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Ivanov Victor S.

The pilot-instructor Joint Aviation Unit of the Tyumen Tyumen Civil Aviation Department

Ivanov Victor S. At the assembly there is any. And once that's what happened. In Kemerovo, at one of the production association "Nitrogen", put a tower granulation. And the tower from top to bottom in special need of mine put some whip tubes, each of length from 45 to 90 meters. The project got a bug or, alternatively, deviated from it, just do not tell. And just happened this way: start soon, the tower is ready, close the tube, and in the vicinity of tower crane, it is useless, because it set the pipe with it was quite impossible: too fragile, the long lashes of steel pipes. It is necessary to raise this at one end, it broke in the middle.

Then came the thought, at first seriously adopted:

- And if we apply the support of the above?

- So?

- Request helicopter? For skeptics, it was not necessary to send:

- What are they? Are they this thing?

- Whose is it? Last year, it was necessary to change the antenna to the TV tower in our signalers, who helped? Helicopter.

- Yes, can you imagine that to be done from a helicopter, and if its cause? We must also raise tricky because imported pipe, so that it is not broke, otherwise all is lost. Then, holding it in suspension, climb three hundred meters, to wait until the pipe is no longer to swing, to get it into the mine and quietly dropped. But how to do this if the pipe diameter 500 mm and the diameter of the shaft a little more? It's lettuce, fish microns. To the eye! No appliances! A range of continuous production and chemistry. Is it too high risk to arrange balancing act in these circumstances?

And yet what to do? Do not break the same tower. And time running out, and then decided to contact the Tyumen. It's Tyumen helicopter antenna does not change the TV tower. Maybe this time relieved.

They sent a messenger to Tyumen with the drawings. And what is now Tyumen, knows it even maloznayuschy. This oil and gas. This is a big lumbering, fish, building nearly a half of Siberia, in a word, the edge of accomplishments.

Meets the edge of achievements coming large modern airport, which occur far from the Salekhard however remote Sochi, North and South, East and West. The designers of the Leningrad and drillers of Tatarstan, Moscow artists, students of Kharkov stroyotryadovtsy, demobilized soldiers, foreign experts are all now in a hurry here, or here, storming the box office or waiting for their flights. The rapid pace of business card-Tyumen, modern, dynamic, solid, business-like.

The helicopter in this region is particularly indispensable. After all, as we are searching for oil, gas, before the appearance in these parts of the Mi-6? Pressed geologists to the beds of rivers. Also get in depth on what was not. A major wealth there, under the swamps, where neither the aircraft to sit down, or break the powerful rover. Development of these resources by traditional methods would become a long-term siege. And then there was needed a decisive assault. Storming creative. Marines in the rear of the swamps and marshes. It was not possible without a strong and reliable support from the air, especially helicopters. And this support has been provided. So, not only for herself aircraft found new applications, but also opened up other horizons to her unseen. It was clear that the helicopter must carry a different cargo: grain, diesel fuel, building materials. And yet, when the first building in these areas, Tyumen oil Shaim helicopter began to deliver pipes, many individuals and stretched:

- What a guerrilla?

- What will it cost such a construction?

That's right, it cost dearly. But due to the usual low-cost and profits, was to forget and to develop new, without which it is difficult to imagine today's Tyumen with Samotlor, Urengoy, a system of transcontinental pipelines.

This is a new account, a new approach was the basis of discoveries of geologists, oilmen achievements and gas industry workers. It is no accident has now been recognized, for example, Tyumen School of Geology. Well, in the air?

Fumbling of people and goods to the North, in Surgut, Salekhard, Nizhnevartovsk, Urengoy, Tyumen pilots were doing their job without fuss. Without that recognition, that the "oil king", which consist of songs, poems and filmed. Have done and are doing. As from the start on the wings of aircraft are to keep all or nearly all, and now. Suffice it to say that the Tyumen airline serves about the same amount of work as an airfield near Moscow Domodedovo.

It is clear that the old "home" airport, this volume has become great. Therefore, for passenger liners from Moscow, Sochi, Salekhard, Khabarovsk, built a new, and almost on the same dog is left as it was twenty years ago, the terminal two-storey house, spacious grassy field, "Annushka" for flights on local lines and helicopters. It seems the time is slowed down and turned his swiftness in this corner of Aviation Museum. But along with the old technique is based modern, including the powerful Mi-10. They are flying pilots - class and can do so from the air, than are dreamed of designers and mechanics of conventional cranes, ground.

