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Stoyankin Eugene F.

Gasman Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant named after Lenin

Stoyankin Eugene F. He lives in Europe. A work in Asia. However, to reach the native plant, do not sit in an airplane. In a few minutes will take tram rumbled across the bridge over the River Ural. The river which cut the city in two, and is the boundary of the world. Evgeny Stoyankin come into its gaseous booth in front of him lighting the scoreboard. A huge, all over the wall, blinking multicolored lights it, and immediately see the wizard blast furnace is fully loaded with a first skip, which is marked on the board not only as the "West" does not stand idle if the second encoded word "East".

Evgeny works at Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant named after VI Lenin. And what is the Magnitogorsk-known to all. This is the best and cheapest steel. This is the highest in the industry productivity. During the Great Patriotic War every third shell fired at the enemy, was made of metal it every second, our tank was dressed in her armor.

But it is impressive not only the physical environment Evgeny countless shell-mills, open hearth wood pipes, bizarre contours of the domain. How many thousands of great masters of the profession of fire brought Magnitogorsk! Only Heroes of Socialist Labor is more than forty. Each of them is a hard worker, a true and original personality.

Alignment Evgeny brought up from childhood under the influence of his father and mother, first builders of Magnitogorsk. All my life, in everyday life and its twists and turns, in extreme situations, according to a Stoyankin hard work and honesty, modesty, and chivalrous attitude towards women, concerned about his welfare of the country and its future, he defends the principle and ideology ...

Self-critical, demanding to himself, Eugene F. keenly listening to the remarks in his address, critique takes for granted, like that of his comrades to help him get rid of the disadvantages. And who does not?

We met with him a lot, talked about different topics. But the words they are the words, and wanted to live with them side by side, at least a day, just to be around, observe, try to see the world through his eyes. Eugene F. frowned, not like this idea to him. Warned that my life is very ordinary, deliberately not going to think of something ...


Night with Stoyankinyh did not have to. How to bring distress upon men, if in a two-bedroom apartment lived four adults and even children? In addition to Eugene Fedorovich, wife Valentina, daughter Tatiana, son Peter and grandson of Eugene two and a half years. I say "lived" because Stoyankinym recently identified two-bedroom apartment. This, of course, also not great as much square footage. But this is not important in family life, says Evgeny Stoyankin. What is important is the atmosphere of love and affection in the relationship of the spouses and children, grandchildren, and respect for each other.

Sam grew up with nine brothers and sisters. His father, Theodore S., and mother, Aksinya Seliverstovna, was placed at the beginning of Magnitogorsk in the steppe under a tent. Then he gave them a room, then moved to tesnenkuyu communal apartment. Now, of course, every well-appointed apartment, has everything you need in everyday life, and senior Stoyankiny only a joke occasionally remember that the comfort with which they started to MMK.

Hooked on creative work, parents and the kids have time to properly educate, creating a kind of kids commune with the chairman of Eugene, and learn for yourself. Fedor Semenovich finished the evening department of Mining and Metallurgical Institute, was a foreman at the factory calibration. Now his father is gone, but the large family fell apart.

Each year, January 30 trying to meet my mother to celebrate her birthday. The title of Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred Evgeni Fedorovich just before the 68th anniversary of Aksinya Seliverstovny, and therefore held a family reunion with her. Curiously, and this celebration is safe to be called the foremost gathering of the round table. For his brother Vladimir, one of the top supervisors gauge the plant, another brother of Nicholas-rope shop foreman of the same company, sisters Tamara and Luda among the best educators in pre-schools are registered. Read aloud a telegram from his brothers, who could not come for various reasons: the Far Eastern sailor and leader Valery kommunhozovskoy service Yuzhnouralsk Vyacheslav. The speeches were interspersed, and the comic business. Someone was talking about Magnitogorsk, it gives wings to people, and even sang about it a local song, composed by a friend Yevgeny Fyodorovich, someone remembered how Jack had read in the evenings in my childhood horror stories composed by Conan Doyle ...

I arrived ... Stoyankinym the next day, when Evgeny with his grandson has had to do gymnastics and began reading aloud the mandatory morning.

