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Drozdetsky Yegor Ivanovich

The foreman of the mine stope miners' Sermon "Production Association" Gidrougol"

Drozdetsky Yegor Ivanovich Each year, the first of September Drozdetsky alter the usual daily routine, and the mine is in the second shift. And in the morning, dressed up in dress uniform with medals and two Gold Stars of Hero of Socialist Labor, along with other veterans in a hurry in the city vocational school 50. Such meetings are called skill lessons, lessons of courage. Students, future miners looking forward to this adult male talk about the difficult fate of the miners, of loyalty to their chosen profession, working on the honor, duty and courage.

Yegor Ivanovich gladly tell you about the team, as his comrades-old Ivan Emelianovich Korobkova, Nicholas Trifonovich Poklonove, on his first mentor Paul Ivanovich Ruchin or the youngest in the brigade, Vladimir Berdnikov, Alexandra Kurcheve that not so long ago, these same walls listening to the conversation famous miners, and are now working with him. Statement Drozdetsky does not like. Well, then let him tell you about themselves miners, his comrades in the slaughter.

Thus, the collective portrait of Brigadier-write

Mikhail Nikolaev, miner, a veteran of the team:

- Another poostorozhnichal have looked: let them, neighbors, first try a cone-ponabivayut ... We're in the "wooden" lava, with individual and bolting arrangements without it, always with a plan, and earnings have been. The first title in the Kuzbass team of communist labor deserved. Only our Yegor Ivanovich's back for someone else to hide and wait was not used ... And we are also taught, for which grateful to him.

Shield "Mosbass" to "Abashevskaya-3-4" (so called in those days, the current mine "Sermon") was met with disbelief. One of the foremen of the old squatted beside mehtseha where unloaded sections of mechanized roof supports, hydraulic jack touched, polished to a mirror finish stainless steel rod, firmly stood up, wiping rags traces of engine oil:

- From the "mountain" with toys to play? It is a rack with a diameter of a telegraph pole in the splitting kindling! And this ... And, do not finish, waved his hand.

The brigade Drozdetskogo thought otherwise. Of course, the country's first mechanized roof supports needed to be improved. Almost all coal mining operations had to be done manually the old fashioned way. But the shield of "Mosbass" delivered from the miners' labor-intensive work on the fastening face and promised considerable savings in labor: the erection of roof supports, and then landing in the lava manual technology took away two-thirds of the time the miners and only one-third was spent directly on coal.

How maslenschiki on a locomotive, from head to toe in spindle oil went in those days Drozdetsky foreman and his deputy, Alexander Nikitin. Every now and then burst pipes, oil system, seizing jacks. More to the familiar ax and a sledgehammer miners difficulty mastering a new technique. And yet, "Mosbass" go! Daily production in the team has grown to five hundred tons, while in the neighboring faces with bolting a wooden hand-it did not exceed three hundred tons. That was in 1960.

Three years later, the mine received the first set of mechanized cleansing "Tula" (OMKT). Unlike Mosbassa "it was installed a coal miner, which allowed not only to mechanize the mounting face, and seizure of fuel. Harness OMKT instructed Alexander Nikitin, who went with half the team Drozdetskogo. Since it began the labor rivalry between the two groups, which lasts for twenty years. The most difficult step in the mechanized complex hydraulic control was considered bolting. Miners well mastered it yet on the "Mosbasse" and from the first day of work have a high temp. Daily production of fuel in the hospitality days, rising to a thousand tons, a year later the team Nikitina set the record: this month were given out to the surface twenty-eight thousand tons of coal.

Yegor Ivanovich is often dropped in to the neighbors, watching the work mehkompleksa, studied the weaknesses, the reserves of productivity growth mechanisms, and sent to Nikitin at the apprenticeship lineup, machinists combine. And when I finally do get OMKT, he was not for them, as they say, a mystery.