This, to them, and the representative arrived Kemerovo azotchikov:

- Help?

The task began to study the helicopter detachment commander, honored the pilot of the USSR Alexey Marchenko, a squadron commander and pilot of the USSR, too, deserved Babintsev Nicholas, the commander of the Mi-10K Viktor Ivanov.

- Well, that died down, the commanders - Marchenko said, when the problem became clear. Who-who, and he knew that if the captain believes the task impossible, talk to him it is better not to continue. But he knew and the other, neither Babintsev nor Ivanov had never said, 'No, it's impossible. "

- Or do not handle two weekends? Again asked the commander-otryada.-What are you thinking?

Two output-during this period must meet with the installation of pipes, in those days, when the production of fewer people. Hence, the lowest probability of risk.

- On the flight there and back, four-figured Babintsev.

- So, Friday morning, depart, 'said Ivanov.

The two-looks very different. Babintsev, "air fitter," senior. He was thin, wiry, straight. The reaction to all of his immediate and more drastic. Ivanov younger, shorter, and the nature of softer, calmer. When he represented a group of American businessmen who have come here, those puns, good-naturedly: "Oh! A small pilot of a large helicopter. " When looked at his work, said: "It's a great pilot." And in some ways both Ivanov and Babintsev, subtly similar. In the most complex assembly work, they complement each other perfectly. And that is why the most complex often entrusted to them. In this installation commander often becomes Ivanov, a "crane operator", which leads directly to the installation of air-Babintsev mastered this business than anyone.

- Well, that's okay, 'concluded Marchenko.-On Friday morning, and poletite.-I sighed, not all the time. There is overwhelmed with work and his.

Indeed, the plan of the airline brought in rubles, hours, tons of cargo. And the easiest way to perform the simplest of transport operations. He took on the suspension of several tons of cargo delivered from Tyumen, say, Tazovskoye and then back to empty. This work is beneficial, and detachment, and the crew of earnings does not hurt.

Installation, quite another. Then more waiting until you need to prepare all the work. The very same plant, for example, electric poles, craters television repeater takes a minute. For the crew of the moment is very tense. But the effect is achieved, and much higher than the simple transportation. And the prices are considerably lower: seven rubles per hour. "For a fee, 'said Ivanov is not an air-land assembler, high-I do not even look."

In short, this thing still for enthusiasts. Ivanov and Babintsev just one of them. Of those who pay it more expensive. Expensive because it is new. Holding it until much smaller than the astronauts. And more are needed, both are convinced, because it promising.

Friday was approaching. The crew was preparing for an upcoming flight in the Kuzbass. Prepare as follows: if you fly Get ready for a day or three, three fly-get ready to spend a whole week. Well, a week-long trip to get ready as a month. The most common helicopter trip last month and longer. Where and why?

We are laborers, 'they say. The meaning of polysemous words spoken, broad. And it does not have to search only the bitterness or just proud of their own destiny. Because it is all in their work. 13chera you mounted plant in Norilsk, a month later you pull the power lines in the area of BAM. Today you put the TV tower in Yakutsk, and tomorrow, like a normal driver, delivering products in the Nadym, dry plaster. And these are not just transportation, frankly speaking, not without bitterness, remember their colleagues who are, and this time cross-country passenger liners. That is, they do not, the autopilot. And you Planida different.

Ivanov Victor S. In the summer feeding mosquitoes spend the night in a ravine in the winter, so cold, that is, fur jacket freezes to the wall. When the wall minus sixty, and then in the evening under the pillow, put a newspaper in the morning to get up fun, even if there is a tiny campfire.

- The days when pilots were on hand are long gone, Ivanov-grins, talking about this, home of the nomadic helicopter.

... On Friday, sunny June morning, took off and headed east. The crew were: Vassily Chernov, copilot, flight engineer Valery Svistunov, navigator Valery Krasnov, Yuri Pinegin airborne radio operator, a regular crew under the command of Victor Ivanov and "crane" Nicholas Babintsev.