Yesterday it was the Russian folk tales, poems and today ... Library at Stoyankinyh, founded Fedor Semenovich rich. Volumes on the shelves of Lermontov and Bunin, Chekhov and Paustovsky, School of Fine Arts and the Library of World Literature, and the issues of life and f collections of poetry.

- However, in recent years has been less than buying the books, says Eugene Fedorovich.-When collected the most favorite pieces of classical music, is not it better to rest for a single-read-in libraries to take?

- Father, but what do you put the newspaper? Sam said that today we will do it and I'll try to draw the letter "D". Evgeny looks at me confused:

- Right, it turns like a deliberate, as if to toss the grandson of the details for the essay. But, believe me, it's time to really make a newspaper, the tenth number is on the nose, the outcome of the competition is about to fail.


Here, apparently, it's time to talk about the main hobby Evgeny Fedorovich, which takes away almost all his free time, but it and brings the greatest satisfaction. For 22th year, he edited a newspaper guild "blast furnace". And before that, let the wall newspaper at school, college, military unit.

First there was the fascination with painting, it was added to the desire to write, it's the ability to edit. He became a correspondent in the city and the large-circulation newspapers.

Why are drawn. rabkorstvu it to? The tendency to self-monitor to record for yourself, weigh their own actions is inevitable, perhaps, interact with people with a desire corresponded, according to Evgeny.

Stennovka, to convince Stoyankina should go on a regular basis, certainly not less than once a month, but not on holidays. Its main purpose, the staff fully informed about news production and public life. I witnessed his conversation with Deputy Secretary of the shop party bureau VV Konnov. "Vasily, do you see in the national newspapers reports, in the Politburo?" It's time for us to give detailed information about the work of the Party Bureau. '"In my opinion, has already agreed, replied the Konnov.-Here's the protocol of the last meeting and listen to my comment to him ... "

The following rule, which should Stoyankin,-the most prominent place to put notes on the competition, advanced workers, the problems of technical progress, increasing productivity, strengthening discipline. From room to room beat "blast furnace" for the modernization of the furnaces, until there were modern instruments. And that, at best in the country Magnitogorsk utilization of useful volume of blast furnaces (KIPO), the editorial board of considerable merit shop wall newspapers, many of its younger sisters, going to the teams. For 22 years headed the editorial board Stoyankinym released more than two hundred rooms "blast furnace". And in many sharp criticism of bungler, truants, negligent managers. Surprisingly in this case, the conviction of VV Konnova that detractors have no editor.

- At first, however, tried to break rooms, especially the issues of local "Crocodile", resorted to complain Stoyankina, a member of the party bureau, secretary. But very quickly all convinced it is hard to find someone to fairer, more friendly and gentle. Criticism is not with the expectation to injure, annoy bite. Always tell you how to fix things, try to discipline the offender and to hurt the best strings of the heart, to awaken the pride, the desire to improve.

Generate and execute a newspaper to help Evgeny many "profiles". What is information collected? Statements about language, art, font, image, information about political figures (about Lenin special folder), writers, artists. There is the story of each building a blast furnace in detail, the history department, all of Magnitogorsk, a collection of special editions of wall newspapers blast furnace ...

Collecting clippings from newspapers and magazines, and he writes twelve editions, Evgeny could make a solid cookbook, lovingly designed and presented her daughter.

- Homemade struck me as more interesting than a luxuriously published "The Book of tasty and healthy food," Tatiana-confessed Evgenevna.-How much humor in the drawings, as written in the headers, it's a kind of artistic album! Change the day began with Eugene Fedorovich in 16 hours, but after twelve he zasobiralsya on your plant. "It's time to Asia, 'he joked. - If we do not ask for the notes,, blast furnace," be late to the issue. "

Stoyankin Eugene F. Near the party bureau of the building shop blinded fresh colors, vivid charts and Screen Hall of Fame competition. And the latest data were given. Later I learned from the Secretary of the Party Committee of combine Fedoseev Vladimir Sergeyevich, what a beautiful visual propaganda around the shop, in its red-corner Stoyankina handiwork. It was also revealed that he is one of the founder and chief designer of the museum Labor Glory blast furnace. Manages them on a voluntary basis Dem'yanovich veteran Dmitry Boris, who is also president of the club, "Beg for health." "We are regularly arranged races under the loud slogan, Europe and Asia", - told Fedoseev. Stoyankin-I, too, in my opinion, not just measured the length of the foot bridge across the Ural River ... "

In the shop party bureau Eugene F. inquired first at Konnova, looked to him whether the members of the board, working in the other shifts, and that left for the editor.