Bulatov, Peter, machinist gornovyemochnyh machines, a veteran of the team:

- You see, I have to Drozdetskomu special affection. Both of us with him in the past, sailors. But frankly, without excessive praise: "greed" to work with Egor Ivanovich extraordinary! Make it bigger, better and at the same time find a way to facilitate work of the miner. Well, of course, the naval concept of honor, dignity and partnership ...

In the data sheet said mehkompleksa clear shifting of the support units and the pipeline can be performed only after the processor chip selects full of coal. The designers seemed to deliberately programmed idle machinery, "spreading" of the time two major manufacturing operations. What this has led in practice? While the processor completes a cycle in the nude, not overlapped seam roof collapsed "klevazhi" coal miners and breed willy-nilly had to take a shovel to manually flip coal on the conveyor. The transition from cyclic to continuous flow method promised greater benefits, and Drozdetsky at your own risk and decided to combine the recess with the shifting of coal conveyor.

In the pipeline to connect the nodes without compromising the reliability of his fingers removed so-called stiffness, leaving only the connecting ring. The conveyor has a flexible, movable, it is possible to move it to the chest after the slaughter of almost pass harvester. Dramatically reduced downtime of machinery, hand navalka coal. Replacement miners were to perform the job for three to four hours.

Then the thought of Yegor Ivanovich to go on record one mechanized lava ensure daily production of all mines. In the "Sermon" was then up to ten working faces, and they were given one day three thousand tons of fuel. Hence, the nine faces were to stop by switching on the entire underground transport brigade Drozdetskogo. Of course, it is not easy, and mine came to the chief engineer of the trust "Kuybyshevugol" BV Kavalchuk.

- Praise for bravery!-Boris shrugged his brigadier-ruku. But you tell me without reserve, like a lava going to give three thousand tons? After all, if you pick, be responsible for the daily plan for you and I have together.

Yegor Ivanovich spoke about the reconstruction of the pipeline, to combine operations. Kavalchuk listened intently, nodding his head, and it was impossible to know whether he condemns Drozdetskogo for arbitrariness or supports it. Once again, shrugging Drozdetskomu hand, the chief engineer issued an order on the night shift nine faces in the repair and preparation work.

On the eve of May Day 1965 Drozdetsky and his companions set of OMKT per day gave 3038 tons of coal a month to forty-seven thousand tons, almost double the previous record team of Alexander Nikitin. It was a victory not only the miner's team.

The success confirmed the prospects nonoyu mechanized mining method, fully revealing the prospects and possibilities of integrated mechanization. Incidentally, we note that the proportion tested on the design curving conveyor proposed Drozdetskim, was soon adopted and the manufacturer.

Aleksashov Alexander, machinist gornovyemochnyh machines, the secretary of the Party Bureau site number 5:

- Personally, I would like to learn from the foreman efficiency, persistence in achieving this goal, his ability, even in a small business to see and defend the interests of the state ...

The first in the mine "Sermon" Drozdetsky and his companions took up the introduction of the so-called bestselikovoy coal extraction. Let's face it: no additional cost or ease of working conditions miners bestselikovaya technology does not bode well. As they say, not a bit of self-interest, and hands full. But the new system promised to dramatically reduce the deadweight loss of coal, much of which remains under the ground in protective pillars. And decreased labor costs for the preparation of new reserves: a conveyor drift lava remained after processing and was used as a double-vent in the next adjacent lava. For mine, to win in the state tens of thousands of rubles.

Like, "break in", debugged most importantly, a breaker mate and rear sight notch. But the brigadier had gone on vacation and started the problem. The combine is not the end chose a niche had Narubai it manually. This inevitably entailed downtime and reduced production. In the end, decided to temporarily withdraw from the new lava and cut the airway. When Drozdetsky returned from vacation, sinker struck seventy meters counter output.

