoproletartsev.

Almost double the production of modern machine tools with numerical control, each of which replaces the 3.2 universal machine. Three times increase the production of semi-automatic multi-spindle with highly technological devices, five times - the release of specialized lathes equipped with copying slides, means of mechanization of auxiliary operations, electronic control devices. In 1977, more than 92 percent of the machines will have the state seal. Using the new equipment will give the national economy for the five-year economic impact of $ 75 million rubles, and save the labor of not less than 25,000 machinists. The plant, embodied the glorious history of the domestic machine tool industry, which produced the famous "dips" and the first to put the production of machine tools in the pipeline, entering a new phase of economic development, as if finding a second youth. The upgrade process continues today: in 1977, decided to reconstruct the assembly shop in 1978 completed construction of eight highly mechanized mass production. "Five-Year Plan of efficiency and quality, first-class equipment,"-a formula for the main task krasnoproletartsev, which has been successfully implemented.

CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev praised this remarkable initiative in his opening letter to the staff of the plant. "Exercise your decisive turn to the production of more efficient equipment, he wrote krasnoproletartsam, multiple-output will increase its outstanding contribution vdelo improve production efficiency and product quality in industry. It is especially important that your plans are already being implemented. That is, without delay, and should take up the complex and sometimes difficult, but necessary for the country of the case.

I am sure that you have successfully taken on the run in 1977 and five years in general obligation to improve the efficiency and quality of work, and your initiative to create the most advanced technology, dignified grandeur of our historic task, finds overwhelming support for millions of Soviet machine builders. "

... Turner Rybakov familiar sense of collectivism and comradely mutual assistance, the great unity of the working people. Every morning, getting to your machine and thinking about the personal level, he is well aware that his job, albeit a small but essential element of our overall work. It is this understanding of the content and meaning of work as the beginning of all beginnings, it gives impetus to the creative thinking of any of the usual replacement job.

For me as for my friends, says Anatoly, public and private, is a unit, and deeds, the successes of our plant, the national economic significance of its products as well, I am proud and happy as their own results. One-third of the country lathe machine works on the "Red Proletarian" is there not a cause for pride, and high sense of responsibility for its plant for your desk! Moreover, the responsibility, I understand, again, not only flawless execution of tasks on all of its parameters, this by itself, but also constant, purposeful activity to enhance economic efficiency of each employment office factory production flow.

Listen Rybakov, talk to him, means to take up the very important than the lives and thinking today about what good business people. His creative search, not just from the desire to come up with "something else", "astonish the world"-it is always concrete, purposeful, has given an accurate program. We are already familiar with the obligations of the factory team for the tenth five-year period, and now ask Anatoly Yakovlevich: how large are woven into a solution of common problems of his personal affairs and plans? Here is his answer to the question:

- Visit the exhibition in Moscow, Leningrad workers innovators, and you will see what the best opportunities for the economy of the workplace, the intensification of production opens the introduction of a truly national technical wealth created innovative inquisitive thought. To generalize it, specify with respect to a given workplace, a group of jobs, to fight for the introduction of innovative equipment, tools, create their own, streamlining technology, equipment-that is the most important direction in the competition.

I refer to your experience. Last year, at fourteen percent increased my productivity. Increased capacity, the capacity of the workplace, that is, the machine operator on it, less experienced than I am, too, would raise production, would improve the quality of machining.

In short, through the use of innovative equipment and devices in October, seventy-sixth in terms of productivity, I went to the level of the job and seventy-seven. And, of course, took a new commitment. In 1977, to reach the level of 1978. Again, the intensification of the production process by increasing the capacity of the workplace. The introduction of an improved measuring tool design will reduce support time to check sizes;

the application of the cutters of superhard alloys thirty percent increase labor productivity in the processing of large parts, doubling the performance in connection with the use of cutters with mineralokristallicheskimi plates. The next three innovative proposals aimed at improving the quality, efficiency - is also in my commitments for the 60th anniversary of Great October.

This year I got involved in the competition for the title of the assignment workplace model. Exemplary, in my opinion, is a workplace that could become a model for the "multiplier" to repeat on the same type of employment positions. This work shows that the yield of the creative energy of man, and there is no greater happiness than to participate in the creative process. Then merge the public and private.

Once received at the "Red Proletarian" Bulgarian newspaper "Trud" article on the milling machine tool factory in Sofia Kostadin Dzhateve. Machine Tool of the sister country, preparing to meet adequately the XI Congress of the BCP, the slogan, "scheduled for next year to achieve productivity, today!" 11 Again: "To transform the workplace into a model of modernization and reorganization." "The idea came from Moscow", the newspaper said, citing the example of Anatoly Rybakov.

It is known that the initiative for a turner with a "Red Proletarian" has found support in many enterprises of the capital and beyond. And now it becomes the property of the workers in socialist countries. As well as a method of Nikolai Zlobin, Dynamo experience, the initiative works best teams Vladimir Ilyich, "five years of quality-assurance work!" ...

And this, too-good tradition.


When this essay was prepared for publication, received a message: turner "Red Proletarian" Hero of Socialist Labor Anatoly Rybakov elected chairman of the Central Workers' Union of mechanical engineering and instrument making. From an ordinary worker to the head of a large-scale, such a path is logical and legitimate in a country where the highest measure of human virtue is labor, an innovative search, social activity. It seems that in his new post he will consider himself first and foremost a working man. For good reason, and from military generals often you can hear the proud: "I am a soldier ..."

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