Babintsev and Ivanov, the senior, not only on the situation, but also by age. The first forty-eight, second-forty-six. For the helicopter is a lot. Taking into account the hours flown both would retire at thirty-five years. So some people do. And in these thoughts:

to fly and fly. Like just yesterday started.

When I asked Ivanov, a long time whether it is related to aviation, the sky, he said, almost seriously: "From childhood," bearing in mind that in the age of six recognized by the sound of Nazi planes. One direct hit blew the dust in his parents' home. Viktor survived by sheer luck. Later, in the ninth grade, enrolled in a flying club with a view to get a fighter aircraft.

- Do not get too small you're tall, they said to him, after a medical examination.

And when he sat for the first time on a plane with an instructor, he learned that a simple bend, I thought that not only the growth in him, and the spirit of a little, to become a pilot. But later in his book the flight began to appear increasingly "excellent." And finally, were they alone. Later he became a master of sport aerobatics, gliding instructor. This school does not replace, he said. Because it teaches us to feel the glider flight, thinking in the air. For pilot training, he also needed, both for mariners sailing.

Glider training, he believes, will be valuable to him in the main business of his life-helicopter. He mastered his already here, in Tyumen, where twenty years ago, arrived with his young wife. Ivanov immediately plunged headlong into a new thing for him, and Alla used to the new place a long and difficult. After the white houses with gardens on the cherry-native Ukraine to the timbered pyatistenkam and yards overgrown with burdock, after rumors of a soft-to trans-Ural abruptly saying to the climate. And most importantly, to the frequent loneliness. From the name itself, which flew her husband, smelled, felt her cold and solitude: Nadim, Kharasavey, Cape Rock.

Waiting has become easier, when there was a little boy. But even more difficult. My husband did not tell about it, so as not to disturb her, but she learned from other women pilots: MI-6, which he had mastered the machine though strong, but still moist. A "wet" machine is always fraught with ... And she was worried ...

Recently, it has been in hindsight, we were talking about Viktor Sergeyevich of the technical "moisture" and its overcoming. The fact that it is long past, shows such a comparison: in the past, on the first, the Mi-6 engine is worked out almost a hundred hours, is now on average a thousand. Then, because of the failure of the hydraulic system, engine (always knocks for some reason left), there were many other troubles, and emergency landings, he says. And admits: "Of course, this period was difficult for us." And he himself, and Babintsev, and other many times, saving the car, crew, cargo, and sat down in the water and marsh. But the crash landing is not an accident, and to prevent it! Hence, the test pilot survived, whatever it was, was successful. The case study is repeated in the classroom, simulators. As a result, in parallel with the refinement technique perfected the skill of pilots. And it's coming faster than usual, but then greenhouse conditions.

Clearly remembering the time, Ivanov expressed, as I recall, the paradox:

- Coward likely cause an accident than a brave pilot.

- Operating within the same rules?

- That's it! Acting strictly within the rules, our veterans Ivan Khokhlov, Alexander Kozlenko, Leo Ananiev, and then we ever earned, and labels "partisan", but showed how much can be done once the "raw" Mi-6. And you can, hiding behind the same rules generally withdraw from the case. He said in essence that the principles of flight school, which has passed, and which he now continues to become an instructor pilot.

- In flight, I asked, 'you can define a bold pilot runs or not?

- Of course! Brave trust the machine, and therefore feels it is not once again pulling the control knob. It is immediately evident on the evolution of the ship. Well, of course, on the landing. It is the crown of the flight.

- Soon will fly, said the navigator. Already seen.

Below, a helicopter, swam the field, birch forests, roads, villages, stations, factories. But here come more clearly delineated, not only smokes, but the pipe. That was the purpose of their mission. The reported weather conditions: light winds, the heat thirty-four degrees. Not Tashkent, but for still bad. Because heated, "diluted" the air is tricky for the helicopter.

- All the bad in a heap, 'growled Babintsev.

Well, as a pipe? Tower? As before. They lie side by side, it is worth it. And standing next to the faucet. It prevents the helicopter pilots to go on an object with a comfortable hand, we have to go on the other, uncomfortable, where the eye of the commander did not catch hold, ahead of emptiness. It turns out that it would be difficult to navigate in space.