Drozdetsky Yegor Ivanovich Yegor Ivanovich clear idea of what is to sacrifice only once, as new technology will be completely ruined. Miners stop believing in it, "Here, they say, Drozdetsky tried, but his teeth are broken off!" Why would not, could not retreat. Went to tunneller, asked the foreman Gaidai:

- Be a friend, Volodya, stop tunneling! Still work out without the lava pillar, and your drift will stop us. Thus, under the leadership of Drozdetskogo team did not stop halfway, until the end of the lava has worked without leaving the rear sight. Then began to look for the "catch." It turned out that the lava as it moves a little lengthened, and the conveyor would not let stroke harvester. Just something, and it was necessary to add one pans. A "sin" to the new technology ...

Erpylev Victor, director of the mine, "Sermon," Hero of Socialist


- I can say with certainty, the most difficult to Drozdetskogo were lava formation of the first ramp 26. All of us, they asked a lot of trouble, and for the team became a real test of stamina and courage. But no miner is not passed, did not go looking for "easy coal" ...

Was coming professional holiday, Day of the miner, but the team continued to Drozdetskogo "minusovat." The first time in more than a decade in jeopardy were annual commitments of the collective.

In the mining business, has long been known, sometimes not all depends on the person. "Mountain" is fraught with many surprises, not subservient to people threatening events. It happens many times suddenly increase the pressure of rocks and steel lining sections korezhit and crushes, like tin cans. The output then one-off, get away from the rock pressure due to rapid podviganiya lava. But such a possibility in the miners was not there. On top of all the troubles go vertical seam roof slay and are constantly falling apart in the face. Sometimes for days instead of coal swung out to the surface rock. The company specialists have found the opportunity to "outwit the mountain" by changing the technology of extraction, and work out the remaining reserves are without major complications. But it was later.

And in those days to Drozdetskomu with mine "Novokuznetsk" came the foreman Vladimir Bardyshev, which for many years competing Yegor Ivanovich. The very experienced climber, had seen a lot in my time, too, was soundly Bardyshev puzzled. He summed up his impressions in one sentence: "It is not real lava quarry!"

Drozdetsky seen: people are tired, exhausted because of the turmoil. I had to somehow shake to cheer his comrades. But how? Invited for a cup of tea and a council lineup and veterans. But the family tea did not work: a three-room apartment Yegor Ivanovich gathered on Sunday, almost the entire team. But the conversation has turned out, had waited a long time, and business and frank. We talked about that at the heart of the pent-honor and dignity of the working group.

No, the miracle did not happen. Still pressed the "mountain", collapsed rock. But the fun swarming fireflies in the slaughter of miners lamps, agile hands were moving. Just people regain their confidence, felt his elbow comrade. Figuratively speaking, the rock pressure is now opposed by the will and the collective intelligence of the miners. Intra downtime reduced by half. Lava has moved counter to the elements, he went out to the surface coal. In difficult conditions the team performed with honor their annual obligation.

Rubanyuk Nikolai, the driver gornovyemochnyh machines:

- Speech by our team leader at the XXV Congress of the Party on how to conquer the restive miners lava, we watched on TV all the platoon. I then held serve in the Soviet Army. And he was proud to have relevance to this man, and to our entire team. Served, returned to the team. As a native family. For me personally, Yegor Ivanovich, his father home. And the skills taught and recommended to the party and the wedding I had. But only if for me? ..

No, not just for Nicholas. Too, and his brother Alexander, to Anatolia Butkevich, Vladimir Ananiev, Sergei Beriozko. For each of the young is at the brigadier warm fatherly word. Maybe it's because for most of Yegor Ivanovich same godfather once was his first mentor PI Ruchin. Experienced climber, who not only knew but also "feel" mine, Pavel Ivanovich was able to aurally identify the most appropriate and profitable time for planting the lava when the wooden rack from one strike ax "kneel" and breed on waste area sits right on prepared the site, until recently, a number of racks. His wife was also Ruchin gornyachkoy in the war he worked at the mine navalschitsey. full course of mining science gave Pavel Ivanovich former navy sergeant Drozdetskomu, and before retirement, one after another led to the mine's sons Victor and Gennady :

- Whether they are now a father, Yegor Ivanovich!