Then asked the deputy secretary of the resolution to call their authors. The first shop committee chairman said the AA Chaploussky, came with a note on the outcome of the exchange profbiletov. Looking through it, Stoyankin said: "With your permission, Albert A., add a paragraph on the implementation of annual commitments teams. Let people know what they specifically contributed to the surplus to thousands of tons. "

He brought a note gasman Mikhail Yakhontov about classes in the system partucheby. Her silence Stoyankin put in a folder, hurried to the blast furnace. In a glass transition between the buildings, we met a Komsomol leader Vladimir Kirzhatskogo shop. He escaped, but seeing Stoyankina, stopped, threw up his hands picturesquely:

- I thought it was, watch my behind. So, now really at a quarter to three?

- Okay, humorist, will soon be no time to play the scene, Stoyankin-threatening, whole-slung at you and Sasha Konovalov wall newspaper. And he explained:

- A great guy, my assistant in the Editorial Board. And what an hour before the change is always coming, long-term habit.


Should I write in detail about what Eugene F. Stoyankin not just a man and a Communist, but that blast furnace? Some already mentioned, and for full disclosure on this topic would not be enough, perhaps, and a voluminous booklet. For Stoyankin an entire academy of excellence, he absorbed the best traditions of the famous masters of the shop, and a lot of educational work, and they multiplied.

So, our hero is working in a team that won the title of best blast furnace of the Union, became the laureate of the former director of the plant Grigory Ivanovich Nosov. The team as the winner of the competition entrusted to carry out under the direction of Eugene Fedorovich most memorable, anniversary, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of iron-mill. Only in the last five years at the first blast furnace in addition to the plan produced 15,000 tons of first-class metal, reduced KIPO (this considerable increase in labor productivity) from 0.505 to 0.483, reduced consumption of scarce coke. We add that the economic effect of the introduction of innovations of the Stoyankina was 30,000 rubles, with his active participation in the work furnacemen introduced scientific organization of labor.

But stop. No listing did not give a complete picture of the heir to the famous Magnitogorsk master Alexei Leontyevich Shatilina-it took him the first lessons of demobilized soldiers. I thought: maybe he's still in school, began to accumulate experience, which is now generously shares?

- Never mind grimacing and trying to convince, say, the guys from the sponsored group Magnitogorsk industrial college, that a childhood dream to soar iron, Eugene Fedorovich.-object-I wanted to be a turner in the college was fed to the appropriate department. Exams passed successfully, and lists received a not found. It turns out that I was not enrolled in the demand for blast furnace department: there was a shortage. I remember in the same situation was Bob Konnov. Did not argue.

Now we, of course, does not present itself in a different role, though, I think any profession at the plant, and honorable and interesting.

In the blast furnace shop Stoyankin mastered, it seems, all specialties, and each polished his talent working as a jeweler polishing a diamond, making him the diamond. Furnacemen, ladle, shop manager, gasman, lastly, the master ... Stoyankin did not know that the current changes will be atypical, difficult, when looked into lance points and made me admire a blue piece of glass frenzied dance of fire in the belly of the furnace. However, in the glow of the metal determined that not all right in the process.

The change was taking a master Roman Ivanovich Semyagin and warned that in the slag basicity slightly below normal. And in the iron content of sulfur has risen, thanks for that steelmakers will not say.

To rectify the technology to bring the sulfur content to normal levels, 0.018 percent, Stoyankinu had that night tirelessly, almost without being distracted by extraneous conversations, conducting all the "orchestra" change, correct "vote." With the machinist download Viktor Ivanovich Zelentsova conjured over the proportions of sinter, coke and pellets were looking for the best option, along with furnacemen watched releases, and fiery streams were born unusually tight, sometimes infuriated his "shallow" stove-capricious, now and then came to the instrument, to their testimony, to determine whether the necessary changes occur. The work was hard, but there was no fuss. Gasman Vladimir Dementyev, the right hand of the master, listened Stoyankina clear orders with a straight face, mechanically wiping the dust from the table. Sometimes it makes its own, and apparently sensible amendment because Evgeny took them unconditionally. Seizing the opportune moment, gasman said to me:

- Well, all will soon be okay to cook. Notice how clean we have deduced the oven on the options you want?