After conferring with the installers, they decided: to begin the assault tower on Saturday morning. To the tube is not broke, they still decided to cut in half. And that helicopter pilots were better seen on the tube caused white lines every ten meters.

The next morning everything was ready: the area is cleared. Nearby car "Ambulance", refueling with kerosene. Agreed to fill the best right here on the site. The fact is that during installation of the machine, keeping the weight on the weight, like a man, who raised the severity of acts to the limit. Accordingly, and fuel consumption. On the other hand, the fuel must be taken as little as possible to the weight of the car was minimal, but the higher-lift. Balance between these two extremes is very difficult requirements. Well, that just in the installation, if you decide each time a new task? One minute flight in a straight driver commits two hundred operations. When mounting structure, as now, one and a half times as much. And not just committing them, and everyone agrees with his friends, as do Ivanov Babintseva.

From the increased load on the engine repeatedly increases the vibration-shaking, trembling instrument panel, control stick.

... But here zastropili first pipe. Everything is ready.

- Beer! , Frozen, watching from below, when the over / the earth lifted one end of the pipe, and then she got all the upright and in this position the helicopter began to lift her.

The day before, conferring with experts, agreed that when the machine hangs with a pipe, installers, being at the top of the tower, may send, take the tube to the opening of the mine. But while lifting pipe was rocking so hard that it became dangerous to be people on the ground and it was empty.

How to stop threatening the pendulum swinging naughty, but still like to get it on target? The main hope now Babintseva. Of course, a matter of fact, the whole crew, watching the operation from various points, it becomes a collective brain, but the main analyzer of the situation and all possible solutions now he Babintsev. Remembering that once he was forced to put the Mi-6, and so prevented the accident in just a second, Nicholas said:

- There was no time to think, and we seli.-and added: In such situations, thought-destruction.

That is natrenirovannost, automatism are more reliable than the best thoughts, and because there is nothing to replace them. But on the installation of automatism should be combined with a sharp idea calculation. When placed in the upper section of the tower Chrysostom and cargo on a pendant that's just swung, Babintsev to calm him down, do not think of anything better to do than to keep the section, "leaning" of the tower. Here, because of the fragility of structures and pipes is excluded. Oscillation will unimat, relying only on the air by art of piloting.

Went a second tube is swung slower, quieter. But the fuel in the tank was getting smaller. Could not be that it will remain only on the landing. Babintsev it looks on the arrow and down, aiming the pipe into the opening of the mine. Catch the brief moment when the tube will be exactly over the "Ten" - that's what you need. And Babintsev caught!

- Mainau, 'came the voice on the intercom.

Steel pipe lowered into the mine. And here there was another unforeseen circumstance, having fallen by fifteen feet, the pipe did not go further, we see something in the pit stop her. Installers have rushed to troubleshoot. In the limit of the fuel. In the limit of the nerves.

But that's the way the pipe fitters were released, and again she went down. It's all right. The helicopter landed and Babintsev, as always, with pleasure lit up. The other, wiping the sweat, began to box with mineral water, and he immediately emptied. The co-pilot took off his shirt Vasily Chernov. It could squeeze.

After inspecting the car, flight engineer Valery Svistunov determined from excessive vibration and thermal cracked exhaust pipe. Its right there on the ground, brewed. On the day of the same strain, but without the delays have put three more pipes. Half the battle was done. On Sunday morning it started again. Hovered in the air even more than before. An approaching storm. It broke out when the helicopter found the last trumpet.

The trip ended on Monday, the helicopter headed toward the house, in Tyumen.

Again, sailed down the field, woods, villages, factory buildings. One clever person to fly in his lifetime than many, suggested that the earth teaches us more than books.

Looking down on the ground where there is a constant job creation, Victor S. Ivanov have often caught myself thinking that looks at Tyumen, Ural on the rating, the native Donbas, in shops, mines, construction sites are not just as a pilot, as well as direct Party going down, the engineer, innovator.

- I look and see where we need help. And it is, consider anywhere needed. Take, for example, the old company. When they were built, did not think it fits the time of their reconstruction. But it fits. And, certainly, the engineers, thinking about reconstruction, fighting to find solutions that do not need and seek. Enough to know that there is support from the air. It is effective, tested, reliable. And, certainly, will be applied in the national economy more and more widely.

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