Everyone says it is difficult to work with Drozdetskim. People, then no more, and the production on each of two to three times higher than in the neighboring mines. What keeps the youth? Care and attention to elders, demanding and at the same time, respect for novice miners. Newcomers to the team trusted the most experienced instructors, Peter Bulatov, Pavel Golovko, Ivan Korobkov, Mikhail Nikolaev, Valentine Urbaytisu. And no team is more important in the order than the education of the work shift.

To teach the skill of man, believe in the team Drozdetskogo, 'only half the battle. It is much harder and more important to cultivate a sense of pride in their profession, respect for work, faith in yourself and your companions, so necessary to man under the ground. An important role is played by the identity of a mentor, his example, confidential tone in a relationship and a deep interest in the fate of a young man. Who, other than his own conscience, obliged, for example, Peter Vasilevich Bulatov guys write on the frontier posts, where he had served students Sergey and Alexander Beriozko Curci? I guess it happens in good families, labor, where no young would stop in the middle, do not say, "too young, they say, still, shut up!" On the other hand, discussed the project of preparing a new lava, organizational, or technical question, the first word of Yegor Ivanovich and his companions veterans provide young miners. Taught to think, to seek, to assume responsibility for collective decisions.

Vladimir Kozin, miner, graduate of vocational schools:

- Who among us would not like to test myself in the present case? The best opportunity for this record-generation. But the main thing is still in the other. Yegor Ivanovich can not only prepare and raise the people on the record, can help everyone to believe in their capabilities, fosters willingness to overcome difficulties, to help someone ...

Retarded bands in the "Sermon" is long gone. Each of the three mechanized brigades treatment produces no less than six hundred thousand tons of coal per year. In short, the forces are roughly equal. And the conditions of mining seams never call: someone must always difficult.

The trouble lay in wait for the miners during the night. First, under the onslaught of rock pressure flaking, crumbling to the conveyor multiton "klevazhi" coal. Then the roof of the seam in the rock face gushed. By the beginning of a change lava half was littered with coal mixed with rock. Above the peaks lining formed a giant void, the so-called dome. In a difficult situation was not only a team of Hero of Socialist Labor Nikitin, learn new mechanized complex KM-130, but the entire mining team. Already in the first day of mine "Sermon" lost a half thousand tons of production, and to eliminate the effects of the accident required at least a week ... On the morning dress Drozdetsky invited, even those who were not engaged on shift. Informed about the accident from neighbors, in conclusion said:

- Work will be for two, for himself and for Nikitina!

It was in those days, the team Yegor Ivanovich Drozdetskogo went on record production, increasing the daily production of up to five and a half thousand tons. For comparison, say, a sort of benchmark for high performance in miners of the country is considered to be mechanized with the lava tysyachetonnoy daily load. Let's be frank, the record in this case was a forced measure, harsh industrial necessity. But is it ready at any time to help neighbors and longtime "opponents" of competition, taking on a double burden, less worthy of appreciation than before, "edited" and carefully prepared the record?

Yegor Ivanovich is always ready to any help and advise. At one time he taught the skill of management powered supports miners mine "Alardinskaya." The brigade remembered as a link Valentine Urbaytisa in full went to a nearby slaughter to the aid of the Komsomol youth brigade Rudolph Stakheev. But Drozdetsky never put personal ambition before the interests of business. Sometimes, he himself asked the foreman Stakheev a week or two to send the guys to prepare without sacrificing production mehkompleks to dismantle the old and the simultaneous "oscillation" of the new lava.

Vladimir Tolmachev, secretary of Party Committee of mine "Sermon":

- The success team Drozdetskogo much has been written, talked on the radio and television. And at the party committee, we have repeatedly seen the style of our best foremen Vladimir Gaidai, Yegor Drozdetskogo, Alexander Nikitin, Rudolf Stakheev. In this light, I would like to stress that the main condition for success are high discipline and organization, and moral potential, that is, the moral life of the collective ...