Evening vigil carried with Stoyankinym but Dementieva and Zelentsova, senior furnacemen Nicholas S. Smith, Victor I. furnacemen Chumansky, Nail Aglulaevich Khabibulin, Gennady V. Black. The next day I asked Evgeny Fedorovich give them a brief description.

- Dementiev, almost ready to master, with his eyes closed can command furnace, profgruporg. And notice how Smith acted? He was team leader, but when needed, and climbs up to the crane and the crane is ready to be. Chumansky, Black-guardians brigade contract, always ready to help his comrades. Seen as Chumansky, "work out" slag, hurried to the furnace? Zelentsov, one professor of the domain menu, do not know what would have been without such a "cook" we did ...

Perhaps most of all the joys and sorrows brought in recent years, the master Nail Khabibulin. Stoyankin taught him from the beginning, the guy turned out to be a natural born talent plus great diligence, perseverance, docile nature. Came up with a lot of improvements to ease the pain, talker, and Gull, the team he loved it. Evgeny said of him in a good word "blast furnace", "Magnitogorsk metal." And then there was a confusion: Khabibulin ended up in the drunk tank. It was a mistake retainers, without examining the incident: in the shop broke out between drunken brawl, Nail strangers rushed him to separate the guys arrived, and when the guards, then faced each other on Khabibulin, indicate both the instigator of all commotion. On the sin he drank beer that night, that's "hum" with the drunken company police. The team lost the prize, but nobody blamed Naila, by the time spent investigating themselves ... Nevertheless Stoyankin suffered greatly, uttered Nail: If he drank a little, never judge ourselves are not displayed. And that, in general good in alcohol? I almost do without him, the world of this does not tarnish, no, the opposite: a big and colorful, he became drunk for the close and gray. Pro case with Khabibulin Evgeny told himself, and then also showed a copy of the order to reprimand him personally for being one of the workers violated safety rules. Keeps a copy of credentials in order "to remember, not too Stoyankin was brought."

In the drawer of his desk, standing in the middle of the gas booth, I noticed the magazine master. Asked permission to look through it. I found information about people changing variety of year, month and day of birth, when he came to the team, education, where studies that writes and reads and then information about his wife, children. If the addition is happening in someone else's family, then so be patient: the first to congratulate the team a happy dad. The master of maternity homes established a friendly relationship, the good news reported directly to the furnace. It happens like this: Comrade came from the hearth, looks like beads of sweat when he sees a large poster on the wall, full of gentle humor drawing.

And it starts rattling tea party on the occasion of the birth of successor to the working of the dynasty.

In parting, Eugene F. asked:

- You too, please, no more about me, write about the plant, mention of the difficulties. That's worse than sending raw steel, aggregates, some time to replace, and the reconstruction is delayed. Somehow, young engineers with less than a good professional ambition of people died. Some just do not want to go to leadership positions. They would only pay more but less responsibility. I think in metallurgical schools generally must be sent to the already established production workers and help them, financially and morally. A so-called experts, who accidentally turned in the metallurgical institute, I have a cannon shot does not admit to Magnitogorsk.

... I remember as a child I was struck by a line from a poem by Alexei Nedogonova "flag over the village council":

Stunned silence.

Hoof beat of silence.

Rides, rides Petty

Europe on a horse.

The poetic image of a victorious warrior seemed tangible, I just saw his giant-rider is not on the giant, stately returning home from the liberation campaign. And he rode through the narrow lanes, directly over the ball of earth. Poems were deposited in the memory as if dozing in its vaults. Now, after a trip to Magnitogorsk, for some reason they again failed to give me rest. I go, declaim ... Eugene Stoyankina clearly see, his friends and fellow-heirs of military and labor glory of their fathers and grandfathers, people, heroic scale, forging the power of the Motherland at the turn of the two continents.

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