Not long ago, the mine was filmed on Drozdetskom and his team. Hundreds of personnel films about the life of the collective production of its everyday life. In short, everything went on as usual, and suddenly a hitch. According to the scenario was to show how the team educates violators of labor discipline. "Yes, we do not!, Throws up his hands, Yegor Ivanovich. not occupy the same neighbors?" Director knowingly smiles in reply to, say, at the mine but there was no absenteeism, safety violations or other misconduct ... "Rescued" all of one of the young miners. It was in those days met the foreman and told his mother that the boy came on the eve of quarreling and tipsy. Not at work, came home intoxicated. For lack of a productive filmmakers had to do just such a domestic conflict ...

Over the past five or six years the team Drozdetskogo refreshed more than half. They've gone on a holiday, many veterans of labor, which were essentially the backbone, the backbone of the team. Their places were still very "not fired" newcomers, graduates of vocational schools yesterday. But the team did not retreat, did not leave the conquered frontier. Moreover, in the last six years, production of fuel in the same conditions with the same technical equipment has increased two and a half times. What is the secret of success the team?

- Has increased labor discipline - Yegor Ivanovich told a meeting on the traditional masters of coal in the Regional Committee of the party, responsible for the implementation of the miners of each manufacturing operation. First of all, it affected the quality of repair and preventive maintenance of equipment. Almost twice as decreased intra downtime and the associated loss of production.

As a team, look, everyone talks about that discipline: and demand, and punished, and at meetings, "dismantled" and the good order and discipline is not everything. As if unaware such a leader, that the discipline of labor is held not to cry and fear of punishment, ultimately it depends on the level of human consciousness, morals and morale. Yegor Ivanovich is deeply convinced that the man under the ground most of all have faith and friend to rely on it would like to himself,-in does not let you down, in trouble will not leave! That is why the main task Drozdetsky considers approval of a team of high moral principles, training young workers entrusted conscious attitude to the case, the elbow and a sense of reciprocity, partnership in the highest sense of the word. In this sense, each new record for the team, not just the next step to the heights of excellence, but also a lesson of courage, a serious test of moral character, a sort of test of maturity. Comment of the journalist to the stories of miners:

- With many of the miners I spoke Drozdetskom. I have visited in the vocational school, where his well-remembered "a learned skill, learned courage." Yes, and the melt Yegor Ivanovich more than fifteen years. Maybe, just for this reason and the most difficult to talk about it.

I remember six or seven years ago came to Drozdetskomu home. He knew that the foreman was seriously injured. I wanted to support it, advise to go il vocational school in the permanent work. But neighbors said Yegor Ivanovich ... gone and will not soon return.

- How to go?-Confused-Ya He is almost a year as a leg in a cast! ..

Drozdetsky, really, go away. Sixteen miles per day, up the left bank of the Tom and vice versa. Many shook their heads, looking after him, but Vityugov Professor, Head of the Department of Traumatology, counseled and supported his patient: "That's right, Yegor Ivanovich, go!" Returns in a sweat, with a swollen leg, and would collapse in exhaustion on the sofa. The next morning, again, took a stick and his teeth clenched, again, was ... Then came the day when the pension book surrendered Drozdetsky disabled the second group, returned to life in the mining work. Maybe it was the main lesson of personal courage and perseverance that got out of life, and gave their fellow team leader of the miner's Drozdetsky.

More than a quarter century, led by Yegor Ivanovich brigade. He was among the pioneers of comprehensive mechanization, one of the first in the country overcame the level tysyachetonnoy daily production, and now led by his team gives two and a half thousand tons of coal per day.

Together with Yegor Ivanovich, we remembered the coolest moments in the life of the collective. And remembered about the accident at the Nikitin, when Drozdetskogo team had to work for two.

- Just do not do this feat, Yegor asked Ivanovich.-Nikitin And we are in fact more than once helped.

Accept for a moment to Drozdetskim: not in the record for the feat. Just work for themselves and a comrade in trouble. I would say, raising readiness to exploit. Or maybe it's the age-old commitment to achievement, dedication to the limit everyday work and have the same feat, for which the leader of the miners' collective communist Yegor Ivanovich Drozdetsky awarded a second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle."

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